Will Charli & Dixie D’Amelio Have Beef From This Episode of Expensive Taste Test?! | Cosmopolitan

Sep 14, 2020
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Dixie and Charli D'Amelio aka TikTok Royalty, took on Cosmopolitan's 'Expensive Taste Test' to see if they had * the * bougie eye.💁‍♀️Watch more Expensive Taste Test uskeys.net/watch/obZld44OS7E-video.html 💅
We had the iconic sisters eat potato chips, check out bucket hats, and study some scrunchies just to determine their fancy knowledge. Let's just say that Charli may be better at this than Dixie...👀
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  • Dixie nagging at charli for 5 minutes straight

    Sam GSam G4 minutes ago
  • I hate how charli literally acts like she doesnt want to be there

    Nikisha TajNikisha Taj27 minutes ago
  • Is it just or did she say butterflower for butterfly 😂 3:39

    Satvika ReddySatvika Reddy38 minutes ago
  • Boring

    Moon LightMoon Light45 minutes ago
  • Hi

    Dixie D’AmelioDixie D’AmelioHour ago
  • I just think that charli is better looking than Dixie no offense Dixie

    Sara GulSara Gul2 hours ago
  • isn't this for celebrities

    Angela AAngela A3 hours ago
  • When girls get into a “fight” vs boys 😂

    Roman HurtadoRoman Hurtado5 hours ago
  • Why were they whispering

    Olivia KOlivia K5 hours ago
  • U can tell Dixie is not in the mood 😂💀

    Jahnicka DavidJahnicka David6 hours ago
  • When dixie said "Can you stop" i was like QUEEN-

    AnnaAnna6 hours ago
  • Now that I see it man Dixie hates lossing

    Divine WatermelonDivine Watermelon6 hours ago
  • I felt like there would be more excitement watching a 10 hour documentary on the history of Coat Hangers. I’m sorry but there’s literally zero effort or energy in this video

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt6 hours ago
  • poor charli. dixie is so mean sometimes :( also this was so boring. they looked so bored and not funny or interesting at all.

    DoodleBunnyDoodleBunny7 hours ago
  • Dexie have a expensive taste

    Arnie Shayne BodinoArnie Shayne Bodino8 hours ago
  • i love them but honestly they could've put a lot more energy into this... just my opinion though

    ariana grandeariana grande8 hours ago
  • So boring

    AvezLynnAvezLynn8 hours ago
    • Soooo boring so i did not watch it halfway

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt6 hours ago
  • Oh my gah if I see another comment saying that this vid is boring I’m gonna scream!! ( this video is boring and I personally don’t like Dixie and Charli but that’s my opinion)

    Sophia YarboroughSophia Yarborough10 hours ago
  • I love Dixie

    Isabella GomezIsabella Gomez11 hours ago
  • they have no type of energy

    Andrea CadenaAndrea Cadena12 hours ago
  • They kinda should have been more enthusiastic 😂

    Jane MJane M12 hours ago
  • dixie annoyed tf out of me

    marymary12 hours ago
  • Dixie is honestly so mean to charli...

    Jana HindiJana Hindi13 hours ago
  • I was the 16th k like !!!!!!!!!!!!!🙌😮

    Amina AlrawiAmina Alrawi14 hours ago
  • Why does Dixie have To be like THAT!!

    Myleigha NewportMyleigha Newport14 hours ago
  • They look boring af

    Maëlle TatngaMaëlle Tatnga15 hours ago
  • They’re pretty and I don’t have nothing against them but they have NO PERSONALITY

    RockMe1994RockMe199415 hours ago
  • This video is just so boring. I normally love these videos.

    Prarthana PaulPrarthana Paul16 hours ago
  • Imagine this video with out sound effects it will be hella boring. No hate I love Charli and Dixie, Just facts.

    ᴡʜᴀᴛᴡʜᴀᴛ16 hours ago
  • -_- I thought this one was gonna be like iggy or like carti but I guess not-

    Maryjoe OrjiMaryjoe Orji17 hours ago
  • Soooo boring so i did not watch it halfway

    Rahena begumRahena begum17 hours ago
  • I thought i was the only one who thought this was boring but then I saw the comments...

    LyndorixLyndorix17 hours ago
  • does anyone els think they dont have a personality

    Jenny NorthoverJenny Northover18 hours ago
  • Dixie iw so done with Charli lmao

    anuradha chakrabortyanuradha chakraborty18 hours ago
  • Who loves them

    Alecksia WarrenAlecksia Warren18 hours ago
  • Dixies face- •-•

    Ana CeciliaAna Cecilia19 hours ago
  • The video of Dixie doing it tho

    Alexia SoancaAlexia Soanca20 hours ago
  • Sorry but I don’t understand how they came to fame...........

    Anastasia JosephineAnastasia Josephine20 hours ago
  • everyone has bad days and sisters aren’t supposed get along all the time, they are both still teenagers with so much pressure on them to please everyone, give them a break.

    Jacqueline DoughertyJacqueline Dougherty20 hours ago
  • Dixie: cAn U sToP Charli: *looks around like a lost puppy*

    Asiya KhanAsiya Khan20 hours ago
  • I mean keep your hate to yourselves “iT wAs boRiNg nAh nAna” stop keep t to yourself

    BlingBlingBlingBling21 hour ago
  • why was dixie being so mean to charli

    Emory RuckerEmory Rucker21 hour ago
  • everyone is complaining about this being boring and them whispering to each other so much that they forgot that char and dix are literally shy, this is their first year in front of big crowds and cameras

    anele mangadianele mangadi21 hour ago
  • it was nic i liked it

    Mannat sainiMannat saini22 hours ago
  • This was awkwardly boring

    Peninah RobertPeninah Robert22 hours ago
  • i thought this was gonna be funny the comments say it's boring i will put my review in a couple of minutes sis is very boring

    Christina ThaingChristina Thaing22 hours ago
  • Just becuz ur famous on tik too doesn’t mean ur cut out for USkeys. I don’t get the hype these girls have no personality no energy i rather watch paint dry

    Lem RocLem Roc23 hours ago

    Anshika RameshAnshika RameshDay ago
  • Why was this boring?

    Cole CiprianoCole CiprianoDay ago
  • its the lack of energy for your fans for me.

    heidi den boerheidi den boerDay ago
  • Thought this was a taste test 👁👄👁

    Crystal 1_2_3Crystal 1_2_3Day ago
  • i dont get why ppl think dixie is the better looking one. charli is so much bettet looking than dixie

    samuel kwansamuel kwanDay ago
  • Could they atleast ACT like they're excited to be on the channel?!

    BooferiiCxrbonxtedBooferiiCxrbonxtedDay ago
  • Boring

    Yranaj AicragYranaj AicragDay ago
  • Boring ......

    Keith ChowKeith ChowDay ago
  • It’s the ✨no emotions✨ for me Jk ILYSM CHARLI AND DIXIEEEE

    Kamari AKamari ADay ago
  • You girls are so boring and competitive! Jeez this was hard to watch.

    notaxandria _7notaxandria _7Day ago
  • I just feel so uncomfortable watching this, though they were gonna be more funny

    Valeria Guadalupe Mena TorresValeria Guadalupe Mena TorresDay ago
  • Get Addison ! Pleases she’s niceeee and more happy

    mariana paolamariana paolaDay ago
  • I hate to admit this but even Addison has more energy then these two numbskulls combined

    meme smeme sDay ago
  • yawn

    lazyleavesxlazyleavesxDay ago
  • Charli is a pro when it comes to dealing with Dixie’s attitude and behavior in general

    Stefa PejovicStefa PejovicDay ago
    • Stefa Pejovic I know!! I think it might just be for the camera because I could never be that tolerant

      Lizzy CrawfordLizzy Crawford2 hours ago
  • This proves that they are fake on tikok

    Liv BaileyLiv BaileyDay ago
  • Dixie’s vibe ain’t it .

    Byanca guillenByanca guillenDay ago
  • we get it. you found this video boring. you don’t all need to say the same thing LMAO

    Zoe MarieZoe MarieDay ago
  • Dixie hair is so cute

    Charli D'amelioCharli D'amelioDay ago
  • Hi

    Helen B-DHelen B-DDay ago
  • Me realizing I’m early

    Ieva's lifeIeva's lifeDay ago
  • I’m impressed they knew which lipgloss was more expensive, I wouldn’t even know!

    L2 WhatItDoL2 WhatItDoDay ago
  • No Lie when I first looked at the thumbnail I thought they both were Charli until I read title

    Princess RiyaaPrincess RiyaaDay ago
  • this was resident sleeper boring

    poxypoxyDay ago
  • Worst video ever

    Dammi PalliyaguruDammi PalliyaguruDay ago
  • Why does charli always look and act high

    Dammi PalliyaguruDammi PalliyaguruDay ago
  • Charli is weiiirrdd

    Dammi PalliyaguruDammi PalliyaguruDay ago
  • bruh

    JazzyJazzyDay ago
  • I like charli's haircut..wait which one is charli again

    Water burgerWater burgerDay ago
  • Why does Dixie look like Moriah Elizabeth in the thumbnail

    charbeecharbeeDay ago
  • please watch video, create an ethiopian music star @

    fre beyondefre beyondeDay ago
  • This is a beautiful video ⭐⭐⭐

    SuperChiko 2.3SuperChiko 2.3Day ago
  • - Wait, I'm watching this video because it's trending - Always has been

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyDay ago
  • Waiting for the Dolan Twins

    Diva LiaDiva LiaDay ago
  • Emma Chamberlain s was the best episode

    Rohma M.KhanRohma M.KhanDay ago
  • Dixie is a older sister😂😂

    Scarlet Play robloxScarlet Play robloxDay ago
    • Omg this is boringgggg Addison has more taste in her

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyDay ago
  • Title: expensive TASTE test Video: Hat’s lip gloss…

    Wicked ZKWicked ZKDay ago
  • Moral of the story is, cheaper things are better especially in food lol

    anny kimanaanny kimana2 days ago
  • How is the BUCKET HAT a TASTE TEST jfhvusmrhflsnfox

    Aneri VasavadaAneri Vasavada2 days ago
    • @Aneri Vasavada hm yeah idk

      Lina BamLina Bam16 hours ago
    • @Lina Bam yah ik lol but then again their taste doesn't really reflect what they would believe would be more expensive or not so

      Aneri VasavadaAneri Vasavada16 hours ago
    • Because it's not just about food. Taste also means having a certain taste in clothes and other stuff and it's an expensive taste test so they wanna know if their taste is more expensive or cheap.

      Lina BamLina Bam17 hours ago
  • Goo girl give us nothing 💕☺️

    martha tambismartha tambis2 days ago
  • Addison Rae would’ve been a better fit

    Stephanie MartinezStephanie Martinez2 days ago
  • I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who found this awfully boring. They didn't even seem like they wanted to be there..

    Jack CJack C2 days ago
  • 🖤🖤

    Dixie D’AmelioDixie D’Amelio2 days ago
  • No hate but I’m really starting to not like Dixie. She’s so bossy and just rude like it’s just a game chill!

    Miranda LittleMiranda Little2 days ago
  • There just so blahhh .

    Iryeanne TobiasIryeanne Tobias2 days ago
  • Charil is overacted 😪

    Jena GutierrezJena Gutierrez2 days ago
  • You guys are being rude if it was boring why did you watch it 🤔

    Hannah BlakesleeHannah Blakeslee2 days ago
  • I don’t know why but this vid was more boring and like felt not as nice as the others I’m sorry

    Zara QureshiZara Qureshi2 days ago
  • so this was at their house SO YOU'RE TRYING TO TELL ME THAT THEY CANT CHEAT

    Alex TaylorAlex Taylor2 days ago
  • Couldn’t even FINISH the video

    BumfuzzelBumfuzzel2 days ago
  • Omg this is boringgggg Addison has more taste in her

    iiiElephxntsiiiElephxnts2 days ago
  • Im sorry but this was boring asl

    LSubliminalLLSubliminalL2 days ago
  • Put Rihanna or Nicki or cardi or Beyonce up in here they gonna win lmaoo

    M&M's LovelyM&M's Lovely2 days ago