Feb 12, 2020
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I've waited this long to tell you...
...that I went to Italy 6 months ago with my family and fell in love with the country and several men in it. And a pigeon.
This life has been a heaven of a ride... thank you for riding with me.
I'll see you unexpectedly again, very soon.
Videographers: Liza Koshy, Mama Koshy, Papa Koshy, O. Koshy, R. Koshy
Editor: My bro, Mark C. Roe
Produced by Westbrook Media (and me lol)
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I thank you, I've missed you, and I am so happy to be here with you.
All my love always,

  • Damn her dad is hot 🔥

    Sreejani GhoshSreejani Ghosh16 hours ago
  • I miss Liza🥺

    Tan-05Tan-05Day ago
  • OMG you are Soooo funny, I was laughing so loudly that I scared my cat. I just discovered you today.

    Veti PieVeti PieDay ago
  • I miss old Liza

    Skyler McGovernSkyler McGovern2 days ago
  • david is screaming at the clickbait

    Dr.CanManDr.CanMan4 days ago
  • Who else clicked in it thinking she’d have a boyfriend or something 😂

    Rosey CupcakeRosey Cupcake5 days ago
  • "sing to me Paolo" 😂😂😂♥️

    P3tit3 Poup33P3tit3 Poup337 days ago
  • Why does her mum act younger than her sisters?

    Jasmine LepelaarJasmine Lepelaar7 days ago
  • Are you the girl from Market from the movie

    Jackie SchmidJackie Schmid7 days ago
  • Liza bring back those comedy vids PLEASE

    yadsyads7 days ago
  • I miss the old funny videos

    fxspsy •fxspsy •8 days ago
  • The things you miss in lockdown

    Galaxy StampedGalaxy Stamped8 days ago
  • Love you Liza but time to grow up. Time to take on issues of the heart, not the media. You can do it! And yes, failing is a benefit. Step off the money train and find your self.

    Sean DunnSean Dunn8 days ago
  • I think i have seen you in a movie if not i think you got a twin sister

    GodzRebornGodzReborn8 days ago
  • Watch Full °xHD° 🔞 _____________________ shorturl.ca/496 I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenisrlir

    Ding XiuboDing Xiubo9 days ago
  • Liza did you find the mayonnaise yet🥺

    Valerie DelapazValerie Delapaz12 days ago
  • I feel like she got Bigger win she Broken up with David.(sorry is you Dont agree)

    Sabrina McFarlandSabrina McFarland12 days ago

    amiibo Degaamiibo Dega13 days ago
  • "I like very much" OH LIZZA, THIS IS ICONIC

    José Pedro FurtadoJosé Pedro Furtado13 days ago

    sweet creaturesweet creature13 days ago
  • I miss liza...

    mysanonmysanon14 days ago
  • you are so inspiring! I started my youtube channel because of you!! please do check it out! :)

    sunaina ysunaina y14 days ago
  • go back to dobre :(

    Silvia TSilvia T17 days ago
  • I didn’t even understand half the video but it still made me crack up

    Chocolate masters 1015Chocolate masters 101519 days ago
  • I live in the country next to italy try to guess wich one is it

    Zara SkapinZara Skapin20 days ago
  • 3:16 baekhyun’s ‘BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE’ shirt????

    Sofi SmithSofi Smith21 day ago
  • her dads laugh is the most cutest thing, you cant help but smile

    poppypoppy21 day ago
  • 6:00 i cant tell you how much i have missed this absolute TUNE

    poppypoppy21 day ago
  • Why am I so randomly excited about the fact that I went on holiday to the same place as Liza....

    Erin WatsonErin Watson21 day ago
  • i just want to thank Lizzza's parents for having her!

    Wolf BaeWolf Bae21 day ago
  • 4:20 ROFL

    Wolf BaeWolf Bae21 day ago
  • Omg???!!!! MASIMO 🤣😹

    KathelynKathelyn23 days ago
  • If i ever see Liza i'd probly screen as loud as I can and sprint in her direction. Just saying

    PatriciaPatricia23 days ago
  • Im so sorry u and David broke up bc you guys were couple goals

    Ivor SimicIvor Simic23 days ago
  • NiceViews... 👏👏

    Rajj TechsRajj Techs23 days ago
  • Your dad(other mother) did feature in this! 😂❤️

    Nishitha AnnegowdaNishitha Annegowda23 days ago
  • Most unfunny person I know on yt that tries to be funny

    Dankmeme1993Dankmeme199324 days ago
  • ;-;

    Brad PetersBrad Peters25 days ago
  • Wait in till sunrise

    Brad PetersBrad Peters25 days ago
  • I’m not feeling alright

    Brad PetersBrad Peters25 days ago
  • Cuz all these kids are Depressed

    Brad PetersBrad Peters25 days ago
  • hOw i haVe nEveR sEeN thIs vIdeO?!

    ico estrelladoico estrellado25 days ago
  • Why cant u make ur normal videos. All u do is act like i a celebrity. U changed

    ツGavinツGavin26 days ago
  • Is it just me are did everyone also cry during the hole vid? Hi Liza, you are so awesome and honestly you have helped me a lot! I love you

    Banana vanaBanana vana28 days ago
  • Even though she’s a celebrity she is still The Liza that we know still crazy

    Rj MiddlebrooksRj Middlebrooks28 days ago
  • I love this so much everyone looks so happy especially liza♡

    Tonys TurtlesTonys Turtles28 days ago
  • Liza dad looks like the KFC man :)

    Dionnie WaltersDionnie Walters29 days ago
  • imagine liza koshy being your sister

    madi's vlogsmadi's vlogs29 days ago
  • You were close to my country (Croatia)

    Kristijan KKristijan K29 days ago
  • Ok but the first part was SO FUNNY and then the end was so cute 🥺🥺

    Holly IretonHolly IretonMonth ago
  • Would someone please be so kind to tell me what the backing music at start is called

    Hashtag14Hashtag14Month ago
  • I see this channel screenshot in playstore how it's

    Rudraksh SwamiRudraksh SwamiMonth ago
  • Malayali indo?

    Avinash PavithranAvinash PavithranMonth ago
  • I went to at least three different places in Italy in 2018 not trying to flex but I'm black and italian

    Hehehe heheheHehehe heheheMonth ago
  • Who else misses liza doing her old content? Or is it just me?!

    Sophia SielerSophia SielerMonth ago
  • Love this lizza missed thisssss !!!

    Cynithia GeorgeCynithia GeorgeMonth ago
  • 𝚂𝚑𝚎'𝚜 𝚊𝚖𝚊𝚣𝚒𝚗𝚐!!!! You’re doin AaaaaHmazing sweetiee!

    Cynithia GeorgeCynithia GeorgeMonth ago
  • You didn’t search for this

    Schuyler Rose-ClarkeSchuyler Rose-ClarkeMonth ago
  • David be Like 👁. 👄 👁 O. 💧 💧

    Sandra PancicSandra PancicMonth ago
  • This makes me happy. This brings back memories. I always loved Liza and was super sad when she kind of stopped USkeys. But this just fulfills it for me. Especially the music at 6:00

    Laia Bruges Sunday PundayLaia Bruges Sunday PundayMonth ago
  • Liza looks soo much like her father its so cute 😍😭❤️❤️❤️

    Serena yazanSerena yazanMonth ago
    • Like father like son 😂❤

      XsophXsoph7 days ago
  • Liza´s future husband should be David Dobrik)

    Lora ShukuryanLora ShukuryanMonth ago
  • Can you please do old video again cuz I miss dollar store with Liza and target with Liza please go back to that

    kristi Frazeekristi FrazeeMonth ago
  • Love u from Italy

    fla sissifla sissiMonth ago
  • did she say “unjani “ 🤔

    Zimkhitha ZantsiZimkhitha ZantsiMonth ago
  • OMG,I love this accent and that the parrot likes Liza!!!Cute!!!🦜

    Fairy AuraFairy AuraMonth ago
  • What a beautiful family 💜

    Erin Michele ReeseErin Michele ReeseMonth ago
  • :o

    depressiondepressionMonth ago
  • Wow this girl is gonna be something someday, maybe even act or become a celebrity. Keep growing child

    Charnelle ChirashiCharnelle ChirashiMonth ago
  • 0:11 pizza

    Lyla MunizLyla MunizMonth ago
  • glad liza’s dad was able to find pixel face reconstruction

    RebeccaRebeccaMonth ago
  • Just gotta say thiiiiis. LIZAAAA YOUR FAMILY IS BEAUTIFUL!! i'm in love with chu. 😘

    GusstNGusstNMonth ago
  • 4:20

    Rebekah RosalesRebekah RosalesMonth ago
    • Omg... the time is 4:20 😂😂😂

      XsophXsoph7 days ago
    • Omg that's David dobrik 😂

      S vS vMonth ago
  • Where's Helga? Or carlos? Or everyone else?

    Koo PakaKoo PakaMonth ago
  • I see you tried limoncello? :)

    Orsolya PapOrsolya PapMonth ago
  • I'd so love to see more of her family in her videos, they're so nice!! her sisters understand her humour and laugh with her and seems like they don't mind being on camera and her parents are the sweetest!! like her mum is hilarious and her dad and mum together are so adorable-- 🥺🥺

    moozimoosmoozimoosMonth ago
  • 😂 keeping up with the kozshys😂 The new KUWTK

    Anna NeverendinXxAnna NeverendinXxMonth ago
  • Alest she still funny

    Madison LandMadison LandMonth ago
  • 17 mil subscribers but only 200k likes? Seems weird

    Jenna GraceJenna GraceMonth ago
  • Liza has to be the best person to vacation with. Such a happy, bubbly personality. It’s contagious..

    Dakota WilliamsDakota WilliamsMonth ago
  • .1 under David

    Jolting Julian 8970Jolting Julian 8970Month ago
  • 👁️👄👁️

    Panic at The vanilla PalacePanic at The vanilla PalaceMonth ago
  • At 5:55 (funniest USkeys moment ever). Her laugh is contagious.

    MannMannMonth ago
  • What a beautiful family holiday🥺

    Nas KathradaNas KathradaMonth ago
  • Italia, magica Italia🇮🇹

    Official SunnyOfficial SunnyMonth ago
  • ❤❤❤

    Charlotte ThomasCharlotte ThomasMonth ago
  • You are hilarious hahahaha

    shawnrevfitshawnrevfitMonth ago
  • wow

    Eriana McCrayEriana McCrayMonth ago
  • Liza like a dream girl of my dreams 😍

    e harrise harrisMonth ago
  • Of course she would talk to the robot birds.

    KDropKDropMonth ago
  • Do you have the mayonnaise yet?

    Natalia RodrigoNatalia RodrigoMonth ago
  • Am I the only one who didn't know Liza had sisters

    Its CarleyIts CarleyMonth ago
  • Also do you have merch if you do you should do that with a giveaway

    Addie MooreAddie MooreMonth ago
  • You should do a giveaway

    Addie MooreAddie MooreMonth ago
  • Hey Liza, does this mean you got the mayonnaise?

    Ana’s AdventuresAna’s AdventuresMonth ago
  • She is just a real person who is not afraid of whatever emotions comes. She is truly alive.

    Tim LynchTim LynchMonth ago
  • She's very talented

    a3r0ll3litmusic - Official Channela3r0ll3litmusic - Official ChannelMonth ago
  • You are hilarious, I think u are beautiful and I love your videos!!!!!

    James SmithJames SmithMonth ago
  • She went from “Dolla Store with Liza” to “Fashion Week with Liza” 🥺😊

    Sydney FeldmanSydney FeldmanMonth ago
    • Ikr so proud of her

      Soorya SankarSoorya SankarMonth ago
  • i kinda like her old style vlogs from 1-3 years ago, only me? :c aight

    •Ryry••Ryry•Month ago