How to Rock Press On Nails Like a PRO! + DIY Nail Care Routine!

Jun 16, 2020
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So I have been queen of press on nails for years! Here's how I apply press on nails and maintain them through each pair! This is also a DIY nail care routine video. I also cover a LOT of frequently asked questions I typically receive regarding press on nails so make sure you watch the video all the way through :) enjoy
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  • Im late ...but she rockin tf out that red lipstick 💄....ok?

    fire birdfire bird20 hours ago
  • I used to do my nails all the time at uni, it was my escape. But I never did any nail care, defo gonna pick this back up WITH the nail care.

  • Throwing up gang signs 😆

    Daniela CollierDaniela Collier6 days ago
  • Thank you, Jackie!

    Del MathewsDel Mathews6 days ago
  • 16:35

    Black BlueBlack Blue7 days ago
  • I’ve tried roughing up the inside of the press on before I glue the nail on and mine have lasted for about 2 and half weeks doing that without needing to reapply glue.

    Mariah GravesMariah Graves8 days ago
  • Thank you for the nice tips. Will follow them, starting with primark nails though lol to see if i like them on me.

    Angela B.Angela B.9 days ago
  • I appreciate you and this video.

    Eeee MmmmEeee Mmmm10 days ago
  • I don't care what the design is. There's no way press on nails should cost more or around the same price as a full set 😒 because in all reality it's very cheap to create press on nails.

    Miss.NicoleNeekoXOXOMiss.NicoleNeekoXOXO11 days ago
  • love the hand care awesome video thank you ssooo much

    Kathryn DybwadKathryn Dybwad13 days ago
  • ahhhhhhhh I searched press on nails and YOU POPPED UP ORGANICALLY!!!! Ayyy jackie Jackie jackie jackieeee 😍😍😍

    kay rumkay rum13 days ago
  • Have you tried putting them on with base polish and curing it?

    Leticia LarocheLeticia Laroche15 days ago
  • You are freaking gorgeous!!!

    Leticia LarocheLeticia Laroche15 days ago
  • Does anyone know the name of the glue that Jackie is using? I couldn’t make out the name she stated. Thanks!

    ED EDED ED16 days ago
    • Layla109 Bless you! Thanks so much!!

      ED EDED ED16 days ago
    • KM Nail glue.

      Layla109Layla10916 days ago
  • I was not expecting this to be so relaxing to watch and listen to!

    taytay16 days ago
  • Thank you soo much for this video. Since starting culinary school I'm not allowed to wear any polish on my nails. This will allow me to look fabulous and still be able to be functional for school.

    Gabrielle JacksonGabrielle Jackson19 days ago
  • Hi Jackie, big fan 😁 I also love that you're wearing FeNoel. She's actually from my island 🇬🇩💕

    Sharon JohnsonSharon Johnson20 days ago
  • This makes me wanna be single and rich

    zeusa arczeusa arc21 day ago
  • Please post the link to the nail store on etsy

    NoRegulaDegula GirlNoRegulaDegula Girl21 day ago
  • Beautiful!

    Tenifa JohnsonTenifa Johnson22 days ago
  • Your natural nails are way more pretty thou !

    Hamda AlAttarHamda AlAttar24 days ago
  • I hollard to much watching this

    PKPK24 days ago
  • I love press ons they make my fingers look less crooked

    Dionna HillDionna Hill25 days ago
  • I loveeeee this hair ✨✨

    J. SmileyJ. Smiley27 days ago
  • Anyone know what nails she’s using she didn’t say it????

    princessali83princessali83Month ago
    • yes she did

      Jackie AinaJackie AinaMonth ago
  • Jacki, omg the best video, l was having a down leo day so l needed to laugh

    TheblackbumblebeeTheblackbumblebeeMonth ago
  • Love you auntie Jackie!!!!!

    Ashley HAshley HMonth ago
  • needed this!!!

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  • i love her vibe-

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  • This lip color looks awesome on you!

    Megan JulianMegan JulianMonth ago
  • I LOVE hanging cute glitz nails. But if it’s a busy week at the studio, or When I have a lot of precision work to do with my hands, nails can be such a pain in the butt. So I am loving this option! Nice fancy nails but I don’t have to commit to a month XOXO so glad I found your channel!

    Dani SachsDani SachsMonth ago
  • This video was awesome; thanks! I want to start using press-on’s but I am not liking the idea of using glue... Has anyone had success with using the adhesives as an alternative?

    Adina StephenAdina StephenMonth ago
    • Impress nails by kiss you can get them anywhere

      Momo BrownMomo Brown5 days ago
  • Girl. I fell in love with you the minute you started talking 😍😍 💅🏽 love your vid 😍

    Lexx GarciaLexx GarciaMonth ago
  • Ha ha Wendy's ass had me thinking I accidently clicked on another video l

    Lakeysha BellflowerLakeysha BellflowerMonth ago
  • I love The Nailest! It’s $15 extra for gel or acrylic overlay. I definitely shop the Jackie Aina selections lol!! I never thought I would do press on nails until I saw Jackie Aina wearing her press ons. I have been using them the whole quarantine and I’m not sure if I will be going back to the salon!

    Ayanna WilliamsAyanna WilliamsMonth ago
  • If you etch your nail and then the underneath of the fake nails on the part that is going to be adhering to the base of your natural nail-it can make it last a bit longer

    Goth GlamGoth GlamMonth ago
  • Yes Jackie! I stopped going b/c of the health and the nail culture but mostly the health of my nails. They were getting wrecked plus its not an extra expense I needed. And I also put nail hardener on before I do my press on to help protect my nails from the glue b/c over time the glue messes my nails up as well. Also why the acv soak, never seen that before, curious as to what that does for the nails?

    Neoagegirl The MaverickNeoagegirl The MaverickMonth ago
  • Jackie always makes me laugh, but for some reason this video had me in tears. The memes sent me lol.

    Bre NichelleBre NichelleMonth ago
  • As someone who actually loves acrylics but is too lazy and scared to go get fill ins, I really wanna try these out. But I just have one damn question... how the actual hell are you supposed to shower/wash/shampoo your hair with these?! Doesn’t the glue break down with water? I’ve never had press ons last throughout a shower. Ever.

    Rose BudddRose BudddMonth ago
  • I do my nails at home too and I love this video!

    Bleem 069Bleem 069Month ago
  • Thank you for making this video Jackie! And thank you for calling out nail salon culture. It’s so silly some people be thinking that cause you make a lotta money you shouldn’t have to do press ons. Nail salon workers are too often exploited. I’m encouraged to do my own nails now and really appreciate the tutorial! Just ordered some gorgeous black long coffin press ons with gold flakes through Etsy.

    VashtibucketVashtibucketMonth ago
  • Hmm red lipstick really isnt for some ppl..clownish

    SugarBaby LifeSugarBaby LifeMonth ago
    • Who asked you? We don’t care. And this isn’t even red lipstick.

      Jackie AinaJackie AinaMonth ago
  • This is incredible. So excited to try press-ons now. Thank you!

    Kerri G.Kerri G.Month ago
  • Thank you thank you thank you for this video!!! 💜💜💜💜

    Sweet and Sassy SarahSweet and Sassy SarahMonth ago

    Kai NaniKai NaniMonth ago
  • You don’t reuse your press on nails? I do! 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Nelly’s CreationsNelly’s CreationsMonth ago
  • Girl i spent $700 on press on nails last night ... my friend sent me here after i did it 😂😂😂

    Shay VaughnShay VaughnMonth ago
  • I buy those cheap plain white amazon nails that you get like hundreds for less than a tenner, and do designs myself, i do it cuz it’s cheaper and I hate the look of bulky nails that you can so easily see are fake and way too long for me personally, thanks for this video Jackie, nice of you to show people how to take care of their nails

    Amina AAmina AMonth ago
  • Videos like these are flops? I have a whole ass USkeys playlist dedicated to nail care routines

    Amina AAmina AMonth ago
  • I wear the same... it’s easier when you get the Kiss super glue with the Brush... so you can paint on the glue... it’s so much easier

    Zenovia MorrisZenovia MorrisMonth ago
  • How do u recycle press on nails? Just plastics with hard chemicals...

    Raluctron tronRaluctron tronMonth ago
  • I looooove press on nails now thank you for this video Ms. Jackie!

    T a y B a n d sT a y B a n d sMonth ago
  • I thought the goal was to file it so its rough and glue stays?

    katharine edwardskatharine edwardsMonth ago
  • Apple cider soak? Hmmm never heard of that.

    katharine edwardskatharine edwardsMonth ago
  • I love Jackie's energy in all her video wish I could be so confident like her in my videos too... Thanks for this inspo..

    Black Nuru DiariesBlack Nuru DiariesMonth ago
  • must suck to be me, cause i bought mine in support but it seems like the postal service don't give 2 phucks about my belongings bought 4 damn sets to not get them yet. ughhhh

    Just KJust KMonth ago
  • Jackie!!!! You rock!! I love press on better than sitting for hours at the nail salon and with covid im just not comfy going. And wow the ladies in these comments sharing tips tricks and tools, WOW yall rock!!!!!!!!!

    Bequi MBequi MMonth ago
  • thanks queen!

  • For soaking the nails off: I like to soak cotton pads in the acetone and wrap them around my nail and then secure THAT with plastic wrap. It saves on acetone but more importantly for me, I don’t have to be stuck with my hands in a bowl 😭 my adhd won’t allow it

    Strawberry’s Shortest cakeStrawberry’s Shortest cake2 months ago
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  • I'm watching this and regretting the $80 dip powder kit I ordered 2 days ago. Sigh...

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  • I've been on the fence about buying some press on nails and this helped me decide to go for. I'm gonna give it a shot.

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  • buttercup

    layya kullayya kul2 months ago
  • What was the name of the company on Etsy??

    BlackNSassy powBlackNSassy pow2 months ago
  • Wait can u reuse press on nails

    Jana EstherJana Esther2 months ago
    • it depends how you take them off

      Rebecca MurrayRebecca MurrayMonth ago
  • 16:35 you’re welcome ♥️ 😊

    BlessedandBeautiful 83BlessedandBeautiful 832 months ago
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    • WITH this hair??? and the fit??? the nails??? EVERYTHING?????? 😫😫

      alyaly2 months ago
  • Jackie what nail glue do you use ??!! Love you ❤️

    ChristyleChristyle2 months ago
  • That lip and that green top you look 🔥

    Hendrix BernalHendrix Bernal2 months ago
  • I wanted another opinion, even though I tried your technique and it's perfect, so I looked at some other tutorials. I AM FREAKING APPALLED AT SOME OF THE MISTREATMENTS THESE PEOPLE PUT THEIR NAILS AND NAIL BEDS THROUGH!!! Roughly pushing back their cuticles? Cutting their cuticles!? I'm utterly horrified

    GooberpotomousGooberpotomous2 months ago
  • Auntie Jackie, what was the name glue again? I heard you say it was from Amazon....

    honeygal78honeygal782 months ago
  • 16:35

    naomi lewisnaomi lewis2 months ago
  • Love the editing

    Michael SortiniMichael Sortini2 months ago
  • 20min! I’ve never worn press on nails and I will probably never do it. I’m not gonna stick my nails in water and wait for that long. They are very pretty thougt

    Linnea LagerLinnea Lager2 months ago
  • Little tip miss jackie! File the surface of your nails until it looks matte, then glue on your nails, roughed up natural nails te ds to stick better

    vanillapotatovanillapotato2 months ago
  • Thank you so much for posting this video. Your sense of humor always makes me laugh and I appreciate all your effort, especially in this difficult time.

    Sarah BeahamSarah Beaham2 months ago
  • I've never seen a nail tutorial be so entertaining 💅🏼👏🏼👍🏼

    ~Vashti7~~Vashti7~2 months ago
  • Queen you are SO BEAUTIFUL 💅🏼👍🏼

    ~Vashti7~~Vashti7~2 months ago
  • I love those the color is pretty where do I get some

    Lady GeminiLady Gemini2 months ago
  • God you look Beautiful. The lip with that green print robe is killer.

    Darkwing DuckDarkwing Duck2 months ago
  • Not only are her videos informative, they are ENTERTAINING!

    StargirlStargirl2 months ago
  • Tip: when soaking nails off, fill a bowl with hot water, put acetone in a sandwich bag, put your nails in the sandwich bag with the acetone and then put it in the hot water and you can rub the nails with your fingers while in the acetone to help remove them but they will soak off so much faster this way.

    Jessica EiseleJessica Eisele2 months ago
  • Man... how can you sit still for that long. Lol 😆

    Ariel StephensonAriel Stephenson2 months ago
  • As a nail tech I just love it when people really look after their nails.

    Jamie SweetJamie Sweet2 months ago
  • Your nails are on point! TFS❣👍🏾💅

    Sassy DSassy D2 months ago
  • I love you so much babe, you’re the best at tutorials. I just ordered a set from the Nailest under the Jackie Aina category and it’s for my bday, I am so excited!! Thank you for sharing this, going to look awesome while staying safe💯💯💯

    SimplyElifulSimplyEliful2 months ago
  • the jayversace got me

    Chi SlayChi Slay2 months ago
  • I’m gonna do this today. Was gonna go to the shop to get my gel nails redone but decided to skip it this time.... then found this vid 👀 Life saver!

    Marie McgeeMarie Mcgee2 months ago
  • i found that putting vaseline/coconut oil around your fingers before soaking them in acetone, helps reduce the drying. Thank you for the video! Looking to move to press-ons!

    Merissa BMerissa B2 months ago
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    Darrien MasonDarrien Mason2 months ago
  • Gorgeous!

    Darrien MasonDarrien Mason2 months ago
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    Rylee and pier SubRylee and pier Sub2 months ago
  • Your natural nails look good after removing the nails. Looks like a healthier option

    SimaRalphSimaRalph2 months ago
  • I wish I could wear press ons but I have wide nail beds and they do not come in those sizes. Jackie's nails are fire🧨🧨🧨

    Sheena FerociousSheena Ferocious2 months ago
  • BUT THESE NAILS DO LOOK BOMB I wish I had the patience for this

    NVSNVS2 months ago
  • *THOWIN UP GANG SIGNS lol Jackie, and all others affected by what's happening, I love you! Sending you reiki love and blessings and courage. THANKS FOR BEING ALIVE

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