DM'ing 100 Footballers To See Who Would Reply (IT WORKED)

Sep 14, 2020
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  • I dmd dejan lovren a while ago and he blocked me 😂😂😂😂

    Jonathan RosendaleJonathan Rosendale27 minutes ago
  • messi will find it difficult to reply cuz he doesnt speak english much

    Abdul RaheemAbdul Raheem2 hours ago
  • I was amazed to learn as well as finals podolski also played in semi finals.

    Chris RoweChris Rowe3 hours ago
  • Well done on 5 mil

    MeatyHxVoXsMeatyHxVoXs4 hours ago
  • You've been messaging every single one of them in such British manner almost made me puke

    Honest ReviewsHonest Reviews14 hours ago
  • Lost county final did at by a point 👎

    Recie DunneRecie Dunne17 hours ago
  • 12:44 Thinks we're are blind Kepa is one of the best

    StormsPlayzStormsPlayz20 hours ago
  • Texting footballers who dont speak english was the best part of this vid for me

    LionMen MusicLionMen Music22 hours ago
  • how does he get the messages purple

    maxx kanemaxx kane23 hours ago
  • Best gk, kepa chilling in the corner

    Jack MoneJack MoneDay ago
  • 5mill sub Nerf war?

    Memes09Memes09Day ago
  • in the goalkeepers group chat, he put arrizabalaga are you joking mate.. LOL

    Krrish PrasainKrrish PrasainDay ago
  • React to gaelic football and then try and play it

    Niall McKeownNiall McKeownDay ago
  • Anyone here since 20k

    James KingJames KingDay ago
  • So no one relevant replied

    Don SinghDon SinghDay ago
  • You should try dming messi in spanish not english he aint very fond of the english language

    mr nobodymr nobodyDay ago
  • One word..........zerka

    carguy 123carguy 123Day ago
  • sergio ramos killed it lmao

    Basti SchmittBasti Schmitt2 days ago
  • Rice, watching right now: *yes*

    DabrowskiPlaysDabrowskiPlays2 days ago
  • Where's Nerf War 5: Endthames Congrats on 5 mil subs!

    Nikhil BarrettoNikhil Barretto2 days ago
  • ChrisMD like to say one thing man utd 8- arsenal 2

    flamingtiger2005flamingtiger20052 days ago
  • Why was Alexis Sanchez not dmed

    Jacobo QuirozJacobo Quiroz2 days ago
  • “i put 10 of the best keepers in a chat” kepa: *ok*

    BaubleGumBaubleGum2 days ago
  • 12:40 adds kepa

    Will MasseyWill Massey2 days ago
  • In a group chat of all the best goalies you put kepa As a Chelsea fan I’m offended

    Cammy 101Cammy 1012 days ago
  • 12:42 ‘ i’ve just made a group chat with 10 of the best goalkeepers in the world’ if you look two down you can see a world class goalkeeper going by the name of kepa, yes! Top 10 goaly in the world chris!

    London Is BlueLondon Is Blue2 days ago
  • Best Scottish player in the prem now 100% roberston

    ted clubberlangted clubberlang2 days ago
  • Is there going to be a nerf war 5 or not

    Thomas RochesterThomas Rochester2 days ago
  • government research.

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov2 days ago
  • Wait... Where was Ronaldo?

    Sparten GruntSparten Grunt2 days ago
  • 12:40 man said Kepa is one of the best

    BJ05BJ052 days ago
  • They don't know that not all of them speak English.

    Obinna OguadinmaObinna Oguadinma2 days ago
  • Now I’ve got a semi

    TR3 ExPeRtzzTR3 ExPeRtzz2 days ago
    • Guys I’ve been told if I can hit 30k subscribers I get new equipment and can do it full time I’m begging please

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov2 days ago
  • Clickbait

    kid with TEKERSkid with TEKERS2 days ago
  • Chris: I made a group chat with the best keepers in the world Also Chris : adds Kepa

    Dhruv GadreDhruv Gadre2 days ago
  • Wait, why did CR7 block him on instagram?

    Dranzer10HDDranzer10HD2 days ago
  • you copied @jesser

    Trent HarrisTrent Harris2 days ago
  • Is that Croagh Patrick in the background

    ModernTornado81ModernTornado813 days ago
  • Vid idea: you should try and recreate your best moments

    Maria AguileraMaria Aguilera3 days ago
  • What did Chris expect to happen ? I live 1000 km away from him and i know how half of his family looks like. Dude you are the King of pack openings, everyone who ever smashed a controller knows you 😂👍🏻

    FABOMENAL92FABOMENAL923 days ago
  • that barca group chat thing was EpiCC

    BornikBornik3 days ago
  • chris could you do a fifa career mode

    Maxim HannahMaxim Hannah3 days ago
  • Messi don’t speak English

    HB96HB963 days ago
  • atomic number 53 don’t know if Chris know how famous he actually is agreed!

    PixelStackerPixelStacker3 days ago
  • Chris: Child abuse Podolski: 🔴💣

    bilinas minibilinas mini3 days ago
  • You have 5 million subs and you’re verified on instagram...

    g1eorgeg1eorge3 days ago
  • Guys I’ve been told if I can hit 30k subscribers I get new equipment and can do it full time I’m begging please

    Jordan JamesJordan James3 days ago
  • 11:38 was there someone there

    jeff 21jeff 213 days ago
  • 😳

    P9 TakisP9 Takis3 days ago
    • Mate Ollie looks like Stephen Hawking at 11:23

      bilinas minibilinas mini3 days ago

    WhyteyyWhyteyy3 days ago
  • the foden one aged well lmao

    WhyteyyWhyteyy3 days ago
  • Cheers brother

    Martin ColemanMartin Coleman3 days ago
  • Sorry mate its white

    nick limneosnick limneos3 days ago
  • I think it should be the other way around..

    Slayer GyoiterSlayer Gyoiter3 days ago

    GuglielmoGuglielmo4 days ago
  • 0:09 what video is that? The two girls.

    Kevin SchoutenKevin Schouten4 days ago
  • Chris: Child abuse Podolski: 🔴💣

    bilishu alissbilishu aliss4 days ago
    • bilishu aliss child abuse 😂

  • This is quality content

    The Youtube RandomerThe Youtube Randomer4 days ago
  • I knew you would get reply’s unlike thogden

    GkPur4lGkPur4l4 days ago
  • Snuck kepa in the best keepers bit like we wouldn’t notice

    murphymurphy4 days ago
    • Wow so funny dude!

      Koselige OleKoselige Ole2 days ago
  • Foden be like that’s why dads go to Iceland

    Art Is Freedom by Matt LovejoyArt Is Freedom by Matt Lovejoy4 days ago
    • Thats an ugly shirt you're wearing🤮🤮😭

      bilishu alissbilishu aliss4 days ago
  • Very bold saying Kepa is one of the best goalkeepers in the world

    Potato MasterPotato Master4 days ago
  • Mate Ollie looks like Stephen Hawking at 11:23

    MrShadeMrShade4 days ago
  • pimple popper blackhead

    David KoroteyevDavid Koroteyev4 days ago
  • Scenes if Messi replies back thoooo 👀

    DatGuyHamzaDatGuyHamza4 days ago
  • Arjen Robben trots van het Noorden😎

    Me NiceMe Nice5 days ago
  • You should have dm'ed Ben Yedder, ben ketser lieve mensen!

    Me NiceMe Nice5 days ago
  • Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming.....

    FiLiP _FiLiP _5 days ago
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  • Niran did it much better 😂😂😂😂

    Pranav SinghPranav Singh5 days ago
  • Seeing you on Arsenal jersey make my day

    Liam Lalkhohao HaokipLiam Lalkhohao Haokip5 days ago
  • government research.

    bofooit gojobofooit gojo5 days ago
  • For the goalkeeper groupchat you put in kepa but no Courtois. Disappointed.

    VaskingVasking5 days ago

    Tyler CummingsTyler Cummings5 days ago
  • Thats an ugly shirt you're wearing🤮🤮😭

    DisclaimerDisclaimer5 days ago
  • am i the only one thinking if all these players speak english?

    Santiago UnySantiago Uny5 days ago
    • government research.

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo5 days ago
  • Chris i always thought you were a decent Bloke but texting Declan Rice is in my proud Irish ☘️ eyes very upsetting and disrespectful to us

    Lo LoLo Lo5 days ago
  • make a fifa 14 career mode series

    Joe SmithJoe Smith5 days ago
  • I don’t mind if you don’t but I have been down after school so it would mean a lot if you subscribed to me

    Flying DogFlying Dog5 days ago
  • You such Not realy

    LOLKING GamerLOLKING Gamer5 days ago
  • Tony Adams always replies

    Greg HobanGreg Hoban5 days ago
  • hey Chris i also have the same surname as you my name is Cameron Dixon lol!!!

    CartoonzGuy101CartoonzGuy1015 days ago
  • clicbait m8

    Bronxman PatrickBronxman Patrick5 days ago
  • Messi don’t speak english😶

    Sebitebi 32Sebitebi 325 days ago
  • that arsenal jersey is ugly

    dc gringodc gringo5 days ago
  • When are you releasing the 5 mil subs nerf war?

    GG #GAMERGG #GAMER5 days ago
  • 0.49 its only a fun if kane cuold score kane

    marcus højrupmarcus højrup5 days ago
  • i get replies from Schurrle sometimes

    Dominik NowaczykDominik Nowaczyk5 days ago
  • Miccoli is a Palermo legend 😭

    Valentino vValentino v6 days ago
  • government research.

    hen kohen ko6 days ago
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  • the real thing stars from 13:23

    priangshu senpriangshu sen6 days ago
  • 12:28 if only he knew

    XBXHXBXH6 days ago
  • 16:55

    Shahar ShapiraShahar Shapira6 days ago
    • Messages Miccoli, nice knowing you 😂

      hen kohen ko6 days ago
  • Fabregas is such a good guy

    mufc18782000mufc187820006 days ago
  • Bro when did Chris’ content get so mature I love it here

    Kevin WalkmanKevin Walkman6 days ago

    Michelle ann LoveMichelle ann Love6 days ago
  • Chris, you lost to Will in a connect4....ahh at least your not one of those (Gang Gang) guys that Say (Good Game)/(GG) to people out of context I supposed lol keep up the good collabs&uploads man live the recent content ❤️

    OllieOllie6 days ago
  • Hahaha the Foden bit 🤣🤣

    Neil LuharNeil Luhar6 days ago
  • The best goalkeepers he put kepa olie is better

    Team MunityTeam Munity6 days ago