HBCU Homecoming 2020: Meet Me On The Yard

Oct 24, 2020
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HBCU Homecoming 2020 is going down! We welcome HBCU incoming students, alumni and anyone ready to celebrate to come enjoy the live step show, battle of the bands and live concert featuring 2 Chainz, Saweetie, Chloe x Halle, Ari Lennox, NLE Choppa, Ty Tribbett, as well as appearances by Desi Banks, Pretty Vee, Lance Gross and more. Plus performances from Jackson State University’s Sonic Boom and FAMU’s Marching 100! #MeetMeOnTheYard
Chloe and Halle, Lift Every Voice & Sing - 0:00
K.Michelle, Homecoming - 3:11
Saweetie, Performance - 4:46
Oprah Winfrey, vote! - 8:34
Tye Tribbet & FAMU Band + Choir Performance - 9:58
The Divine 9 - 15:30
Divine 9 Step Performance - 19:19
HBCU Businesses - 21:11
United Negro College Fund (UNCF) - 22:16
Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) - 23:32
Spillage Village Performance - 24:48
HBCU History - 34:24
Kamala Harris - 39:47
NLE Choppa - 40:30
Ari Lennox Performance - 48:00
Amanda Seales Spoken Word - 1:00:00
JSU Sonic Boom of the South Performance - 1:02:22
JSU J Settes - 1:04:41
Get Out And Vote - 1:10:06
Desi Banks and Pretty Vee - 1:11:17
HBCU Black Love - 1:13:45
2 Chainz @ ASU with Band - 1:18:36
Swag Surf - 1:29:14

  • That melody in the beginning reminds me of Destiny's Child...

    Family1stFamily1st3 days ago
  • Who gives a flying phuk

    donald Griddonald Grid3 days ago
  • BLDM

    john bidenjohn biden3 days ago
  • The black American community is doomed forever if most of their icons are millionaire rappers. Bring back Malcom

    Geran B.Geran B.3 days ago
  • Clicked this by mistake. So glad I did!!

    Tanie BakerTanie Baker3 days ago
  • ngl i’m here cause i’m bored. 😂

    Aaliayhs MartinezAaliayhs Martinez3 days ago
  • 40:46 i thought my headphones weren't working. 😂

    LiøLiø3 days ago
  • Nice 👍

    Landin PlaysLandin Plays3 days ago
  • 🤬😠😡🤬🤬😠🤬 Boo

    Emmanuel OrtizEmmanuel Ortiz4 days ago
  • Nle choppa toe it was fire and everyone else too

    Kamesha JacksonKamesha Jackson4 days ago
    • F

      A StovallA Stovall3 days ago
  • Chloe and Halle in the beginning was just so amazing 😍✨ they’re so beautiful

    Danny BeyDanny Bey4 days ago
  • Show more love to other hbcus fr fr

    iamdjchase Tviamdjchase Tv4 days ago
  • 5:00 that green screen is so bad

    CharChar4 days ago
    • Wow I haven't see a professionally bad green screen in a loooong time. Basically neither my incredibly limited understanding of videotech, The lighting looks off and the background isn't detailed enough

      MalecriumMalecrium4 days ago
  • Black privilege 🤷‍♂️

    donald Griddonald Grid4 days ago
  • This is nice.

    Ryan SharpRyan Sharp4 days ago
  • wtf is this..

    qxrtzlqxrtzl4 days ago
  • HBCU Pride!!! ✊🏻✊🏻 🧡💚🐍 💙🤍🕊

    Angel WallaceAngel Wallace4 days ago
  • Ohhhh me vengo sawethie

    JOHANN JUNIORS Suasnabar MezaJOHANN JUNIORS Suasnabar Meza4 days ago
  • Society lacks class today

    Commie whackerCommie whacker4 days ago
  • Yikes

    Commie whackerCommie whacker4 days ago
  • Are they Beyonce's project

    Makeshia LewisMakeshia Lewis4 days ago
  • This show sucks

    john brownjohn brown5 days ago
  • Was the disclaimer necessary @youtube I guess it shows your position

    Fatina KirkpatrickFatina Kirkpatrick5 days ago
  • 🐶🐶 Alabama A&M ..swag surf def a national anthem

    Jowanna MerriweatherJowanna Merriweather5 days ago
    • Swag surf? What does that mean?

      Commie whackerCommie whacker4 days ago
  • Remember: only the magneato beats the dog. “Don’t pay the fine, beat the K9” Lightenup 😎

    Krums KornerKrums Korner5 days ago
    • melissa potts YW!

      Krums KornerKrums Korner4 days ago
    • Plpl

      melissa pottsmelissa potts4 days ago
  • Gotta love segregation

    Small Ben7Small Ben75 days ago
  • Ok Tye Tribbet!!!

    camille espycamille espy5 days ago

    NLEMATTHEW yknNLEMATTHEW ykn5 days ago
  • Albany State Golden Rams!

    Janeen Perkins HartisJaneen Perkins Hartis5 days ago
  • I just came to hear Ari ✨☺️

    Anaya SpencerAnaya Spencer5 days ago
  • Bunch of bullshit

    EltrumpoEltrumpo5 days ago
  • Beautiful and boring

    MeMe5 days ago
  • What is SU doing. I've been waiting for months. I'm tired. Where the dolls and the jukebox.

    Jupiter SkyeJupiter Skye5 days ago
  • This is awesome I'm glad youtube us using its platform to make shows like this.

    Vee Pee CeeVee Pee Cee5 days ago
  • Super high IQ. Probably over 9000.

    Anagram ConfirmedAnagram Confirmed5 days ago
  • Definitely going to a HBCU school

    Memorable LifeMemorable Life5 days ago
  • Who’s the girl in the middle of the video thumbnail

    Short ParraShort Parra6 days ago
  • I am barry

    barry barrybarry barry6 days ago
  • Lol why is cardi smolett even in the thumbnail? She isn’t even black.

    locomojoboy2locomojoboy26 days ago
  • *Stop adding this f**ing add in every vid I watch ffs* -everyone

    JUST A RANDOM Sexy boiiJUST A RANDOM Sexy boii6 days ago
  • Repping A&T💙💛

    Jamaal HollywoodJamaal Hollywood6 days ago
  • christmas

    nichelle mickensnichelle mickens6 days ago
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    • @Hieronymous Ray how?

      CharChar4 days ago
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  • Hbcu...hibbecleanse better come uphot

    lance lovelance love6 days ago
  • HECU

    medcmedc6 days ago
  • BarzTrumpty Dumpty bet on a wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the white nationalist & All the Klansmen. Could not put Trumpty back in office again. 😆

    Will Slapu with love!Will Slapu with love!6 days ago
    • @Hieronymous Ray and they complain about where they live yet their ppl,back in africa r starving because they dont know how to fix or run any sort of civilization

      Commie whackerCommie whacker4 days ago
  • And guess who funds/funded the hbcus

    Toxic-_- WookieeToxic-_- Wookiee6 days ago
    • Donations or government fundings like every other college

      Ruth YosRuth Yos6 days ago
  • Ju o,f I

    lameshitlameshit6 days ago
  • 👎

    Robert RabenaRobert Rabena6 days ago
  • i bet half of the comments that were made have been deleted because of censorship.

    NVG enthusiastNVG enthusiast6 days ago
  • Complete disgrace being brought to HBCUs Our ancestors would be disgusted

    Lacardo LombardiLacardo Lombardi6 days ago
    • 🤣😂 i was actually expecting marching bands and long chorus lines maybe its early and this just the intro 😅😇

      MARI HMARI H3 days ago
    • You’ve never been to an HBCU b4 🤣

      ItsCarti TVItsCarti TV3 days ago
  • The day of the lord is at hand. Don't be distracted!

    T McmurtyT Mcmurty6 days ago
    • @Mr. No Weapon ??

      CloakedCloaked5 days ago
    • Hush

      Mr. No WeaponMr. No Weapon5 days ago
    • I wish people understand that, 🙏🏾

      GingerMeGingerMe6 days ago
  • Ari made me cry, so beautiful 😭

  • Wut

    Andrew HudsonAndrew Hudson6 days ago

    Zozo PerryZozo Perry6 days ago
  • Lmao HBCUs simply teach blacks how to be professional victims. A waste of resources. Not a single HBCU graduate has ever done anything for society 🤣🤯🤯🤯 prove me wrong lmfao

    Anthony MartinAnthony Martin6 days ago
  • Oh look its the new annual Black Power special. Glad to see America turned the tides and now promotes black supremacy and feminist power.

    Anthony MartinAnthony Martin6 days ago
  • breakfast club power 105.1

    Manuel CorroManuel Corro7 days ago
  • Wtf I clicked on Dax!

    ArsenyArseny7 days ago
  • AYO!

    Chong LiChong Li7 days ago
  • Don’t have NLE choppa if you just gonna censor every bar...

    JhonJhon7 days ago
  • Damn they are gorgeous 😍🤤 black women are winning 👌🏾

    Kahil215Kahil2157 days ago
    • @Commie whacker it sucks being you we get it trust me 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

      Kahil215Kahil2154 days ago
    • Then constantly bringing up slavery because the grudge will never go away even though nobody today jolds relevance to that

      Commie whackerCommie whacker4 days ago
    • Winning at what? Having 10 babies then asking for $ from the gov cuz the dad ran out

      Commie whackerCommie whacker4 days ago
  • Are we going back to segregation? Did I miss something?

    numarkaznumarkaz7 days ago
    • @Zoes Dada Fun fact, white people can go to these schools, but normally choose not to.

      Zozo MZozo M6 days ago
    • @Zoes Dada White people go to those schools too

      Jerremy WebsterJerremy Webster6 days ago
    • @Destinee Goodman it's funny and weird how you hypocrites don't get the point. Instead, you go to splitting hairs over the specifics. If we are going to get specific, we need to start having mostly all white colleges that I guess are able to have a mixed minority student body (less than 25%) and white cultural zones and a white student union.

      numarkaznumarkaz7 days ago
    • Zoes Dada There is not one HBCU that excludes white people. White people are more than welcomed to attend an HBCU if they choose to do so. Do some research before you write ignorant comments because you sound very uneducated

      Destinee GoodmanDestinee Goodman7 days ago
    • @Lucia Osuji okay cool. Segregation it is then. All white colleges, White entertainment television, etc.

      numarkaznumarkaz7 days ago
  • I enjoyed that! Fisk Forever!

    Lorraine FosterLorraine Foster7 days ago
  • Low key people started talking about HBCU just cuz the media mentioned it we let ourselves get influenced by them every day and that’s a shame. Couple years ago nobody cared until now

    thatboy drethatboy dre7 days ago
    • That doesn't seem true to me at all. All my young life I heard about HBCUs

      aGwEENappleaGwEENapple7 days ago
    • Not one lie told 💯

      FloraFlora7 days ago
    • Obviously the education there is subpar.

      Blacker PantherBlacker Panther7 days ago
    • H

      Jasmine MakaylaJasmine Makayla7 days ago
  • Ok, ari came thru with the classic

    Scottie's DiaryScottie's Diary7 days ago
  • Love Spillage Village, can't wait for them to on tour with this album.. festival vibes

    A EllisA Ellis7 days ago
  • I'm white, why am I here

    namastē 50namastē 507 days ago
    • It doesn’t matter anyone can attend hbcu’s just like anyone can appreciate the community

      AlphaXAlphaX7 days ago
  • I swear I have a pair of heels that looks just like their outfit.

    Phoua YangPhoua Yang7 days ago
  • bullshits getting out of hand

    ducky momoducky momo7 days ago
  • Tap in was a no for me ...she won’t even rapping

    Tifani BogueTifani Bogue7 days ago
  • I love it ❤️❤️❤️

    Rusihi LemaniRusihi Lemani7 days ago
  • Shout out to MORRIS BROWN COLLEGE!!!! HBCU’s are officially back with Brown

    MichaelMichael7 days ago
  • Isso legal a desse um côco

    Erivelton BragancaErivelton Braganca7 days ago
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    iPhone TechiPhone Tech8 days ago
  • POV: ur a boy if you willingly clicked on this video

    The TelekineticThe Telekinetic8 days ago
  • Zzz

    Ricky sosaRicky sosa8 days ago
  • Video

    Kim ReeseKim Reese8 days ago
  • Who defunded HBCUs? And then who permanently refunded HBCUs by more than double of what is was?

    Eddie CastanerEddie Castaner8 days ago
    • fact check yourself before you continue

      Zaia BrooksZaia Brooks7 days ago
  • “opinions of the people in the video do not reflect our own” yea thats complete bullocks

    Kyle ComfortKyle Comfort8 days ago
  • Veeeeeee Sssssssss uuuuuuuu.....I love it! I love it! I love it! 🧡💙

    E RobinsonE Robinson8 days ago
  • This is so boring

    Kaysten BondaugKaysten Bondaug8 days ago
  • She was cute though

    Norman DavisNorman Davis8 days ago
  • The sister's did Great with the singing 🙌🏾

    MizzAmberyummyMizzAmberyummy8 days ago
  • What a bunch of achievers!

    Timothy FontaineTimothy Fontaine8 days ago
    • Aaaadtrrsaqa

      Sweetval 23Sweetval 235 days ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

    Tarvaries GainesTarvaries Gaines8 days ago
  • Beautiful ladies

    MusicanomicsMusicanomics8 days ago
  • This was poorly executed 😬

    Amina SarrAmina Sarr8 days ago
    • I appreciate your comment. I agree. It's nice that they are trying to raise money though. I saw about 7 minutes of it. I had to see Saweetie 😍😍

      Chaleman RChaleman R6 days ago
    • .e

      Angela WrightAngela Wright6 days ago
  • dashie

    Swagg KiddSwagg Kidd8 days ago
  • I remember in 98 when i a kid we sung this song every morning

    ytomeechie ytoytomeechie yto8 days ago
  • Why she lip singing? Smh

    Damnthats JDDamnthats JD8 days ago
    • Lip Syncing*

      Donavan BoxDonavan Box7 days ago
  • As as as as U! 🐝🐝🐝

    Sabastin KennedySabastin Kennedy8 days ago
  • She cant be serious, she's got a lot of work to do, on her Voice, lyrics, whole song, her video, her, image. Just everything, everything!!!

    Elizabeth MaasElizabeth Maas8 days ago
  • Oprah can’t even acknowledge she went to an HBCU

    Lawrence GreenLawrence Green8 days ago
  • Such beautiful young lady who's voice is like the rising of sun rays.

    SanjaySanjay9 days ago
  • Hi

    Jushann DavidsonJushann Davidson9 days ago
  • I would love to go to HBCU I'm under Hampton University

    Britney MesametinaBritney Mesametina9 days ago
  • Tuskegee alum where y’all at?

    Kayla BakerKayla Baker9 days ago