St. Louis Couple Pointed Guns At Protesters | The View

Jun 30, 2020
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“The View” co-hosts react to police investigating a confrontation caught on video of neighbors of the St. Louis’ mayor pointing guns at protesters marching past their home.
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  • Good for them. Looks like guns do work.

    Dan DDan D3 hours ago
  • We should protest on their property see if they like it

    SoulSoul13 hours ago
  • No one hurt, no property destroyed. Sounds like a great success story to me, why is everyone bitching like a scorned ex wife?

    Larry GronewoldLarry GronewoldDay ago
  • No you call the police, I protect my home with a firearm, idiots!

    creeperhead XDcreeperhead XDDay ago
  • I would pull my firearm on anyone who threatened me or my family as well!

    creeperhead XDcreeperhead XDDay ago
  • Bro they r disgusting how stupid do they have to be for them to believe that is illegal of course they were pointing guns but the roiters were being very aggressive

    NotGaming 493NotGaming 4932 days ago
  • So Joy, I have to go outside my home and agree with BLM, or whomever, so they get off my property? I have to stay inside my home and wait for 'rioter' to approach the doors, and then what - call the police? Really? I dont feel safe around this kind of stupidity, pass the ammo...

    Gio vanniGio vanni2 days ago
  • Wait a minute. You tell people to agree with the protestors? But, why would they do it if the dont agree with angree mob blm protestors?

    Bilbo RichesBilbo Riches3 days ago
  • The view is just a band of Karens

    Romulus Rommel SalazarRomulus Rommel Salazar3 days ago
  • >Defund the police >You can't protect yourself or your family This is why society is fucked. Why are so many fucking airheaded celebrities being listened too? The town drunk would probably be smarter then these bints, at least he would have experience.

    Sir DankleberrySir Dankleberry5 days ago

    Everett ????Everett ????5 days ago
  • Second amendment rights.

    Edward SigerEdward Siger6 days ago
  • Trespassing on private property.

    Edward SigerEdward Siger6 days ago
  • Ha, what a joke. This show please cancle.

    NyanacideNyanacide7 days ago
  • the castle doctrine in Missouri goes out to your property line

    joe dufeyjoe dufey7 days ago
  • Here’s a bit of an update for y’all

    charles hetrickcharles hetrick7 days ago
  • I'd suggest everyone report videos that don't have the proper information And have them taken down until they put the right information that isn't misleading or false and that it doesn't harm people this actually promotes terrorism By allowing these terrorist acts to take place

    Elisha MileyElisha Miley8 days ago
  • St Louis couple pointed guns at violent rioters Who broke open a gate I'm reporting this for misleading information

    Elisha MileyElisha Miley8 days ago
  • Lmaooooo...why didn't you start the video from beginning

    Michele AlexanderMichele Alexander8 days ago
  • The guys should have shoot them down there,he had every right, after all those guys forced their way into private property.

    Assault Squad DeltaAssault Squad Delta8 days ago
  • I would have popped a few of them TBH

    KSound KaijuKSound Kaiju9 days ago
  • They had every right and did the proper thing to protect their PRIVATE PROPERTY, this show is terrible btw.

    KEKKEK9 days ago
  • Yeah they should have used them, not just point

    denisdrennandenisdrennan9 days ago
  • Worst show ever. Waste of time

    Jonathan ColemanJonathan Coleman9 days ago
  • the black militia march around armed to the teeth a couple trying to protect their home from protestors gets in trouble, America has watched peaceful protest turn smash and grab when your home is surrounded by so called peaceful protesters after you seen them destroy whole cities are you going to wait till they are in your home, and dont forget those peaceful protesters broke the locks on the gate to gain entrance to the property

    ladybug Suttonladybug Sutton10 days ago
    • NFAC shot their own too lmao.

      Coal FireCoal Fire10 days ago
  • The view dose nothing but lie

    Terry ChadwickTerry Chadwick10 days ago
  • You failed to tell everyone they broke down the gate and went on to the property

    Terry ChadwickTerry Chadwick10 days ago
  • If you are a protester. What possible reason would you have to break into someone else property?

    Joe ReynoldsJoe Reynolds10 days ago
  • 2 meth heads pointing guns

    Erica WindearErica Windear10 days ago
  • I second that dustin. Im looking to see how much subversion the cia is forcing in the comments.

    ThElementThElement11 days ago
  • Liars get sued, expect a lawsuit

    Official Lunas RaOfficial Lunas Ra11 days ago
  • Well they use the argument that the protesters/mob didn’t do anything well neither did the couple

    Herman HallHerman Hall11 days ago
  • I'm genuinely concerned with how out-of-touch the view is...

    GzngahrGzngahr11 days ago
  • Why are they laughing? are they on drugs?

    arbuzikiarbuziki12 days ago
  • The opinion of these woman is ridiculous

    Benjamin NeerBenjamin Neer12 days ago
  • Also ladies of The View, let these protesters come on to your property and declare that they are going to occupy your home! And then come back on The View and lets hear your "View"

    Eric BurdickEric Burdick12 days ago
  • You LADIES are CLUELESS!!!!! if someone comes on your property you have the right to protect and defend yourself, family and property. THESE people came on these peoples property!!!! So this is not a protest but now an invasion. Why didn't these "protesters" protest at City Hall instead of invading a person's property!?

    Eric BurdickEric Burdick12 days ago
  • "Protesters BREAK IN to private property and owners use guns for defense" there fixed the title

    Sagar GopalaniSagar Gopalani12 days ago
  • These 4 women are an embarrassment. If someone breaks down my gate and trespasses onto my property, I will absolutely consider it a threat and fight back to protect my family and my property. US Constitution, 2nd Amendment.

    Jill FrostJill Frost12 days ago
  • I am so happy reading this coments even here.America is still standing strong protecting their laws.

    joytekbjoytekb13 days ago
  • You can't retained racist. they have to retained themselves

    Be RealBe Real13 days ago
  • gangsters of BLM (Burn LOOT MURDER)

    WithAStick AngryWhiteManWithAStick AngryWhiteMan13 days ago
  • To the ignorant women on the view. I hope this happens to you so we can watch you invite them in for tea because they are just misunderstood.

    Sassy45Sassy4513 days ago
  • The district attorney that is pushing for charges against the couple just got caught tampering with evidence, the gun that the woman was holding was " inoperable " the district attorney office tampered with the gun to make it work in order to press charges--- let's see if he goes to jail also--

    raymond menendezraymond menendez14 days ago
  • Person on the lower left display need some serious make up...

    Christopher LagosChristopher Lagos14 days ago
  • That is so dangerous the guy obviously knows who to hold a gun but that woman has never held a gun in her life, just by the way shes holding it plus she pointed it at her husband numerous times, she could have defiantly pulled the trigger by accident and shot someome maybe even killing them. I have no problem defending your home but don't give a gun to someone who has never even held one let alone fired one and let her point it at people, the wife is fucking stupid and the husband is dumb for giving it to her.

    TornDutchTornDutch14 days ago
  • Whoppie cushion, put the drugs down long enough to watch this.

    MRMR14 days ago
  • How about not defund the police so the couple doesn’t have to take out their guns.

    Hal0G0D• 15 years agoHal0G0D• 15 years ago15 days ago
  • Correction :Minneapolis couple defends against violent protester by showing their firearms to intimidate them.

    Hal0G0D• 15 years agoHal0G0D• 15 years ago15 days ago
  • so Joy makes it look like the homeowners were wrong? WTF is wrong with her?

    Bill HannafordBill Hannaford15 days ago
  • Good for the people holding up the gun. These people are only in the neighborhood to terrorize them

    Submersed24Submersed2415 days ago
  • “If I was a protestor I wouldn’t be happy with a gun pointed at me” wow joy well here let me give ya some advice, you don’t have to be a protestor and if you want to be one, you don’t have to break onto private property to put yourself at risk of having a gun pointed at you.

    Weigner LeignerWeigner Leigner16 days ago
  • Do they ever show the whole video? It’s hard to find but it’s really hard to listen to them trying to change what happened.

    Katerina WilesKaterina Wiles16 days ago
  • Their opinion is leftist media crap from disney. But in the next few months I believe that the mcclosky's will file a law suit. They do know the law. Kim Gardner tampered with evidence. Good Luck on the amount Mark

    N BlackN Black16 days ago
  • They did call the police

    fastguitarfastguitar16 days ago
  • Angry mob did break down gate that's not nice ,

    fastguitarfastguitar16 days ago
  • A woman seemed crazed they broke down doors to property

    fastguitarfastguitar16 days ago
  • Those nice protestors,

    fastguitarfastguitar16 days ago
  • so much misinformation, these people have no cognitive skills!! sends chills up n down my logic spine!!

    Zank Frappa WdeezilZank Frappa Wdeezil16 days ago
  • oh you all are soooo FUNNY!!!

    Zank Frappa WdeezilZank Frappa Wdeezil16 days ago
  • these ppl are insane. i guarantee this panel would not like it if a mob broke into their gates. hypocrites. go down to downtown and invite anyone on the street to come inside your property. you wont!

    Onechill BrajOnechill Braj16 days ago
  • 1:50 De-escalate the violent mob in your home, by shaking their hand. Yeah, I bet her home has so much private security she wouldn't have to worry about this.

    Western UnityWestern Unity16 days ago
  • 1:29 Varios protestors were armed in the footage.

    Western UnityWestern Unity16 days ago
  • After a minute of laughing at literally nothing - 1:18 "There is no 'official" footage" really? What does that even mean?

    Western UnityWestern Unity16 days ago
  • At 3:36, call the police? Are you ignorant? They did and nobody came.

    boostedmaniacboostedmaniac16 days ago
  • Joy looks so ugly since the Epstein& Maxwell (sex & ...) business has been closed. Therefore, she can no longer have young blood of the victims pumped in her vampire body!

    MrMdaeuMrMdaeu17 days ago
  • Homicide is the cause of 35.2 percent of deaths in Black males aged 1-19, and 28.9 percent of Black males aged 20-44. The next leading cause is unintentional injuries, followed by suicide for the younger age group and heart disease for the latter. Where's BLM on this topic?

    PhuQ DummyPhuQ Dummy17 days ago
  • Bunch of babbling imbeciles

    A WA W17 days ago
  • Whoppi and Meghan are fairly level-headed, open-minded, and somewhat intelligent and reasonable. Joy is a total fruitcake. Sunny seems to be sincere, but not too smart. Just sayin.

    movierunmovierun17 days ago
  • Its funny thats nothing is mentioned that they broke down a gate and started their protest. I would have done the same thing as the home owners. That's their God given right

    Travis BrownTravis Brown17 days ago
  • Charges are not even valid.

    bjgdalbjgdal17 days ago

    Janice BowmanJanice Bowman17 days ago
  • You break down my fence with forced entry threatening my dogs or family and you will see my guns aimed right at you . THE VIEW IS SCUM. ..

    Janice BowmanJanice Bowman17 days ago
  • There property was gated and their gate was torn down and a mob of people rushed onto their property. How was this a peaceful protest just passing by? It seems you can believe nothing you see on tv.

    Thomas KentThomas Kent17 days ago
  • What dumb things to say. I wonder what these women would do when "peaceful" protesters march on their property...which I'm sure are behind walls.

    Jodee BartonJodee Barton18 days ago
  • People who move into these private neighborhoods surround themselves with settings, scripts, blossoming sagas waiting to unfold in the fomenting lap of death. Some are paid twelve dollars an hour to sit in a booth by a gate, some drive the poor out of a neighborhood and get health and pension. Perhaps now the more you fear the higher your status will turn from an egoism-based construct into one reality-based. Not sure.

    Martin DMartin D18 days ago
  • Those enormous blocks that comprise the sort of Republican Mormon temple wherein these injury attorneys reside- clearly Mexican bicepts matter.

    Martin DMartin D18 days ago
  • No protester has ever entered into anyone's property! NEVER!

    ineritinerit18 days ago
  • This is a group of old women of course their opinion is to leave the “ak47” in the house and call the police. Ask a group of NRA members if they’d not do the same thing if a hundred yelling kids broke the gate to their community and are on their property which you can clearly see in the first 15 seconds. They make it sound like the coupe is aiming at a group that is just passing by but the group is closer to the couples front door than any street.

    Shaneal SinghShaneal Singh18 days ago
  • A Bunch of Idiots 2nd amendment

    Jai ThompsonJai Thompson18 days ago
  • Cuz they called the cops and the cops wouldn't come security guards at the Gated Community wouldn't come that no choice but to defend their home and their property and their dog what kind of sick people are these the threaten a dog threatened to burn down your home and threatened to kill you and your wife I don't think the view understands this although they have enhanced security at their own homes including security guards 24 hours a day around the clock so black lives matter would not have protested in their neighborhood

    Joe PierreJoe Pierre18 days ago
  • I guess his women are trying to be comedians these people have the right to defend themselves stop the burning of their house Stop The Killing of the dog and stop the destruction of their lives blue lives matter and God bless Donald J trump our great president

    Joe PierreJoe Pierre18 days ago
  • People wake up. Why are we protecting rioters, and lableing them as "protestors" ... I mean they broke down a gate, and wouldn't leave. Solo, doesn't that warrant any worries of malice, or violent tendencies? You put yourself in the couples shoes. There are 10+ people out in your yard. They won't leave, and they broke a gate down to get in. With the media CONSTANTLY shoveling terror down everyone's throat, what do YOU expect? Calm relaxed society? Nooooooo. Everyone gets all high strung, people are on edge. People, lets please be at peace, while we sort things out. Violence, and more racism, will not cure this. Every one, in every state needs too appoint 12 multi ethnicity representatives, to communicate and keep each other in check. Kinda like an internal U.N.. And when one state acts up, we send in like 23 other states "milita" plus the army, national guard, and put these fires out fast. When order is finely restored, and it will be.... Then we can begin to heal, restore, and evolve and change through these trials we have been through. There are many more issues at hand that are far more real than half of what we are going crazy over lately.

    wes tuckerwes tucker18 days ago
  • Only the rich can protect themselves....ha ha😈

    Carrie HenryCarrie Henry18 days ago
  • The view are SPOILED let them come to their house is right......Joy....big mouthed just like Whoopi and what's her name the lawyer

    Carrie HenryCarrie Henry18 days ago
  • These people arent protestors.. they're cowards and thugs who need their numbers for strength. Violent criminals exempt from the law by the liberal mainstream. A cancer of our country.. GOD BLESS THESE TWO FOR DEFENDING THEIR HOME!! The real Americans support you!!!

    Daniel LawrenceDaniel Lawrence18 days ago
  • Everything beyond the gate the mob broke down, including the sidewalk belongs to the couple, the mob was trespassing. Whoopie, shut up, you don't know what you're talking about.

    setaside77setaside7718 days ago
  • It not a peaceful protest when you break down someone's gate, it's NOT a peaceful protest.

    setaside77setaside7718 days ago
  • Hahahaha I didn’t know this show was still on! It’s funny to me how they think they‘re really THAT important and that the real world honestly pays any attention to them or takes them seriously like they’re a credible source for news. They might actually get some respect if they weren’t always so bitter, petty and down right nasty at times, it’s uncalled for. You have your own brain you can think for yourself using critical thinking skills. You can’t possibly have that kind of fame and money by being that ignorant, unless somebody important with an agenda has photos of you doing things you shouldn’t have been doing with your pizza children, what they say and how they act is completely irraittional. I really wonder how they would have handled this situation in reverse, like if it had been their homes and it was republican protesters? I think they would be singing a different tune. And remember who’s been doing what!!! It’s been the communist extremist alt and regular left wing antifa, Blm, anarchist groups out looting, rioting, beating up the our elderly and our hard working citizens black, white, Hispanic, Asian and Indian for having a different view point, then calling different races and sexual cultures racist, NAZIS and bigots all for having differing ideas all in the streets and online bullying, setting up zones, destroying property, holding citizens hostage in their own homes, raping women, killing each other in the streets and killing the innocent children outside playing etc. NOT the republicans party. We have a beautiful thing called the internet, you can check facts with an open mind and your pride and ego checked outside so you can find the truth and develop an educated opinion and a new possibility to the truth

    Joshua LambertJoshua Lambert18 days ago
  • The woman had a toy gun. The man’s gun was unloaded. They are both supporters of the Democratic Party. Their statement has changed because they were coached, two bad white guys were added to the story later because that is more politically palatable and to make themselves seem less like racist.

    Kevin ClarkKevin Clark18 days ago
  • Cant they find four normal woman, with an IQ higher than 85? My God, are they retarded?

    Wim ClaesWim Claes18 days ago
  • So defund the police and don't protect yourself? Makes perfect nonsense.

    FavreianVengeanceFavreianVengeance18 days ago
  • First and foremost these protesters peaceful or otherwise broke the law when they broke down the gate and entered a gated community, therefore they were TRESPASSING!!! Had they not broke the gate and trespassed the couple would never have felt threatened. I’m sorry but after seeing all the looting and rioting that started with peaceful protests that the media has been showing I would have done the same to protect my property. Minus the pointing of their guns. They remained on their property which they have the right to protect!!

    Kitten LolaKitten Lola18 days ago
  • 🤦‍♂️ what happened to their brains? 🤷🏼‍♂️

    GioGio18 days ago
  • what a dumb show idiots what was that stay in your home and call the police lol i wish all these idiots had people doing this outside there homes

    stan bstan b18 days ago
  • Wow, not a single one of them mentioned the verbal threats the mob were using against the couple. And they wonder why millions of us call mainstream media fake.

    SeventizzSeventizz19 days ago

    T WaughT Waugh19 days ago
  • I hate Whoopi DISLIKE!!

    Patrick DietrichPatrick Dietrich19 days ago
  • well if the protesters feel threatened? why were they there... they could have walked away

    Mahir FredericksMahir Fredericks19 days ago
  • All the comments are pro-couple, all the news are pro-rioters. You've fucked up, US. You have as much free speech as North Korea has, bravo.

    Антон ЖиленкоАнтон Жиленко19 days ago