Mike Pence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Mar 18, 2018
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Mike Pence is much more unlikable than his pet rabbit who stars in a new children's book created by the Pence family and in a better children's book created by us. To purchase our book, visit: www.betterbundobook.com
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  • The only thing 'refreshing' about Trump is... ta-da! Frikken absolutely nothing.

    OgsonofgrooOgsonofgroo10 hours ago
  • What a great laugh.. love the rabbit story and the donation to the Trevor project!

    Megan LetavishMegan Letavish23 hours ago
  • Republicans spend more time thinking about gay sex than gay men.

    Marc BeaucheminMarc BeaucheminDay ago
  • So basically Republicans are spineless cowards terrified of anything that might challenge their world view.

    Marc BeaucheminMarc BeaucheminDay ago
  • ur book is stupid like ur face lol

    WonderlandWonderlandDay ago
  • The greatest nation on earth has fallen into the hands of a kennel of ignoramuses and at this juncture there is no way to predict just how far down the pike they can go!!! Sad.

    Dennis ChallinorDennis Challinor2 days ago
  • He is almost a Flat Earther. >:8o

    ShadeyBladeyShadeyBladey2 days ago
  • Interesting how sometimes you bleep yourself and other times not.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • The early aughts.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • Pence is such a debating coward.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • Pence: a homophobic misogynist.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • Pence: a homophic misogynist.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • Pence in his show is almost a different person. Someone told him to clean up his act while grooming him.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • Pence's head is so far up Trump's ass.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • Hoosiers should be ashamed of Pence.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • As dumb as his boss.

    Marv WatkinsMarv Watkins2 days ago
  • Trump is scared by Section 4 of the 25th amendment, that’s why he’s in his “You’re fired” attitude toward the members of the White House

    FGR2 PhantomFGR2 Phantom3 days ago
  • I wonder what pence would think if he found out Marlon Brando was secretly gay lol supposedly he hooked up with alot of men lmao

    Jeffery beatyJeffery beaty3 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>

    Jesus WalksJesus Walks4 days ago
  • My son loves his Marlon Bundo Book. Some mom's on FB weren't too thrilled about me pushing the gay agenda on my toddler but at least I know that my son knows that we will love and support him no matter what.

    srhfitzpatricksrhfitzpatrick4 days ago
  • Nice

    Gay GayGay Gay4 days ago
  • Ironic, considering that Trump the Traitor had the Russians change the vote totals!

    Brian BrodkorbBrian Brodkorb5 days ago
  • Yep, dis limey iSatan.com Tain'Trump no reel 'merican dat jizz fissure...exit stage brekkkzit! You and your ilk are roonin' 'merica! You should be donported assapp! FUCKING sLimey! Britwitwatwerp! Go hug a clowd err skumking

    BrIan CurtiSmithBrIan CurtiSmith5 days ago
    • The fuck?

      Natalie FrayNatalie Fray3 days ago
  • It’s funny because the real life human Marlon Brando is pretty gay

    SayWaSayWa5 days ago
  • Pence is the dictionary definition of a *sycophantic sociopath.* Someone who will butt-kiss anyone and anything.....as a means to an end. That end? Theocracy....either in full, or encroaching bit by bit until it eventually becomes the norm. For that reason, among others, I find him irredeemable as a human being. He KNOWS he's a sycophant to someone who spits on his supposed "values." But he falls in line anyway...because he sees it as the surest route to enact his own sociopathic values onto the rest of us. I dislike Trump more than any human being in my lifetime....but at least he's upfront about what kind of person he is. He TRIES to hide it...but can't. Whereas Pence....isn't upfront whatsoever. He's supremely dishonest about his true intentions and goals. So yeah....fuck him.

    avedicavedic6 days ago
  • This is good now❄️🙏😎!

    Mr. Rene MorenoMr. Rene Moreno6 days ago
  • Oh yeah something is written in a 2000/1400 year old book so it muuuuuuust be right am I right????? This kind of bs discrimination is the main picking point i have with the Bible and Quran, outdated rulings still followed by idiots.

    GERWolfGERWolf6 days ago
  • The American Taliban.

    Kosmik CharlieKosmik Charlie7 days ago
  • Pence is an idiot

    MrJacobrabbitMrJacobrabbit7 days ago
  • Real question is the voters that keeps him in power

    Qi WQi W7 days ago
  • Oh my god I forgot about this book!! We had a reading of it at my GSA (Gender and Sexualities Alliance) at my high school just after it was released!! 10/10

    Eleanor McCartyEleanor McCarty7 days ago
  • Don't be fooled: The LEFT vs RIGHT thing is to get both sides tagged and traced by Government and Big Businesses.

    Christian A.Christian A.7 days ago
  • I’m from Toronto and I’m afraid of hard boiled eggs...I have no idea what the context of that was or how y’all knew about that but I’ve never met anyone else that’s afraid of hard boiled eggs like I am

    Paige BradburyPaige Bradbury7 days ago
  • OMG! was filling out a work application there, until I flipped it over & began reading the back. Lmao. Mind you, I had no hair @ the time. Hahahahaha!....& I left.

    nazufaninazufani7 days ago
  • How about Tonite is my last week. Much better.

    jan deenjan deen7 days ago
  • pence is simply trumps dildo with ears

    康奈爾威廉康奈爾威廉7 days ago
  • Pence hates the idea of LGBT rights because he's CLOSETED, like so many other homophobes in the GOP. Frankly, it's a freakin' MIRACLE that Dobson hasn't(yet)been busted with a rent-boy, like these guys: uskeys.net/watch/yMsG9ScQP9I-video.html

    TheReturnofStephan1TheReturnofStephan18 days ago
  • Imagine tradmarking "making families thrive" while tearing them apart with literal bigotted propaganda...

    Demiurge ShadowDemiurge Shadow8 days ago
  • This is pure speculation, but my observation is liberals (of whom I am one) consider so many things as normal, such as gay rights, abortion, gender identity, and multiculturalism, while conservatives are grappling with a world they no longer understand and yearn for a simpler time where things made sense.

    Michael ProvostMichael Provost9 days ago
  • what ya mean all profite to who the fuck is taking wages and what percentage of money circulating ends up at the charity Not the old operating costs scam.

    Dave StockingDave Stocking9 days ago
  • Dear Christians, it’s imperative that you get your children back in Sunday school. Dedicated Evangelicals are obligated to reward Jesus who gave his life for us to demonstrate to these godless doctors and scientists how Jesus is the mask, the vaccine and the physician. There will never be a better time in our lifetime to witness to a world over flowing with fear the powers of your Savior, Jesus Christ. Would an Atheist have to have an ulterior motive to compose and post this comment? You bet your life I do.

    Bob MillerBob Miller10 days ago
  • if i had a dollar for every website john and his team have bought, i would have more money than what the day in the life of marlon bundo has generated

    Nicole PeloNicole Pelo10 days ago
  • The question is, if a gay baker refused to make a cake for a Christian couple would anybody care?

    Shaggy9763Shaggy976310 days ago
  • So liberals hate Mike Pence but won't be critical of Islam? Aren't there Islamic countries where it's illegal to be gay?

    Shaggy9763Shaggy976310 days ago
    • @Stephen2462 my bad, thought I was clear when I said there are hypocrites in both sides and I dislike both in my first few comments. I do honestly enjoy asking questions to hear and why other people think the way they do and I feel the best way to is to ask questions from the other side. Sometimes people can't articulate there point and other times (like this) people will defend their side well. I appreciate you having a discussion with me and not flying off the handle at my questions. Cheers and all the best.

      Shaggy9763Shaggy97636 days ago
    • @Shaggy9763 That explains a lot, though you probably should have said that earlier.

      Stephen2462Stephen24626 days ago
    • @Stephen2462 I don't think it's a good idea, that's my point, I'm defending one side by saying we shouldn't do it all together. Please keep in mind I love having conversations but I am not out to change anyone's mind and I'm here to learn other perspectives and ask questions. I'm sorry if I'm trying your patience. I'm open to having my mind changed as well. I don't generalize anyone based on their beliefs, religious or political or social. I believe most people have the best intentions and I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and hear them out. I'm truly just playing devils advocate in most cases.

      Shaggy9763Shaggy97636 days ago
    • @Shaggy9763 Sorry about that, but you're trying my patience. Why not? And why do you think that generalizing the practitioners of a religion like that is even a good idea to begin with? Not necessarily. There can be some pretty big gaps between what religious texts say and how religious people live their lives. If you want to see a notable Christian example, I suggest looking up the "Supply Side Jesus" comic. And as I already said in response, you're wrong to compare criticism of specific intolerances to criticism of a religion as a whole.

      Stephen2462Stephen24626 days ago
    • @Stephen2462 you don't have to call me idiotic, not fair to call names, we just have a different point of view and I feel like I'm articulating mine in a way that's respectful and fair. I have criticism with both, my point is if you don't want to take a small minority (fanatics) of people to judge a whole religion than using 3 million that live in the US can't really be a good marker either. Religious text us how people form their religious thoughts so saying I have an issue with Islamic text telling people to kill apostates is somewhat valid. My whole point of all this, is that I feel like there is hypocrisy in how some people are judges and that's not fair. If you attacked (I use that term loosely) of a different faith or background I would have the same stance.

      Shaggy9763Shaggy97636 days ago
  • How was that about false statement and the big ten and why is he a christian?

    Pounce PouncePounce Pounce10 days ago
  • I'm surprised he didn't show clips of Pence and his wife interacting with the Irish Taosiech (PM) and his husband. Pence looks so uncomfortable.

    Colin SutherlandColin Sutherland10 days ago
  • I love John Oliver so much. _A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo_ was such a fantastic idea.

    AliEvaMariAliEvaMari10 days ago
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jim Parsons. Man I'm binging too much shows this quarantine huh

    Ram SuperableRam Superable11 days ago
  • He's extreme! So extreme that he doesn't want churches forced to take part in homosexual weddings , and he's against killing off inconvenient children! That's just terrifying! (Also, Jesus DID say that marriage is one man and one woman, and that people should avoid sexual immorality.)

    Ken AbbottKen Abbott11 days ago
  • No, Draco Malloy is the weasel. Mike pence is a trash bag.

    Rose LybargerRose Lybarger11 days ago
  • Free summer camp.

    Sam The Kind StrangerSam The Kind Stranger12 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="248">4:08</a> Wow. That's cringe. Never seen anyone whiteknight so hard before.

    kalbininkaskalbininkas12 days ago
    • @Danny Devito I don't know. Maybe. I'm just not religious about it.

      kalbininkaskalbininkas11 days ago
    • @kalbininkas There is no way someone could justify segregating the military

      Danny DevitoDanny Devito11 days ago
    • @Danny Devito Because of his exaggerated, virtue-signalling reaction without even hearing Pence's argument. I don't know why Pence is against women in the military, but I would have liked Oliver to let him make his case instead of just reacting emotionally and shutting him off.

      kalbininkaskalbininkas11 days ago
    • @kalbininkas how

      Danny DevitoDanny Devito11 days ago
    • @Danny Devito It can be. In this case, it is.

      kalbininkaskalbininkas11 days ago
  • Well, it’s a good thing I’m not ga- Oh wait...

    Athena BallenskyAthena Ballensky12 days ago
  • That book is so sweet!! I love the love story and the stinkbug vice president! I want it! Gay bunnies forever!

    Lily VeneklasenLily Veneklasen12 days ago
  • i'm gay and he used to be my governor...

    Hillary McGuireHillary McGuire12 days ago
  • Honestly? Alma Rosa for president

    Yo YoYo Yo13 days ago
  • HAHA!!!John Oliver learn the difference between real & fake news.lmao

    GENJAX X14GENJAX X1413 days ago
  • "The notorious homophobe James Dobson" Bryan Fischer: "hold my beer"

    tekbarriertekbarrier14 days ago
  • I'm so into John right now... Listening to him is like riding the most orgasmic wave right now and just when you think you couldn't possibly crest another wave, he takes you even higher and you wash up on shore soothed and satisfied with that afterglow of complete services rendered. Fluffy bunny! 🐇😊

    Nettie MaloNettie Malo14 days ago
  • I have met Omarosa in person and all I can say is there is nothing crazier than going out for brunch and having Omarosa arrive an hour late unexpectedly, and then hug you without warning because apparently your dad's girlfriend are Facebook friends and she has liked pictures of you.

    Chase JonesChase Jones14 days ago
  • Disgusting religion... again and again and again. Repulsive cults...

    omcomc14 days ago
  • Liberal loser John Oliver should really stop chugging soy milk.

    ProgrammingFlaw 3489ProgrammingFlaw 348915 days ago
    • ProgrammingFlaw 3489 you hate him because he tells you the truth

      Danny DevitoDanny Devito11 days ago
  • He does not have the Duchenne response, therefore his(Pence's) smile is not real..... Just watched the first season of The Good Doctor. His response is not genuine... Sometimes people on the spectrum can open our eyes.

    redwood410redwood41015 days ago
  • It would be better if he said " whatever it would be the opposite of black panther"

    Aakash GuptaAakash Gupta15 days ago
  • Perfect opposite of "STEPFORD WIFE" ---Check it out.

    Hanne GriffinHanne Griffin16 days ago

    barry mcdougalbarry mcdougal16 days ago
  • Amazing.

    Jonathan LeeJonathan Lee18 days ago
  • Oliver is the OG. I really hope Pence got mad at that book

    Parker BellParker Bell18 days ago
  • I'd say one day I'll open a restaurant and deny service to hetero people because it's legal, but I'm not against freedom and equity

    PurpleZombiePurpleZombie18 days ago
  • Pence is a lying scumbag.

    Psycho LogicalPsycho Logical18 days ago
  • Mike Pence has no friends

    Ein BadnerEin Badner18 days ago
  • Mike pence is one of those married dad's on Grindr who wear sunglasses to hide there faces

    sad cat .-.sad cat .-.18 days ago
  • Let's put Mike Pence with a female Military officer in a locked, soundproof room for twenty minutes... as a social experiment, of course.

    Sheza FirozSheza Firoz20 days ago
  • LOVE IT, keep it up!!

    Paula G WhytePaula G Whyte21 day ago
  • Business owners that offer services by appointment can certainly refuse service for any reason they choose. I'm not in support of discrimination, but really, I'm not going to force a business owner to serve people they clearly discriminate against. Would the people they are discriminating against want service from them in the first place? As for Pence saying that a people don't believe in discrimination, he just refuses to call it that. Typical GOP strategy. He had to fish for it, though.

    kilroy987kilroy98721 day ago
  • Na Albino Weasel

    EtheomaEtheoma21 day ago
  • Marlon bundo is best bunny

    Eating ChildrenEating Children21 day ago
  • Pence is the most Artful Dodger I've ever seen. I don't think he ever answers a question.

    Veronica StewartVeronica Stewart21 day ago
  • Weird that his horns and hooves aren’t showing.

    mt28mt2822 days ago
    • mt28 Nah, he’s worse. Demons said gay rights.

      Join A Movement Of 6M To Adopt Klaus HargreevesJoin A Movement Of 6M To Adopt Klaus Hargreeves12 days ago
  • Only in the US can a prejudiced person spread his BS and hatred through the second- highest office in the country! What happened to separation of church and state? Pense should be ashamed! At least hell will hold a seat for him!

    Carlson OldfordCarlson Oldford22 days ago