Isiah Thomas: I would pick LeBron James over Michael Jordan | UNDISPUTED

Jun 2, 2017
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Isiah Thomas weighed in on the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate and also talked Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals.
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Isiah Thomas: I would pick LeBron James over Michael Jordan | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

  • Jordan or LeBron?

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDSkip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED3 years ago
    • LeBron is the goat

      Adebowale BolajiAdebowale Bolaji15 days ago
    • LEBRON

      Noah QNoah Q16 days ago
    • Michael Jordan. Obviously

      Andrew DavisAndrew Davis23 days ago
    • MJ....why you choose the other guys, who was swept twice in Finals....TWICE

      Carlos GarcíaCarlos García2 months ago
    • both

      Lyndon FairLyndon Fair2 months ago
  • I don't care who it is Scottie pippen tmac it could either be Isaiah Thomas you know who I appreciate all of them for giving us that talent over the years to watch and admire and praise and it's just been a blessing to have them in the sport of basketball but LeBron James is a much how should I say overall basketball player than Michael Jordan ever was and that's just the truth some that play with Mike is always going to side with Mike because they won with Mike they played with Mike but LeBron James didn't have a mic he didn't have a Scottie pippen and he never had a horse Grant or a Dennis rodman a Ron Harper no Craig Hodges you know on his team along with with with Steve Kerr and Paxton you know and the majority time LeBron didn't have talent on his team and still won and when he did have talent he won rings you know so the talent that he had on his team would never equal out equal the amount of talent that Scottie pippen played with or shall I say Michael Jordan play with because we keep hauling Jordan but when Jordan first five years and I'm going to say five but it was it was a little more but I'm going to say five years he didn't win anything he couldn't even get out of the second round playoffs not alone go to the Eastern finals the Eastern conference finals so we need to stop being untruthful when we talking about the better player it's okay that LeBron James has been a better player than Michael you know rings doesn't make you the goat the goat shouldn't even be talked about because that takes away the talent and skill of each player Jordan was the greatest score of our time and LeBron is the greatest all-around basketball player the NBA has ever seen and you can take that to the bank

    S. C.S. C.2 days ago
  • People complain about Lebron fans but Jordan riders are just as annoying 😂

    Zac IngZac Ing5 days ago
  • LBJ is LBJ MJ is MJ Let them both be great..

    Donald ReidDonald Reid6 days ago
  • JORDAN FAN be like. Jordan 6-0 on finals. Yeah Jordan played 6th season.

    King James ArateaKing James Aratea7 days ago
  • Phil Jackson wasn't a high profile coach when he got to the Bulls. He was a new coach

    Jeff BoylesJeff Boyles8 days ago
  • Thomas says Jordan is a looser with out pippen dude you didn't win not even one championship and nick hasn't played a sport in his life you obviously loose sleep.over it that's sad

    Keith DohertyKeith Doherty8 days ago
  • No wonder Allen Iverson and Kobe then LeBron wanted to be like Mike..No comparisons just MJ was a hard working talented trendsetters. UNDISPUTED!!!

    Mi rrorMi rror10 days ago
  • we'll look back at this, as the best reasoning for James as the best ever. Thomas articulated his point extremely well. James stood up as a social symbol at a time when an athletes " brand " is so vunerable to social critique. Jordan has done a lot for youth over his years, but he was silent for social issues. Now speaking up is not a requirement, but it takes guts in our current age of entitlement to speak your word and stand your ground. Think of all the greats that actually said nothing and played at the highest level. whatever " killer instinct " Bron lacks is made up for 10x over with his ability to lead.

    303Smilezzz303Smilezzz12 days ago
  • Isaiah is a very intelligent man. Hate the fact that they say so many lies about him. Like the way he put them right in their place.

    nelson monteironelson monteiro13 days ago
  • Isiah is one of my favorite hall of famer

    OmariOmari14 days ago
  • Funny when Zeke called the hater out... his Chicago Detroit attitude came out.... you cant disrespect his credentials

    Cisc0GuruCisc0Guru14 days ago
  • 3 years later....LeBron takes another coach to the finals and gets another ring. And Isaiah Thomas is still 3-1 against Jordan in playoff series.

    Khuns TravelerKhuns Traveler15 days ago
  • Isiah still salty about not being in the Dream Team LUL

    johnny maximumjohnny maximum17 days ago
  • Welp when you can’t double KD cause u have both the best shooters in the league on each side of him. Meanwhile you can double Lebron all game cause he has a player like JR smith or Tristan Thompson.

    Red KingRed King17 days ago
  • He has no class at all

    Jerry DanielsJerry Daniels17 days ago
  • He will always be a hater never will pick Jordan

    Jerry DanielsJerry Daniels17 days ago
  • Dont go disrespecting spo like that

    aimthemoon quaytaligaimthemoon quaytalig18 days ago
  • Zeke you are 100% correct. LBJ is the GOAT

    Atanga MathiasAtanga Mathias20 days ago
  • Isiah with the spur grapes lmao

    Trenton JohnsonTrenton Johnson20 days ago
  • Isaiah don't .. MJ will take this personal lol .. I like them both .. goat

    Dexter AguirreDexter Aguirre20 days ago
  • Paint cans Squeegees and a nail file! Bruhhh I’m so far pass done😂😂😂

    Galehart PopWellGalehart PopWell20 days ago
  • Skip salty & provocative He like By the way they got swept by the Spurs

    Goshen CarmelGoshen Carmel20 days ago
  • If we looked at 15 seasons for every player, we would see that Michael Jordan is at the top.

    MohamedissavageMohamedissavage22 days ago
  • Isaiah still salty over MJ.

    Juman JiuJuman Jiu22 days ago
  • I.T was right sorry for the late comment!!!!

    Trackboy KTrackboy K25 days ago
  • He hates on jordan way worse than i hate on lebron smh

    Wayne BeaufordWayne Beauford25 days ago
  • riding big time MJ NBA ALL DAY GOAT

    DGMG NecoDGMG Neco26 days ago
  • Isiah Thomas hate Michael Jordan and everybody know why.....🤓

    HugoFix007HugoFix00728 days ago
  • LeBron the best ever.Jordan had a lot of help.

    Tony BargasTony Bargas28 days ago
    • Jordan had good teammates, but they were all just role players except for Pippen. Lebron had superstar teammates like Kyrie, Bosh, Kevin Love, Wade and now AD who might win FMVP. Imagine what Jordan could do if you gave him a teammate like Kevin Love.

      Lane JopsonLane Jopson24 days ago
  • So being the greatest on the court is no longer a requirement for being the it

    Alex DavisAlex Davis28 days ago
  • He played in the east cakewalk and he lost 6 of them lol yeah hes great lol

    Bo WardBo Ward29 days ago
    • Another idiot that says the east is weak tries to downplay someone's success (lebron) other people in the east that have never been to the finals explained that

      Marcus SmithMarcus Smith27 days ago
  • Skip couldn't come at Isiah Thomas, neither could the fool that yelled out "sour grapes ". Theres a difference between watching the game for many yrs & playing it for many yrs.

    swacfan100swacfan100Month ago
  • Everybody talks about how Scottie helped MJ; in crucial games there where times when MJ carried full load. After zP I pippen left the bulls, what success did he have? His team (trailblazers) let go of a 16 point advantage to the Lakers. Pippen is 1/4 of Jordan

    Cesar RCesar RMonth ago
  • Isiah thomas just won 2 NBA titles after that being sweep by the bulls in east final 1991, talk too much he's totally loser not even greater than his teammates Dennis Rodman with 5 title

    Marco ParulianMarco ParulianMonth ago
  • He choose Lebron because he hate Jordan not very professional to give biased opinions

    Darrell BrownDarrell BrownMonth ago
  • Isaiah is the type of person that nobody remembers so he has a grudge for the one that everybody does.

    kourounirkourounirMonth ago
  • Isaiah wrong

    FlinchDFlinchDMonth ago
    • Yep. You can literally feel the saltiness. He did a good job trying to hide it though

      Lane JopsonLane Jopson24 days ago
  • I hate when people say "Lebron is faster than Jordan..." Michael Jordan (recorded) 40 yard dash= 4.38 Lebron (claims) 40 yard dash= 4.6 MJ is both faster and quicker than Lebron. They called him the black cat for a reason. Stop saying Lebron's faster.

    Jeremy TuckerJeremy TuckerMonth ago
    • Lebron is faster

      Kelvin WilkesKelvin WilkesMonth ago
  • Isaiah sound stupid with this crazy logic to make this point we know you can't stand Jordan and to say he'll start a team with cry baby LeBron is a joke Isaiah try to bring up who LeBron play with what about Jordan playing with Randy Brown and a host of other role players

    Kelvin ThomasKelvin ThomasMonth ago
  • I.Thomas is speaking FACTS about the difference with hof coaches. LeBron has never had that.

    Randy WhiteheadRandy WhiteheadMonth ago
  • Not true. KD joined a stacked team,same team who beat him,a coward move.

    Randy WhiteheadRandy WhiteheadMonth ago
  • "If i'm going to win a series i'm going with the brain" - O really so pick the guy that lost double the amount of finals than he's won, over a guy that never lost in the finals? How does that work? Pick the guy who got swept in the finals by a record margin over the guy that has beaten the most 60plus win teams in the playoffs? When Lebron wins he's the greatest, when he loses he had no help...

    Andreas SilverAndreas SilverMonth ago
  • If lebron dymanted then the spurs wouldn't have swept mi stoped Barkley and everybody else from winning

    raiderssp78 raiderssp78raiderssp78 raiderssp78Month ago
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar i saw every game. WOW!!

    Deteromony 6:4Deteromony 6:4Month ago
  • Raleigh Simmons Coached by Fred Tex Winter. Lebron James is the best ever.

    Deteromony 6:4Deteromony 6:4Month ago
  • Raleigh Simmons Coached by Fred Tex Winter. Isaiah has always stood his ground. I love that about him. Remember Isaiah BEAT MICHAEL JORDAN. Isaiah beat the BULLS 2Xs. He has the right to say what needs to be said. I watched Isaiah give the whole NBA the FLUXES because Michael Jordan could not guard him nor could anyone else.

    Deteromony 6:4Deteromony 6:4Month ago
  • Never seen any analyst break it down so well like Isiah Thomas did. Skip and Shannon should take notes. Isiah Thomas speaks like someone so educated and provided very solid answers in the comparison.

    cobi2502cobi2502Month ago
  • One fickle minded individual . First he said MJ then changed his mind to Kareem , now it's LeBron ! Who is going to be next ? .No wonder he was not selected in the dream team

    sang sangtesang sangteMonth ago
  • Isaiah is salty at and clearly MAGIC told EVERYONE who he thought the GOAT was, his initials were MJ.

    Constance AliciaConstance AliciaMonth ago
  • Isaiah is such an obvious hater lol.

    Constance AliciaConstance AliciaMonth ago
  • Along with the NBA being RIGGED, FIXED, SCRIPTED...MJ went 6-0 in the finals vs teams with two or less hall of famers aka scrub teams...needed the Celtics and pistons to get old...needed a supporting cast that could get him 55+wins without him and needed Phil Jackson...if Jordan beat the Celtics and pistons b4 father time did and did all this minus Phil Jackson and Scottie I'd say Jordan is the GOAT but since he didn't it's a tie between Kareem and LeBron😅"

    Mr JMr JMonth ago
  • 🧂 🧂 🧂 🧂

    astroboiXXastroboiXXMonth ago
  • That's his opinion.

    shawn seawoodshawn seawoodMonth ago
  • So mj and kobe wasnt smart players just because they scored

    raidersep talk life and sportsraidersep talk life and sportsMonth ago
  • BROn is the GOAT!

    Robert MugabeRobert MugabeMonth ago
  • isiah would pick the old nosy lady in the window over Jordan lol

    vern dollavern dollaMonth ago
  • He and mj were never friends isah is a hater a guy goes 6 and 0 in the finals and is not the goat Kobe better then lebron then cause Kobe went in the nba at 17 as well and has 5rings

    raidersep talk life and sportsraidersep talk life and sportsMonth ago
  • Of course he would he’s mad and jealous of Jordan lol

    Kevin RamirezKevin RamirezMonth ago
  • Someone's still salty 🧂.

    Ray dingoRay dingoMonth ago
  • ME TOO LeBron James IS Better Than Michael Jordan IN MY Opinion

    Roman HillRoman HillMonth ago
  • Isaiah will always have disdain for jordan comparable to p.pierce to Lebron.

    Rahan LewisRahan LewisMonth ago
  • People seem to forget Isaiah beat MJ more than he beat him

    Elese IseraelElese IseraelMonth ago
  • Michael Jordan all day ....Isaiah Thomas still mad at Michael about the Olympics

    Brandon HailsBrandon HailsMonth ago
  • People don't realize that Jordan NEVER beat a team with championship experience in the finals besides a Kareemless washed up Lakers team in 91 ! Jordan has a loosing record in the regular season and in the PLAYOFFS against Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boy Pistons !! In fact Jordan has NEVER beat an all time great team in their prime ! PS.. Jordan lost to Shaq and Penny in 1995 Who then got SWEPT IN THE FINAL !! So that means Jordan NEVER beat a championship team in their prime !

    tennajtennajMonth ago
  • Isiah cannot deal with the fact that Jordan is the GOAT. It is too much for him.

    Rodrigo SoaresRodrigo SoaresMonth ago
  • I don't know what y'all are saying but Bill Russell is My Goat

    At OBI's GymAt OBI's GymMonth ago
  • No, LeBron has survived off of pure raw athleticism, not a high skill level

    D HD HMonth ago
    • He still the best player in year 17 and he is losing athleticism bit by bit

      Jayden LeeJayden LeeMonth ago
  • Stop lying Isaiah Magic been said MJ is the Greatest.

    Shawn MilesShawn MilesMonth ago
  • Skip is a hater.

    Cedric AsdfghjklCedric Asdfghjkl2 months ago
  • Greatness is all about how you play the game and in many people's eyes mj is the best in terms of style the moves and fasion for the game and i dont think lebron can play like mike..isiah knows that but dont want to embrace what mj did for game of basketball..without mj there would be no kobe or lebron..

    Robinson EvangelistaRobinson Evangelista2 months ago
  • Common people, don’t forget! What if bron would play for the warriors...

    Joseph EscoJoseph Esco2 months ago
  • These two hate each other.

    jc dovajc dova2 months ago
  • Isaiah never liked Michael Jordan so he will never give him his credit.

    • Lane Jopson everyone has opinions and this debate on who’s better is all about opinions. So throwing in excuses like he never liked him doesn’t make since

      Jayden LeeJayden Lee24 days ago
    • @Jayden Lee You can tell that to everyone lol

      Lane JopsonLane Jopson24 days ago
    • Man just let him have an opinion

      Jayden LeeJayden LeeMonth ago
  • 🧂

    Ethan WhiteEthan White2 months ago
  • isiah was mjs biggest rival how you expect him to pick mj? cmon use common sense fam

    F1nalB0zzF1nalB0zz2 months ago
    • F1nalB0zz what

      Jayden LeeJayden LeeMonth ago
    • Jayden Lee way to change the subject, i rest my case

      F1nalB0zzF1nalB0zzMonth ago
    • F1nalB0zz it’s a team sport and you win some you lose some but lebron is still the better overall basketball player im sorry

      Jayden LeeJayden LeeMonth ago
    • @Jayden Lee lmao read your response i dont need to... and lebron had the more tailored teams and the more all stars cause tthe teams he left to gave him whatever he wanted he still couldnt win half his finals appearances, im done with this..

      F1nalB0zzF1nalB0zzMonth ago
    • F1nalB0zz so basically more loyal, more achievements, had a better team and more votes. You may continue

      Jayden LeeJayden LeeMonth ago
  • Of course Isiah is going to try to diminish MJ's career. MJ and his Bulls owned the Pistons and MJ kept Isiah off the dream team. I'd say 90% of the NBA players I've seen polled pick MJ hands down.

    Mike RichardsonMike Richardson2 months ago
  • All the people in the back bandwagoning to lakers 🤣

    Aidan 0815Aidan 08152 months ago
  • Height isnt a talent.. Soo Kareem cant be the best ever..

    Steven JonesSteven Jones2 months ago
  • Not a fan or hater of Isaiah but it’s hard to argue against his logic here.

    Z.A.C.Z.A.C.2 months ago
  • Kareem and LeBron > MJ

    E BOE BO2 months ago
  • Kareem vs MJ in the NBA? Debatable but Kareem has a case. Kareem vs MJ in college? Lol Kareem crushes Kareem vs MJ in HS? Lol Kareem crushes How is Jordan the GOAT ball player when Kareem kills him in 2/3 levels of organized basketball, and does not definitively surpass Kareem in the other 1?

    E BOE BO2 months ago
    • @Eredin, King of the Wild Hunt my man, kareem only lost 1 game in college

      Ahmad DzakyAhmad DzakyMonth ago
    • Nah it’s a tie 1.5/3. MJ was great in college

      Eredin, King of the Wild HuntEredin, King of the Wild HuntMonth ago
  • He just X out his Lebron logic. He said he would choose Lebron over Jordan because of the brain that is lebron not from the neck down. He said none of them of better than Kareem.... but Kareem wasnt an above the neck players. He was a huge individual with an unstoppable move. What brain is that??

    David CarlosDavid Carlos2 months ago
  • Thomas came with nothing but facts. I always wondered why nobody ever mention Kareem In the goat conversation.

    swacfan100swacfan1002 months ago
  • bad guy...he still holds the grudge against MJ what a clown

    walle michaelwalle michael2 months ago
  • Isaiah "sour grapes" Thomas 😂😂 Jk jk

    BlackflagBlackflag2 months ago
  • Wow love this dude. He is so right about everything. He is saying b

    TOMS WILLTOMS WILL2 months ago
  • Charity is “the pure love of Christ,” or “everlasting love”

    MASTah 0115MASTah 01152 months ago
  • Lebron not going to college is one reason he isnt better than MJ. MJ leaned to play in a system. Lebron demands others to play in his system. And blames them for his failures. Jordan never trashed his team or shuffled responsibility for a loss onto them. Lebron has multiple times. Always flopping and crying. Be a man, and shave your head already Lebron lmao. You ain't got much left. At least commit to that.

    Eli SampleyEli Sampley3 months ago
  • Anyone watching this after the last dance?

    Superbaby 5Superbaby 53 months ago
  • According to skip Pippen was just a role player

    Heheheheheh HerhheHeheheheheh Herhhe3 months ago
  • 4:33 Isiah Thomas: you do not go to the nba finals in our league at age 22 Shannon Shape: with paint cans squeegees and a nail file that's what he took to the finals Skip: by the way they lost in the finals but go ahead I swear this is why skip is so infuriating he doesn't even try to hide his bias when it comes to MJ vs. LeBron debates

    California LoveRIP2pacCalifornia LoveRIP2pac3 months ago
  • I would choose Isiah over Stockton. Especially on the dream team.

    ACEACE3 months ago
  • It’s sour grapes. Jordan is the goat!

    michig911michig9113 months ago
  • Kareem is Underrated for real

    N.o BN.o B3 months ago
  • I see why MJ & others didn’t want Isiah around. Sometimes a person’s energy just isn’t healthy to be around. No matter how talented they are.

    Great ScottGreat Scott3 months ago
    • E BO that’s just extra. Worship is what occurs these days. Via witnesses & The Chosen One. The “beef” between them two had to do with bad sportsmanship, among other things prolly. But isiah being left off that team in my opinion was rooted more in the racial makeup of that team. & that had nothing to do w Jordan as far as a decision. If it were up to MJ as people like to say, he wouldn’t have allowed Christian Laettner to be on the squad.

      Great ScottGreat Scott2 months ago
    • E BO That’s fax

    • He is not healthy to around because he doesn’t worship Jordan? Lol.

      E BOE BO2 months ago
    • wait, i pick up some lit vibes from him

      Young RagerYoung Rager2 months ago
    • kidjay mack Are u high hes not mad at anything and everyone knows the killer Mj was

  • I would choose Stockton over isiah. Especially on the dream team

    Great ScottGreat Scott3 months ago
  • Whose kobes HS coach.

    James DawnyJames Dawny3 months ago
  • Why does lebron get all this credit for “taking “ his coaches to finals ?? Phil wasn’t a HOF coach lol like what..... ugh I can’t watch this lol. I’m out.

    James DawnyJames Dawny3 months ago
  • 😂

    Curtis VestCurtis Vest3 months ago