May 23, 2020
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  • Doc: you can’t even get in

    Joe LJoe L27 minutes ago
  • At the end of the day it’s still a Jeep

    BigDannyBigDanny47 minutes ago
  • It's Beautiful Tim...

    MalvictousMalvictous5 hours ago
  • That supercharger wine blew better than my wife does

    imtoorealllyimtooreallly6 hours ago
  • Now for a hot tune

    Donny DuncanDonny Duncan10 hours ago
  • But do you take it off road though??

    Tech CollectorTech Collector13 hours ago
  • Did I see your car at Home Depot on Transit road, this past weekend? Saw this sitting in the parking lot and had to circle around to double check.

    Kraig VandeVeldeKraig VandeVelde14 hours ago
  • i love that ur happy

    dayton phillipsdayton phillips16 hours ago

    steve banuelos villasteve banuelos villa23 hours ago
  • Car guys watching this 😬

    Aaron TAaron TDay ago
  • Them jeans tightttttt😂😂✌🏾🗑

    Devo Tha KidDevo Tha KidDay ago
  • sick...

    marcin rosolmarcin rosolDay ago
  • Slimthetatmam new username who this ?

    Dashun •DDH•Dashun •DDH•Day ago
  • Let’s race 😁

    Darion SingDarion SingDay ago
  • sad thing is that it’s a gladiator, not a wrangler

    Hayden WorkmanHayden WorkmanDay ago
  • I love the paint and all but i feel like that shit gets hot af. Part of the reason paint has shine is it reflects light/heat to a degree. But i mean swag so do you tim

    Mighty AnthonyMighty AnthonyDay ago
  • Not gonna lie strad did it better

    Jack JeffreysJack JeffreysDay ago
  • Whats the MPG??

    Galaxial PharmaceuticalGalaxial PharmaceuticalDay ago
  • Out of everything you could slap a supercharged hellcat into, you choose to underpower it by putting it in a jeep on 40's.....My soul hurts now Tim.

    UrsocUrsoc2 days ago
  • An automatic Hellcats nothing Tobe ashamed of ;)

    matty schreiermatty schreier2 days ago
  • amazing ride and video. plz dont dance again lol

    Juan Esteban HortaJuan Esteban Horta2 days ago
  • Congratulations man, you deserve it ;)

    Remy LatulippeRemy Latulippe2 days ago
  • broooooooooooo i didnt know this video was tim's OMG HHAAHHAA, 2 favorite things combined

    Its_Reckoning666Its_Reckoning6662 days ago
  • Nice Mall Crawler.

    Hunter BorenHunter Boren2 days ago
  • Spends more money on the engine than the car itself, still love you tho

    Tyler HayesTyler Hayes2 days ago
  • Why did you build a Jeep to go fast????

    Alex MoldenAlex Molden2 days ago
  • Hey Tim if u like jeeps why don't u try out r/c crawling if u went with an axial scx 10 ii u can make it exactly like ur gladiator with the right paint and buying the body msg me if u want more details

    YTCSavageYTCSavage2 days ago
  • Dude said the supercharger is here on the side 😭😭😭😭😭

    Michael BerraMichael Berra2 days ago
  • Very nice who put the motor in.

    Camrahnbay CamrahnbayCamrahnbay Camrahnbay2 days ago
  • Man your like my long lost brother or something.....I'm a tattoo artist with a jeep that also plays alot of warzone! If you tell me you got your own bar at your house like me then yep....your definitely my brother.

    Josh WoolumsJosh Woolums2 days ago
  • Damm you must have a small pipi

    Joao FavaJoao Fava2 days ago
  • 707 horses just sitting there

    Christian PickensChristian Pickens3 days ago
  • Tim looking good buddy! Those Toyos ain't lasting long with that motor and you led foot! Sweet

    Paul IPaul I3 days ago
  • Supercharger is on the top bud it’s okay I love your content 😁

    UCO DeplorableUCO Deplorable3 days ago
  • Bro Tim, I'm a 1st time viewer, your Jeep Hellcat is a bad ass hands down, Salute brother from me and all of my battle buddies,....:)

    James MilesJames Miles3 days ago
  • What makes it hellcat

    The IlluminatiThe Illuminati3 days ago
  • Rad AF dude

    BigSky RastaBigSky Rasta3 days ago
  • WHEN I see this i think of a non car guy that has alot of money bought not built :/

    JayJay3 days ago
  • cant get into his jeep on his own OMEGALUL

    Liam MurrayLiam Murray4 days ago
  • TimTheThinman

    Raul RodriguezRaul Rodriguez4 days ago
  • Filled exclusively at a Abandoned Walmart parking lot.... heh, WHY NOT ?

    hamradio Hamhamradio Ham4 days ago
  • Bruh you don't even know where the supercharger is. This dude pointed to the damn plastic trim. WTF

    iNFiNiiTYiNFiNiiTY4 days ago
  • country

    jimboy bordajejimboy bordaje4 days ago
  • **slaps jeans**

    Peyton McGuirePeyton McGuire4 days ago
  • That thing is mean, god dang

    Elijah RennoldsElijah Rennolds4 days ago
  • If you wanna do burnouts in that you might wanna change the axles. Stradman has the same setup and he broke his axle in a day. Could listen to that SC all damn day tho 😂

    Maikel KMaikel K4 days ago
  • Bought not built youd been better off reading your dealer sticker might've gained some gearheads thats over next

    Bobby BushongBobby Bushong5 days ago
  • He should straight pipe it

    FuzoqFuzoq5 days ago
  • Wrangler on steroids

    TheLatinozzTheLatinozz5 days ago
  • What color exterior is this? I want to buy one like this

    Kaz3yKaz3y5 days ago
  • Anyone notice that it has lost its iconic Jeep, yes Jeep grill. Might as well have square head lights. 😢

    Zach GilpinZach Gilpin5 days ago
  • That thang soo hard!!!!!!

    mark thompsonmark thompson5 days ago
  • That awkward feeling when you listen to someone who is clearly not a car guy, describe his dream car. This is the engine...the brain. And this is the exhaust, you know....where the exhaust comes out of.

    TheWalkingZombie98TheWalkingZombie985 days ago
  • How much?

    Nick BNick B6 days ago
  • That jeep looks like ass. Why they would think that truck looks good is insane to me.

    brian riewertsbrian riewerts6 days ago
  • tim need a chain js

    Trace CorreaTrace Correa6 days ago
  • I dont know if that little jack is gonna do shit for you Tim :)

    Run-badRun-bad6 days ago
  • and all you had to do for it is tell chat they owe you money 50 times a day

    GAMST3RGAMST3R6 days ago

    AurizxAurizx6 days ago

    Alec PadillaAlec Padilla6 days ago
  • Tim get your neck tattooed

  • HOLY SHIT thats got some juice to it.. i want one...

    JDJD7 days ago
  • Awesome truck. Looks like a 6x6 Aroldis Chapman just got made in Florida.

    Hatuey McFarlandHatuey McFarland7 days ago
  • The only Jeep gladiator id buy

    G BabyG Baby7 days ago
  • Anybody know how much it costs total?

    VannVann7 days ago
  • Taken from snowrunner just missing some mountains and cliffs

    Boulits papBoulits pap7 days ago
  • Supercharger sounds like a RC Car . Nice build btw

    Signature_SSignature_S8 days ago
  • obviously!!!!!!!!

    dobbs samdobbs sam8 days ago
  • Bro it took A half an hour or start

    xd Reliancexd Reliance8 days ago
  • tim said he wasnt gonna use the step but he used it when he turned it on🤣

    YackYack8 days ago
  • He got mad clout from ninja

    ツiSwet-chaseツiSwet-chase8 days ago
  • Tim’s a badass

    CL1P 1TCL1P 1T9 days ago
  • Love it but the grill threw my off.... just not my style but hey if it’s yours go for it man 🤘🏻 good lookin jeep

    Grayson MalloyGrayson Malloy9 days ago
  • nice mall crawler

    RabootaRaboota9 days ago
  • Looks cool, fast, etc...but way too much of an attention getter to drive around....yuk.

    AZDBLondonAZDBLondon10 days ago
  • You literally have dream truck

    Bryan VBryan V10 days ago
  • Ok, Ok, you win!

    Ary MAry M10 days ago
  • It probably will never see dirt either.

    orvy websterorvy webster10 days ago
  • He never works on his own rigs does he LOL

    orvy websterorvy webster10 days ago
  • Oh no it's a jeep

    Shawn LeeShawn Lee11 days ago