Kylie Jenner on Stormi's 'Perfect Mixture' of Her and Travis Scott

Sep 10, 2019
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In her first sit-down interview since becoming a mom, Kylie opened up to Ellen about her daughter Stormi, who is the "perfect mixture" of her and her partner, Travis Scott. The 22-year-old also talked about never imagining the huge success of her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, and how becoming a billionaire has affected her life.

  • Watching Kylie with her coke side effect sniffling for five mins

    Pallas AthenaPallas Athena22 hours ago
  • Kylie seemed mad when Ellen started playing with her hair 💀

    MikeVvoski drawsMikeVvoski drawsDay ago
  • Is it just me or do you hear kylie's sniffing down air

    Jule EkidJule Ekid2 days ago
  • Thank you for do that

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine3 days ago
  • I Don't Think You Should Be Playing With People Hair.😐 It Uncomfortable To Be Honest.

    Chloe NguyenChloe Nguyen3 days ago
  • Kris Jenner brought up her kids independently and successful

    Valentina AnnieValentina Annie4 days ago
  • I love mom daughter bonding

    All In OnesAll In Ones6 days ago
  • They where trolling Ellen

    leg_dayleg_day7 days ago
  • 0:45 rude moment😂

    rpattzrpattz8 days ago
  • The way Kylie speaks makes me think she's pretty smart

    Meghana IyengarMeghana Iyengar10 days ago
  • Khloe, Kendall, Kourtney and Kim have left the chat.

    Musa KhanMusa Khan12 days ago
  • I love rich people interviewing more richer people 😂

    Zodingpuia HmarZodingpuia Hmar14 days ago
  • Kris is so gorgeous she had to prove it 5 times. She so fine. Everybody know her daughters name. haha.

    AVTProAVTPro16 days ago
  • Kris has a body guard specifically for her Fallopian tubes. They Gold. You don't have to gimmesum Kris. Just sit on me! Anywhere. Have a seat Baby!!💯⚡️❤️🔥

    AVTProAVTPro16 days ago
  • kylie is sick this day i love kylie so much

    Ishy oresteIshy oreste16 days ago
  • Its so funny how Kylie mentions only Khloe,kourtney and kim but not Kendall

    zineb medromizineb medromi16 days ago
  • Kabhi ambani ka nam suna hai

    ashutosh patilashutosh patil19 days ago
  • Update: She was not a billionaire. Successful, yes. Billionaire, no.

    Niasha SawyersNiasha Sawyers22 days ago
  • This guys are so rich

    Adedeji AdesinaAdedeji Adesina23 days ago
  • Well who cares about plastics??😅

    ËTÎKËTÎK23 days ago
  • Remember when Kris only cared about Kendall and not Kylie. Lolol

    RKDeolRKDeol24 days ago
  • i love kris's sense of humour

    Smridhi SharmaSmridhi Sharma27 days ago
  • Ellen is just awesome

    Ameena NujaimaAmeena Nujaima28 days ago
  • Kris looks like kylies elder sister

    Hera maheshHera mahesh29 days ago
  • I would be doing the same with my hair and am no way rich

    Hadassah LackwoodHadassah Lackwood29 days ago
  • I saw all your vedios... Its just amezing love u kylie sis❤

    Jass SandhuJass SandhuMonth ago
  • ⬇️Like si eres español

    Gonzalo BarallatGonzalo BarallatMonth ago
  • I think kiley j has corona

    Ilovecoccain69Ilovecoccain69Month ago
  • 4:26 those looks are ellen branded.....

    Pavan Kumar kachalaPavan Kumar kachalaMonth ago
  • Kylie sniffs all the time 🤣🤣 her face is exhausted. These cheeks she had... Don't know, she looks 40.

    Alexandrina PetrovaAlexandrina PetrovaMonth ago
  • She looks more like Travis bc Kylie has plastic surgery

    Scopez HydroScopez HydroMonth ago
  • Everyone wishes they were Stormi..

    Maurecella SouvannakhotMaurecella SouvannakhotMonth ago
  • Billionaires talking and I am thinking about how will I have my meals tomorrow with an empty pocket 🤔

    Mahbub Alam MunnaMahbub Alam MunnaMonth ago
  • “There’s times when she’s yelling at me and she’s like” “KKHOLE KOURTNEY KKIM KYLIE”

    The BratThe BratMonth ago
  • i feel so pity seeing kylies face like it hurts me when she laughs!!

    Muntazir MusicMuntazir MusicMonth ago
  • Necesito traducción al español coño

    Lorena DuarteLorena DuarteMonth ago
  • I guess we can say that Kris cant keep up with the kardashians

  • Lets hope she doesn't take her looks from either of them...

    Arnold CrentistArnold CrentistMonth ago
  • Kyalie is looking Indian little bit

    Rajvi BhattRajvi BhattMonth ago
  • So it's 2020, did Ellen end up going? LOL

    Mithula ParamananthanMithula ParamananthanMonth ago
  • *5secondsgoesby* Kylie sniffs

    Ella PalmerElla PalmerMonth ago

    Sexy ScorpioSexy ScorpioMonth ago
  • Kylie

    Hayley JepthaHayley JepthaMonth ago
  • Kylie keeps sniffing 😒

    CristianandtupacCristianandtupacMonth ago
  • What a bunch of fake people

    Lukhman ThufileLukhman ThufileMonth ago
  • I think its so rude shw keeps bringing up the fact that they have money

    Kenya DanielleKenya DanielleMonth ago
  • She comes everywhere with me. What is she ur dog????

    K KK KMonth ago
  • 4:30 that laugh~ Do u still hear~

    Athine AgnesAthine AgnesMonth ago
  • My mom does the same thing like she says my silblings name but not mine

    Routines With haileyRoutines With haileyMonth ago
  • I love you Kylie 😘❤️💕😘

    سما محمدسما محمدMonth ago
  • Dumbest pple alive, just reflects the American community

    024 NMGN024 NMGNMonth ago
  • Looks like Kylie can hardly breath

    Arquelaran IncArquelaran IncMonth ago
  • Kendall and Kylie are like Dixie and Charli the oldest is forgotten by the mum

    Amber BorthwickAmber BorthwickMonth ago
  • Kylies got the sniffles🤧

    ellie Julyellie JulyMonth ago
  • The look on kylies fave clearly ment that she didn’t want Ellen to touch her hair

    Maya and MidaMaya and MidaMonth ago

    PGPGMonth ago
  • 5:45 😂😂

    Mills JRMills JRMonth ago
  • There so comfortable with Ellen

    Scarlet JeanScarlet JeanMonth ago
  • Me: Hey Kylie, Plastic or Stormi? Kylie:😬

    Benjamin EvansBenjamin EvansMonth ago
  • Forbes tell that they might be wrong about her being a billionaire

    AxelAxelMonth ago
  • Kylie Sniffling 40 Times in this Interview 💀

    RN RANRN RANMonth ago
  • Anyone watching this I hope you will be a billionare................... FOUR years later! 😂😊

    Preetha GuragainPreetha GuragainMonth ago
  • “I’m here, here I am”

    UnicornSavanhUnicornSavanhMonth ago
  • Feel sorry for storming STORMI

    Cynthia MeyerCynthia MeyerMonth ago
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  • Ellen have to apologize to them.. Kyle is the world for her kid please don't treat others like that because they are valuable to their family. I'm not as smart and rich as you but I know how to respect others..

    Herni WihyawariHerni Wihyawari2 months ago
  • i dont like the kardasian but i can respect them as human..but you play somebody else like that ....I don't believe that you have a lot of fans with that attitude...

    Herni WihyawariHerni Wihyawari2 months ago
  • Hellen maybe you its famous or rich but you have to learn to respect the other people.. you can touch somebody hair like that and make joke with that... In thiss video i can make sure if your not good person..

    Herni WihyawariHerni Wihyawari2 months ago
  • Helen realllyyy.... reallyyy rudeee i never tought if she really disrepect others people..

    Herni WihyawariHerni Wihyawari2 months ago
  • she keeps sniffing kmg

    cristinacristina2 months ago
  • when there faces change when ellen talks about kylie being a billionaire because they both lied that she was a billionaire

    TadeTade2 months ago
  • Wow she sniffs the whole time

    Stephanie TStephanie T2 months ago
  • 0:58 only ellen can play with kylie's hair like that

    Hajra SalymiHajra Salymi2 months ago
  • Obviously Kylie would be successful with comestics because of their show that’s literally the reason for all of them and also if Kyle went famous I bet thousands of people wouldn’t even like it

    The Three CousinsThe Three Cousins2 months ago
  • She was never a billionaire lol

    MauritiusMauritius2 months ago
  • I am now feeling broke

    Rumbi DirwayiRumbi Dirwayi2 months ago
  • Stormi Should help find Kim’s Diamond earring I am a kid and we well I know I am but we are MASTER finders

    Poley The polar bearPoley The polar bear2 months ago
  • listen at 4:29 that dudes laugh made me cry!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Alvin LaurinoAlvin Laurino2 months ago
  • Seems more like her and her bodyguard

    Riya GuptaRiya Gupta2 months ago
  • She wasn’t even a billionaire the whole time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    Maliha IbrahimMaliha Ibrahim2 months ago
    • Ikrrrr😂🤦🏾🤦🏾

      Shanaya DelmarShanaya Delmar24 days ago
  • If you like Kris and Kylie like this comment

    Flower princess AddiFlower princess Addi2 months ago
  • I love Ellen she’s so savage

    IMx ElpeposcariIMx Elpeposcari2 months ago
  • Hey Ellen How’s house arrest !!!!??? Leave our babies alone, they’re not your fountain of youth !!!!!

    LATINOS4TRUMP ConservativeLATINOS4TRUMP Conservative2 months ago
  • God bless them ....♥️ perfect family. Kylie is so generous and funny and Kris gave her heart to each of her kids and they are all successful ❤️ and happy . I think there's never gonna be a family this awesome in any way 😊😊

    Gratitude & loveGratitude & love2 months ago
  • Kyile is not hiding her scar

    game wanderersgame wanderers2 months ago
  • Kris is truly the billionaire, because she made the billionaire.

    heljohheljoh2 months ago
  • How is kris just watching kylie talk about her being a billionaire when she knows she isnt

    Lydia XXLydia XX2 months ago
  • 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝

    Bright EneBright Ene2 months ago
  • Ellen is so uneasy about her fortune but cherish you too, you're a millionaire

    Amine RabiAmine Rabi2 months ago
  • I dont blame her. Me and my mom look very similar and my mom's uncle ALWAYS calls me by my moms name. I really don't think he even notices lol

    Rocky RocoloRocky Rocolo2 months ago
  • I love Ellen so much 🧡 hopefully will get to meet her someday.

    shivangi vermashivangi verma2 months ago
  • Forbes just entered the chat.....😦😦

    razor ramone entertainmentrazor ramone entertainment2 months ago
  • Not a billionaire lol😂

    Siddhartha RishalSiddhartha Rishal2 months ago
  • Ellen’s just there while their tryna steal her show… 😂😂

    Sofia LeonardSofia Leonard2 months ago
  • I want my future as shinny as kris ear rings.

    Mrs NamjoonMrs Namjoon2 months ago
  • They have every thing in the world but also they take care of each other and appreciate the family meaning

    Hind MustafaHind Mustafa2 months ago
  • Lowkey Kris Jenner the GOAT

    Marcos CoronadoMarcos Coronado2 months ago
  • anyone think she look different in TV from IG?

    Jos MakJos Mak2 months ago
    • Jos Mak yeah cause she’s faking everything on instagram

      Flora SarahFlora Sarah2 months ago
  • Kylie not feeling well here. Shes keeps on sniffling lol. 🤧

    TFK RMNTFK RMN2 months ago
    • Coronavirus

      Him Over ThereHim Over ThereMonth ago
  • I must be bugging out but it's like Kylie is a mix between Naya Rivera and an older Christina Aguilera!!!! I mean she looks like everyone else but her former self. She is cute nonetheless.

    Zak S AMGHARZak S AMGHAR3 months ago