Dec 24, 2018
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In this episode of... my life, we cover why I haven't been uploading, what I'm cooking up now, and my 2nd rap debut. Thank you for watching, thank you all for supporting, and thank you Nicki for copyright claiming.
• Check out Scott's cute diss to me here!!
• Check out the even cuter, Rosanna Pansino here (sorry Rosanna)!!
Music Creds:
• Jou Beats - Brasil
• Ronettes - Sleigh Bells (PhatCap! Trap Remix)
• My diss lol
People I paid to help make or be in this video:
Joe Vulpis:
Scotty Sire:
Kristen McAtee:
Matt King:
Corinna Kopf:
Erin Gilfoy:
Keep up with this little brown girl!
SNAPCHAT: @lizakoshysnaps
MUSICAL.LY: @lizzza
Thank u, diss.
Happy new year babies... preteens and adults.
All the love,

  • im gonna come back in dec 24 2020

    joanna Barriosjoanna Barrios34 minutes ago
  • Did anybody else see merry Christmas back to her in a cute little baby voice. No. just me. all right

    Brooke VaughnBrooke Vaughn9 hours ago
  • A fitting time to come back to this one.

    Emma VanderhoefEmma Vanderhoef11 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Parvathi.m.sParvathi.m.s23 hours ago
  • Dude ngl her rap was like the best rap I've heard in awhile

    applepieapplepie4 days ago
  • It's christmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FamilyGyverFamilyGyver5 days ago
  • Is it just me or does Liza look good with white hair and bangs

    Fun_Time ProductionsFun_Time Productions9 days ago
  • Am still watching this one year later😌

    jaydmel viatahjaydmel viatah12 days ago
  • We need rappers like you😂😂🤟🏼

    jaydmel viatahjaydmel viatah12 days ago
  • Not gonna lie nice rap liza

    Blossom & UnicornBlossom & Unicorn14 days ago
  • 2:49 she just forgets why she called siri..that face omg I love her.. all the facial expression transitions

    keerth valsankeerth valsan14 days ago
  • Is she's gay

    Deborah BurkeDeborah Burke18 days ago
  • I like to come here once in a while and replay the diss only!:D

    KIRA LOL WRKIRA LOL WR18 days ago
  • Rap🔥

    Manju MohanManju Mohan19 days ago
  • Liza is the complete package 📦 ❤️

    Anamika DuttaAnamika Dutta20 days ago
  • i love you so much

    siena pivessosiena pivesso22 days ago
  • your a really good rapper

    Kezhia MiaKezhia Mia23 days ago
  • Liza is Multi talented THE FRICK

    Noxie NayNoxie Nay28 days ago
  • this dissmas is lit

    valerie desbordesvalerie desbordes29 days ago
  • That is so amazing to see Liza preparing 4 Christmas yay

    Lashell DavisLashell DavisMonth ago
  • I’m so happy for liza i feel like she’s getting better as time goes

    ساره النجار Sara El Naggarساره النجار Sara El NaggarMonth ago
  • this slaps what the hell 😭😭

    Beyonce PienaarBeyonce PienaarMonth ago
  • Liza: I don’t need no gingerbread man Melanie Martinez: I need a gingerbread man 🎶

    Tori-LaVonna HallTori-LaVonna HallMonth ago
  • her hair looks messy

  • you should have tweaked the beat to avoid it getting claimed

    mike jonesmike jonesMonth ago
  • ❤️ miss this in Covid

    James lawlessJames lawlessMonth ago
  • I'll never be to old to watch her videos

    Rachel JacksonRachel JacksonMonth ago
  • 6:33

    Pomeranian._. hiPomeranian._. hiMonth ago

    jessica laljfjessica laljfMonth ago
  • "You look like you need a pregnancy test"😂😂😂

    Em ChichiEm ChichiMonth ago
  • You are absolutely hilarious

    ana bevana bevMonth ago
  • “U look like u need a pregnancy test” That’s my favorite line off this disss lol

    Olivia Loren The Makeup PrincessOlivia Loren The Makeup PrincessMonth ago
  • why in the world was this diss track so good

    Gracie SandersGracie SandersMonth ago
  • Oh she’s so cute and smoll!!!

    Crappy Partner YogaCrappy Partner YogaMonth ago
  • Hi Liza, now of course I know that this video is very old now but I am a big fan of yours so I watch randomly any given time, any given video & in this video you said "Alexa I like you more than Siri" and in that instant, at that very phone burst out and she says "Well, all A.I differently interesting", my mind was blown!!! I literally hollered out WHAAATTTTT!!! LMAOOOOO!!! Liza I love are definitely BAE'!!!

    Erica DavisErica DavisMonth ago
  • Liza Koshy did not start her rap career so everyone else can have a chance 😇

    Juan LeeJuan LeeMonth ago
  • kl

    Grahm Boi•3•Grahm Boi•3•Month ago
  • mewwy kwimas to you too from 2020

    Grahm Boi•3•Grahm Boi•3•Month ago
  • 1:43 lol me

    Mymy AMymy AMonth ago
  • I had no pdea that she could pull of being a blonde

    alex-nwangwu THERESAalex-nwangwu THERESAMonth ago
  • Best rap ever !!!

    Paras PawarParas PawarMonth ago
  • Awwwn san E's feminist bitch I love it

    Park HyerimPark HyerimMonth ago
  • there is no way this is 2 years ago

    zoe carciazoe carciaMonth ago
  • Oh my god Liza is amazing Love you liza Miss you ❤❤😘😘

    AnuAnuMonth ago
  • It's took me 1 year to see the hearts on the apron was Minecraft hearts

    Becca GBecca G2 months ago
  • I go for Liza not Scotty

    Kelly WalkerKelly Walker2 months ago
  • Plz put ur diss on spotify

    Tory SpenceTory Spence2 months ago
  • did she hit him with her blonde wig 😂😂

    lakshmi lavanyalakshmi lavanya2 months ago
  • You are a grate rapper wow I love you so much you are so funny

    Kelly WalkerKelly Walker2 months ago
  • This song needs a Grammy 🤣🤣

    Christopher TiradoChristopher Tirado2 months ago
  • Who else is watching this when it is not in the summer time?

    TEY'A WARNERTEY'A WARNER2 months ago
  • Who else thinks the hearts look like Minecraft hearts

    Alisha MeloyAlisha Meloy2 months ago
  • Anybody here in 2020?

    Alyssa DavidsAlyssa Davids2 months ago
  • 6:55 is the cutest shit on this app 🥺

    Abdou KerAbdou Ker2 months ago
  • I am rewatching this on September 2020... I need more of you rapping. Girl, you slayeeeeeed that!

    It'z A-Zeta!It'z A-Zeta!2 months ago
  • How about what is Christmas you’re gonna make those sugar cookies

    Allison DarlingtonAllison Darlington2 months ago
  • we stan a barb

    AliAli2 months ago
  • oh god liza i am dying, you killed the rap. girl

    Shruti DeyShruti Dey2 months ago

    MaddiePlayz_19MaddiePlayz_192 months ago
  • You're good damn girl !

    DARK SOULDARK SOUL2 months ago
  • Never thought she could sing so good! Damn u nailed it!

    Tanisha ThangammaTanisha Thangamma2 months ago
  • me:i just fund out I'M BROWN liza:were sisters me: YAYY i'm little liza

    KU - 04DB 842971 Hickory Wood PSKU - 04DB 842971 Hickory Wood PS2 months ago
  • More raps

    Marylen RiveraMarylen Rivera2 months ago
  • I was ad when I saw you weren't posting like you did but even more happy that you where taking care of yourself

    whoaskedwhoasked2 months ago
  • Liza you are such an inspiration. I first started watching you four years ago in 2015. you got me through so much, when I was having a particularly bad day I would always watch you and instantly feel happy again. I remember I shared my feelings to a boy that I had known for only a year but what felt like my whole life we could talk forever about random stuff and never get bored and apparently he didn't feel the same way, I was heartbroken then I watched one of your old videos that I had seen a million times and that was when I laughed for the first time in a weak. you are kind to everyone around you and I'm making my best effort to do the same. I really hope you see this and that it makes your day to know that you change others view of life.

    whoaskedwhoasked2 months ago
  • *SaPrAs MaThEr SaKeR*

    Irene_chanplays 901Irene_chanplays 9012 months ago

    aestethic luvaestethic luv2 months ago
  • scott punching the air

    Marym AdhrijMarym Adhrij3 months ago
  • Liza should have put something saying how Scotty used her apartment when she used his girlfriend 😯

    Mis MeliMis Meli3 months ago
  • OhMyGosh! The very very end, made me cry! 6:53 Liza's an amazing, inspiring, extraordinary person who will always make me happy! She's not afraid to be herself, and is a true advocate for loving yourself! Like she said, you have to get the mayo to spread the mayo! Or something like that! xD My point is I think she needs way more credit for being an amazing person, on top of being the funniest person on the planet! :)

    Grace GallonGrace Gallon3 months ago
  • More of raping pizza

    saterday samsaterday sam3 months ago
  • the ending made me cry, i love you liza

    sohana _tiasohana _tia3 months ago
  • Do try not to l

    dechanvey martinus wellem DMWdechanvey martinus wellem DMW3 months ago
  • Nice diss

    Cookiecassy 53Cookiecassy 533 months ago
  • When she said Hey Siri my Siri activated

    Tristan MoonTristan Moon3 months ago
  • It August 28th and I just watched Mickey's once upon a Christmas and Liza's Christmas cooking video

    Pippa M.Pippa M.3 months ago
  • That was really cringy for the first 40 seconds!!!

    Zoe GirdlerZoe Girdler3 months ago
  • Haha shes still as funny as she used to be! Love it

    • c ø c o n ü t •• c ø c o n ü t •3 months ago
  • I can’t lie that rap was fire 🔥 😍

    Miracle AdeniranMiracle Adeniran3 months ago
  • ok but was ur rap rlly good

    -_--_-3 months ago
  • you have a better song the him love it

    TheCetTheCet3 months ago
  • i miss liza sooo much, ive been watching all her old videos AGAIN 😢

    barbie girlbarbie girl3 months ago
  • 2:02 Lolll😂😂 Crybabies like i NeEd A gInGeRbReAd mAnnnn tHe one I feel🙃

    דניאל Danielדניאל Daniel3 months ago
  • Liza rlly hit scotty with a wig 5:58 😭😂

    Kael DeliscaKael Delisca3 months ago
  • This song slaps

    AnniAnni3 months ago
  • she really pulls off the blonde

    ramona chenramona chen3 months ago
  • Ok damn that’s pretty good

    Mikey StormjetMikey Stormjet3 months ago
  • She broke up with divide

    Just MeJust Me3 months ago
  • Who misses "hYeAH

    iirobloxcandysii Candysroblox!iirobloxcandysii Candysroblox!3 months ago
  • Liza rapping me:wuuuuttttt

    Diana CuevasDiana Cuevas3 months ago
  • Liza's one youtube song better than all of Scott's legit songs, hehe.

    AprilApril3 months ago
  • I miss old Liza so much! Why can't you make vids like before now that you can't don't much stuff cause of Covid?

    AprilApril3 months ago
  • What's up

    Victoria JacksonVictoria Jackson3 months ago
  • Who's rewatching Liza during quarantine😌💅✨

    MaiMai3 months ago
  • Eyyyyyyy go Liza

    Narachi QueenNarachi Queen3 months ago

    MGirlsSquadMGirlsSquad3 months ago
  • Did anyone’s Siri show up when she said Siri 😂😂 2:48

    Caitlynn The KweenCaitlynn The Kween3 months ago
  • 2025 Corona will end . . Maybe

    Phạm Lê Nhật Vỹ PhạmPhạm Lê Nhật Vỹ Phạm4 months ago
  • 9 months......-gasp- A Baby!

    Brøkéñ_ HéàrtšBrøkéñ_ Héàrtš4 months ago
  • That diss omgg

    nohaila maadirnohaila maadir4 months ago