Iconic Corpse: The Exhumations of Jesse James

Jun 27, 2020
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Meanwhile, back at the (wrong) grave...
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Mortician: Caitlin Doughty
Producer & Writer: Louise Hung (@LouiseHung1)
Editor & Graphics: Landis Blair (@landisblair)
This video was greatly informed by the book "Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War" by T.J. Stiles. Thank you Mr. Stiles for your exhaustive research and insight.

"Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War"
Stiles, T.J.
Alfred A. Knopf (a division of Random House, Inc.) 2002. New York.
The Death of Jesse James
"The afterlife of Jesse James"
"Body of Evidence"
"Historically Yours: John Newman Edwards and the legend of Jesse James"

  • Hello, love your shows!!! Have you done one of these on the late Dr. Grover Krantz, of anthropological bigfoot hunter fame, who has been skeletized along with his 2 dogs and is on display in the Smithsonian?

    Doc HydrateDoc Hydrate2 hours ago
  • Yes to the flags. They are a symbol of an oppressive regime that required slavery to succeed. The confederate south was built on the backs of slaves. The history should be remembered but not celebrated. Just like Germany teachers about the Nazis but doesn't celebrate them, they teach the history and condem the Nazies instead.

    princessrose17princessrose172 hours ago
  • The real way to tell which is the real Jesse James is the fact that he was a Freemason. I would look up Lodge records for those states and see if his name was in the books. He attended Lodge regularly. I know this for a fact because I'm a 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite and have seen his name in one of our Lodges books here in New Orleans.

    † Armitage Soulshroude †† Armitage Soulshroude †3 hours ago
  • Your USkeys channel is the best here!!!

    Jim FowlerJim Fowler4 hours ago
  • Caitlyn, you are a knockout with an amazing figure! Your videos are very entertaining and informative.

    Lee RunkleLee Runkle4 hours ago
  • In the US we put Confederate flags on the graves of dead Confederate soldiers. While by law they have US veteran status, they fought, and in many cases died under the rebel flag. Putting an American flag on the grave would be inappropriate.

    Edward HillenbrandEdward Hillenbrand5 hours ago
  • The second you said "if NASCAR can do it" I lost it! You are an icon! We love a anti-racist KWEEN!

    Emily ManceEmily Mance5 hours ago
  • Probate lawyers have told me a few tall-sounding tales of events which suggest some limited consciousness or awareness, for at least a short period, after death. These usually involve slow changes in the facial expression of a corpse, on a hospital bed, after it has "overheard" something, or, for example, had a teddy bear placed on its shoulder. Do you have any such tales in your videos? Perhaps there is some logic in the tradition of a delay before burial or cremation. The fading consciousness might be spared the horror.

    Peter DixonPeter Dixon7 hours ago
  • Sadly loved the video.. but unable to enlarge it. I kept trying, cause I love you and love your info/USkeyss.!.... lol, got it. Took Jessie James verbabage.... and maybe his moms energy. Maybe more so a some Spirit competition. So, thanks Jessie.g

    Suzan PSuzan P8 hours ago
  • www.imdb.com/title/tt0531075/ Brady Bunch

    Laura PowersLaura Powers10 hours ago
  • I have to give Caitlyn credit for opening my eyes to the small emotional comforts that American funerals offer. We just hurried my grandmother and my kids and I sat in reverence as the coffin was sealed, even though we were advised to look away.

    L. M. M.L. M. M.10 hours ago
  • Real talk: the *ONLY* reasonable place for a confederate flag is flying over the grave of someone who fought for the confederacy. If someone is dedicated enough to a cause that they're willing to give their life for it, it seems reasonable that it can be used to mark them as such. I wouldn't have any objections to marking Nazi graves with their Nazi flag, American graves with the American flag, British graves with the Union Jack, ect. That said, if you, a living person, are literally going to be waving these things around, you should strongly consider the legal and technical ramifications of flying a flag associated with one of the most lethal enemies the United States has ever fought against. Obviously it hasn't worked out well for those in the graves conveniently marked by the same flag.

    Trent DeRocTrent DeRoc15 hours ago
  • I have a question, how do you prepare for the death of conjoined twins?

    nightwing Gamesnightwing Games15 hours ago
  • How would they bury or cremate conjoined twins, like Ronnie & Donnie Gaylon? Would they separate them for two separate burials? Can u purchase a custom casket? I'm very curious, I thought that others might be too. Oldest living conjoined twins, passed away July 4th, 2020.

    Expressive PetsExpressive Pets17 hours ago
  • Hi I'm related to Jesse James according to my grandpa.

    I Am In PainI Am In Pain20 hours ago
  • I mean, let's be honest -- is it REALLY so hard to believe people re-wrote history then? It's 90% of what we see today. It's why the "1619" project is so popular with activists even though all legitimate historians have refuted it again and again, given we HAVE SO MUCH DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE that refutes it and none that support it. It's why "Hamilton" claims the pro-monarchist pro-slavery Alexander Hamilton was a democracy-loving abolitionist while claiming the pro-republicanism abolitionist Aaron Burr was the opposite. A good rule of thumb for that musical is to assume anything it says Hamilton said was actually Burr's views & vice-versa, given the real Hamilton wanted George Washington to be KING and only settled for the Federalism camp because he believed it would eventually lead to a monarchy. But I've seen actual history books written post-musical which claim the opposite because the truth won't move copy anymore... History isn't written by the victors -- it's written by the people who tell the masses what they want to hear. Which drives us scholars MAD.

    Awakeandalive1Awakeandalive121 hour ago
  • J. Frank Dalton's story evolved over the years. In his earliest version, he was a friend of Jesse. Eventually he claimed to be Jesse's cousin, and finally to being Jesse himself. For what it's worth, he also claimed to have been a Canadian fighter pilot in World War 1, when he would have been at least in his late 60s.

    Chuck RabasChuck Rabas22 hours ago

    Kaylee CefaluKaylee Cefalu23 hours ago
  • It's not you're right to decide what kind of flag a person has on their head stone.You people don't get it do you. Where do any of you get off? It's pisses me off that you think you have the right to tell other people what they can and cant do.

    psychopsychoDay ago
  • I love your videos and love of middle age magic. I was wondering if you could do a video on "coffin birth". As described in this article, Post mortem fetal extrusion: Analysis of a coffin birth case from an Early Medieval cemetery along the Via Francigena in Tuscany (Italy)" www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352409X20302108?via%3Dihub

    K GalatianK GalatianDay ago
  • amputated?

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyDay ago
  • I wonder if Jesse James died when doing the housework if it really was Henry the hoover that shot him??😉

    sophie wildesophie wildeDay ago
  • I’ve been to that cemetery in Granbury. Grew up near by in Cleburne, TX. And, yes Lord, it’s way too hot and way too humid.

    Lewis WorthingtonLewis WorthingtonDay ago
    • Can you pay a visit to National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas? I hear they have some really wonderful displays on funerals. PLEASE !!!!

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyDay ago
  • Pleeeeeeeeeeease omg pleeeeeeeeeeeease how about a video about the preservation and exhumation of Admiral John Paul Jones's rather iconic corpse, and exactly how common WAS the practice of preserving seafaring bodies in booze? Hmm? Arr? 🇬🇧💀🍸

    Kelly HysonKelly HysonDay ago
  • I love the word choice on the grave in Missouri. He was not murdered, not killed but assassinated. Considering his actual history as a bushwacker turned criminal for the Confederacy, that seems like the family's version of a 'hot take'

    Vanessa FernowVanessa FernowDay ago
  • If people would put as much energy into things like homelessness and child abuse and domestic violence as they did over being butthurt about a flag this country would be so much better off.

    Mrs. ThomasMrs. ThomasDay ago
  • You’re supposed to put a baby between two arms, not the other way around!

    Angela BrettAngela BrettDay ago
  • Could /would you do a video on the The Hearse Song There is a couple versions. Perhaps one on natural burial and decomposition . Wait decomposition in not about shredding your book report. is it.

    Pastor Joni PattersonPastor Joni PattersonDay ago
  • Can you do a video about old city cemetery in Lynchburg va.

    rexxed757rexxed757Day ago
  • I stopped by before going to sleep because remembering that it's all going to end one day is a comforting thought, and because you're calming, soothing, and often hilarious.

    Aer0plane JellyAer0plane JellyDay ago
  • First of all, love your channel. My comment is not really related to this specific video, but I just randomly saw something on freeze-dried pets?! What is the deal there?? Would love for a Caitlin deep dive on that

    Olivia HintzOlivia HintzDay ago
  • God bless Dixie 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Donald J. TrumpDonald J. TrumpDay ago
  • House cleaning day... is a very dangerous day.

    KGBZekaKGBZekaDay ago
  • I don't know if this is your most recent video but I want to let you know: I've never liked the idea of being put in a concrete box, but I don't want cremation either. Well, thanks to you I have found a green cemetery and a sorce for a wicker casket or just a shroud! Exactly what I wanted! Thank you for informing us about our options! Along those lines, what would it take to be buried on private property? I have a place and, well, just sayin'!😁

    Saprenna MillsSaprenna MillsDay ago
  • Soooo I found a dead body Sunday and I dont really have many people to be able to talk about it. If anyone knows a way to talk to a mortician to talk about my experience? It wasnt traumatic but I do feel I need to talk about it.

    Nicholas MullenNicholas MullenDay ago
  • If someone is 800 pounds and wants to get cremated, would they be able to fit into the furnace or would have to divide the body into two furnaces?

    Julius NewmanJulius Newman2 days ago
    • @Julius Newman : There it is ... uskeys.net/watch/71Z677IXUak-video.html

      bellisperennis42bellisperennis4214 hours ago
    • @Julius Newman : Caitlin did a video about dying overweight. Look through her feed 🙂

      bellisperennis42bellisperennis4214 hours ago
  • PLEASE, PLEASE get a TikTok!!!!!!!!

    Sccobs MamaSccobs Mama2 days ago
  • Been catching up on midnight gospel and holy crap I just want to say it is so awesome to hear you in it and get you to play such a fun version of death. Love your vids thank you so much.

    Cal RedlCal Redl2 days ago
  • Can you pay a visit to National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas? I hear they have some really wonderful displays on funerals. PLEASE !!!!

    Joel Garcia-PlessJoel Garcia-Pless2 days ago
  • Elton John wrote a song about Robert Ford. uskeys.net/watch/X5aUJe-EiQs-video.html That's the only reason I knew the story of Jesse's death. I never knew that it suspected that his death was faked. I have learned so much from this channel!

    Social ButterflySocial Butterfly2 days ago
  • Can you do a video about the Vietnam war - Agent Orange? After watching your video about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I'm curious to know.

    Marishka *Marishka *2 days ago
  • okay. I get the coins. . . . . but why an allen key?

    Binary Burnout 3DBinary Burnout 3D2 days ago
  • Some please tell me I wasn’t the only one who caught Caitlin’s voice acting in The Midnight Gospel!!!

    Samantha MurraySamantha Murray2 days ago
  • I truly appreciate you (unsurprisingly) going the extra mile by finding the arm!

    M CM C2 days ago
  • Did anyone else realize that at 0:46 She is using the cardboard boxes from Toy Story?

    Alex ThelenAlex Thelen2 days ago
  • Caitlin lying next to a tree complaining about the heat is a whole mood..

    EH HEH H2 days ago
  • @askamortician I think you should read about The Bocksten Man. He died sometime during the 14th century in Sweden and he has several intact organs and his clothes are almost fully intact making him one of the best preserved findings from those times in Europe. He was also found with two wooden poles droven through his heart and his back and it's said reason why is so that he wouldn't be able to haunt anyone. It's quite an interesting read.

    Elle WoodsElle Woods2 days ago
  • Hi K, could you do a video on Erzebeth Bathory? I would love to see her life narrated by you, you are a charm

    Gabrielle JaimesGabrielle Jaimes2 days ago
  • What, with all these iconic corpses, you are fast becoming an iconic Story Teller. 😉🌹💘🇦🇺

    Peter WallacePeter Wallace2 days ago
  • Caitlin! Have you ever done a video or looked into Roopkund lake? Lots of theories as to what happened there, you might be interested ☺️

    James HorsemanJames Horseman2 days ago
  • Will you do a video on the black sarcophagus found in Alexandria with 3 bodies and red liquid in it from July of 2018?

    Courtney MillerCourtney Miller2 days ago
  • As a descendent of Jessie James, he’s definitely buried in Missouri.

    Karley SpriggsKarley Spriggs2 days ago
  • When you sat on the ground against that tree I was silently screaming for you to look for fire ants first! They’re in just about every freaking teaspoon of soil in Texas. And don’t get me started on the snakes.

    Seaborne66Seaborne663 days ago
  • Oh h*** no-I better not catch anybody plucking anything off somebody’s grave. Better leave them flags alone- anybody who doesn’t like it can turn their heads and look the other way

    TonyaTonya3 days ago
  • Lol!

    Linda RichterLinda Richter3 days ago
    • Have you ever been to the Body exhibit? I've been to it twice and I thought it was very interesting. Could you do a video about it?

      Rock girlRock girl2 days ago
  • I really like you. You seem to like history so why are you ok with acting like something didn't happen because it's wrong. A flag is a part of history and you want to act like it didn't happen.

    William GriffithWilliam Griffith3 days ago
    • I waited and hoped for a “HOL-land’s ARM” pop up at the end. But I also try and find an excuse for a Bentham’s head joke in every video soooo . . .

      Rock girlRock girl2 days ago
  • ok...you found the arm. now do jimmie hoffa.

    Dan ChristensenDan Christensen3 days ago
  • I probably would have followed this person,for further presentations, had it not been for the comment about removing all the ''Confederate" flags,from the graves. Evidently, she has no respect for those she doesn't agree with. A shame,as she otherwise seems rather intelligent.

    Jim HaydenJim Hayden3 days ago
  • No One: Not A Soul: Some Guy: *inhales and exhales a sultry voice* Grandma, it's me, Jesse James.

    Jennea CuberoJennea Cubero3 days ago
  • Nice mustache lol

    Aaron AndrewsAaron Andrews3 days ago
  • hey Caitlin, love this video as always :D i knew nothing about jesse james before, so this was really fun and informative. me & my gf have an idea for a video request; a video about the racist pseudoscience of phrenology and how it led to a corpse trade of mainly indigenous people in the south pacific? i know you mentioned phrenology a bit in some past videos, and was wondering if youd be interested in expanding on that topic more, since we just listened to a podcast that talked about the history of it (and man is it brutal) and seeing as how it relates heavily with death and dead bodies, we thought it might be a good fit. we love your informative videos and we think it'd be good for more people to be informed on where phrenology came from and how awful it really was since its legacy still contributes to racism today.

    tupacshologramtupacshologram3 days ago
  • I’m from Granbury and I don’t know anyone that truly believes it’s Jesse James buried here. It’s so cool that you visited my small town!

    Sheila HassSheila Hass3 days ago
  • Jesse is buried in Missouri. End of story. You missed a better story of Billy the Kid claimant buried in Hico, Texas. Not too far from Granbury. This guy claimed for many years that he was in fact Billy the Kid who is supposed to be buried in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico where The Kid was killed by Pat Garrett. I don't think they've exhumed either grave to prove one body is or isn't William Henry Bonney (aka Billy the Kid). Caitlyn, maybe you can work on that one. But note one thing. It's just as hot in Ft. Sumner as it is in Granbury. Be prepared.

    Randall PopeRandall Pope3 days ago
  • His sister Susan Lavenia James Parmer is buried in the city where I live. Wichita Falls, Texas. She is buried here with her husband Allen Parmer. In Texas, we also have a guy who lived in Hico, Texas who claimed to be Billy the Kid.

    Randall PopeRandall Pope3 days ago
  • Yeah, let's take the flags off the graves! Let's dig up those traitors and throw their corpses in the ocean!

    [REDACTED][REDACTED]3 days ago
  • When I die I want my body sliced exactly in half from head to toe and buried in two separate places under different names of famous people

    Eli WatsonEli Watson3 days ago
  • We’re not fuckin banning history. Are you kidding me? This is America. We don’t do that shit. We don’t censor other people. I get why confederate flags are offensive, I’d never fly one, but banning them? Really?

    Heather MurrayHeather Murray3 days ago
  • My great grandfather died in 1944, but lost his arm in the early 1930"s and his arm was also buried in the cemetery.

    nightstalkercknightstalkerck3 days ago
  • There is always some loser claiming to be someone famous that died...

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi3 days ago
  • I love the neutral way you represent the facts.

    Timothy GoodTimothy Good3 days ago
  • I waited and hoped for a “HOL-land’s ARM” pop up at the end. But I also try and find an excuse for a Bentham’s head joke in every video soooo . . .

    TheWriterofWrongsTheWriterofWrongs3 days ago
    • the embalsaming work was Not good and his mother could Not Identity him :/,

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi3 days ago
  • Have you ever been to the Body exhibit? I've been to it twice and I thought it was very interesting. Could you do a video about it?

    Nikaela SainzNikaela Sainz3 days ago
  • My phone isn't being terribly cooperative at the moment at letting me see other comments, but I'd say (as an amateur) that their ears don't match. As I'm sure many of you know, ears can be like finger prints. And the wannabe Jesse James has a very clear 45 degree crease (weirdly also indicative of heart disease and he doesn't look over 100) in his earlobes that Jesse doesn't. It's heredity and Jesse's mom has a 80 degree crease just like confirmed pictures of Jesse's James. Just an observation, but I think a pretty conclusive one as one can get without access to DNA. PS: check your earlobes. Our bodies give us all kinds of hints as to how to take care of ourselves.

    Shannon OngleyShannon Ongley3 days ago
  • Ik im being skeevy but the personification of horror be looking damn fine 👀

    ThirrinDiamondThirrinDiamond3 days ago
  • Why didn't they just dog up the right guy while they were there? Or even when they were putting "the wrong guy" back in?

    Walrus BellhopWalrus Bellhop4 days ago
  • You look better without the makeup and rounded bangs. Way prettier natural. Lucky girl.

    Red ReaperRed Reaper4 days ago
  • If you think the bushwhackers were bad, you should read up on the the Union red legs.

    kimnkib68kimnkib684 days ago
  • Very interesting video! I am from NW Missouri, grown up with the stories of the James gang, and been to the house he was killed in in St. Joseph, Missouri, as well as the other museums there in town that reference the James gang's history there. Thank you for a very good (and entertaining) representation of the facts.

    alinae75alinae754 days ago
  • Please make more longer videos like this! I cannot be the only person who wants this. I don't care if that means it takes you longer to put out a video at your own pace because this isn't your full time gig, I get it. But I keep watching your videos and they all end too soon. I want to know more about so many other videos you've posted in the past.

    RiahlizeRiahlize4 days ago
  • As it turns out, William Henry Holland is my grandmother’s estranged uncle. I saw this episode when it posted and sent it to my mom because of the name and location of the grave. I just got off the phone with my 92 year old grandmother and asked who is buried next to Jesse James. She already knew who it was. I had to drag that much info out of her, but she doesn’t know what happened to his arm. Mom is gonna ask her cousins back East if they know the story. Our family branch went to CA after the dust bowl, so we are out of the loop.

    Jeca RavenJeca Raven4 days ago