The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Is the Coolest Car Nobody Will Buy

Jul 30, 2020
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The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible is really cool -- but nobody is going to buy it. Today I explain why nobody will buy the LC500 Convertible, and I'm also reviewing the LC Convertible to show all the quirks and features. I'm also going to drive the Lexus LC500 Convertible and tell you what it's like on the road.
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  • In two and a half years it’s gonna be a steal

    Alex DAlex D2 hours ago
  • I have no issues with the infotainment system on my ES. Lexus or puts the screen farther up the dash to give it good visibility while driving which makes reaching the screen more difficult. The touch pad is a lot better than any non-touch screen alternative I've used. It's better than the old joystick mouse thing that Lexus use to use and it's MUCH better than the knob/dial system many German cars use.

    jimv1983jimv19833 hours ago
  • Lexus couldn't afford a hardtop for 100K vehicle

    Man HoMan Ho4 hours ago
  • I see these all over...

    Back the BlueBack the Blue5 hours ago
  • When the Benz goes by at 25.00 I wanted him to put it in sport mode and hunt him down!!

    Jim CookJim Cook6 hours ago
  • NO WAY has some nice features and lines SOFT TOP KILLS THE LOOK !! FOR THAT PRICE SOFT TOP FOR 100K CAR ?? - I'll keep my pristine HARDTOP 2007 convertible Sapphire Black SC430 w/ 88,000 miles. The lines on the SC430 ARE JUST PRICELESS TO ME.

    K AguileraK Aguilera6 hours ago
  • The wheels are terrible.

    Mag netoMag neto6 hours ago
  • Lexus infotainment is TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    David LiuDavid Liu7 hours ago
  • 4:33 definitely not made to be driven when it's freezing cold outside. I bet that door handle will freeze and get stuck.

    Jerome HughJerome Hugh9 hours ago
  • Now if you could just get the damn thing with a hitch for hauling a big fifth wheel RV Lexus could ride the RV trend

    gavi foxgavi fox9 hours ago
  • I feel relaxed just looking at that interior.

    Dan McCarthyDan McCarthy10 hours ago
  • Imagine him touching a boob

    Jej CeJej Ce10 hours ago
  • Still ugly

    steven hannasteven hanna11 hours ago
  • Wrong because I will get it...stunning car.

    Realis Immobilien Management & ServiceRealis Immobilien Management & Service12 hours ago
  • I have a 1999 Mercedes sl500 it was over 100k 20 years ago, that Lexus is everything the new Mercedes sl500 should be its absolutely beautiful if I had the money I'd buy one tomorrow & I am not a fan of new car design

    peter connorpeter connor13 hours ago
  • Those drive mode selector knobs up by the instrument cluster remind me of the headlight and wiper controls in my parents old 1995 chevy corsica

    Jim WalkerJim Walker15 hours ago
  • Who bought this peanut butter and jelly LC500?

    Tim VaughnTim Vaughn15 hours ago
  • Mercedes has had Neck Warmers since 2009 in the SL. And why is it that nobody ever mentions the Heads-up-display?

    Brandon JordanBrandon Jordan16 hours ago
  • :-/ The dashboard trim doesn't lineup with the door trim by the window. Just like my cheap car. Same for the seats upholstery: the decoration lines dont line up on the side supports. My cheap car upholstery lines actually line up.

    mglmousermglmouser16 hours ago
    • Lots of LFA influence in this car.

      seeni gztyseeni gzty13 hours ago
  • Gorgeous car

    SirTubeALotMoreSirTubeALotMore18 hours ago
    • You talk too much Doug.

      seeni gztyseeni gzty13 hours ago
  • Come on, that front grille is the epitome of fugly. Absolutely hideous

    S AS A19 hours ago
  • I would rather go with this then Aston Martin. Not to mention the pricing.

    bratnikolabratnikola21 hour ago
  • He could switch the driving mode while driving so we could see the difference 😐

    Duc Trung NguyenDuc Trung NguyenDay ago
  • I hate the big grille Lexus have these days ugly

    christian gasparochristian gasparoDay ago
  • Ugly car by the way

    christian gasparochristian gasparoDay ago
  • I’m 47 but if I was 48 with a lot of money and had my balls. Cut off this car would be perfect

    christian gasparochristian gasparoDay ago
  • Such a great car, sadly sales will be low :(

    Zac MaloneZac MaloneDay ago
  • Designed so much better than the LFA.

    AaroiseverythingAaroiseverythingDay ago
    • @lmaxmai The LFA is still a beast of a car!

      AaroiseverythingAaroiseverythingDay ago
    • Is there a need for rivalry here? To me at least the answer is no. And consider that some like how the power of the former is dressed in subtlety.

      lmaxmailmaxmaiDay ago
  • In a word No. Doesn't appeal 2 me in sight or sound

    d taylord taylorDay ago
  • cant wait to get this in 10 years for 20k, assuming its as reliable as most lexus cars have been

    BaioWithMayoBaioWithMayoDay ago
  • Dude..... Is it leaking oil ALREADY!!??!! Lmao

    James CahnJames CahnDay ago
  • The segment isn't dead, it's just so expensive most folks can not afford it.

    Joel lopezJoel lopezDay ago
  • I'll give u $100 if u can shut the hell up & make a video under 10 minutes.

    NASA FNASA FDay ago
  • You talk too much Doug.

    NASA FNASA FDay ago
  • Lots of LFA influence in this car.

    Mike JensenMike JensenDay ago
  • LOL at the rear seat "legroom" 16:53

    Icebergslim 333Icebergslim 333Day ago
  • Doug is the type of guy who explains his 'quirks and features' before sex.

    Alex PhamAlex PhamDay ago
  • Why so many dislikes??

    Icebergslim 333Icebergslim 333Day ago
  • If money was no object, I would take it. Very cool and great looking car.

    R SR SDay ago
  • 1:30 ... oil stain?

    Daniel LackasDaniel LackasDay ago
  • Shall we take the ferrari to the dinner tonite dear. ... of the Toyota.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mata ManMata ManDay ago
  • The interior of the car It’s just like the bridge From Star Trek the next generation

    yasio boloyasio boloDay ago
    • It is nice to know that even some channels which seem to exist primarily in order to scam others, even though a broad range of channels on here would probably have to be placed into this category, have the opportunity to take the time in order to watch this and contemplate on aesthetical questions, I guess...

      lmaxmailmaxmaiDay ago
  • If Tupac were alive....he would definately have this car. Just like how he had that sc400

  • THISS car is beautiful, I would go with the coupe though, fantastic car.

    Gimpelson96Gimpelson96Day ago
  • Does Kohl's give you a volume discount?

    Dingle McKringleberryDingle McKringleberryDay ago
  • Something is leaking down there

    Sandeep JoshuaSandeep JoshuaDay ago
    • created everyday in America!! And btw..wealthy people have their own economies!! (@@)

      yasio boloyasio boloDay ago
  • Oil leak already in the first second 🤔🤔

    Charl McDadeCharl McDadeDay ago
  • My wife likes this car, but the C8 stole her attention..problem its an old folks car..who buy SUVs and we're not old lol..

    bottomline2000bottomline2000Day ago
  • 1:33 the older model has the same oil puddle on the ground on the same spot as the convertible 🤔

    Nuno LoschNuno LoschDay ago
  • Sway warning would be absolutely useless in Newfoundland, it would be alerting people 24/7 due to the driver avoiding potholes and other rough patches😂

  • Lexus is too much for americans to handle... they only understand engine figures and quarter mile stats... driving is more than a competition at every corner... there really is nothing in this category and relaxing GT cars at this level for the price..

    Guns n stuffGuns n stuffDay ago
  • Fantastic interior

    IdrisbeyIdrisbeyDay ago
  • Doug: this car is not for people in their 20s Bill Gates: perfect for my first car

    Michael RuvinovMichael RuvinovDay ago
  • I am 100% sure our presenter is WRONG (but maybe he knows this....)... THEIR WILL BE BUYERS. IT'S AN ÜBER LEXUS. GONNA SELL LIKE COPCAKES... PS, to Lexus, if the Americans don't want it just bring it to Europe...

    tuboludotuboludoDay ago
    • Hang on. This will be a bargain as a used car, but retail value is great? Man, I know nothing now 🤔

      tuboludotuboludoDay ago
  • never lock a convertible.

    Hunter HessonHunter HessonDay ago
  • Those are some sick wheels. I just like it for the wheels

    CentaurCentaurDay ago
  • Why do car companies do that? Are they bragging because they managed to build it a year ahead of schedule? It's 2020, you have released your car in 2020, why are you calling it the 2021 Lexus LC500?

    Nic StroudNic StroudDay ago
  • The thing Doug isn‘t remembering is that the 2 door market definitely isn‘t "dead" in the rest of the world.

    Max LimbachMax LimbachDay ago
  • Looks more like an unfinished prototype.

    Tpndgo 20Tpndgo 20Day ago
  • You know who would easily purchase this vehicle and still grab a brandnew Lincoln or Volvo SUV? According to Fortune Magazine there are actually (1700) newMillionaires created everyday in America!! And btw..wealthy people have their own economies!! (@@)

    Sonny FalesSonny Fales2 days ago
  • Nah, glove box doesn't close itself.

    Paol VrobelPaol Vrobel2 days ago
  • Why is he so cringe? This feels like a video from 2008

    Anmol SinghAnmol Singh2 days ago
  • Weekend score is 5 points too low. Styling - 9, handling - 7, cool - 8 = 38.

    Z ZzZ Zz2 days ago
  • You get used to the touch pad; no annoying prints, failed pressure points, or compromised pixel; recessed, shrouded screen infinitely more elegant than poorly proportioned touch screen afterthought mounted to an otherwise-balanced dash. Excellent work, Lexus.

    Z ZzZ Zz2 days ago
  • C8 Stingray Convertible 70,000

    Geoff NelsonGeoff Nelson2 days ago
  • Should've been a hard top convertible LC F version with at least 750 hp.

    Blake StarBlake Star2 days ago
  • too expensive for what you are getting better spent on something else

    B E JB E J2 days ago
  • Holy crap. That interior is literally the most beautiful of any car I can think of off the top of my head. I even think the beige is pretty nice, though I agree it's not my first choice

    A MA M2 days ago
  • is probably the most beautyful car in a lot of time

    Pedro Pablo Fresno MarzoloPedro Pablo Fresno Marzolo2 days ago
  • Is that a CD player I saw?! 😂😂

    swankswagswankswag2 days ago
  • My IS F Sport has that same moving gauge cluster

    JME RJME R2 days ago
  • My god, the interior of this vehicle is amazing! Definitely a place I would like to spend some time.

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni2 days ago
    • Note that the channel above is one of these particularly scammy ones on here, as a heads up in case you are someone who becomes subverted by such pictures, likely stolen ones in this case.

      lmaxmailmaxmaiDay ago
  • Is it leaking oil or water.

    Mark BMark B2 days ago
  • For the price its such a ugly car

    Jerkasaurus RexJerkasaurus Rex2 days ago
  • I'd buy it for 35k....

    bikebudha01bikebudha012 days ago
  • Its 2020, nobody uses the word 'quirky' anymore. Doug DeMuro:

    Colin BrownColin Brown2 days ago
    • Great car. Beautiful outside and inside. It's sad to hear this segment of cars is dying.

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni2 days ago
  • Who gives a fk about speed on that car u dont buy lexus for speed xd

    Bogdan AdzicBogdan Adzic2 days ago
  • That’s the whole idea is to be different! I like it!!!

    FlyingacefulFlyingaceful2 days ago
  • i first seen this car with a Toyota badge in Japan and it is impressive in person, the problem is the MB GTC is even more impressive and around the same price

    danmcdonald726danmcdonald7262 days ago
  • Stunning beauty 😲 I fortunately, the world is in recession because of the COVID-19.

    Seiko WatchSeiko Watch2 days ago
  • This is why I’m keeping my 560 sec forever

    Lianne459Lianne4592 days ago
  • those door panels look like armpits not art...

    Walker JenningsWalker Jennings2 days ago
  • that is badass

    Zareena BondaZareena Bonda2 days ago
  • Looks like a great car to buy used in 2022. And I'm serious. This may be the last ICE sporty lexus, and will hopefully be a reliable Lexus. I've seen the coupe in person and it IS gorgeous. I'd happily drive one, and, I'm not 65yo.

    Eric PeltierEric Peltier2 days ago
  • Would look much better to just have a storage tray in the back seats

    jeff59rtjeff59rt2 days ago
  • I Hope These Kinds Of Cars Don’t Die Before I’m Able To Get One The Big Luxury Two Doors Are Beautiful To Me

    LeSáneLeSáne2 days ago
  • The car will be a big hit if they reduce prices enough for most people to afford them.

    Bertus LouwBertus Louw2 days ago
  • These cars are not in the roads thanks to you and all the media let alone the thousands of supermarket alike tv comercials and movies that all hail germans cars! It's like leaving in a world of sheeps!

    Aliance Star lordAliance Star lord2 days ago
  • Is there are LCF coming

    Justin Edward SagerJustin Edward Sager2 days ago
  • Great car. Beautiful outside and inside. It's sad to hear this segment of cars is dying.

    Getsuga TenshouGetsuga Tenshou2 days ago
  • Coincidence, I was behind a mustard Lexus LC500h today, cruising down some narrow country lanes towards the beach. The driver was being ultra careful. Stunningly different looking car with beautiful chrome wheels. Very rare.

    John FraserJohn Fraser2 days ago
  • 4:22 I think that's the same unlocking noise that my aunt's sc430 makes, I love how they kept that.

    ClumsyGarageClumsyGarage2 days ago
  • It's a shame that this may die off soon. If I was in the market for something like this, it would be a seriously hard choice between this and an AMG GT and a 911.

    ClumsyGarageClumsyGarage2 days ago
  • hat wet patch (which I'm sure has been mentioned more than a thousand times already) under the car at the start of the video????

    MartinMartin2 days ago
    • I noticed this here and also in the great video about the closed variant which I seem to prefer a little bit. The vehicles probably were anxious about the in some sense artificial exposure that they would face and therefore I think that this is understandable, even though one could ask critically why they accepted the invitations and all that this may encompass.

      lmaxmailmaxmaiDay ago
  • Hearing how luxury coupes are failing is really sad.. I can think of few cars more desirable than an S63 coupe. Seeing abominations like the M8 gran coupe out-selling the actual M8 is pure heartbreak :(

    Stian HegglundStian Hegglund2 days ago
  • "ooooooooooh..arrrrrrrrrrr..hhmmmmmmmmmm" is the disappointing realization you get when something you just posted, which in your opinion was hilarious and brilliant, is 7709th post on this vid and no one will ever read it.

    MartinMartin2 days ago
  • It's a little known fact that Doug also wears two pairs of socks......

    MartinMartin2 days ago
  • LOL snow mode. No one will be driving this thing in the snow, ever.

    Peter ZebotPeter Zebot2 days ago
    • As you might know, a certain someone and an Aston Martin would. At least in the past but perhaps there is hope for this kind of funny kind of thing to happen again in the future. There is just one thing... no advertising cutscene, please. Thank you.

      lmaxmailmaxmaiDay ago
  • i own an IS model and the infotainment is similar and the dash that moves over to the side is the same as my IS model. I also have an SC430, the seats set up is the same, even the rear seatbelts and the location of the sub in the middle of the rear seat. I mean the LC is a combination of previous models. Not complaining at all, my wife saw one on the road and told me that the LC should be her next car, we still have a couple more years on the IS, so maybe then we will be looking at it. Cool review, too bad is a soft top.

    lagunerolakerslagunerolakers2 days ago
  • Excellent upload homie 💜 u..

    Virus worldVirus world2 days ago