Isiah Thomas laughs at Stephen A. for getting called out by Magic Johnson | First Take

Feb 15, 2019
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Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas joins the First Take crew and shares a laugh at the expense of Stephen A. Smith, who left Magic Johnson off his Stephen’s A-List of his all-time NBA All-Star team. Thomas says Stephen A. is used to the friendly, nice Magic - but last night he met Earvin. Thomas details Magic’s intelligence and skills on the floor, and says LeBron James is the closest to being a contemporary Magic Johnson.
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  • Cmon it , brons coached by spoelstra , hes defo a hof coach

    Vincent TsoiVincent TsoiDay ago
  • Max is so dumb

    Rohan ChaurasiaRohan Chaurasia4 days ago
  • Props to Max for giving Hakeem his long over due respect

    Mansur MajidMansur Majid7 days ago
  • 1.magic. 2. Jordan. 3.Lebron. 4.Hakeem. 5. Wilt Chamberlain..this is the greatest team period..scoring and defensively

    Emeron JacksonEmeron Jackson11 days ago
  • Can lbj really be in the goat conversation? He can only wins rings with superstars helping him

    George A.George A.12 days ago
  • Lebron never had a hall of fame coach, because he is the coach

    CFB CentralCFB Central18 days ago
  • Why shaq in the crowd?

    al lial li19 days ago
  • It is demeaning to those coaches of Lebron what Isiah Thomas is saying. Erick Spoelstra is not yet member of Hall of famer but he definitely will be elected as one in the future ones he retired... which is what happened to those previous coaches. Get on matter what you do now you missed the dream team bus twice. Nothing you could do about that now.

    Love & ThriveLove & Thrive22 days ago
  • From the days when covid was not sending ppl to sleep at 9pm

    Chatter BoxChatter Box24 days ago
  • When he does the Austin's pretty much a wrap! 😄

    Erik HopkinsErik Hopkins26 days ago
  • Ummm. ERIK SPOELSTRA .... WILL BE A HOF !!!!

    Jesten BuckleyJesten BuckleyMonth ago
  • A team is more than the sum of the players but it is also a matter of chemistry... while I believe LeBron is the second best player ever, I think he could not stay, as primary ball handler, in a team with Magic. Magic+KD > Steph+LeBron PG: Magic (or Steph) SG: MJ SF: KD (or LeBron) PF: Tim Duncan C: Shaq

    Francesco CareriFrancesco CareriMonth ago
  • Drinking game : Everytime Max says "fate of the universe on the line" you take the shot

    SPORT showSPORT show2 months ago
  • I'd rather have Klay then Steph....I said it.

    Nick SewellNick Sewell3 months ago
  • IT doesn't age.

    AlexanderAlexander3 months ago
  • Magic shooting over Steph...lmfao. I suppose you’d want Ben Simmons shooting over him too?

    WormWorm3 months ago
  • My all time team Center-Wilt Chamberlain PF-Tim Duncan SF-Larry Bird SG-Michael Jordan PG-Magic Johnson Great shooting,Great post play,great defensive players. (Who is gonna get any of the boards)

    BBBYpsiBBBYpsi3 months ago
  • Shaq & Kawhi Doubles in the background..✌️

    The OverlordThe Overlord4 months ago
  • MJ, Shaq, Pip, LeBron, Duncan.

    Jim KoklarinisJim Koklarinis4 months ago
  • Isiah Thomas sitting there like you guys ain’t saying me

    Edward RiveraEdward Rivera4 months ago
  • That Aaron Rodgers comment by Max was kind of dumb. He might not have had a hall of fame coach, but he didn't come straight outvof high school playing like an all-star like Lebron. The man had a 4 year college career then spent 3 years on the bench behind Brett Favre. I mean come on. That man had more coaching and prep time than almost any other high level professional athlete ever has

    Eric BilodeauEric Bilodeau4 months ago
  • Isiah does have a point “ who taught Lebron how to play “

    Theodore MonroeTheodore Monroe4 months ago
  • Kevin durant is a tad overrated imo.

    94 Bi94 Bi5 months ago
  • That goat he is talking about who he got a call from is mj...

    Chandeepa FernandoChandeepa Fernando5 months ago
  • Im sorry why is she there anyway ?

    Elizabeth Frances McDonaldElizabeth Frances McDonald5 months ago
  • Michael jordan made Chicago and his coaches hall of fame...

    Red LabelRed Label5 months ago
  • Nobody: Max:game 7 fate of the universe on the line

    Rasengan ChidoriRasengan Chidori5 months ago
  • haiz... once again max goes ‘fATe oF tHe uNiVErSe oN ThE LinE...’

    Anfernee ManansalaAnfernee Manansala5 months ago
  • “You met Earvin last night” lmaoooooo

    Kevin Kareem88Kevin Kareem885 months ago
  • Why even bring up bird? Bird vs Kareem, Kareem has 2x more MVPS and championships. Kareem has more rebounds and scored 40% more points while a Mich more accurate shooter. How is it even a comparison. It is same as bird being vited much better college player than Kareem when he won 0 championships while Kareem won 3 and 3 time player of the year and 3 time MOPs. Sure alot of bias on fans and media

    goonthreegtrgoonthreegtr5 months ago
  • Isiah! I love his take on the game.

    Bob BresnahanBob Bresnahan5 months ago

    Allen DiscayaAllen Discaya6 months ago
  • LeBron learned from Pat Riley

    james whitejames white6 months ago
  • Once of these days, Max will learn that Olajuwon's first name is pronounced "Akeem", not "Hakeem" 🥴

    brad56t darius03brad56t darius036 months ago
  • LeBron can’t past the ball no where In the stratosphere as Irvin magic Johnson 💯

    Maverick MovementMaverick Movement6 months ago
  • Magic was a bad man

    Maverick MovementMaverick Movement6 months ago
  • He denied wanting to play for HOF coaches. Cause he doesn’t play in a system like Riley, Jackson or Pop.

    genoldschoolgenoldschool6 months ago
  • Not even just coaches. Some of these players come from NBA families. Talk about a leg up on the competition. Access to personal trainers, nutritionists, proven genes, etc. I always respect people who rise from the dirt.

    Justus BowmanJustus Bowman6 months ago
  • They must have forgotten how good Isiah himself was. Scored 25 points in a quarter on a severely sprained ankle. Isiah was a bad man.

    Jason StewartJason Stewart6 months ago
    • and a lower back injury in Game 3.

      Loyal OppositionLoyal Opposition4 months ago
  • Hahaha hahaha 🤣👍

    david williamsdavid williams6 months ago
  • How you got curry top 5 all time

    Nedim Ali-MehmetNedim Ali-Mehmet6 months ago
  • I wish every pro player would say that to all those idiots from the media …where is ur card I’m sure they will walk away with no headliners

    Mario NelsonMario Nelson6 months ago
  • Can’t stand max. Molly she is useless and Steven a would tell u the world is square

    josh honakerjosh honaker6 months ago
  • Hakeem for sure! I love Shaq but Hakeem is the greatest center I ever saw play

    Lonnie KnightLonnie Knight6 months ago
  • IT is a POS!

    Directorz Inc Music & MediaDirectorz Inc Music & Media6 months ago
  • Steven doesn’t have much to say when a real basketball mind is in the building Isaiah Thomas.

    Thomas MalloyThomas Malloy6 months ago
  • How is Steph Curry better than the man on the stage. Only Point God better than Isaiah Thomas and that's the six seven Magic Johnson. Isaiah Thomas is 6 ft 1. Steph Curry would get ate up just like John Stockton.

    Tl HaloynTl Haloyn6 months ago
  • That should learn you Stephen A., You know nothing about basketball and for any sports for that matter and someone had to make you realize that...

    Marilou MatusalemMarilou Matusalem6 months ago
  • The “wing players” are in the spotlight for GOAT, because they always have the ball. The center has to wait to receive the ball. Guards are ball dominant and forwards, to a degree. People are titillated by the swoop, slamming, three point dazzle of that style of play. It does a disservice to the man in the paint.

    Mark SheppardMark Sheppard6 months ago
  • Isiah my #1 PG all time

    Ben DC4LBen DC4L7 months ago
  • That dude behind zeke and SAS in a penny jersey looks like an young shaq

    Gerald GonzalezGerald Gonzalez7 months ago
  • Let's face reality LeBron's Hall of Fame coach on the floor was DWade

    Richard DavisRichard Davis7 months ago
  • Everyone stop anyone that leaves Kareem Abdul Jabbar of the list is insane.

    MykiYah Yah-elMykiYah Yah-el8 months ago
  • 1. John Stockton - PG 2. Kobe Bryant. -SG 3. Michael Jordan - SF 4. Tim Duncan. - PF 5. Shaquille O'Neal- C My All Star Line Up

    loc powerloc power8 months ago
  • Magic is the goat end of discussion!

    Ruben SaenzRuben Saenz8 months ago
  • Magic, bird, Hakeem

    Eric WrightEric Wright8 months ago
  • It would have been nice to see someone knock that phony smile off of Isaiah Thomas's face, where's Karl Malone.

    John IppolitoJohn Ippolito10 months ago
  • Magic, Bird, Jordan in their prime???? End of story.

    Don MortonDon Morton10 months ago
  • I wonder if it was Kobe who called him

    svhsthebestsvhsthebestYear ago

    Macknificent Se7enMacknificent Se7enYear ago
  • If lebron had Phil Jackson he wouldn't have bottled it in 2011 finals. Phil had his players calm with that meditation

    gunner 04gunner 04Year ago
  • 2:33 Isiah picks Magic Johnson over Curry (And rightfully so)

    Dumisa Tony JohnsonDumisa Tony JohnsonYear ago
  • Imagine had Pat Riley been the coach when LeBron joined Miami. No way he would have left the Heat

    MinMinYear ago
  • Do you think Jordan let Phil coach him? I think they learned together more. MJ was that alpha. And IT just says stuff like that to try and minimize MJ. Low key wonders why he’s not in the conversation. Lebron had a TV set to learn from all of the above growing up

    Zach FordZach FordYear ago
  • Max stfu with “fate of the universe on the line”

    Kenta NearyKenta NearyYear ago
  • Michael Jordan called Stephen A and checked his dumb ass.

    88smjls88smjlsYear ago
  • Isaiah Thomas with dejavu Giannis won MVP

    Eric WolfEric WolfYear ago
  • IT talking about who taught Lebron to play ball. How about Dwayne Wade and Pat Riley??? How is that overlooked?

    silverjay300silverjay300Year ago
  • Zeke has made the best assessment of LBJ ever. 2 do so U must B UNBIASE with Ur decision going against Ur feelings. Might b a misspelled word. Point is it's the best assessment ever of LBJ skills without hall of fame coaches 2 coach him on point, on point

    Benjamln LewisBenjamln LewisYear ago
  • The Coach isn’t as important as it was back in the day. In today’s nba it’s the power of the player

    First to InfinityFirst to InfinityYear ago
  • Rest in the good news

    ce grantce grantYear ago
  • Why does Karl Malone's name never come up. He's number 2 on the all time scoring list.

    Alex StewartAlex StewartYear ago
  • Isaiah Thomas look high as hell

    Marcolas TimmonsMarcolas TimmonsYear ago
  • It was Lebron's fault why destiny did not give him the opportunity to play under a Hall of Famer coach. First, he went straight to NBA after high school. And in the NBA, he keeps on jumping from one team to another. There was no chance for his team to put the right pieces (a coach included) in order for him to succeed.

    Edwin CEdwin CYear ago
  • Stephen A deserved to get called out by Jordan and Magic for that BS. Magics on Mount Rushmore with Russell Jordan Kareem. Not 3-6 LeBron. LeBron played for Eric Spoelstra who was a vessel for Pat Riley. LeBron never wanted a great coach who would actually get credit. Bird and Hakeem aren’t on TV and don’t seek attention. Isiah with the Jordan hate Larry Bird was a small forward.

    88smjls88smjlsYear ago
  • Max is a Jew...nothing wrong with that?

    Phil LPhil LYear ago
  • Stehpen A is a jew.

    Phil LPhil LYear ago
  • "I didnt know magic could jump on me like that" - Stephen A Smith😂😂👀👀

    Mase StanleyMase StanleyYear ago
  • 4:33 first time

    Toni AndrićToni AndrićYear ago
  • SAS: "I agree..I agree...and this is why..."

    Wong JomanWong JomanYear ago
  • shaq wearing penny's jersey?

    Francisco Jr MaduroFrancisco Jr MaduroYear ago
  • They keep leaving off Kareem!! Idiots!!!

  • Bird and hakeem, their career numbers are nothing compare to Kareem. Kareem va hakeem, better fg%, free throw %, 3700 more rebounds, 1100 less turn overs, 11,000 more points, 2600 more assists. To put it in more perspective Kareem has more than Hakeem + Bill Walton (2 HOF) in points, assists, ft made, MVPs. Also I believe hakeem had one MVP and in no sports I can think of, someone has one MVP is consider the greatest. I still remember Kareem shot 59.9% FG and press was saying he is too old should retire. Go look at the so call greatest from press and maybe 1-2 players have shot over 60% in a season.

    goonthreegtrgoonthreegtrYear ago
  • Cmon man magic not even a top 20 ever...

    Luka MurenLuka MurenYear ago
  • People gotta stop letting this Legends pressure them into picking them over The Modern Era Players Smh. There should be no issue with Steph being in Stephen A’s List. People really want to pretend that Steph didn’t revolutionize the game smh.

    SteloPacinoSteloPacinoYear ago
  • As a player and as a person, Isaiah Thomas was hated by Jordan and Magic and millions of us who watched I.T. lead a dirty team that systematically took cheap shots at players better then them. As a commentator, he is slow, speaks with a weak/timid voice, is not camera-friendly, ugly, and has a posture indicating he's terrified to be in front of people. I don't get why he's on my tv screen. Oh, and Magic is otherwise known for hating on no one. His greatest adversary was Bird and loved him like a brother. He was even diplomatic with Donald Sterling, despite that man's racist rants against him. But Magic, in his memoir, said that he, Jordan, Pippen, Drexler, Malone, Stockton, Barkley and the rest of the Dream Team squad did not want Thomas on their team in the Olympics. That's how much the NBA greats disliked Isaiah Thomas.

    Justin AeneasJustin AeneasYear ago
  • Who cares? That's that man opinion

    Jerry WatsonJerry WatsonYear ago
  • Max argument is with the game on the line who u want shooting the ball magic or steph but if u have Jordan on ur team then he's gonna have the ball when the games on the line stephen A list is special because they all compliment each other u have lebron and mj why u need another ball dominant player on the other hand if u have steph you have the greatest shooter of all time who will most likely be open because kd lebron mj and shaq are the court as well

    Jogomez 92Jogomez 92Year ago
  • Excellent Segment! ☆☆☆☆☆

    Virgil RVirgil RYear ago
  • LeBron had Pat Riley as well..that what he said himself. I went to Miami to learn to be a Champion

    Casey CoadyCasey CoadyYear ago
  • I never thought about the coaching aspect for Lebron. Great add on by Isaiah

    Nick JonesNick JonesYear ago
  • LMAO! Isiah trying to discredit MJ's big impact on the success of PJ coaching career. If MJ has the same ego and a self-centered player like lebrick, there's no way PJ will become successful. Why? first and foremost PJ was NO HOF BEFORE he coach MJ. And with the type of philosophy and system that PJ runs there's no way lebrick, who is a ball dominant player with self-centered attitude would respect and acknowledge PJ's type of coaching. Classic example on what happened to coach David Blatt. Coach Blatt has a far better resume than PJ before coaching the NBA. Has a better record than PJ on the FIRST YEAR coaching the NBA as he went to the FINALS and even reach game 6 despite Irving and Love having a injury, but on his second season despite the Cavs having a winning record he was still BOOTED OUT. How do you explain that? simple, lebrick didn't like coach Blatt offensive system because it's not centered to him. And probably always being called of his defensive lapses And lastly, the Bulls success didn't came from outscoring it's opponent by large margin but by their suffocating defense in which MJ plays a big part of it. Now, is lebrick even a half a player compared to MJ on the DEFENSIVE END? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    ealicer81ealicer81Year ago
  • My all time team PG-Magic SG-Jordan SF-Dr. J PF-Tim Duncan C-Wilt Chamberlain

    BBBYpsiBBBYpsiYear ago
  • Whip his ass Buck

    Keith D Jones SrKeith D Jones SrYear ago
  • Bird?? Bird?????? BIRDD????

    SklouchechiSklouchechiYear ago
  • So does Earvin have HIV or does Magic? 😂😂😂

    Alpha Jazz2xAlpha Jazz2xYear ago
  • You can't compare Steph Curry to Magic Johnson. Magic & Bird era was the Best Era ever. Magic can play all 5 positions & he was the Best of the Best. Curry can't CARRY a team by Himself. Curry is a shooters and always rely from the arc.

    Susanna BillsonSusanna BillsonYear ago
    • Curry can't carry a team 2013 he beat 3 seed nuggets 2014 he have 7 games series on lob city clippers 2015 he win championship(28ppg in the playoffs 2016 he have 73-9 and loss game seven series on lebron 2019 7-4 playoffs without kd (30.5ppg in finals) Yeah CuRrY CaNnOt CaRrY a tEaM 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

      Rose AldezaRose AldezaMonth ago
    • Steph is just another glorified Mike Adams (played for the bullets-nuggets-Hornets)

      Dumisa Tony JohnsonDumisa Tony JohnsonYear ago
    • Susanna Billson Magic can not play the 5. No one can carry a team by themselves and win a finals trophy not even Jordan. When has Magic carried a team by himself he had Kareem and James worthy for a lot of his title runs. Watch a curry game for once he does more than shoot the 3 he can finish at the rim, he’s a good playmaker, and his impact on the court is like no one else before him

      DK66DK66Year ago
  • brady is illegit cheat and put up 13 pts in last SB. nothing special

    A55techA55techYear ago
  • Taking a massive dump right now.

    opannefrankopannefrankYear ago
  • Maybe Isaiah can choose a MVP.... But he was one of the worst Executives of all time.... And that's not even bringing into play the multimillion dollar sexual assault case his buddy Dolan settled for him

    John MontagJohn MontagYear ago