Doja Cat cancelled...for weird behavior | Lana Del Rey calls out Beyonce, Nicki, Ariana, etc.

May 23, 2020
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  • Lana is not a good Singer btw and she didn't evolve her music is like the 50s it's so depressing no one wants a depressing song on kiss FM we want a BOP we want something DIFFERENT

    Felicia AlvaFelicia Alva19 hours ago
  • You giving a subjective opinion rather thant just giving facts, lana is free to say honestly her opinion wich is not false, she has courageous without being bitter, i do not think she is jealous at all or disrespect them, she oq giving fact what you should do Now for doja cat, i dot not have an opinion, yes she must be weird because od her dresses choices, but she still is a good artist and musicians, she has the voice and the beat, may be she will become a better person in futur That it

    Sunshine NassimaSunshine Nassima22 hours ago
  • Ur more Racist Than Doja cat is. I Love her ur a hater and. YOU NEED THERAPY For being jealous of her. You know I'm right

    Lucio AlvarezLucio AlvarezDay ago
  • If they cancel Ariana grande I'm deleting youtube LESS MONEY FOR YOU!!!!!

    matt lowriematt lowrieDay ago
  • It’s Lana...

    Martin ArkuMartin Arku2 days ago
  • The way she says Lana “leina” jeez

    Valentina MhannaValentina Mhanna2 days ago
  • People are worried about Lana del rey's name....there are bigger problems here guys like idk sabatoge from lana and racism from doja cat. :/

    J SJ S2 days ago
  • ....isnt it La Na?

    Lauren Pinkie PieLauren Pinkie Pie3 days ago
  • This why i hate feminism It hurts both men and women if they dont do EXACTLY as they say

    Pomegranate OmarPomegranate Omar5 days ago
  • Shit my black daddy abandoned me too but my white mother raised a proud black woman. Also BLM

    Sara PatrickSara Patrick5 days ago
  • Tbh doja cat has always been like this I’ve been a fan since before she got famous to the world... she has always been the weird girl and only weird and different ppl will only get her

    Andrew JonesAndrew Jones6 days ago
  • I DO NOT MEAN TO HATE BUT....ariana IS italian, and its LANA NOT LAYNA. .but i like the effort you put in this video 😗✌🏽

    Lyla B. CancinoLyla B. Cancino6 days ago
  • Those twitter roasts about Doja is what had me weak hahahaha

    TheHaitianBeautyTheHaitianBeauty6 days ago
  • First video I’ve disliked from you, Empressive. Do research, I was hoping you’d know what you’re talking about. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Gor GulyanGor Gulyan6 days ago
  • I don't care about that drama, I can and will listen to Lana AND Doja Cat/Ariana etc

    Polina SnegirPolina Snegir6 days ago
  • I'm retarted and weird like doja too she just like me and yes i hate myself but idc

    Delores BledsoeDelores Bledsoe6 days ago
  • If her dad stayed and just have her a few slaps when she was younger she would have been a different person

    ZaviyaarZaviyaar6 days ago
  • I think it's stupid that people be raging on dojacat, saying the N word, what about Cardi B no one ever lashes out on her for it. And shes not even black?

    Mathilde KnudsenMathilde Knudsen7 days ago
    • Mathilde Knudsen shut the fuck up. Cardi half latina and half Black. In top of that most of latinos are a mix of indigenous and black

      Hilaria PedroHilaria Pedro5 days ago
  • that was a disgusting comment from lana :(

    Mathilde KnudsenMathilde Knudsen7 days ago
  • dang i’m mixed and grew up around with my white mom when my dad dad abounded me before i was born, so we have very similar stories. and dang i’d never act like that i also hate the n word i feel like no matter what race we all need to stop saying it

    Destini PearceDestini Pearce7 days ago
  • She called Camilla white💀 girl shes... SHES not

    Cheyenne BartaCheyenne Barta7 days ago
  • Moja Cat was trying to be cute in front of whoever.. was in the chat..... and just because there were no black men, does not mean she could not interact in the strange free way she believes... was she being self de pricating is her own personal shit... nothing to do with race...... This is crazy.. if on the otherhand, one of the chatters brought up race and denigrated her skin colour or race and she participated, with it , then only then, you would have something on MOJA... and I am person that speaks against euro centric racism for a sport on facebook and I believe that white privilege manifests in more ways than this broadcaster can enterprise... and if I mention how would infuriate ,,,,. racism is made a science and is spoken indirectly is a crucial area. not visited much... eg concept of the indo european as the leader of racism -----. not an entertainer using the N word.. trying to be strangely cute. cmon...... Bitches are only jealous cause she cute... that s it...

  • Isn’t Camila Cambello a woman of color?

    Diana CarolinaDiana Carolina7 days ago
  • Lana del Rey please she’s just bitching about how she can’t get any attention for her songs and how she gets criticized for her own lyrics, but just being real....

    Augustine CarrilloAugustine Carrillo7 days ago
  • She’ll get a pass like Camila. Too many little White girls support them.

    X XxXX XxX8 days ago
  • I hate it when people call people weird when there not even weird. Like she just being her self.

    Savage DionaSavage Diona8 days ago
  • Lana Del Rey fire

    Sava RavaSava Rava8 days ago
  • Lana del rey got the point actually. She literally making great songs but stay underrated. She was just disappointed.

    Nur ShereenNur Shereen8 days ago
  • you do w.e u want in your life people will criticize anyway

  • you know who we canceling?? this youtube page .. 🤣🤣🤣

  • How u gonna talk about Lana when u can’t even pronounce her name right...

    Tai LTai L8 days ago
  • What does it even mean to "cancel" somebody? We, as the community, don't have the power to end a person's career.

    E CampbellE Campbell8 days ago
  • I'm subscribed to you but this video is very disappointing. Why don't you read Doja Cat's song Dindu Nothin before throwing out accusations?

    Susie KimSusie Kim8 days ago
  • I really hope u have ur life in an order if u have any intention of being famous. Apparently all teenagers have their lives in order and know they gonna be famous when they do dumb stuff.

    Rykiel SmykeRykiel Smyke8 days ago
  • Doja didn’t sing that song because she was referring to those ppl that died. Please fact check

    Rykiel SmykeRykiel Smyke8 days ago
  • Doja Cat is an E-girl 😂

    Baby SullyBaby Sully8 days ago
  • Isn’t Camila also technically a woman of color?

    Sherry MuthigaSherry Muthiga8 days ago
    • No She was even racist towards normani Look it up

      Pomegranate OmarPomegranate Omar5 days ago
  • Huhu Layna

    Sherry MuthigaSherry Muthiga8 days ago
  • Taylor Swift has been criticised WAY WORSE than ariana, beyonce, Rihanna for dating several men and writing about her breakups... Stop trying to turn this into a “white privilege” debate. Anyone who believes you is ridiculous.

    TaylorTaylor8 days ago
    • @American Wibba ... I’m just saying that her argument of “whites get away with this” is severely flawed. This “news” channel is supposed to be objective and not make ridiculously huge accusations against white singers WITHOUT PROOF. She needs a fact check on Taylor Swift, for instance. Taylor is the LEAST problematic singer she has mentioned in this video, and she’s just giving people more of a reason to hate on Taylor Swift... based on severely incorrect accusations. Her top-charted songs spread POSITIVE messages about supporting people of all sexualities and each other. So, I DO feel the need to call out these “news” channels for falsely linking problematic singers with the most supportive, accepting singers.

      TaylorTaylor8 days ago
  • But Taylor Swift doesn’t write problematic songs about cheating, fucking, being racist, being sexy, wearing no clothes, etc.????? Her top charting songs were about appreciating your own identity AND her support for the LGBT community.... Can someone give this channel “Impressive” a fact check... like holy shit....

    TaylorTaylor8 days ago
  • Just remember, we all have a mind of our own and if you don't use it, its very easy to get influenced by other people.

    Reali TVReali TV8 days ago
  • Wow I had no ideah she had that much self hatred definitely because of her father

    Promise YouPromise You8 days ago
  • she just a weirdo to me. if u are always on 4Chan, Reddit , Omegle etc. this shit is the least crazy shit y'all will see. u here little white kids say the n word all the time. that just me. ive also been to the weird side of USkeys. so take my opinion with a grain of salt

    DemokesDemokes8 days ago
  • You obviously don't get it, this video is a joke

    speakingSonarspeakingSonar8 days ago
  • sorry but what? LAINA DEL REY is not an EMO POP SINGER, lana del rey, is an alt pop singer

    _Juliusism_Juliusism9 days ago
  • Doja is a freak! In the worst way.

    JesusJesus9 days ago
  • Lana is not attractive, she is pressed.

    JesusJesus9 days ago
  • Why Laina look like Caitlyn Jenner tho??? I NEVER heard of this artist until this video and that's ALL i see

    L PattersonL Patterson9 days ago
  • Selena Gomez not a white peer

    gilcruz1479gilcruz14799 days ago
  • Damn, stfu w/ the Laina/Lana shit. We fucken get it

    Ibrahim TallIbrahim Tall9 days ago
  • Im just sorry that we will all not be here to see how this racism bullshit is goimg to evolve in future when there will be only one race- mix of everything

    i am gangai am ganga9 days ago
  • Wait one minute. She is half Jewish and Half African. Get it correct.

    King SlechtvalkKing Slechtvalk9 days ago
  • She will stay cancelled for a year

    marion Akafumarion Akafu9 days ago
  • Oh no doja not a good look at all I was just defending you about people talking shit about your forehead then you turn around a be on some sneaky racist stuff I’m done I still think you are cute but I’m keeping my distance 🤦🏾‍♀️💔🤮

    Unique as hell DavisUnique as hell Davis9 days ago
  • I see exactly where Lana Del Rey is coming from. It’s not from a racial point so don’t look too far into it 🙄 She simply stating that she sick of artists over sexualising the music scene and making number 1 hits off of it. And I agree, is this the idols we really want our kids to look up to? It’s all a facade. It ain’t even REAL.

    Ashley KoriaAshley Koria10 days ago

    Absolute BuffoonAbsolute Buffoon10 days ago
  • Doja does All that because like you said her pain steams from her black side, not her white side so she hates that's side in her probably was raised that way...she needs healing

    Tay LoveTay Love10 days ago
  • Camila cabeo said n**ga to did she get canceled no ok den stfu abt ppl do shit they learn from n they never do it again now if she do it again then it’s a problem but honestly that is a very bad word that no one shud be using in that matter

    B.A.E. TVB.A.E. TV10 days ago
  • You talk at normal speed on 2x

    UnknownUnknown10 days ago
  • Selma Gomez is White now? Wtf are you talking about? Lmfao

    CardCrush365CardCrush36510 days ago
  • Cancel the trash music, listen Little Simz

    GihsidesGihsides10 days ago
  • Lana has a point though. The only way these women get on these charts because they overly-sexualized themselves.

    dana gdana g10 days ago
  • Camilla cabello is not white🤦🏽‍♀️💀

    Alisa SanchezAlisa Sanchez10 days ago
  • Omg look at these fucking terrible people that don't deserve fame anymore and should have their entire careers DEMOLISHED, or should I say CANCELLED, I mean something that obviously feels like a publicity stunt? Omg who does that?! And don't even get me started on the other one, a celebrity known for being weird, BEING REALLY WEIRD?! UNACCEPTABLE! That's it, life ruined, their music sucks now, no longer stan!

    CopyrightedCopyrighted11 days ago
  • Expressive, Selena Gomez ain’t white Girl lol wtf

    Breymond JonesBreymond Jones11 days ago
  • That’s crazyy, cancel her fo waahhh?

    Lexi BreLexi Bre11 days ago
  • Trash

    Long EveningsLong Evenings11 days ago
  • Why can’t famous people just be weird without being judged? Or having people jump to conclusions about who they must be as a person. The only difference is that you can see what a celebrity is doing versus someone like me who isn’t famous. Everyone does weird shit. It may be sad that she shows off her body for poor self esteem reasons, but even if we could prove that as the case, that’s for her to work through- Not anyone who doesn’t even fucking know her personally. AKA everyone talking shit There’s literally not enough proof to justify that she’s racist. I love her music and will always like her! She’s not canceled.

    KateTheWolf!KateTheWolf!12 days ago
  • Did she lie thought

    Ma rwaMa rwa12 days ago
  • Disliked after she pronounced Lana "laina". Cringeee

    Zoie FlynnZoie Flynn12 days ago
  • Lana del Rey has her lips injected and tries to look BLACK, but comes for the tanned singers! GTFOH...

    Kind SoulKind Soul12 days ago
  • Lane-ah del ray💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    itssam hereitssam here12 days ago
  • You ain’t canceled Doja keep making that money.

    OscarOscar12 days ago
  • kinda speechless right now because i know one of the guys in that tinychat clip.....

    blueeyedfireblueeyedfire13 days ago
  • I thought that only white people can be rasist

    Lena MüllerLena Müller13 days ago
  • Saying Lana’s name wrong is bugging me lol.

    Marjoni TrippMarjoni Tripp13 days ago
  • of Wow

    It's The Official Cami CIt's The Official Cami C13 days ago
  • cancel culture is retarded. the alt right is fucking dead. the real threat isn't the alt right anymore. so sick of idiots talking about this shit like they know anything. feel bad for doja.

    Internet OmaticInternet Omatic13 days ago
  • It’s so fucking stupid that when your famous and you do anything wrong, you get criticized so badly,

    Glitchy Gacha boiGlitchy Gacha boi13 days ago
  • Doja says she identifies white but says the n word? Ah cool

    Tenko ChabashiraTenko Chabashira13 days ago