Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

Nov 20, 2020
5 247 416 Views

Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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  • Just release season 5 already instead of advertising Only Available at Scalpers, Inc. 5.

    Jagielski GamingJagielski Gaming19 minutes ago
  • Yessirrr

    MontobyMontoby38 minutes ago
  • Do New episodes ffs

    M GM G39 minutes ago
  • Listen any commurcial from Rick and Morty I will buy what their advertising.

    Mr.Ezekills PlaysMr.Ezekills Plays44 minutes ago
  • we also want season 5 too

    CHInO diazCHInO diaz57 minutes ago
  • Lool

    anita saxenaanita saxenaHour ago
  • 😂😂😂

    Ticker Is A BotTicker Is A BotHour ago
  • Sony:play has no limits Online shopping for PS5: stocks are limited

  • Can't even fucking buy it. Why pay for advertising?

    Danger DavisDanger DavisHour ago
  • That, if you have managed to find someone who sells it on the deepest levels of the Dark Web at like 5 times the price.

    Mihnea ZarojanuMihnea ZarojanuHour ago
  • Go play ps5 fuck my asd

    Jon RavinJon RavinHour ago
  • Me before watching this ad: nah i dont need a ps5 Me after this ad: *ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK*

    Mr. NobodyMr. NobodyHour ago
  • Xbox

    Don PipeDon PipeHour ago
  • 5.5 million views. This is it. We lost the apocalypse. We are on USkeys for the ads now.

    Nick MillerNick MillerHour ago
  • 6.9k ppl who has never seen Rick and Morty

    CHI 121092CHI 121092Hour ago
  • Weak-sauce, this is Rick and Morty, I would expect Rick to do something that would bring game characters to life and then have to kill them.

    Cathy GrandstaffCathy GrandstaffHour ago
  • One of the scalper "companies" has over 35k units.. STOP BUYING OVERPRICED SHIT FROM SCALPERS!!!! Put them out of business

    pohowpohowHour ago
  • I know wanna buy this

    Peter WhitePeter White2 hours ago
  • When they make a PS that can use all the other PS discs.

    Riff TallanRiff Tallan2 hours ago
  • If only people could buy them, but why bother when you have to pay some chuckel fuck 2x the MSRP for one.

    DarkwolfpoccoDarkwolfpocco2 hours ago
  • [as] [ad]

    Miguel YanezMiguel Yanez2 hours ago
  • Is it good or bad to have a commercial from Rick n Morty

    RJ tvRJ tv2 hours ago
  • Season 5 please

    VinexVinex2 hours ago
  • This ad was still better than the majority of the fitst episodes in season 4. (Yeah I’m looking at you, episode with the weird fucking dragon orgy and you the snake terminator episode)

    Pickle NikPickle Nik2 hours ago
  • Play has no limits until it comes to stock

    sataniclemmonsataniclemmon2 hours ago
  • We would buy one but ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ONE

    Megaman8384Megaman83842 hours ago
  • Why Buy It When I Can Just Wait For Onna Yalls To Go To Bed Then Steal It FOR FREE🥰😂 Im Kidding

    Brilly Ashby SleboldBrilly Ashby Slebold2 hours ago
  • Sony:get ps5 Me at work: what do u think I’m doing?!??

    V1RU5 JeadrikV1RU5 Jeadrik3 hours ago
  • 0:14 “Available when this feature is supported by game” Yeah when buying one is a feature

    Nathan ZadroznyNathan Zadrozny3 hours ago
  • That was cool.

    Doom SlayerDoom Slayer3 hours ago
  • 😆 the thing about the buttons

    SLIMMzSLIMMz3 hours ago
  • Insert comment about play has no limits but stock is out or limited...

    ADarkLessonADarkLesson3 hours ago
  • Wow

    Kc MonteroKc Montero3 hours ago
  • I'm trying, Sony is wasting money on these ads when they should be making stock.

    Lapis LoafLapis Loaf3 hours ago
  • "Go play PS5! Fuck my ass!" What a convincing sales pitch.

    Avery PatrickAvery Patrick4 hours ago
  • Y'all just copying the same comment thinking your original and cool.

    Solid vortexSolid vortex4 hours ago
  • Cringe

    Dacian Kolkhuis TankeDacian Kolkhuis Tanke4 hours ago
  • S I M P?

    RX8 XDRX8 XD4 hours ago
  • Dont Know why they be promoting the ps5 if that bich gets sold a zap when it gets to a market 😂😭😭

    Jaime AburtoJaime Aburto4 hours ago
  • XDD

    Idonthave FantasyIdonthave Fantasy4 hours ago
  • Enjoy watching ads to watch this ad.

    Christopher PhamChristopher Pham4 hours ago
  • Consle wars are stupid but im happy they did this instead of xbox

    Jack MuhlbauerJack Muhlbauer4 hours ago
  • Where can I find one?

    Flat Earth Watertown New YorkFlat Earth Watertown New York4 hours ago
  • Sony : "play has no limits" Everyone in the comments : tHe StOcK ThO

    Joe KurrJoe Kurr4 hours ago
  • box suck

    andrewreid tvandrewreid tv5 hours ago
  • Legend says Rick is still counting his money

    Sonic 95Sonic 955 hours ago
  • So the playstation 5 isn't the only thing to sell out huh.

    Isaac PowellIsaac Powell5 hours ago
  • Gravity falls should be Xbox series X

    Csroy7Csroy75 hours ago
  • i gonna wait to emulat ... ok if rick says that i have no choice

    InechoMaBoyInechoMaBoy5 hours ago
  • this ps5 is kinda boring, u said it morty

    SammySammy5 hours ago
  • Tbh. Rick and morty sold out, it’s very obvious in the recent years.

    liiva munnerliiva munner5 hours ago
  • Ya but sony don't give a shit scalpers bought them all because in thier mind a sale is a sale. They all about that skrilla! Straight hustlers! GAMERS: We can't find a console! SONY: Hey, pound sand bud!

    Jacob PeirceJacob Peirce5 hours ago
  • I'm sold

    DoeyFaceDoeyFace5 hours ago
  • Play dose have a limit with limited amount of consoles

    DeathSkeletonDeathSkeleton5 hours ago
  • Best console commercial. Not gonna lie Xbox too gay to make a commercial like this. And I play Xbox

    Anthony BohnetAnthony Bohnet5 hours ago
  • best ad ever

    LilSmelly PugLilSmelly Pug5 hours ago
  • But what if where pore

    Jolly Rocko The Rock ツJolly Rocko The Rock ツ5 hours ago
  • hah

    some adam guysome adam guy5 hours ago
  • H

  • Wow

    UlfednyerUlfednyer5 hours ago
  • PlayStation 5: **now in stock** Scalpers: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

    XhereonXhereon5 hours ago
  • You can tell Rick is actually a Nintendo guy. Does he still have all those 3DS’s?

    Nathan ZadroznyNathan Zadrozny6 hours ago
  • They forgotton it catch on fire. This game is on fire I mean it really on fire.

    denny djdenny dj6 hours ago
  • This comments section is full of unfunny people desperately attempting to be funny

    Bancho BatchoyBancho Batchoy6 hours ago
  • Siiiigh, rick and morty is just a lame cliche show now...this wasnt funny, it was edgy...it was lame

    Bancho BatchoyBancho Batchoy6 hours ago
  • XBOX: Here. **Throws Wad of cash** Be sure to talk about us now owning Elder Scrolls

    Nathan ZadroznyNathan Zadrozny6 hours ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      pritish kherapritish khera3 hours ago
  • Has no limits.... only it’s lack of stock... anywhere

    Alex FletcherAlex Fletcher6 hours ago
  • Does Sony have not realize buying this thing has become impossible to do right now.

    Brian LanesBrian Lanes6 hours ago
  • No thanks, Xbox is for real men.

    Nel LNel L6 hours ago
  • I always got my playstation on launch day no pre-order by going to Toys R Us. No one ever shopped there so they always had one. Rip Toys R Us..

    Haik HakopyanHaik Hakopyan6 hours ago
  • Is it me or does Morty sound a lil weird?

    Min.Min.6 hours ago
  • Such a simple ad but I love it😂 love rick and morty

    Michael WaltonMichael Walton6 hours ago
  • Even GOD's like Gold. Do you research.

    Game DapX1Game DapX16 hours ago
  • I only know the rick and morty in spanish

    Nixon GamesNixon Games6 hours ago
  • Does looks like we r in middle of pendemic

    Danny HDanny H7 hours ago
  • só quero saber se vai ter jogo R&M

    Stefan MedeirosStefan Medeiros7 hours ago
  • Rick:makes PS6 Sony:7

    David PalomaresDavid Palomares7 hours ago

    Nob CheeseNob Cheese7 hours ago
  • Soo... basically PlayStation won again.

    JKTheGreatJKTheGreat7 hours ago
  • That ad was not neccisary its selling like a bi%$h

    radical gamesradical games7 hours ago
  • Sony: PS5! BUY IT Literally everyone: * out of stock* *WE’RE TRYING*

    AnonymousAnonymous7 hours ago
  • 😐 I would buy it but like it gets taken away from my cart when I put it so yea

    Jonathan LuxJonathan Lux7 hours ago
  • "Play has no limits" EXCEPT FOR MY F**KING INTERNET!!!!

    Jacob BrownJacob Brown7 hours ago
  • Counting his ad revenue.

    arsonist_1arsonist_17 hours ago
  • i don’t care which console you getting but sony doing way better with advertising

    Gorilla TortillaGorilla Tortilla7 hours ago
  • Sony: Play has no Limits COVID-19: We’ll put those Limits to the test! All Retailers: Sorry we’re Limited to the number of PS5s we have- your limit is one per house. Me: 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Rob SandersRob Sanders7 hours ago
  • The ps4 sells itself

    oakley lowryoakley lowry7 hours ago
  • Is there an entire universe just now releasing the SporkleStation5 inside the PS5?

    souluresoulure7 hours ago
  • I love that they are trying so hard to convince us to buy the PS5 when not everyone can at the moment. Kinda obvious they just want the money.

    Jalen ScottJalen Scott7 hours ago
  • "Play has no limits" except that which scalpers put on the stock of a game console.

    J. B. BostJ. B. Bost7 hours ago
  • I definitely much preferred the Pringles commercial. At least they tried with that one. And I guess at least Morty acknowledged that they didn't really try with this one, but acknowledging it doesn't mean that it's better.

    Sly88FryeSly88Frye7 hours ago
  • Everyone in here talking about PS5 stocks and I'm here for the "Fuck my ass" in a PlayStation commercial.

    Tim McCaugheyTim McCaughey7 hours ago
  • *Insert generic comment talking about the video here*

    YesbelikenoYesbelikeno7 hours ago
  • Show me the Morty!

    Chaolan LeeChaolan Lee7 hours ago
  • Next season hurry tf up plz

    EeKay -EeKay -8 hours ago
  • we would be playing it if we could get our fucking hands on one.

    chris snellschris snells8 hours ago
  • Y’all bringing back Rick and Morty?

    J. LouJ. Lou8 hours ago
  • We love seeing ads for a product you can't buy anywhere

    A BA B8 hours ago
  • Where’s XBOX Series X

    Llama PlushiesLlama Plushies8 hours ago
  • Nice!!!!

    Risaly 72Risaly 728 hours ago