TRYING RARE BEAUTY BY SELENA GOMEZ! My Honest First Impressions | Alissa Ashley

Sep 2, 2020
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Hi Guys!! You can skip to 3 minutes to start the review! I just didn't feel right about not uploading for so long without any explanation, I value you guys too much for that
Rare Beauty is available September 3rd & will be exclusive to Sephora (according to pamphlet!)
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  • Deeply appreciate you guys for being empathetic and understanding how much of a mood killer it is when someone comments on my weight. I remember vividly being in one of my funks and finally deciding to upload and the first comment I got was “what happened to your jaw your face got bigger again” and it’s honestly so triggering. This whole quarantine hasn’t been the easiest, and my health journey has fluctuated (I gain weight when I’m stressed/sad) so I was really scared to upload again, but you guys are being so reassuring and kind and I just wanted to make sure you guys knew I appreciated it so much!

    Alissa AshleyAlissa AshleyMonth ago
    • you are gorgeous no matter what♥️

      moonchildmoonchildMonth ago
    • We love you soo much

      Ananya Sara oAnanya Sara oMonth ago
    • Blessings to you I get it! 💕

      Nicole Elissa - Love CoachNicole Elissa - Love CoachMonth ago
    • Fuck people ! Eat good & just be mindful. Healthy & so what if you gain or loose weight. People are so stupid . Got nothing better to do!

      zayra nohemyzayra nohemyMonth ago
    • You're stunning!!! Im like 😯😯😯😍 🕊❤

      Gloria But Not Her Real Last NameGloria But Not Her Real Last NameMonth ago
  • It’s been tough for everyone. I understood about wrong headspace.🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Cassandra BurtonCassandra BurtonMonth ago
  • You look great!!! I love how smooth and glowing your skin looks. As for the haters just ignore them. You look FABULOUS

    scarlet franklydearijustdontgiveadamnscarlet franklydearijustdontgiveadamnMonth ago
  • I love how honest you are but also still sooo kind. ✨ New subscriber here!🥰

    Reese YuReese YuMonth ago
  • First video seeing of yours. You are absolutely beautiful! Hope you are told this often.

    TennaTheGingerTennaTheGingerMonth ago
  • Hey new friend is here I liked your video and subscribe to your channel.. I really enjoyed watching your video.. Your are so beautiful 😍 great first impression !!!definitely like to see more content.. I appreciate if you subscribe back and let’s support each other 💖💖💖💖

  • You are so beautiful!! Wow 🥺🥰

    Adna PašalićAdna PašalićMonth ago
  • Girl you are beautiful. Welcome back. ❤️

    TheLondonBeautyStylistTheLondonBeautyStylistMonth ago
  • Random but you have the most beautiful lip shape I’ve ever seen

    Jessica Desmond-RobitailleJessica Desmond-RobitailleMonth ago

    Emmitt RossEmmitt RossMonth ago
  • I just really adore you so much 🥺❤️

    Stephanie TurgeonStephanie TurgeonMonth ago
  • 💜

    Daisy OchoaDaisy OchoaMonth ago
  • Imagine having to ask people to be decent human beings for once (I’m not hating on her I’m pointing out that she even has to ask it) that’s wild girl you are beautiful idc about weight at all 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Rachel HeermannRachel HeermannMonth ago
  • You are so pretty ✨I really enjoy your review :)

    Cristy Díaz-InfanteCristy Díaz-InfanteMonth ago
  • Alissa I think you look incredible- always! And I am obsessed with your hair this way! It looks amazing. ❤

    Hope DavisHope DavisMonth ago
  • U seem to be and artist. Your make Up application on yourself is Amazing!!@ u go girl,, Enjoy

    Albert BullAlbert BullMonth ago
  • Yass I love that you are a photographer as well! You’re so multi talented ❤️

    Melvin MelendezMelvin MelendezMonth ago
  • I do not come to look at how big your face is Alyssa, I come to see the TALENT and gorgeous FEATURES that are unchanging on your face and you’re dope personality. Don’t worry about temporary cheeks

    Gaby SeguraGaby SeguraMonth ago
  • You have the most beautiful skin!

    Paula JPaula JMonth ago

    anusha joseanusha joseMonth ago
  • Your skin is beautifulll💗

    Maryam SalamaMaryam SalamaMonth ago
  • I am honestly interested in this line. I want to get into makeup but I do not want heavy makeup. I like the natural look.

    Lil MermaidLil MermaidMonth ago
  • I love that it looks and performs like she took so much time making these and I’m so happy especially the colors are so pretty

    V I R G I N I A R A I N EV I R G I N I A R A I N EMonth ago
  • I'm kinda in love with your gorgeous face

    Marcos BatistaMarcos BatistaMonth ago
  • Beautiful 💛 I really enjoy watching your videos, thanks for being you! Also love the eyebrow color suits you very well :)

    L TrujilloL TrujilloMonth ago
  • Alyssa, you are so beautiful! Never doubt that. It's sad that the internet has to be so mean, but thank you for uploading when you are not exactly feeling it. This pandemic has sucked, I am at my heaviest ever in my life and hate it. Take care of yourself and keep being real. You're inspiring people more than you know.

    Alicia LAlicia LMonth ago
  • Your gorgeous Alissa 🌹A breath of fresh air on the platform, it’s always a happy welcomed occasion to see you upload a new vid ❤️

    Joan KellyJoan KellyMonth ago
  • Girl you got all those products for free in order to try em and review them, if you need to do a facewash to try blushes and lipsticks go wash your face 🤦‍♀️ beauty vloggers are so lazy i swear, as if they weren't paid for it as an actual job 🤦‍♀️

    Valeria FontesValeria FontesMonth ago
    • ...... what on earth are you talking about right now? 😂😂😂😂😂

      Alissa AshleyAlissa AshleyMonth ago
  • Can you drop names of jewelry pieces? Brand? I love the earnings

    crystal herreracrystal herreraMonth ago
  • Selena honestly did a great job!!!!

    2020 BL2020 BLMonth ago
  • I'm not really the one to want to buy makeup after their launch, but Selena's work just makes me want to grab her products. It looks gorgeous! Alissa looks beautiful in every makeup look, but her using Rare just makes her look 10x more gorgeous. She's already beautiful to begin with, but you know what I mean?

    GingersnxppGingersnxppMonth ago
  • Subscribed instantly because u are THAT PRETTY

    Bri RicottaBri RicottaMonth ago
  • I love it! You are so pretty anyways. You look fresh.

    dreamflite7dreamflite7Month ago
  • So pretty!

    ShannonShannonMonth ago
  • your vice is so sweet, subscribed bcoz of that😂❤

    Anjali VermaAnjali VermaMonth ago
  • Your so gorgeous omg 😲

    Georgia SeidlerGeorgia SeidlerMonth ago
  • Girl you look absolutely STUNNING without makeup and with😍😍😍😍 absolutely love you

    SimplyshannnSimplyshannnMonth ago
  • Sad that people have to comment on your face weight. People have no tact or manners anymore.

    Ky ClausKy ClausMonth ago
  • first time watching you!!! i LOVE that i found you ❤️ your voice is so relaxing and you’re too beautiful 🥰 these products looked so great on you!!

    haleigh pattersonhaleigh pattersonMonth ago
  • i'm super impressed with how well thought out the colors are!

    Ione ShakurIone ShakurMonth ago
  • realllly loving this move towards less coverage, more genuinely "skinlike" foundations!! you look stunning with this lip color especially!

    rainofsunshinerainofsunshineMonth ago
  • After watching a few people try out these products, you’re the only one who actually looked at the product before applying it. Almost everyone else directly applied the blush and regretted it. You totally did a great job and showed how application matters!!

    TheAngryBlondeTheAngryBlondeMonth ago
  • anyone else just love her so much bc she is honest and real? because me too

    Autumn FullerAutumn FullerMonth ago
  • All of this looks amazing on you! You are so pretty!!! (With and without makeup ❤)

    Morgan BruceMorgan BruceMonth ago
  • Ok so I had to come back to the comments just to say WOWWWWWW! This look is just *chefs kiss*❤️

    JoleissaJoleissaMonth ago
  • I love that the dewy lip balms act like a lipstick! 😭

    Morgan BruceMorgan BruceMonth ago
  • You are really pretty

    Bea R.Bea R.Month ago
  • Girl you look freaking beautiful. If I looked like you I would be so happy

    Breanna MoeBreanna MoeMonth ago
  • Wow you look beautiful 😍

    GigiGigiMonth ago
  • I love you ❤️ this skin is just 😩❤️😍

    JoleissaJoleissaMonth ago
  • You’re beautiful and amazing!!! Also about the face knot, I didn’t notice until you pointed it out, but I had one which they found out was a cyst and they had to give me a steroid cream and pill to get it to go away. It was a grueling process, but it luckily didn’t leave any scaring. Wish I could post a pic to you, but my face looked like I had swallowed a baseball 😂 so BELIEVE ME I DIDNT NOTICE

    Savannah RalstonSavannah RalstonMonth ago
  • U look like Rihanna😍

    E rE rMonth ago
  • I've never watched your videos before this one but you seems like beautiful i hope all your worries melt away and joy take its place, all the love - H

    haadiya mhomedhaadiya mhomedMonth ago
  • I just wanna say, I love your vibe and i feel so relaxed watching your videos Youre such a genuine person and obviously gorgeous 😍😍 Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Mia KalajlioskaMia KalajlioskaMonth ago
  • Ur so cuteeeee...I'm so glad I stumbled on ur channel

    Kavya K AKavya K AMonth ago
  • I’ve heard the powder puff has powder on it. So if you want to set the foundation you can use that. 😊

    John VogtJohn VogtMonth ago
  • Girl what are you talking about you look stunning and fresh

    M.A.A.BM.A.A.BMonth ago
  • Idk why but u remind me of rihanna

    Kavya K AKavya K AMonth ago
  • OMFG SHES SO FUCKIN BEAUTIFUL i’d marry u😍 dun tell my girl tho😂😂

    MiaMiaMonth ago
  • I don't know how and why But you look like Billie but a black version 😂❤

    Sedra KoubaSedra KoubaMonth ago
  • First time here and first impression is you are genuinely soooooo gorgeous without or with makeup 💜 that bare skin and after makeup that red lip omg yass gurl slayyy

    Real life talksReal life talksMonth ago
  • This is the first video I've watched of yours and I subscribed! You seem so sweet and you're soo pretty! Literally prettiest skin I've ever seen. Its so glowy and clear 💞

    kelso pkelso pMonth ago
  • Alissa is such a beauty 🥰

    Traci BrownTraci BrownMonth ago
  • Watching Alissa’s makeup videos are low key therapy :D

    Malak NadaMalak NadaMonth ago
  • Your skin is beautiful!!!!!!

    diksha malhotradiksha malhotraMonth ago
  • You are very beautiful 🌹

    TheBellamia05TheBellamia05Month ago
  • Your skin is so beautiful it doesn't need any help 💖💖💖💖

    LiaLiaMonth ago
  • Next video should be you trying to incorporate the products you’ll use again in your normal makeup routine

    Adriana MisickAdriana MisickMonth ago
  • Love your review! You are gorgeous!

    Tacoshell250Tacoshell250Month ago
  • Next video should be you trying to incorporate the products you’ll use again in your normal makeup routine

    Adriana MisickAdriana MisickMonth ago
  • U are so pretty 😍

    Loona_loverLoona_loverMonth ago
  • Im loving this collection already.. 🥰

    Amy DscAmy DscMonth ago
  • You are so beautiful and your personality is lovely, your videos are refreshing to watch. I love how you watch out for your viewers! Much love ❤️

    Hollye HelmsHollye HelmsMonth ago
  • You’re so gorgeous omg and the products look so good !!

    Haleema AhmedHaleema AhmedMonth ago
  • And I’m definitely grabbing that foundation!!

    QuintnuggetQuintnuggetMonth ago
  • She's so beautiful omg

    Carlos Alfonzo CalderónCarlos Alfonzo CalderónMonth ago
  • Im a new subscriber and the thumbnail made me think you have a twin....

    Ashanti VillanuevaAshanti VillanuevaMonth ago
  • i’m so happy for her.... can’t wait to come here in brazil.. i know it will take so long cuz everything comes to brazil at the last time, but i really hope she gets so much recognition in rare beauty, i know how much it means to her and also the meaning of all the products to help others❤️

    Maitê JacobMaitê JacobMonth ago

    Mavis VermillionMavis VermillionMonth ago
  • Sometimes I forget how beautiful Alissa is. And when I watch her videos I get reminded and just wow 💚

    Patrick QuezonPatrick QuezonMonth ago
  • You are just so beautiful, effortlessly. Always glowing. A queen 🖤

    Moxie JeaneMoxie JeaneMonth ago
  • She’s so pretty 😊

    NutshellNutshellMonth ago
  • The foundation is literally the perfect match for you absolutely gorgeous!!

    Lauren HornerLauren HornerMonth ago
  • The foundation tho. Nothing bad or wow about it, but I can see it working on everyone without causing any issues. It’s not matte or dewy. It just perfect 👌

    Daniel SalvadorDaniel SalvadorMonth ago
  • So gutted we cannot Rare Beauty in the UK yet! She will be stealing my money when it does I tell you that 🙈🙈

    Megan F CMegan F CMonth ago
  • Selena did so great on these makeup products I’m beyond proud is her I will for sure get some of her products.

    Akeita GillAkeita GillMonth ago
  • Now i know why Selena referred to her products as yummy, i literally wanna bite on these colors wth

    MozierMozierMonth ago
  • My gosh your skin tone is so stunning

    Megan F CMegan F CMonth ago
  • Alissa!! So happy to see you back. I missed your light ✨✨. This look was flawless & fantastic. Loved the review.

  • I think Selena really created this line for minimalist consumers...And I LOVE IT..she really thought the shades thru

    Priesthood WorshipperPriesthood WorshipperMonth ago
  • This is my first video of yours after stumbling across it on my recommened page and I love your energy and personality! I have now subscribed and I can't wait to see more! Also I am super excited to try all these products!!!

    Averi HobbsAveri HobbsMonth ago
  • It’s a stressful time in general I totally understand. Thank you for bringing your great vibes to us even though you’re not feeling your best. We love you!

    QuintnuggetQuintnuggetMonth ago
  • "You're doing great sweetie!" lol, I definitely missed your videos, love you girl!

    Chelsie ReidChelsie ReidMonth ago
  • This video is so positive, I love it. And you're so beautiful! Bless you! 💗

    Rey Ann ParanRey Ann ParanMonth ago
  • Omg she is soo fucking pretty

    delfina boeziodelfina boezioMonth ago
  • Just found your channel and my first thought was “WOW she’s stunning”!! Loved your vibe and your style of videos 💕 keep up the good work!

    Barbara CamposBarbara CamposMonth ago
  • I don’t know why but when you asked people not to comment about your face in the beginning that broke my heart 💔🥺

    Clarissa NashClarissa NashMonth ago
  • Her skin is so pretty and healthy!! Love ❤️✨

    Taylor BynumTaylor BynumMonth ago
  • Okayyy #44 on trendingggg 💕

    shelby sigurshelby sigurMonth ago
  • Seriously you're so stunning! First video I'm watching from you and I'm subscribed now

    Alyssa ArceAlyssa ArceMonth ago