This gas on Venus could be a new sign of life

Sep 14, 2020
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Astronomers have detected a gas on Venus called phosphine, and weirdly enough, it could be a sign of alien life in the planet’s clouds. It’s still too early to say for sure that Venus hosts life forms, but the discovery opens up a lot of questions about what’s happening on Earth’s neighbor. Here’s what we know.
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Here’s the 2019 paper about phosphine as a biosignature:
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  • Do you think there’s life elsewhere in our solar system?

    Verge ScienceVerge Science4 days ago
    • Doesn’t matter what I think except as part of a consensus that other worlds of life in our own solar system are a slim but increasingly likely probability. Life has been on this planet over 4 billion years. We’ve had plenty of time to sprinkle (potentially extremophile) germs all over our backyard which may include Venus, Europa, Enceladus, others. What we are also learning is that abiogenic pathways, though still elusive, are hypothesized to possess certain characteristics that the worlds mentioned above share with a life-giving Earth. If that is so then of course it is possible that one of these bodies sparked its own genesis. Whether sprinkled or homegrown there is a small but growing probability that these other worlds harbor life. Let’s go find out.

      Paul Ch52Paul Ch5211 hours ago
    • Νο

      MarkosMarkos17 hours ago
    • @Erick Urias They already did that thousands of years ago. They know who we are They are called NEPHILIM. They are mentioned in the Bible....the book of Genesis . They taught humans how to be civilized, how to farm, how to do metal work, they domesticated our farm animals, they manipulated our DNA.

      Wanda AlexanderWanda Alexander17 hours ago
    • @Wanda Alexander really, that's cool...may go to Hollywood

      F JamesF James17 hours ago
    • I think that they come from farther away, but they have bases here on the far-side of the moon and other places, and they probably have space stations in orbit

      Wanda AlexanderWanda Alexander17 hours ago
  • 2020 EP 9/10

    LEO SenpaiLEO Senpai3 hours ago
  • Its 2020 guys nothing to be surprised of

    LEO SenpaiLEO Senpai3 hours ago
  • I wonder if it is related to the famous George adamski and Orthon of Venus

    Slick TSlick T3 hours ago
  • Maybe there's liquid water there

    Ramon FigueiredoRamon Figueiredo4 hours ago
  • Watch video solutions of engineering questions here!

    Civil Engineering Q&ACivil Engineering Q&A6 hours ago
  • They're fabulous.

    seeni gztyseeni gzty6 hours ago
  • Well if there's already Earth bacteria living in the depths of the oceans, volcanoes, and even acidic water, who knows what could be found on venus

    ImaspecofdustImaspecofdust9 hours ago
  • "I KNEW IT!" ALIENS EXIST!!!" -tom delonge

    Yusuf HidayatYusuf Hidayat11 hours ago
    • time to colonize the Venusian skies.

      seeni gztyseeni gzty6 hours ago
  • Wait am i watching this video so the lady might say that aliens are living there..? Never has been..

    Mohammad HamzaMohammad Hamza12 hours ago
  • Thats pretty cool. I wonder if its from Earth though through like comets passing close by taking it there

    Coty EmbryCoty Embry13 hours ago
  • I can't tell if she's 25 or 45.

    Noor ElahiNoor Elahi13 hours ago
  • we already knew this like two yeas ago im sure

    Geordie StarGeordie Star14 hours ago
  • Good job failing to mention Cardiff University who lead the research, very classy 👌

    Ted ThomasTed Thomas14 hours ago
  • If a lot of people migrate to Venus, I think I'll stay on earth

    Dirly A.BDirly A.B14 hours ago
  • The ALH meteorite is still a mystery.

    Kuayin Al-kadirKuayin Al-kadir14 hours ago
  • Didnt russians land there a fee decades ago? Could it be that the russian pod left behind some organic matter from which bacteria could evolve

    marko milicevicmarko milicevic17 hours ago
  • ok so this is my highlight of 2020

    hannahhannah19 hours ago
  • For the people who think we are alone in the universe: you clearly have no idea how big the universe actually is

    Caleb DoaneCaleb Doane19 hours ago
  • The Sun is LOOSING ITS GRAVITY, Planets Loosing Gravity moving away from the SUN... Possibly favorable for Lifeforms...

    robinson raphaelrobinson raphael19 hours ago
  • Imagine going there and coming with a zombie disease by alien bacteria

    Ashok PorwalAshok PorwalDay ago
  • Extra terrestrials life is just like graphene batteries in phones - we MAY get it one day...

    bouytt guytbouytt guytDay ago
  • njnxra njnxra gur fcvevgf unir abg orra erirnyrq

    bluenubluenuDay ago
  • time to colonize the Venusian skies.

    Gusti Panji WidodoGusti Panji WidodoDay ago
    • @bouytt guyt what are you doing, stepplanet?

      Gusti Panji WidodoGusti Panji Widodo22 hours ago
    • venus is just earth's hot sister guys chill.

      bouytt guytbouytt guytDay ago
  • Too late for earth has ten years left to reach the point of no return for human extinction

    Charly sosaCharly sosaDay ago
  • This is our god

  • Hey Verge science why don’t you make an entire video breaking down the Movie unacknowledged with Steven Greer and see if he’s lying.

    Torian CromarTorian CromarDay ago
  • WE ARE NOT ALONE...That will be cool, aliens on venus

    F JamesF JamesDay ago
    • WE ARE ALONE 🤯

      std providerstd providerDay ago
  • Evidence is right, we have life somewhere guys don't know

    F JamesF JamesDay ago
  • When we are find out

    F JamesF JamesDay ago
  • Then, it's life on venus..we got it go there

    F JamesF JamesDay ago
    • @TurtleTheThing yes we know

      F JamesF JamesDay ago
    • issue is for venus the surface temperature is nearly 430 Celcius. making even a probe stay there for long would be extremely difficult.

      TurtleTheThingTurtleTheThingDay ago
  • I'm really really hoping that this can be proven true, it would be such an immensely incredible discovery!

    Alex WhiteAlex WhiteDay ago
  • Wow, you got evidence of life on Venus??? Meanwhile David Fravor was chasing alien ship a while ago.

    Vyas ChadyVyas ChadyDay ago
  • So all in all, according to her, nothing to get excited about.

    erepsekahserepsekahsDay ago
  • i wonder what the guy that farted in space is thinking right now

    F.B.I.F.B.I.Day ago
  • We can only hope it's true. How exciting would that be!

    NitroCornNitroCornDay ago
  • That is *SO* COOL!

    rvpstudioscanadarvpstudioscanadaDay ago
  • This means it is possible to live on Venus

    Karen WhiteheadKaren WhiteheadDay ago
    • literally no that is not what it means

      TurtleTheThingTurtleTheThingDay ago
  • venus is just earth's hot sister guys chill.

    Nick. CNick. CDay ago
  • No they aren't off our pH scale, that's not how the pH scale work.

    Wouter VokarWouter VokarDay ago
  • Proving life in venus would greatly impact religions here on earth.

    Kerweba YerlotaKerweba YerlotaDay ago
    • @std provider so called fallen demons are also fairy tale right

      gaming creates worlddd 24gaming creates worlddd 24Day ago
    • too bad aliens are fairytale creatures 🙊

      std providerstd providerDay ago
    • I guess it would impact some religions & some religious people... but mostly just literalists. For instance, I can't imagine a Daoist or a Buddhist having their whole worldview turned upside down from the news of life on other planets.

      Dr. ZoidbergDr. ZoidbergDay ago
  • Considering 2020, we got aliens.

    [Insert Name][Insert Name]Day ago
    • Tbh, this is _way_ better than the aliens I thought we were gonna get. With the way this year was going, I figured it was about to get Omicronian up in here, if you know what I mean.

      Dr. ZoidbergDr. ZoidbergDay ago
  • This is proof there’s Taco Bell on Venus

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnonDay ago
  • Gimmie them alien cheeks!!

    RandomGoatOnTheInternetRandomGoatOnTheInternet2 days ago
  • We only look for carbon based life forms in extraterrestrial planets....but what if it's based on something else? What if we are searching in the wrong places? Maybe other environments gave rise to other forms of life? How are we going to search for them? And SHOULD we be searching for them in the first place?

    Achyut ArjunAchyut Arjun2 days ago
    • @Achyut Arjun some dog breeds do enjoy chocolate

      gaming creates worlddd 24gaming creates worlddd 24Day ago
    • @qopoy dnon yeah...maybe some life forms might need the "toxic" gas for's toxic to us...just like chocolate is toxic to dogs...but it's pretty popular among humans...

      Achyut ArjunAchyut ArjunDay ago
    • To be fair, even if the air is too "toxic" in venus, like what Ian Malcolm said "Life uh.... finds a way"

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnonDay ago
  • Another Earth

    Sheik JayaluddeenSheik Jayaluddeen2 days ago
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster...All Hail!!!

    Satch FlightSatch Flight2 days ago
  • Take all of us to Venus and in Mars can't bear covid-19 anymore.

    Nikita _Nikita _2 days ago
  • Never a.better year to find aliens...

    akshay pradeepakshay pradeep2 days ago
  • Well we already knew that venus must have had some sort of single cell organisms millions of years ago probs billions even

    RAGiNG RE4PERRAGiNG RE4PER2 days ago
    • We did not already know that.

      Dr. ZoidbergDr. ZoidbergDay ago
  • They’re not Aliens unless they’re more intelligent than Humans. These multicelled organisms are just babies and everyone knows we’re not alone in the universe.

    CatwomanCatwoman2 days ago
    • they dont have to be smarter than humans. life on an extraterrestrial body is what an alien is. it doesn't matter if it's smarter than us or, what it most likely would be most places, microscopic organisms.

      TurtleTheThingTurtleTheThingDay ago
    • anyone with a brain would get out of their blanket of comfort and accept that aliens are fairytale creatures

      std providerstd providerDay ago
  • After many hundred of centuries earth will be no more and we stay on sister planet venus because according to its nature of planets venus is also cooling down its temperature where there will be habitual situation i my view first mars got life after along earth got life and many centuries from now venus will be our planet until then we will have mind but out body structure it becomes like scorpions,lizard 4 hands and two legs with one head

    News NetworkNews Network2 days ago

    SimpleFreshThoughts!! InduSimpleFreshThoughts!! Indu2 days ago
    • why i just watched this video i get the gist of it.

      TurtleTheThingTurtleTheThingDay ago
  • Sub par video for the money they have.

    banana hamhockbanana hamhock2 days ago
  • If there is life, cast it into the fire it’s 2020.

    Frank GranadosFrank Granados2 days ago
  • Perhaps there are sandworms on Venus

    thedivineparagonthedivineparagon2 days ago
  • Is it me or does this sounds like someone farted on Venus?

    Clayton DerbyClayton Derby2 days ago
    • U just read it on comment section

      legreatest jameslegreatest jamesDay ago
  • What if it means there once was manufacturing on Venus!!,

    Shanti ShantiShanti Shanti2 days ago
    • This particular measurement definitely does not mean that. If it turns out to be valid (remember, we have to wait for other teams to do their own measurements & confirm or falsify this team's work), it means that there is some process currently producing phosphene on Venus. This team was very careful to account for all known ways to produce phosphene other than life & concluded that they were insufficient to produce as much phosphene as was observed. So, we're left with 2 possible answers here (supposing that their measurement was correct). Either anarobic life currently exists on venus, or there is a completely unknown novel chemistry in the venutian atmosphere which produces phosphene. Either way, very interesting.

      Dr. ZoidbergDr. ZoidbergDay ago
  • "Hot Gas is no sign of Life." You can't talk to Hot Gas. It doesn't write nor read. "Venus is a Hell Hole" Wake up

    Mca5517d Mca5517dMca5517d Mca5517d2 days ago
    • std provider I never claimed to believe in them...what are you talking about??

      _ LAK3RS __ LAK3RS _Day ago
    • _ LAK3RS _ ok keep believing in some made up creatures

      std providerstd providerDay ago
    • std provider you can say they aren’t all you want. Doesn’t mean there is proof of them not being real. Just as there isn’t proof they are real. We. Don’t. Know. But it’s possible

      _ LAK3RS __ LAK3RS _Day ago
    • _ LAK3RS _ Okay and? Aliens. Aren’t. Real 🤯

      std providerstd providerDay ago
    • @std provider no one has been searching for thousands of years. The most humans have done to find aliens is finding planets which could sustain life and sending radio signals to them which wont reach them for a few thousand years. so we really haven't done much to locate aliens.

      TurtleTheThingTurtleTheThingDay ago
  • To be fair, even if the air is too "toxic" in venus, like what Ian Malcolm said "Life uh.... finds a way"

    ToxicGamer3000ToxicGamer30002 days ago
  • Now aliens are here, thanks 2020

    PatPat2 days ago
  • Maybe somebody is cooking, people do that you know!

    Carl TuckerCarl Tucker2 days ago
  • Good news there is a live in other planet but it looks different then ours because the elements of creating live there is different then ours, but it might look like our living creatures too if they have the same climate, unfortunately our generation is born little bit earlier than the next coming one ,because they will be able to discover more than we did . Aliens on the door waiting for you .

    subzero zerosubsubzero zerosub2 days ago
  • We destroying earth 🌎 and now we are going to destroy venus you are next.

    SOM millionaireSOM millionaire2 days ago
    • i mean there's not much to destroy on venus. it's a 425 Celcius hellscape.

      TurtleTheThingTurtleTheThingDay ago
    • Venus is basically an over exaggeration of the Earth post global warming. I don't think it needs our help.

      F.B.IF.B.I2 days ago
  • Aliens 4.3 billion years ago: Life will never appear on that third planet. Earth 2019: Life will never appear on Venus, its inhospitable! Scientists 2020: Could this year get any CRAZIER!!!

    Joshua CadavidJoshua Cadavid2 days ago
  • Chemical reactions will cause gases to be produced.

    Malinda WalkerMalinda Walker2 days ago
    • The paper accounted for all known chemical reactions that could be producing phosphene on Venus & found that they are all insufficient to produce the concentration of phosphene observed. If their measurements are correct, whatever is happening over there is new to us. Regardless of whether it's alien life or brand new chemistry, it's very exciting.

      Dr. ZoidbergDr. ZoidbergDay ago
  • Any evidence of life on Venus isn’t life as we know it. The cloud cover causes the greenhouse effect which produces extremely high temperatures. The gases are deadly for us.

    Malinda WalkerMalinda Walker2 days ago
  • i was surprised when i heard about it.

    αlαи мαjαlαи мαj2 days ago
  • This would change everything!!!!!!!!!!

    chinazom Ejingirichinazom Ejingiri2 days ago
  • Nice summary of the situation so far. The BBC's "Sky At Night" covered this at length in a special on Monday. If you have access to BBC iPlayer have a look. It will be available for at least the rest of the year. The presenter is Cosmologist Prof. Chris Lyntott, and he interviewed Dr Jane Greaves who led the team at Cardiff University. The biochemist who did the experiments to try and rule out chemical processes even wrote and performed a song about it! The BBC made their show 2 weeks ago! They ahve also had to keep the secret until the public announcement. The show's conclusion is that if, and it is still an if, this is a sign of life then it is not where we have been looking, has a chemistry & biology we did not know about, and therefore life must be everywhere. It is a really exiting thought. BTW the original idea of life in the atmosphere of Venus was proposed by Carl Sagan back in the 1960s! It must have been around the time the runaway greenhouse was being discussed. If you want to hear Chris talking about this he is hear on YT:

    Sadiq MohamedSadiq Mohamed2 days ago
  • I'm not saying it was aliens, but...

    unquestionableunquestionable2 days ago
  • Hold on, AHL 84001 is likely fossilized bacteria.

    Roger WehbeRoger Wehbe2 days ago
  • Get that money

    Taka KonobeTaka Konobe2 days ago
  • my question : *quality of data* ?

    śhübh ᠰśhübh ᠰ2 days ago
  • Very good work keep it coming great stuff thank you so much for sharing.

    martel hindsmartel hinds2 days ago
  • Earthlings: YES!! WE FOUND LIFE!! 😢😂 Martian employee: They fell for it sir Martian General: Goood. Now we can be left alone to finish the Earth busting cannon and that new indoor swimming pool I always wanted.

    Khumo Kwezi MashapaKhumo Kwezi Mashapa2 days ago
  • *Calvin likes this

    VF1SkullangelVF1Skullangel2 days ago
  • I don’t care. Let me know when we have found actual aliens please. Waste of time.

    josh watermanjosh waterman2 days ago
    • You clearly would not understand the actual significance of a discovery like this. That’s fine tho

      _ LAK3RS __ LAK3RS _2 days ago
  • Damn Flight Reacts really be chillin on Venus

    Lil KrishnaLil Krishna2 days ago
  • Wow! This is the great time to discover alien life.

    Hems BhandariHems Bhandari2 days ago
  • have you seen its atmosphere ? its clearly a fart-fest down there

    Dmytro PickyDmytro Picky2 days ago
  • 2020: Pandemic/Burning Cities 2021: Soylent Green 2022: Planet of the Apes while I sit back sipping a beer from my wilderness bugout!! Giggling!!!

    HUFORIC - UFO Investigations CenterHUFORIC - UFO Investigations Center2 days ago
  • in the 1996 so-called "experts" said "Life as small as the possible fossil bacteria in the Martian rock is impossible" then about 10 years later as technology improved the "experts" found bacterial life existing all over the Earth of the same size as in the Martian microbe fossils of which some of the scientists on the team still feel are genuine just like some scientists that worked on the 1976 Viking Mars Landers still say life was detected but they swept it under the carpet!

    HUFORIC - UFO Investigations CenterHUFORIC - UFO Investigations Center2 days ago
    • Why put the “experts” in quotations? Experiments are done, new evidence gathered, hypotheses change. That is how science has always worked.

      _ LAK3RS __ LAK3RS _2 days ago
  • The anime parasite 🤣🤣🤣

    xDisaster 07xDisaster 072 days ago
  • Sign of pinoy life, daing na bangus..

  • thanks. if it's not evolving and if it's not adapting to an ever changing environment then it's not life.

    Sirius WhiteSirius White2 days ago
    • Who said if it is life that it would not be adapting to changing environments? What?

      _ LAK3RS __ LAK3RS _2 days ago
  • Flight just checking on his properties

    SuggestedOak4SuggestedOak42 days ago
  • I would like sources

    0397rb0397rb2 days ago
  • Science don't know #trump

    0397rb0397rb2 days ago
  • 2 possibilities Either microorganisms living in the Venus atmosphere Or ,a chemical procedure we haven't discovered yet

    The ScientistThe Scientist3 days ago
  • Very good video! Compliments

    EMJEMJ3 days ago
  • Scott Manley also made a video about this too!

    David ŠestakDavid Šestak3 days ago

    Heatstroke ChaseHeatstroke Chase3 days ago
  • In a billion years, Venus will have cooled down. Climate change is real.

    Zizi RobertsZizi Roberts3 days ago
    • In a billion years the sun will actually be larger and hotter than it is Venus isn’t gonna cool down on its own

      _ LAK3RS __ LAK3RS _2 days ago
  • Lets put ourselves in the Aliens shoes for a second... we come across a planet with Billions of humanoid lifeforns that have spent thousands of years finding new ways to Kill each other and countless other species on its own planet and the planet itself... we might just take a pass on introducing ourselves to that ray of sunshine.

    Deep Fried ThoughtsDeep Fried Thoughts3 days ago
  • There's an unusual amount of volcanic activity... I wonder if it's being created deep in the planet and then emitted from the volcanoes. Must be a lot of pressure and heat inside Venus.

    Audio MaverickAudio Maverick3 days ago
  • She was good in Charlies angles.

    Audio MaverickAudio Maverick3 days ago
  • I’ve seen enough awakening of the trailblazers to know where this is going

    charmingdruid9charmingdruid93 days ago
  • First, there was Corona, then the Pentagon with "off-world vehicles,", and now alien life in Venus. Should I cry or leap with joy? or should I combine both, and become coy?

    SaketGSaketG3 days ago
    • I also want to coy 2020 is the most worst best year

      gaming creates worlddd 24gaming creates worlddd 24Day ago
  • One more topic added to syllabus

    Weekend VlogsWeekend Vlogs3 days ago