Important news on VALORANT’s launch date

May 21, 2020
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Executive Producer Anna Donlon and Game Director Joe Ziegler have an update on the official launch date of VALORANT.
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  • Dear Riot, please fix the error that occured in Windows 7 (We couldn't install a required dependency. Please try again, restart your computer or reach out to us at Riot Support.) . I wanna play this game so hard, but I can't. Hope will be repaired soon. Thank you!

    Albertus BayuAlbertus Bayu3 days ago
  • when they said ( we are not lauching in a months ) i die but when i heard ( we are lauching it in a few weeks ) i broke my monitor

  • Please please please, focus on server performance, a lot of people won’t play the game or pay for DLC’s if the core servers are absolute donkey shit, this game is so promising it would be ashamed if it falls like EA APEX servers, i have faith in Riot games please do us proud

    Rick MoisesRick Moises11 days ago
  • crap

    Nissa HolmbergNissa Holmberg12 days ago
  • crap

    Nissa HolmbergNissa Holmberg12 days ago
  • crap

    Nissa HolmbergNissa Holmberg12 days ago
  • crap

    Nissa HolmbergNissa Holmberg12 days ago
  • What about the console release

    DigitzDigitz12 days ago
  • thats a kevin spacey in advanced warfare fakeout: "Are we developing a weapon that would cause the genocide of certain ethnic groups? no we are not... because we've already developed it"

    SlamzSlamz17 days ago
  • Não vou mentir. Eu arrepiei quando vi e ainda é mto legal. QUE prazer fazer parte dessa comunidade nova de um jogo tão legal

    James Gomes LimaJames Gomes Lima18 days ago
  • I haven't had so much fun in a game until this game

    Captain ShinzillaCaptain Shinzilla19 days ago
  • Türklerin Gozü Yaşlı

    Hasan Hüseyin DemirHasan Hüseyin Demir25 days ago
  • 라이엇 한국 정말 좋아하는구나 ㅎㅎ

    풍계풍계26 days ago
  • Thank riot game

    Hoàng anh NguyễnHoàng anh Nguyễn26 days ago
  • have discord server?

    SaltySalty27 days ago
  • Please make Valorant movie!!!!!!

    MM Studio czMM Studio cz28 days ago
  • Can you bring that to linux?

    Abishek S VaidhyaAbishek S Vaidhya29 days ago
  • I downloaded valorant on my another pc,they pops up a lot of problems and issues, I have followed their instructions but none of them works tho.

    Chocolate SquadChocolate Squad29 days ago
  • Genial

    Diamond SpyderDiamond Spyder29 days ago
  • Literally download ed it yesterday and thougyt it was free ever since i starrted watching vids😂

    N1T3N1T329 days ago
  • been playing the game a few times on my potato laptop and it runs smooth, the only problem is the afks and i hope you do a some sort punishment to them.

    ikmal fadhliikmal fadhliMonth ago
  • but i still cant play valorant !!!! can i know why

    SharmaineSharmaineMonth ago
    • @James Tee im using windows 10, and yes i already updated it . what kind of drivers should I download?

      SharmaineSharmaineMonth ago
    • @Sharmaine What server are you? I think you need to update some drivers on your computer. Like windows update perhaps or additional stuff in your software.

      James TeeJames TeeMonth ago
    • i meant like i already installed but i cant logged into the game

      SharmaineSharmaineMonth ago
  • how can i solve the vanguard anticheat error ? :/ im tired of trying..

    dybala juvdybala juvMonth ago
  • Why is it not on Xbox one like Riot games please if you are reading this get on Xbox I will play 247 more than Fortnite thanks and have a good day

    Sloughycornet12 ApexSloughycornet12 ApexMonth ago
    • A 5vs5 tactic shooter is not going to be fun on any console. I'm sorry, but i do not belive that they are going to release the game on consoles

      IOneShotIOneShot24 days ago
  • So noone gonna talk about the statue in the corner?

    Fuliot manFuliot manMonth ago
  • Can you guys please put it in garena?

    Nuclear PotatoNuclear PotatoMonth ago
  • Well,i just want to play valorant without scare,that anti-cheat isn't good enough,i saw many hackers who didnt got banned,and i some cases the video card stop working,Because vanguard desativated the coolers me the pc,and that vanguard nas acess for some pastes and locals of your pc,so this anticheat looks more a virus,and i dont going to play until this anticheat be resolved

    Danone De UvaDanone De UvaMonth ago
  • sorry but when do u guys talk about those ridic skin prices? i mean those are rly ridiculous and whoever paid for them must be drunk or rich / a full games cost 50€ and a skin bundle with 3-4 skins cost 70€? WTF is what i think about this crap

    ℓιттℓє ѕα∂ιѕтι¢ℓιттℓє ѕα∂ιѕтι¢Month ago
  • "brakes csgo"

    CSGONotProCSGONotProMonth ago
  • League is better

    Taha AmhainiTaha AmhainiMonth ago
  • I'm a console gamer, any chance this coming to Nintendo Switch?

    M MM MMonth ago
    • @ma3o0naツ wtf? Why so toxic xD But no, i dont think they are going to release valorant on any console

      IOneShotIOneShot24 days ago
    • how can u call yourself a gamer

      ma3o0naツma3o0naツ25 days ago
  • To the game director and executive producer of Valorant, could you guys try and make this game onto console?

    Tabanid 20Tabanid 20Month ago
  • I have never cried out of happiness before and holy shit this made my day.

    Jason ReayJason ReayMonth ago
  • “We’ve been looking forward to sharing this game with everyone” Not gonna lie it looks an awful lot like your not if switch, ps4, and Xbox one players can’t play it

    ChicDrake 8484 uChicDrake 8484 uMonth ago
    • @Thomas Gerrits aaaand do you think its fun to play a game like valo on any console? I dont think so

      IOneShotIOneShot24 days ago
    • You're telling me that you don't have a single PC? This game can run on a fucking potato

      Thomas GerritsThomas GerritsMonth ago
  • Cant play 😭

    Gustaf ErixonGustaf ErixonMonth ago
  • Legit the coolest plot twist I've seen in the gaming world, Valorant devs are racing for the best developer spot in my heart!

  • I keep on lagging in game, especially after the second update during beta and even after release. Can you fix this?

    crazecrazeMonth ago
  • I download it but it doesn't start what is the problem please?

    Mohammad WaleedMohammad WaleedMonth ago
  • Star wars in the Background= WWWWWWWoWWWWWWWWWWW

    Justin NestlerJustin NestlerMonth ago
  • Ofc just a PC game...sigh

    Danny_DynastyDanny_DynastyMonth ago
    • i think it will come to consoles in fall

      Kiba AkumaKiba AkumaMonth ago

    InterIPInterIPMonth ago
  • actual recreation of "Not gonna lie, they had us in the first half."

    metallicweebmetallicweebMonth ago
  • bruh change the anti cheat and im in. ITS A FRICKIN ROOTKIT

    soham bandresoham bandreMonth ago

    Ignatius TanIgnatius TanMonth ago
  • ว้าว!!!! เพื่อน!!!!เราได้เล่นตั้งแต่ เดือนมีนาคม แล้วพี่น้องงง!!!!....เดี่ยวนะนิผมตกข่าวไรรึป่าวใครก็ได้บอกผมที!!!!!

    camazotzcamazotzMonth ago
  • The game came out on my birthday!!

    Jackson DanleyJackson DanleyMonth ago
  • Vai ter valorent para consoles

    T4TICO _T4TICO _Month ago
  • Ira ter vakirant oara consoles

    T4TICO _T4TICO _Month ago
  • That’s today ?!!!!

    Flo’s WhoreFlo’s WhoreMonth ago
    • Yeah

      H e n t a r oH e n t a r oMonth ago
  • please change game icon,Valorant blend in adobe progame

    RA PIZRA PIZMonth ago
  • Fix Vainguard too much problems

    Nikola AcimovicNikola AcimovicMonth ago
  • yees valorant

    LaMagiaDelPanLaMagiaDelPanMonth ago
  • Oh my god what a HYPEEE

    DušanDušanMonth ago
  • WHERE IS IT REEeeee lol

    Lukas 2000Lukas 2000Month ago
  • Hoy es 2 de junio

    Eric LeonardoEric LeonardoMonth ago
  • Add servers for india !!!??

    Shrey Vishesh SinghShrey Vishesh SinghMonth ago
  • Cadê os Br.. aqui ?

    Maria ElãineMaria ElãineMonth ago
  • Is it free?

    • Ye

      H e n t a r oH e n t a r oMonth ago
  • Oh wow, a revival of Ballistic:Overkill

    Jeeko ArangconJeeko ArangconMonth ago
  • Played a few games today and I'm so excited with what's to come I really enjoy it

    Marc The SparkMarc The SparkMonth ago
  • I wasn't waiting for this game at all like other people who like FPS so much but the moment when they said it they aint planning to release it in a few months as promised I felt kind of upset LOL

    The Gold SaintThe Gold SaintMonth ago
  • Yea but my potato computer isnt strong enought for Valorant :c

    I eated your cookieI eated your cookieMonth ago
  • Will it be coming to ps4

  • When for mac os?

    Its DawnIts DawnMonth ago
  • Cadê valorant pra PS4

    Fernanda SilviaFernanda SilviaMonth ago
  • worst game ever thanks for ruining mt dream to play valorant in eSports I put my age wrong and now I cant play u guys are the best in GTA 5 u can go to strip club can you in valorant as well I don't get it. Thanks again for ruining my biggest dream.

    Ter1oTer1oMonth ago
  • 무고밴 푸세요~

    ?누굴까요?누굴까요Month ago

    FlipiGGFlipiGGMonth ago
  • + the game is like paladins whit fixt bugs - its not better then cs go (its not reallistick!

  • Türk toplanma alanı

    BatuBatuMonth ago
  • Doğum günümde çıkardınız oyunu bir hediye yollarsınız artık id: 5slashstrike

    MeliholmakMeliholmakMonth ago
  • ЩО робить якщо після обонови пише що не може найти клієнт

    Дімос ДімосДімос ДімосMonth ago
  • Today is it the day?😍

    Ming SiuMing SiuMonth ago
    • Ye

      H e n t a r oH e n t a r oMonth ago
  • lmao

    versa -_-versa -_-Month ago
  • うぉぉぉぉぉぉお!!!!

    pqまとりょーしかいずごっどpqまとりょーしかいずごっどMonth ago
  • 10 Yıl Sonra Uyandırın ..

    Ercan YayErcan YayMonth ago

    Cláudio CostaCláudio CostaMonth ago
  • Imma be up at 12 am Waiting :D

    PxndaPxndaMonth ago
  • That drop at 0:50 hypes me up every time and end up dying all the rounds

    misolou foutmisolou foutMonth ago
  • 0.49 wait..... it's ''มิถุนายน''

    TurdoTurdoMonth ago