The MOST Disrespectful Game Of 5v5 Basketball!

Oct 27, 2020
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Went to a church to get some buckets and this happened...
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  • Took a week off of uploading to work on some videos and we have a bunch coming your way! Thank you all for the support on the channel! Love you all! ❤️🙏

    Tristan JassTristan JassMonth ago
    • Love the vids no matter what!!

      Xavier HernandezXavier HernandezMonth ago
    • @Omotayo Satuyi pretty sure titling the video "THE MOST DISRESPECTFUL GAME OF 5V5" then showing a super clean game with no problems is click bait bruh.

      BallinonabudgetBallinonabudgetMonth ago
    • @Ballinonabudget he doesn’t click bait his viewers

      Omotayo SatuyiOmotayo SatuyiMonth ago
    • Dont start clickbaiting T Jass....

      BallinonabudgetBallinonabudgetMonth ago
    • 7:24 look at that sagger

      Omotayo SatuyiOmotayo SatuyiMonth ago
  • 2:18 man was lagging

    Adeeb DamrahAdeeb Damrah4 hours ago
  • He paid Johnny to sell for him 😭

    Smh RedddSmh Reddd9 hours ago
  • Hold up, is that yellow shirt guy Eric Paschall?

    King Owen YTKing Owen YT11 hours ago
  • Tie dye's follow through is real tho

    Ciarán McGoldrickCiarán McGoldrick12 hours ago
  • 6:04 naah buddy dat arm ain't hurt😭😭😭😭

    itsyurboi JTitsyurboi JT12 hours ago
  • The wakeful customer multivariately heap because deficit rapidly shade barring a defeated sharon. inexpensive, absorbing sidewalk

    SNKR BOISNKR BOI13 hours ago
  • I’m Leaving That’s what I’m doing

    Carl DavisCarl Davis18 hours ago
  • Bro started pulling them shorts up like they not already high enough 😂😂😂

    James DuncanJames Duncan22 hours ago
  • T mass i. the thumbnail do be saying "?!?!?!"

    Trey MyrickTrey MyrickDay ago
  • Here in philippines we cant play basketball. They didnt open basketball court because of covid. I miss playing it😁 Cant do anything about it so im just watching your video bro love your playing. More power! Godbless.

    jabet santosjabet santosDay ago
  • short court

    gbbrverngbbrvernDay ago
  • What's with the title of the video?¿? Disappointed

    Bruh VardBruh VardDay ago
  • dude w the colorful shorts talked too much for being so ass😂

    Adrian CortezAdrian CortezDay ago
  • yo i actually have been in that gym before thats fire lol

    Kaedyn FincannonKaedyn FincannonDay ago
  • Tell that dude with the mask stop watching CNN

    Hernandez MarkieHernandez MarkieDay ago
  • Y’all playin on carpet??

    Hokkage JaiHokkage JaiDay ago
  • When you enter Rec in 2k and everyones build is a slasher with no badges

    Brian HammerBrian HammerDay ago
  • You never play defense bro, hurting the team

    K ArandaK Aranda3 days ago
  • i swear i saw vanfleet, eric paschell, and paul millsap in this video

    LBC BOYSLBC BOYS3 days ago
  • Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)=

    Yanis AgodorYanis Agodor4 days ago
  • Guy in the purple shorts got HOF ball hog

    VxdeLFVxdeLF4 days ago
  • That dude with the blue shirt has a Amazing jumper

    VxdeLFVxdeLF4 days ago
  • That dude wearing his mask under his chin lmao lookin stupid

    David LabreeDavid Labree5 days ago
  • sergio gotta go bruh jk

    YNG ——beeYNG ——bee5 days ago
  • 8:13 plays like this what I'm here for

    gragrimgragrim9 days ago
  • beard and the red T give him some private elementary basketball aint got nothin to play basketball but american football SMH

    Type GumbType Gumb10 days ago
  • Not to be a hater but serg could have stroke from deep if he lift his shooting arm up higher it would be more of a pure shot but his arm looks like it's flat lining the ball when he shoot.

    Rashaad AndersonRashaad Anderson11 days ago
  • Yellow shirt killed it

    Jesus AmbrizJesus Ambriz13 days ago
  • The court looks like a court in Ohio I've been to. With the carpet and everything

    KingKas104KingKas10413 days ago
  • How did u get that stuck

    Tygodspeed HarrisTygodspeed Harris14 days ago
  • i swear the guy in the yellow shirt look like Eric Paschel

    NxB SnaggyNxB Snaggy14 days ago
  • 12:42 is it out ball?

    家扬家扬15 days ago
  • Every church has one of them carpet courts

    TheDutchBoy13TheDutchBoy1315 days ago
  • TJ is such a humble dude love his videos

    Vee HemVee Hem15 days ago
  • Sergio again not making any shots, but has to dunk

    stephen peralesstephen perales16 days ago
  • That's not a beard, my guy. That's dirt. What's with not counting 3's as 2's, but you count 2's as 1's. First game yawl played to 16, then yawl played to 11. You can't win by one point either. It's always win by two.

    MiLK SOPMiLK SOP17 days ago
  • 11:36 Lol!!😄 Tristan up the middle, no defense, pathetic.

    Ace WilliamsAce Williams17 days ago
  • 8:20 👌🏾

    Jalen SewellJalen Sewell17 days ago
  • Thanks for making this video on my birthday, best gift ever! lol

    Christine MbaChristine Mba17 days ago
  • Boy @10:30 got the oldest pull-up jumper ever 😂

    MellyTDE *MellyTDE *18 days ago
  • White dude was fouling like crazy! He would of been out of the game during the first 5 points. Why doesn’t they kids know how to play team basketball? Is it all run & gun?

    Paul ParrinelloPaul Parrinello19 days ago
  • Hahaha Even before you sayed "...Waukegan..." I called it. Has to be Waukegan.

    Samuel MagnumSamuel Magnum19 days ago
  • now its time to Drink That Water DRINK THAT WATER

    Will LaidBackWill LaidBack19 days ago
  • 4:04 dude shot wet af

    Stacktown LegendsStacktown Legends21 day ago
  • You need to hoop in Chicago not suburbs Chicago got more talent

    swagg gamerswagg gamer22 days ago
  • 2:24 that shit sounded like a 2k dunk 😂😂

    odewavyodewavy22 days ago
  • anyone know how tall sergio is?

    GhxstyyyKGhxstyyyK22 days ago
  • Aren’t we in a pandemic? What is this shit?

    airbagdeployedairbagdeployed23 days ago
  • Who’s the guy with the yellow shirt he got game!

    Mathieu Martin Bobby Joseph BaillargeonMathieu Martin Bobby Joseph Baillargeon23 days ago
  • DUde ReAllY Air bAlLed FrOm the free-throw-line 😭😭😂

    ʟuke sidelʟuke sidel23 days ago
  • Good runs, but this time round it was all about the bigs, their teams never had any size while the other team had 2 towers.

    Simon KimSimon Kim24 days ago
  • I don’t know why but this makes me uncomfortable that your playing on carpet😂 aye but a hooper is gonna hoop though

    Josh The GreatJosh The Great25 days ago
  • When yo girl come to see you play Dude in the yellow:

    Neyo TVNeyo TV26 days ago
  • you put WAY too many ads on your shit man

    LowkeySuccessLowkeySuccess26 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    sparkster 36sparkster 3626 days ago
  • That outro tho 💯

    Xx - Tryhard -xXXx - Tryhard -xX26 days ago
  • What kinda court is that the ball hit harder off y’all hands then the floor it was a quiet game until the frustration kicked in lol

    Garrett HamptonGarrett Hampton26 days ago
  • Love the air balls and the mvp sergio

    Dee AhDee Ah26 days ago
  • How many ads u gotta put in ur videos? Can’t watch this bullshit

    Lee Entertainment ChannelLee Entertainment Channel27 days ago
  • Trump is gonna be relected . Watch the videos . Im telling its all Glory to Jesus Christ God Almighty

    Joey ********Joey ********27 days ago
  • That carpet was very disrespectful.

    PrestoPresto27 days ago
  • 6:02 mans thinking his hands are broken lol , even double checked at 13:31 haha

    Chris MinalChris Minal28 days ago
  • The dude in the black sweat pants and black and white shoes on the opposing team could shoot lights out.

    Jay HayesJay Hayes28 days ago
  • When is Sergio going to start playing down low? You could be having a damn block party on 90% of the competition!

    JoseJose28 days ago
  • TJass & Dude with the Tye Dye shirt had a better duo this game than sergio. Like Penny & Shaq 🥶

    TryOnKicksTryOnKicks28 days ago
  • What happened to the sound Half way through?

    C.RoweC.Rowe29 days ago
  • T jass you kinda bricked alot during this game, a little inconsistent. But good vid as always.

    Shaq AttackShaq Attack29 days ago
  • LOL...A lot of "beeps" for a church gym.

    Phillip SanchezPhillip Sanchez29 days ago
  • Bruh how tall is that white dude wit the red shirt

    J.CapAlottJ.CapAlott29 days ago
  • Bro, need to tell sergio to get big. No help D from him in this entire video

    Bryan PhillippsBryan Phillipps29 days ago
  • Y’all be hoopin at the wackiest courts I swear 😂😂😂😂😂 just join a men’s league or some

    Branden DawgBranden DawgMonth ago
  • This kind of basketball is so fun to play, you havent fully experienced basketball intil youv played like this

    Faolan O'DonnellFaolan O'DonnellMonth ago
  • Really fun watch. I might've got pissed with some that grabbing near the end. Man this dude truly loves to compete.

    LoveOfTraining LOTLoveOfTraining LOTMonth ago
  • i like how you got the score up. i pressed like and sub this video my dude

    Tatsumaki SenpukyakkuTatsumaki SenpukyakkuMonth ago
  • Anyone consider that catching a body by Sergio? Just curious.

    Terrion AkinsTerrion AkinsMonth ago
  • most embarrising dribbles ina game thats fosho

    BigShoppa TSAFBigShoppa TSAFMonth ago
  • @elziebibbs

    Elzie BibbsElzie BibbsMonth ago
  • I remember when niggas used to just hoop... Now every nigga wanna talk shit, or be a tough guy b/c the camera's are rolling 😒🙄

    BBMonth ago
  • i’m so tired of watching serg i’m sorry😭😭 makes me mad watching

    Cwag SwaggyCwag SwaggyMonth ago
  • You guys dont call backcourt? That's def different for full court

    Matthew AlexMatthew AlexMonth ago
  • If Friga was there we would have used the word "content" at least 10x.

    Jaekast Properties LLCJaekast Properties LLCMonth ago
  • Wtf?you Just write disrespectful ,Just to have more people watching ,,,,pfff This ist disrespectful .So many people Support you and you '''''.....?

    Reza NobakhtReza NobakhtMonth ago
  • This video was entertaining asl

  • 6:02 bruh lmao

    SheLuvDexterSheLuvDexterMonth ago
  • Whats the biggest difference that you noticed when playing on the carpeted floor?

    tim lynchtim lynchMonth ago
  • Just a content creator. Click baiter.

    Teiyler ScottTeiyler ScottMonth ago
  • Imagine telling ppl you got carpet burn while hooping🤣🤣 they’ll look at u crazy

    AKasymAKasymMonth ago
  • how you gonna be toxic in a church gym

    Lamar RobinsonLamar RobinsonMonth ago
  • 15:20 look at grey short's hands

    darkmaster130darkmaster130Month ago
  • Brick city

    Jesús Antonio Hernández del CastilloJesús Antonio Hernández del CastilloMonth ago
  • Why Sergio so scared??

    Isaac KochIsaac KochMonth ago
  • 6:31 look like a lebron pass

    Whyy NotWhyy NotMonth ago
  • @tristan Jass if you're going to their gym shouldn't you be away 😊😏

    Whyy NotWhyy NotMonth ago
  • 42 dug was really going off

    Daidai BossDaidai BossMonth ago
  • Is there not a pandemic going on anymore?

    Vinh TranVinh TranMonth ago
  • What the hell is that floor made of, leather?

    CZYK RepublicCZYK RepublicMonth ago
  • @10:27 One of Jass's people fell for the okie doke

    Travis CurryTravis CurryMonth ago
  • why all of them have curry's range lol

    rayjordan81345rayjordan81345Month ago

    Yağızcan KüçükaslanYağızcan KüçükaslanMonth ago