we broke up

Sep 13, 2020
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This is our break up story…. part 1
Even though we broke up, we’ve been working on a project together
and we’d love your support - www.secretstofame.com/
In our program, we teach you the tips & tricks that made us go viral and
create an amazing life together. These secrets built both of our careers,
and we’re truly honored to be able to teach them to you.
Since we aren’t a couple anymore, youtube needs it’s next big relationship
channel and entertaining creators to fill the void. Want that to be you?
Unlock your potential now:

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You can always find us at:
Nate’s INSTAGRAM ➝ instagram.com/nategarner/
Karissa’s INSTAGRAM ➝ instagram.com/iamkarissaduncan1/
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  • We haven't addressed it on youtube yet and thought we owed you guys an explanation...

    Nate and KarissaNate and Karissa14 days ago
    • OMG, I’m literally crying right now 😭hope you can get back together at some point, you are really meant to be💔

      Ixchel HiralesIxchel Hirales2 days ago
    • What do I do with the merch

      Naveah SchnurmanNaveah Schnurman3 days ago
    • Nate and Karissa please get back together 😭

      Tiana & LaurenTiana & Lauren4 days ago
    • You made me cry so much I was shake it you were my absolute favourite USkeys couple now it is over it is so overwhelming

      Janessa MeadeJanessa Meade7 days ago
    • This breaks my heart!!!!

      Abbey SlausonAbbey Slauson10 days ago
  • haha wtf no one cares

    calvinnn__calvinnn__3 hours ago
  • This just made me cry and made me feel like crap after .... you guys are family

  • Why did you break up

    Gianna StewartGianna Stewart12 hours ago
  • He seems excited to give this story line she seems broken

    katie Bartlettkatie Bartlett16 hours ago
  • I can feel the pain. I dont know where it went wrong but I miss them.

    Leilani MaloataLeilani Maloata17 hours ago
  • Why....???

    Cindy BiCindy Bi20 hours ago
  • Omfg.. this is REAL?!! NOOOOOOOOO. I followed the whole engagement series and thought it was the most genuine and romantic journey I've ever seen two people have. A dream engagement, the fact that this guy literally does everything a woman can dream of, this is breaking my heart.. I'll subscribe if you guys get back together again but till then..my heart is broken

    B BB B20 hours ago
  • Are you guys going to get back to toather ? I member the Sundays you guys had together

    Kaitlyn EkKaitlyn Ek22 hours ago
  • Say sike

    JAZZ NewkirkJAZZ NewkirkDay ago
  • Its funny. It sounds like they are ours divorced parent.

    saramne facesaramne faceDay ago
  • this sucks man. ive lost all faith.

    BBDay ago
  • What is this piano instrumental playing in the back?

    Lori PenroseLori PenroseDay ago
  • Im freaking sobbing right now and my mom is so confused, i cant breathe i cant believe this is actually happening

    Vaeh WrightVaeh WrightDay ago

    It’s AnthonyIt’s AnthonyDay ago
  • Dude serious after all we following you guys this past few months... You guys breaking up?!💔

    GeoRando EgnitoGeoRando EgnitoDay ago
  • ok

    MatthewMatthewDay ago
  • who ever believes these kinda videos are idiots

    psychotic and iconicpsychotic and iconic2 days ago
  • I just stopped believing in true love...

    valia simouvalia simou2 days ago
  • Why did they break up?

    tevis mecaskeytevis mecaskey2 days ago
  • Love is temporary thing so, in another wise a real friendship never end! Just saying

    MashaelMashael2 days ago
  • Karissa deserves better ngl

    Olivia BerguddenOlivia Bergudden2 days ago
  • i am so confused w*f i am literally cry

    Daria PiechDaria Piech2 days ago
  • Damn feb first is my birthday 🤨

    Alyssa RuizAlyssa Ruiz2 days ago
  • I never expected that from you guys. But still, as I don't know the reason,i won't be able to judge you two. I'm hoping for you both to have a better life. Life is sometimes unfair. If your fate was to be apart after certain time,so be it. Live for the future and forget the past. I K ow it's hard but do try. I love you guys. You guys were the best.☺❤

    Siboo ShreetySiboo Shreety2 days ago
  • This really hurt me 😢 for not being together anymore

    Ajiroba LizzieAjiroba Lizzie2 days ago
  • Lol

    CJ BrownCJ Brown2 days ago
  • this really did make me sob

    sara bethsara beth2 days ago
  • I just found this channel and I’m already crying 😭

    Nobubelo NdlovuNobubelo Ndlovu3 days ago
  • I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I feel like Nate keeps cutting off Karissa whenever she feels the need to want to let some things off her chest.. I feel as though Karissa should make her own videos answering these questions without Nate

    KakauKakau3 days ago
    • Dominique Jones Exaxtly! I don’t mean to offend anyone etc I’m just stating facts based on what I can see and it annoys me because if Nate is going to keep interrupting her, she might as well create her own videos based on the breakup

      KakauKakau4 hours ago
    • I actually agree. I mean, Karissa keeps trying to talk and Nate kept interrupting her and cutting her off. All she did was say a few words and kept nodding anything Nate says.

      Dominique JonesDominique Jones4 hours ago
    • Nakiya Payne you’re right I don’t lol but what I can see is it looks like Nate doesn’t want Karissa talking about why they split up and her feelings and thoughts on the subject etc lol

      KakauKakau17 hours ago
    • You don’t know what they go thru behind cameras.

      Nakiya PayneNakiya Payne17 hours ago
  • This a Liza & David situation all over again, right person wrong time is a true thing y’all & it hurts my heart watching this. When the time is right, I really hope they rekindle their love , they deserve it 😩🧡

    Moni AmoreeMoni Amoree3 days ago
  • my heart omg..

    bhadsunbhadsun3 days ago
  • Haven’t seen them for like a year damn

    Kristel CruzKristel Cruz3 days ago
  • Can someone please explain what happened😭

    Sammy RoseSammy Rose3 days ago
    • +234:807:554:7711

      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
  • I don’t even know them and I’m crying 🥺 there’s still love, I see it, they still love eachother and I know it ❤️

    Monet_ LoisMonet_ Lois3 days ago
  • Why they r posting as if someone died

    Ayush SamaddarAyush Samaddar4 days ago
  • Y’all were suppose to get married 💔 but things change

    Gina CassAtGina CassAt4 days ago
  • So they were not together since Feb or someone explain to me

    Stephanie ,GitauStephanie ,Gitau4 days ago
  • I cried 20s in I’m so sorry ♥️

    Charlotte XCharlotte X4 days ago
  • I’m going through a breakup right now... this really helps

    Alecin ZelayaAlecin Zelaya4 days ago
  • I subscribed when y’all got together & I lost y’all channel . Y’all never popped up on my recommendations. But when y’all break up ... IT WANNA POP UP . Help me understand .

    Life With GabbyLife With Gabby4 days ago
  • It hurts

    Angel ParinasAngel Parinas5 days ago
  • I've been here since u guys r still best friends

    Angel ParinasAngel Parinas5 days ago
  • 7 months and you guys are still heart broken 💔 for each other 😢 that’s saying something x

    DaniiDanii5 days ago
    • ...+234...807...554...7711...

      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
    • +234:807:554:7711

      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
  • Douchetuber

    Joe -Altuve and Greinke StanJoe -Altuve and Greinke Stan5 days ago
  • Why? uskeys.net/watch/ZcbfOY2giNM-video.html

    Florjen BaroniaFlorjen Baronia5 days ago
  • Ok But like why they break up, they were about to get married😭

    Kelly DurhamKelly Durham5 days ago
    • ...+234...807...554...7711...

      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
  • Why am I crying😭😭

    jasleen mannjasleen mann6 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
  • i miss them😔

    b e t h a n y r o s e f i l m sb e t h a n y r o s e f i l m s6 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
  • 😞

    Ren RenRen Ren7 days ago
  • im not even in the relationship & and im crying

    JallyJally7 days ago
  • They’re both have to dealing with their own issues, don’t be mean to them. Nate seems in pain so he’s focusing on his work, on his new projects. Karissa just wants to be happy, be in good mental health, learn to love herself. It just means they’re humans, we can’t be mad for this, we have to support them. We just want them to be happy cause they deserve it. Please help them by being respectful and sending only love to them. 💚

    Jade LyJade Ly7 days ago
  • Why does break up have to exist 😭😭😭😭

    Laura GonzalezLaura Gonzalez7 days ago
    • +234:807:554:7711

      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
  • Ok but what is that song called in the beginning

    Olivia WertzOlivia Wertz7 days ago
  • I know I wasn't the only one who cried watching this

  • Why the break up 💔 😕 they were perfect 4 each other Sry bummed out man =/

    Ash BranAsh Bran7 days ago
    • +234:807:554:7711

      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
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      Love FamilyLove Family3 days ago
  • wheres the sike

    amberley roseamberley rose7 days ago
  • it’s 5am and i’m crying..

    Allison DossettAllison Dossett8 days ago
  • look at karissa from 4:28-4:37 🥺

    Raina RasmussenRaina Rasmussen8 days ago
  • Why are so many USkeys couples breaking up 😭🥺

    Angelina SaylorAngelina Saylor8 days ago
  • And yet she is wearing the engagement ring??

    JamieAlex MooreJamieAlex Moore8 days ago
  • This breaks my heart

    Miranda KatherineMiranda Katherine8 days ago
  • Noo stop it please tell me your lying ahh stop 🥺🥺 funny joke hahaha 🤣 🥺🥺🥺

    Tylee's LifeTylee's Life8 days ago
  • She has come more protected then ever

    Charlotte MadrenCharlotte Madren8 days ago
    • Why is the channel name still both of your names. Pretty sure you should probably change that now.

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu8 days ago
  • Woah he looks like the guy from outer banks

    Kaylee PhelpsKaylee Phelps8 days ago
  • omyghadd I'm cryinggg in intro shekss

    jyll kizzajyll kizza8 days ago
  • right person but at the wrong time. that sucks :(

    nicole delacruznicole delacruz8 days ago
  • Can someone tell me why and what is happening?

    Emma LebrantEmma Lebrant9 days ago
  • Can someone tell me what is happening?

    Emma LebrantEmma Lebrant9 days ago
  • You are so melodramatic jus stop get back with her and be happy, I can tell you two belong together

    jorge sotojorge soto9 days ago

    Kristel OKKristel OK9 days ago
  • For You abroad guy’s the name of relationship is just get a girl or boy date and have sex and have fun for moment and when you are done you just leave like it was nothing before more like a use and throw tissue paper 🙂 come in relationships only when you know the real meaning of love and the difference between lust and love, have a nice day

    Darshan SonawaneDarshan Sonawane9 days ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi9 days ago
  • omg i didn’t even watch their channel and i’m crying tf 😭

    Megan ZhuMegan Zhu9 days ago
  • No no no I am gonna cry I haven’t watched them since they proposed and I see this title😭😭

    Nana LoveNana Love9 days ago
    • eioshen boboi yes😭

      Nana LoveNana Love9 days ago
    • oh this is real...

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi9 days ago
  • They were super cute together.. I loved them 💔

    Sarah BahgatSarah Bahgat9 days ago
  • They made me laugh so much and got me thru those nights... i hate life lol

    Ellen ShawEllen Shaw9 days ago
  • They made me laugh so much and got me thru those nights... i hate life lol

    Ellen ShawEllen Shaw9 days ago
  • Why is the channel name still both of your names. Pretty sure you should probably change that now.

  • This is the ultimate unexpected "Plot Twist" in their journey after the proposal 😔😔😔..

    Nothing 2 SomethingNothing 2 Something9 days ago
  • i have never watched one of their videos and i’m crying

    Emma LindstromEmma Lindstrom9 days ago
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    Morgan CobinMorgan Cobin9 days ago
  • Is Nate being selfish

    Oh OkOh Ok9 days ago
  • The background music and the flashbacks makes it sadder. I'll support you guys in whatever you do. I love you both soo much and even though I love you together I respect ur decisions. Wish you both the best xxxxx

    Sarah BambaSarah Bamba9 days ago
  • 💔

    liliane Bestliliane Best9 days ago
  • you can tell they still love eachother so much🥺

    Precious FlavellPrecious Flavell9 days ago
  • You guys where the cutest couple yet. Plz get back together 😔

    Annie CramletAnnie Cramlet9 days ago
  • still waiting for the “SIKE”

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi10 days ago
  • WHY.

    taylor olveytaylor olvey10 days ago
  • oh this is real...

    taylor olveytaylor olvey10 days ago
  • how long were they together???

    Katie McLaughlinKatie McLaughlin10 days ago
  • I’m crying and the video hasn’t even started..

    Original DaniOriginal Dani10 days ago
  • What? What happened?????

    Keemmah KitaneKeemmah Kitane10 days ago
  • IM crying no cap i hate this

    Meghan ClevelandMeghan Cleveland10 days ago
  • Figures there’s many vids cuz u prob need the money but fuck it Im going to watch .

    Joseph RonberJoseph Ronber10 days ago
  • i am sobbing

    dana quayledana quayle10 days ago
  • Gash Nate! So hateful. “Wanna see Karissa cry?!” What guy wants to see a girl cry???? She cries and you don’t even get her a tissue! Mean......

    Kyla GKyla G10 days ago
  • Okay David

    Shianna BabeyShianna Babey10 days ago
  • I’m not crying.... you are 💔

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown10 days ago
  • Why did you brekk upp

    Emma ElísabetEmma Elísabet10 days ago