Scottie Pippen reacts to Isiah Thomas’ Bulls-Pistons take | First Take

Feb 13, 2020
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Scottie Pippen reacts to Isiah Thomas saying the Detroit Pistons were better than the Chicago Bulls on First Take.
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  • People saying that the pistons weren't old, yeah they weren't by age, but by nba miles on their body, they went to the conference finals 4 or 5 years in a row and 3 nba finals, They were worned down. Theres a reason Michael's first 3peat team, none of them were on the 2nd 3peat except scottie. Michael needed horace grant, or dennis rodman, When he had no horace or dennis, the magic who had horace bounced them out in 6 games.

    Charlie BlackCharlie Black15 hours ago
  • "oh no I have a migraine, we were too young" shut tf up bruh, ya'll old heads be living in the past

    Dylan HartmannDylan Hartmann4 days ago
  • I feel like Stephen disagrees with whatever max says no matter what it is

    Daryl LyonDaryl Lyon7 days ago
  • Stephen A Smith shut up and let Max get his shine. We know you black lol. Scottie know you black 🤣

    Righteous TeacherRighteous Teacher9 days ago
  • just straight up a chick..acts EXACTLY like a chick ........bleeding

    Robert GuerreroRobert Guerrero9 days ago
  • Look at the record mj and the bulls stomped the pistons so bad they swept and made their team break up

    M Scott LawrenceM Scott Lawrence10 days ago
  • And yes the pistons was that team that made chicago better !!! Lol

    FeedDaStreetzTVFeedDaStreetzTV10 days ago
  • Look at the record... Lmao

    FeedDaStreetzTVFeedDaStreetzTV10 days ago
  • Why is Stephen A Smith saying that the Pistons were old? Why does everyone say that? Isaiah Thomas was the same age Michael Jordan. Joe Dumars was younger than Michael Jordan and the same age as Scottie Pippen. Why do they keep saying that the pictures were old

    MJ 23-GOATMJ 23-GOAT12 days ago
  • I’m sorry but I love Isiah Thomas haha classy toughness at its best.

    Aaron BetancourtAaron Betancourt14 days ago
  • Which is it? Isaiah says the Bulls won because they were old, then says he's "only two years older" than Jordan etc etc. Case closed right there.

    Jonae OhJonae Oh15 days ago
  • Love them or hate them, you have to respect the game and recognize the 1989 Detroit Pistons as one of the greatest teams ever assembled. Period.

    Scott MurphyScott Murphy18 days ago
  • Max Kellerman is an idiot. If your a Bulls fan, and you don't acknowledge that the pistons were your road block, your nemesis, or the team that taught you how to overcome and win, then u too are an idiot! As a piston fan we HATED THE CELTICS! Despised them! Why? Because they broke our heart more than once....But it was that struggle vs Boston that made the Pistons Dynasty so wonderful! Give Credit Where Credit is Due!

    Kevin Joe FoKevin Joe Fo19 days ago
  • pippen hands are huge

    Fred ErickFred Erick20 days ago
  • they cut scottie off at the end there. he sounds like he about to say something else

    Crypto RocketCrypto Rocket20 days ago
  • Scottie: “I don’t want to hear this” Molly: “No you got to hear it Scottie” while simultaneously starting the tape They weren’t going to take no for an answer 😂😂

    Nick VNick V20 days ago
    • Word 😂😂😂 Scottie hate Isiah. It's a on sight thing for him lmao

      DJQuan718DJQuan71816 days ago
  • 0:00 so the pronunciation of Isiah is now Ayzeyah?

    Strong AsianStrong Asian21 day ago
  • This is why they are getting paid stop the nonsense just to earn a living

    bless ED TVbless ED TV22 days ago
  • Isaiah says the Pistons were old which is why The Bulls beat them...Excuses Isaiah was 30, Laimbeer was 34, Mahorn was 33, Rodman was 30.... Michael Jordan won championship at 33,34, and 35. They weren’t old.

    Ludovic BreixoLudovic Breixo23 days ago
  • Stephen a always wrong😂. Guy sucks

    Jason DyeJason Dye25 days ago
  • Pippen should do the voice for adult Groot

    Street PreachStreet Preach27 days ago
  • Getting old? Isiah born in 1961 and Jordan in 1963..........

    Kevin BroomesKevin BroomesMonth ago
  • at one point, scottie was considered 2nd best basketball player in the world next to jordan.

    Ian ChoiIan ChoiMonth ago
  • Stephen A? Who is he?

    Teo StevensTeo StevensMonth ago
  • Scottie has that "ATREUS, OVER HERE" voice

    John Paul GonzalezJohn Paul GonzalezMonth ago
  • Pippen voice amazing

    endrit gjikaendrit gjikaMonth ago
  • The Bad Boys were not old. It is just a myth. Isiah Thomas was 30, Dumars was 28, Laimbeer was 33, Rodman was 30. They were in their prime. The Bulls were just better. Case closed.

    Raghuveer DubaguntaRaghuveer DubaguntaMonth ago
  • Without the Celtics the Pistons aren’t the bad boys. Without the Pistons the Bulls aren’t a dynasty.

    Chris DiegelChris DiegelMonth ago
  • Nobody likes you Isiah.

    tcdahn7tcdahn7Month ago
  • Isaiah was 100000% right they were 3-1 vs the Bulls

    Jacob DoehrmanJacob DoehrmanMonth ago
  • Do stephen a ever shut up he can't never not add his 2 cent and never played any pro sport I like him but dam shut up some time.

    Johnny WellesJohnny WellesMonth ago
  • Pippen is one of the finest player ever, Thomas is one of the pile.

    Manuel LugoManuel LugoMonth ago
  • Isiah's smoking something that distorts reality.... if you're not going to talk apples to apples then all sorts of silly scenarios could be true.... context is missing from Isiah's comments.

    Zig WilZig WilMonth ago
  • Leave it to the Jordan fans, he only played six years in the league. Leave it to cowboy fans they going to the Super Bowl. The worst 2 fan bases

    D’Angelo _912D’Angelo _912Month ago
  • No social distancing?!?!? That ain't coo

    Joseph Christian RoldanJoseph Christian Roldan2 months ago
  • The Pistons were old? Give me a break!! The Bulls in their second 3 peat era were older than the Pistons in their prime (w/ Rodman, Salley & James Edwards on the Bulls) still winning NBA championships. I love the "Bad Boy" Pistons to death but please cut the b.s excuses lol

    Andre BellAndre Bell2 months ago
  • Chicago learned to win by the Pistons Detroit Pistons

    Dorothy WrightDorothy Wright2 months ago
  • All of that back and forth just to basically agree with Isaiah's point lol

    James StaplesJames Staples2 months ago
    • Isaiah has no point. If it wasn't the Pistons, it would have been some other team MJ would have used to elevate himself and the bulls. They were just a bump in the road.

      bl91978bl919782 months ago
  • Isaiah Thomas is a better player than John Stockton

    Gregory CampbellGregory Campbell2 months ago
  • you cant say the word great in just 1 playoff run and 1 championship. if youre a real great team you do this 3 times, 3 peat is the magic word for greatness, jordan pippen and the bulls did the 3 peat twice, that is why they are the best nba team ever.

    Oliver YasayOliver Yasay2 months ago
  • Isaiah Thomas is the best point guard ever to play

    Gregory CampbellGregory Campbell2 months ago
  • SAS is smart af. But he’s also an egomaniacal jackass too.

    WillieWONKA6893WillieWONKA68932 months ago
  • Isaiah "sour grapes" Thomas 😂😂😂😂

    BlackflagBlackflag2 months ago
  • The Pistons may not have been very old, but that doesn't mean the bulls beat this super Pistons team. The bulls were 11 games ahead of them that year, they were the clear favorites, and the Pistons barely even made it to the bulls in 91. If it was the 1989 Pistons with 63 wins and not 1991 50 win team that got swept by the Bulls then they'd have something. But please, they were clearly downhill and no one (besides Rodman) was of any significance in the NBA just only 2 seasons after. All the Bulls did was show that the Pistons were done and that they were going to be the best ever because they learned from the previous years against the Pistons which is why it was a clean sweep.

    antonio guglielmettiantonio guglielmetti2 months ago
  • Everyone hating on Isiah, did yall not watch the whole show!! Isiah pretty much said were not gonna talk about the past, Max Kellerman instigated and provoked Isiah to defend himself! Were human like yall dont defend yourselves smh

    Lavar CLavar C2 months ago
  • Scottie is amongst the greatest, and under payed those are the stats

  • no the only reason the Bulls started beating the Pistons is Jordan started playing team ball!

    money8521money85212 months ago
  • do i see someone with batman mask that Club Fan lol

    hateUmankindhateUmankind2 months ago
  • The 1989-90 Pistons were far deeper and better than any Jordan Bulls team. But Nike and the NBA make money putting MJ on a pedestal.

    Richard JonesRichard Jones2 months ago
  • The DETROIT PISTONS were bad mfrs

    Terrence HenrettaTerrence Henretta2 months ago
  • And people watch this

    Manchester LabManchester Lab2 months ago
  • Max kellerman really about to argue with Scottie about his own career smh

    Chris HogartyChris Hogarty2 months ago
  • Isaiah is such a sore loser..

    Theodoulos HeavenTheodoulos Heaven2 months ago
  • Scotty pippen wasn't in Isaiah Thomas league if it wasn't for Jordan Scotty wouldn't have no championships he can't carry no team to

    Rodney WellsRodney Wells2 months ago
  • Llama face......

    B MeisterB Meister2 months ago
  • Why do they have to scream when talking?

    ZifoZifo2 months ago
  • Love how Max jumps in and lets us know what happened as if he is god

    DONDON2 months ago
  • Who else wants to hear Scottie Pippen say “AWWWW YAAAAAAAAA”😏

    Joshua MyersJoshua Myers2 months ago
  • “The reason why I don’t like listening to Max... is because he’s white.”

    John Y.John Y.2 months ago
  • Scottie looked like he slept with his head in the microwave

    Samuel JueSamuel Jue2 months ago
  • He talks so much clearer here like where was this during the last dance

    GingamanRedGingamanRed2 months ago
  • They weren’t old they had a lot of mileage on them but old no they just ran into a greater team

    Dakid_josh15 DJMDakid_josh15 DJM2 months ago
    • Ran into a greater team! Detroit beat them 3 yrs in a row dummy

      Lavar CLavar C2 months ago
  • Detroit used MMA style (dirty plays), ofcourse they will win rings.

    Dauntless 35Dauntless 352 months ago
  • Sas will never agree what Max’s says even when he’s right in this situation pistons were not old it was Jordan against the pistons and that’s how Jordan made it then he was able to start trusting his teammates so Isaiah can say he beat the bulls but look how he had his team beat Jordan down they had to literally wear him down physically cuz they knew that was the only way I don’t know why Isaiah will not say that

    Johnny24 MJohnny24 M2 months ago
  • Isaiah Thomas is a salty jealous bitter old man

  • Detroit weren't old, they had milage. Playing that brand of basketball for 5-6 years straight takes some years off you. Chicago in the 90s didn't face anyone as nearly as physical and dominant defensively like the Bad Boys. Yea everyone were tough, but not Body Boy tough. That's just my opinion.

    Juan ElroyJuan Elroy2 months ago
  • Have never liked Isaiah Thomas. After turning his back on Magic Johnson. SO I am happy when he is introducing Isaiah Thomas one thing that will never be behind his name is Olympic champion. And that makes me smile like he smiles.

    Joe ChavezJoe Chavez2 months ago
  • Isiah is right lol

    Syed Ali FazeelSyed Ali Fazeel2 months ago
  • Isiah Thomas is a low class / bad loser. End of story.

    Fart ZerelliFart Zerelli3 months ago
  • Some of yall dont know the difference between age and athlethes age! Detroit was in the mix from 86-91 where as the Bulls weren't Detroit had tired legs by 91

    Lavar CLavar C3 months ago
  • Came for the hair

    Hotel? TrivagoHotel? Trivago3 months ago
  • Zeke, I'm still riding with you. You should forget about Chicago because Mike and his Bulls got it on lock. I know it hurts that a guy from South Carolina gets more love from your own hometown, but where Zeke failed is by not investing more time in the community where he won those championships. Now he's roaming around like a homeless nomad.

    Ron AndersonRon Anderson3 months ago
  • but Micheal Jordache and Pippen had to use steroids to beat the Pistons ijs

    Kaye ThompsonKaye Thompson3 months ago
  • The Isaiah's argument is too selective. If they keep facing the Bulls in the Playoffs in the following seasons he couldn't say that. After being defeated they were not up to the task.

    Sebastian WrightSebastian Wright3 months ago
  • The Pistons were better than the Bulls, then the Bulls were better than the Pistons. Keeping the rivalry going does not seem to be hurting either players social profiles or business opportunities.

    FOOLSGOLD7875FOOLSGOLD78753 months ago
  • People lose respect when you play dirty to win a championship isiah, don’t know why I’m commenting this like he’ll read it but finesse beats violence every time when it comes to sport, in terms of respect not winning, just ask the Dream team...

    OGapple347OGapple3473 months ago
  • Isaiah is still bitter that their legacy was overshadowed by MJ and the bulls.

    Thinker manThinker man3 months ago
  • the Pistons should 3peated

    W.T.C 1990W.T.C 19903 months ago
  • No matter what you say or how you slice or dice it Isaiah Thomas and the pistons are bad to the bone as well as Michael jordan and the bulls, i dont choose between the two because i like them both and they have my respect equally, i really wish they were still going at it those were memorable times and games in the history of basketball.🏀

    Michael SinclairMichael Sinclair3 months ago
  • These commentators are so full of it. It is painful to listen to this fanboy rubbish

    Joe BloeJoe Bloe3 months ago
  • Mannnn....shut up! Max Kellerman. Ahahaha never mind they shut him up.

    Carlos A.Carlos A.3 months ago
  • Pistons and Bulls rivalry is the greatest outside of Lakers Celtics

    Hussein RizkHussein Rizk3 months ago
  • Lol the Bulls looking at their six championships wining streak like it was the highest wining streak in league history. Bill Russell and 60's Boston Celtics: Ahem let us introduce ourselves.

    tom chin cheng hanjitom chin cheng hanji3 months ago
  • Do anyone else know that Jordan and Pippen has never beaten a healthy Zeke in the playoffs.

    andre jamisonandre jamison3 months ago
  • Max need say superstar not allstar 😂

    Yo GoYo Go3 months ago
  • ffs they were not old..

    nanka2002nanka20024 months ago
  • Why does everyone other than Scottie have to yell 24/7?

    WitherScissorsWitherScissors4 months ago
  • Isaiah was saying he was better than mj, when the pistons went against the Bulls, as mj had Pippen who eventually became a top 50 player, while he never had a top 50 player

    Balakrishnan SwaminathanBalakrishnan Swaminathan4 months ago
  • Boston was better than the Pistons. Just look at the record.

    Brandon SkwiraBrandon Skwira4 months ago
  • Isiah and Pippen are among the best of best. Is the best I believe.

    God-Bless-AmericaGod-Bless-America4 months ago
  • how is scottie able to bee so calm and relaxed...he is cool man!

    Prabhakar SrinivasanPrabhakar Srinivasan4 months ago
  • Pip looks pretty fly with that look

    FunkgunFunkgun4 months ago
  • *Scottie pippen NBA deep voice of all time*

    Malcolm XMalcolm X4 months ago
  • I wish more people in the media would mention that Isiah is only 1 year older than Jordan and his record against the Jordan/Pippin Bulls is 37-16. Domination. And Isiah didn’t play with another hall of famer or dream teamer. Rodman was a bench player back then.

    ClayClay4 months ago
    • I’m with you

      God-Bless-AmericaGod-Bless-America4 months ago
  • One would argue bulls had to wait for pistons to pass there prime

    Ali AltunAli Altun4 months ago
  • The real truth is that the first year they one they had Phil Jackson for his first year

    Andrew MAndrew M4 months ago
  • why is the white dude always yelling bro we can hear u

    guerillawhiteguerillawhite4 months ago
  • Let the man talk ffs.

    Ivan MarkovicIvan Markovic4 months ago
  • Max spitting facts

    Bideo First TakeBideo First Take4 months ago
  • Love Scottie Pippen

    E CE C4 months ago