Why We Joined Bon Appétit

Oct 13, 2020
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New leadership Editor-in-Chief Dawn Davis, Executive Editor Sonia Chopra, and Global Brand Advisor Chef Marcus Samuelsson talk about why they joined Bon Appétit and what they have planned across print, social, and video.
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Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as we do. We believe in seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.

Why We Joined Bon Appétit

  • Hi, we’re the new leaders of Bon Appétit. We know it's been a while since we've posted a video, and we are really excited to welcome you back and share the next chapter of BA with you. We are listening, learning, and building something together that showcases our best. We're building a team that is empathetic, respectful, and open to being challenged; that is paid fairly for their contributions; and that represents the audience we hope to serve. You're going to see new shows, new and familiar faces, and a whole lot of new recipes. And get ready for more from inside the Test Kitchen in the new year. We can’t wait to show you what we've been up to, and we really hope you love our new vision for Bon Appétit. Sonia, Marcus, & Dawn

    Bon AppétitBon Appétit13 days ago
    • "We are listening, learning, and building something together that showcases our best..." Are you, though?

      Platypi007Platypi0079 hours ago
    • What's with the essay? We just wanted staff to be paid fairly.

      JNguyenJNguyen9 hours ago
    • Epic Fail

      Okami DyOkami Dy10 hours ago
    • I am not convinced. Periodt.

      Hehe BicHehe BicDay ago
    • This is just so sad...

      Fritz KFritz KDay ago
  • Installing people of color in positions of power because of the color of their skin is still racism. The only truly oppressed group of people in the west are gamers✊🏿 rise up

    MaxMax57 minutes ago
  • To be fair, these people are brand new and they are in the right for not wanting to repent for someone else's sins. It's the OWNERSHIP that should be taking responsibility.

    LazarusLazarus4 hours ago
  • I am here to dislike this video.

    Jered Timothy FrigillanaJered Timothy Frigillana4 hours ago
  • oh my god

    Flowey's hot jamzFlowey's hot jamz4 hours ago
  • SO, idk who your PR person is, but I have more common sense than them and am happy to take their paycheck. Looks like, gee, idk, almost everyone in the comments does too.

    support_theorysupport_theory8 hours ago
  • Really, nothing to address the public, the loyal viewers? When you are in public view and rely on public viewership, you can’t just treat what happened as an internal problem. We need to know whether we should trust you to do good and continue to commit time on your channel. Y’all should know that there is no moving on until the past had been addressed. There is NO moving on until the past had been addressed.

    Hibashira SakaiHibashira Sakai8 hours ago
  • so we just gonna ignore what happen

    Adam SosaAdam Sosa8 hours ago
  • Man, that like/dislike ratio just says it all.

    Platypi007Platypi0079 hours ago
  • Unsubscribed I'm done with this channel. It's nice you hired poc and they getting paid but it's all b.s. They should have paid the old cast. Have a nice life.

    BarnebiliusBarnebilius11 hours ago
  • this is giving me "my husband is tongan, so talofa

    Senpai CoffeeSenpai Coffee12 hours ago
  • oh my god...

    ALYCIAALYCIA13 hours ago
  • Dammm 44k 👎🏻. 30 seconds in and i can totally understand

    david klinedavid kline14 hours ago
  • Cant help but notice that it was the 3 white guys that stayed. Brad, Chris, so disappointed. Others stayed but not in a video capacity. I wonder how threatening y'all were. Did you hold their contracts over their heads so much that they couldn't leave without you screwing them over further? I will NOT be supporting your company in any capacity any further. This was the last video I click on, the last comment I leave. I bid good luck to these new people, but I have a feeling you are screwing them just like you screwed past/current employees. Companies like you don't deserve to stay in business. I will miss Claire/Brad/Sohla being awesome together. I'm sad you ruined it.

    pingidjitpingidjit15 hours ago
  • Why does this remind me of the NEW "Top Gear"? Regardless, I look forward to seeing the new BA USkeys product.

    Robert OrrRobert Orr16 hours ago
  • we see right through it.

    Daniela EsparzaDaniela Esparza16 hours ago
  • They need to talk about what happened. I'm not saying replacing the executives was a wrong call - it wasn't! But this doesn't mean they can sweep everything that happened under the rug. They need to address it. It's never going to feel honest until they do.

    ViniterViniter17 hours ago
  • @bon appetite We are waiting for our apology and transparant explanation of equal wages and employee contract specifics for their USkeys appearance cameos and show leads. WE DESERVE TRANSPARENCY just as much as your new crop of employees do, and just as much as your former employees DID DESERVE TRANSPARENCY

    Brazen SpiritualityBrazen Spirituality17 hours ago
  • This is actually hilarious

    SyusSyus18 hours ago
  • Not for equal pay lol.

    Nathan BeasleyNathan Beasley19 hours ago
  • not only did they hire black people but they are the majority now...wow. do you really think it's the best person for the job? or do you believe it is to make blm happy. so sad at how you guys are going.

    Spencer CSpencer C20 hours ago
  • Atlas Shrugged

    Old 300 FarmOld 300 Farm21 hour ago
  • Who bully others base in the food they eat, sound weir, I do not know maybe actually happens. At least BA brought known people, they have some level of fan base and could help to lift BA again.

    Jose EchevarriaJose Echevarria21 hour ago
  • What an awful overcorrect. Are you gonna pay these guys what they are worth?

    Alex HollyAlex Holly21 hour ago
  • Ruined your channel for the woke people

    beeno1000beeno100021 hour ago
  • Don't really care about BA now, just wondering how these new employees feel reading these comments and understanding they were used because of their skin color.

    StereoStereo22 hours ago
  • Yall getting paid enough tho??

    Isabella ThomasIsabella Thomas22 hours ago
  • OMFG. They've really made a Token Parade. This is sick.

    Beau BandyBeau BandyDay ago
  • I feel like POC are overrepresented at BA. Not very cool for white people.

    Hugo HugenottenHugo HugenottenDay ago
  • What's that smell? Oh. It's damage control

    Gracie OshannessyGracie OshannessyDay ago
  • This was just insulting.

    Jaimee-Louise WarnerJaimee-Louise WarnerDay ago
  • Is anyone else weirded out by the people doing a scripted conversation but pretending that it's happening over a call???? Just do a normal interview format.

    SomeothermonSomeothermonDay ago
  • Another friend sadly lost to 2020. You will be missed.

    Pudge PoonPudge PoonDay ago
  • Lol this isn't an apology video. This sounds like you're sweeping past problems under the mat hoping noone would notice.

    handsomemanhandsomemanDay ago

    sqeeze88sqeeze88Day ago
  • Just give a good apology, and start paying your POC employees equally, then you can get your second chance. You've already lost most of your reputation that you can't get back.

    AstralDashAstralDashDay ago
  • Are they not going to address what happened 4 months ago? I honestly expected at least a panel of the test kitchen crew have an “open and honest” conversation about the issues. This is a disappointment.

    Cheng LeeCheng LeeDay ago
  • Mmm, no. Try again.

    Kin NKin NDay ago
  • Bon Appétit used to feel like a family. Everyone was close, and they genuinely seemed like friends. They would pop into each other’s videos, and we grew attached to these characters. Now, most of them are gone, and what’s left is a disrespectful disaster. I have no words

    RossRossDay ago
  • Yikes... they just hired a bunch of POL and thought that that would solve all of their problems🤦‍♂️

    RossRossDay ago
  • The down votes say it all...

    Justin FarrellJustin FarrellDay ago
  • Stuff like this is why Trump will win again

    Hidden KnowledgeHidden KnowledgeDay ago
  • Can't believe they'd rather hire new people then just compensate the originals.. i mean how difficult is a raise in wages???

    salmahlizerdsalmahlizerdDay ago
  • 🤦‍♀️

    mofo68mofo68Day ago
  • can't wait for these new leaders to run BA into the ground even more. God please Brad, strike out on your own

    Rogan ChapmanRogan ChapmanDay ago
  • Yikes

    DanDanDay ago
  • This is like watching season 4 of Glee.

    Devin CoxDevin CoxDay ago
  • Why has diversity become the issue when it was already a diverse team? It was to do with pay differences

    Iawn ContIawn ContDay ago
  • ugh this could not be worse.. also Sonia with the European people be just eating poached salmon... please shut the door on your way out

    Sheena TSheena TDay ago

    Creep-PCreep-PDay ago

    • She’s just as bad as Adam Rapport if she doesn’t acknowledge the situation, which she still hasn’t done yet

      Jack ChapmanJack Chapman21 hour ago
  • Yeah, not good enough, who did the castings? They may be good but are not VIDEO material good. Sorry

    kasl0601kasl0601Day ago
  • Would have been nice with a more direct addressing of the situation but I'll give BA a shot to earn my trust again.

    Erik NilssonErik NilssonDay ago
  • I used to look forward to seeing BA videos but this ridiculous and the fact that these 3 are ok with being used like this is really sad. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Adda DilauroAdda Dilauro2 days ago
  • I wish the new leaders all the best and I respect the effort they put in, but this video is a joke.

    SojansetlySojansetly2 days ago
  • Happy to see your video views have been cut in half at the minimum. Y’all are an absolute joke.

    Alex ThompsonAlex Thompson2 days ago
  • US has been indoctrinated into believing in the free market utopia so much that most of the populace will lecture employees for asking fair wage rather than call out corporate executives..

    ZeusZeus2 days ago
  • This is just disappointing. Farewell Bon Appétit.

    D HD H2 days ago
  • 42k dislikes... sucks... garbage

    Peter WickPeter Wick2 days ago
  • Hope I see Claire, Christina, Priya, Sohla, Delaney, Carla, and Molly, in addtion to these 3 nice people on the show! Already saw Brad and Andy, so that's cool.

    Andrew ChoiAndrew Choi2 days ago
    • Claire and Priya left too

      Jack ChapmanJack Chapman21 hour ago
    • Sohla are doing content on other channels, she won't be back.

      Erik NilssonErik NilssonDay ago
  • it seems like bs, but to be honest im not really sure how else they would've handled this. If they just jumped right into more recipes people would start complaining and question, if they had a white editors people would say nothing has changed. So, Im really not sure how else they could've continued. Maybe by clearing the air by discussing the context of what happened with apologies instead of just playing it off with POC in the video?

    BenBen2 days ago
    • They could’ve just paid all their 2nd tier stars the same price. Would’ve been a lot cheaper than all the missed revenue over the past few month and the foreseeable future

      Jack ChapmanJack Chapman21 hour ago
    • Yes, a real apology with a more direct addressing of the situation first and this video would have played off better. I'll give the new people a chance though.

      Erik NilssonErik NilssonDay ago
  • What is this mess? LMAOOOOOO

    lonelyplanet79lonelyplanet792 days ago
  • I mean it's good they're becoming more diverse but their motives are messed up and they lost claire so I cannot support this channel anymore

    SadieSadie2 days ago
  • Yeah y'all are cancelled with me. If you can't educate yourselves read the room, adding more to the negativity then you failed. This is just more of an insult. You're choice that you're adding is more salt to the wound for people who were on your show previously. And we are all guessing these new people won't get paid right either let alone at all. Tokenism is real and this just proved it. Thanks for ruining yourself with this comback.

    Kyle ThomasKyle Thomas2 days ago
  • this...this is a joke right? i cant even process this, its like something you'd see in a comedy/satire about a company doing very poor damage control. i cant decide whether to laugh or cry.

    Andrew WongAndrew Wong2 days ago
  • I hope they actually pay them for being on video.

    Tony DeTony De2 days ago
  • Well, its sad but clearly time to unsubscribe and find out where the cast ends up, support them there.

    Daniel BontjeDaniel Bontje2 days ago
  • marcus an actual for real chef...still none in the kitchen.. channel still sucks

    Taylor GTaylor G2 days ago
  • Bon appetite- I don’t see color

    Inuyasha Fan girlInuyasha Fan girl2 days ago
  • sonia was literally reading off of a script- try to change my mind

    You're Art OkayYou're Art Okay2 days ago
  • this is so embarrassinggggg

    Miri LinaMiri Lina2 days ago
  • Cuz everyone else quit, you mean.

    Shredded CheeseShredded Cheese2 days ago
  • Lmao I love seeing the left eat themselves up with their own bs.

    1234coolman1234coolman2 days ago
  • Just here to dislike👎

    Double RetardDouble Retard2 days ago
  • NO

    Kevin DatoKevin Dato2 days ago
  • Won't be subbing unless Claire and Brad are on your show. I might watch occasional brad videos otherwise, but without claire, brad loses a lot of his spark.

    Dylan StefiukDylan Stefiuk2 days ago
  • Tone deaf much?

    Dylan StefiukDylan Stefiuk2 days ago
  • I had unsubscribed after the fiasco during the summer only to be reminded this channel exists by David Seymour

    bloxmaker5900bloxmaker59002 days ago
  • Bon Appetit is now bowing to the left. Unsubscribing!

    E BE B2 days ago
    • If you knew anything about the situation you would not be saying that. Because they aren’t, they are just giving off the illusion that they are.

      Jack ChapmanJack Chapman20 hours ago
  • Tokens

    david vazquezdavid vazquez3 days ago
  • Marcus samuelsson.... Your definitely paying him. But didn't pay the last set of brown people that left....

    King JuciferKing Jucifer3 days ago
  • Please address your s***, then maybe, just maybe, we can talk about food.

    Rouck CRRouck CR3 days ago
  • I am confident these three people are amazing. I still find it infuriating that they’d rather pay new hires (probably substantially more, Chef Marcus is well known) rather than do right by the staff they had for YEARS. The message they’re sending to their employees is clear, shut up or leave. So disappointing.

    ritas619ritas6193 days ago
  • Am I the only person that thinks the term POC is ridiculous?

    Joel ThomasJoel Thomas3 days ago
  • Please unsubscribe

    DelvonDelvon3 days ago
  • Haha why did you join? Because of the money they pay for your salaries?

    Edward LiEdward Li3 days ago
  • Wow....

    GameReaper95GameReaper953 days ago
  • Now tell us what their salaries are, and the salaries of all their white coworkers.

    SkittlessourSkittlessour3 days ago
  • "I'll just hire three new POC and all my troubles will go away." Sincerely, Bon Appetite.

    Min GleMin Gle3 days ago
  • I'm so glad to see this, and also I hope you guys understand that you have Sohla thank for the fact that this exists at all.

    Katherine KnechtKatherine Knecht3 days ago
  • Wow I hope they got paid as much as everyone else.

    S VS V3 days ago
  • "We didn't pay our former employees fairly, so we hired for diversity reasons and most likely paid them more than the people who helped build our brand" Literally the message this gives. Unsubscribed.

    Noa EntertainmentNoa Entertainment3 days ago
  • 😲😯😮😦😧😟😕😐😑👎✌️

    Kay GeniesseKay Geniesse3 days ago
  • Dear BIPOC employees, The dislikes aren't for you they're for BA and CN.

    RitakiRitaki3 days ago
    • No they're for the blacks. Deal with it.

      Chode BlowsonnChode Blowsonn3 days ago
  • I came for the food.

    sam Ysam Y3 days ago
  • We want you to own up to your mistakes. Acknowledge that what you did was wrong. For you to try and sweep your behavior under the rug only reinforces the fact that you either did it knowingly, or just didn’t care until it affected your $$$. Please make a video looking us in the eyes.

    Allen JolleyAllen Jolley3 days ago
    • What is your ethnicity, please?

      Chode BlowsonnChode Blowsonn3 days ago
  • All you had to do was PAY your employees! Its not that complicated

    Rama HibaRama Hiba3 days ago
  • they really said "round up anybody that isn't white chuck them in the video!!!!!"

    JJJJ3 days ago
  • You didn't need a new and more diverse team. YOU NEEDED TO LISTEN TO AND PAY FAIRLY THE POC ON YOUR TEAM PREVIOUSLY. This reads as highly disingenuous and honestly I'm not even sure that I will continue to watch BA content even though it was previously one of my favorite channels.

    beautyisntperfectbeautyisntperfect3 days ago
  • This has same energy as Jeffree Star's apology.... "so anyways Breonna Taylor". yeah no thanks you corporate slugs

    azixazix3 days ago