Mar 13, 2020
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NBA "Lowest IQ" MOMENTS highlights some of the stupidest plays in NBA History. It includes players such as JR Smith, LeBron James, Kyle Lowry, Lonzo Ball, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and many more!
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  • What are your guys thought on the NBA Season being suspended 🤔

    KingSwishKingSwish7 months ago
    • What is ur felling on it staring again

      Soda YtSoda Yt12 days ago
    • Welcome back to Lonzo ball highlights

      Gnarly CharlieGnarly CharlieMonth ago
    • CORONAVIRUS!!!!!!!!!! 2020 IS A TRADE FUCKING MARK YEAR!!!!!!!!

      Tareon ReedTareon ReedMonth ago
    • Suspend until riots (aka: protests) suspend. Suspend until they can move this quick at a "9-5".

      Sam TungSam Tung2 months ago
    • freddy_p yeah dumbass what u think suspended means

      catcat2 months ago
  • POV: You wanted to see some JR Smith highlights

    BlamrioBlamrioDay ago
  • Ayo LBJ on here more than I would expect and I fw dude😭

    williamwilliamDay ago
  • How did Luke Walton get to be a coach

    h lacyh lacy2 days ago
  • 1:17 when the teacher says "you got homework" a minute before class ends

    TheAtm12345TheAtm123452 days ago
  • Every player got they moments 🤣

    T m2xT m2x2 days ago
  • 0:32 wasn't low IQ, it was genius, he failed but if he had succeed it would have been epic.

    KensenKensen2 days ago
  • feel like loosin my brain cells watching this

    Michael NCMichael NC3 days ago
  • Poor lonzo

    Jasper BlairJasper Blair3 days ago
  • 0:49 and they ask why lebron didn't make the playoffs

    Dlsjdh HdhdhdhDlsjdh Hdhdhdh4 days ago
    • Oh shit too many lakers fuck

      Dlsjdh HdhdhdhDlsjdh Hdhdhdh4 days ago
    • Also 7:30 and 0:00

      Dlsjdh HdhdhdhDlsjdh Hdhdhdh4 days ago
    • Also 1:06

      Dlsjdh HdhdhdhDlsjdh Hdhdhdh4 days ago
  • 0:24 had me laughing my ass off

    Ben VogelpohlBen Vogelpohl4 days ago
  • 3:18 LeBron James crashed...

    Maxime PozzoMaxime Pozzo4 days ago
  • Lakers are 50% in this video

    xPudixPudi4 days ago
  • Has pj ever explain why he didn’t wanna touch that inbound pass?

    wade wilsonwade wilson5 days ago
  • 3:55 the coach hates his team

    Roban GoroRoban Goro5 days ago
  • 1:19 Me playing mycareer missing all the shots and losing fans

    EndermitEndermit5 days ago
  • NBA plays in a nutshell

    Fabio ToshkollariFabio Toshkollari5 days ago
  • 1:35 tf?

    APEz LingQTAPEz LingQT5 days ago
  • everybody here for 8:32, your welcome ;-)

    SuperRichardLPSuperRichardLP6 days ago
  • Last was high IQ play ;)

    GodBlessY0utubeGodBlessY0utube6 days ago
  • Seriously tho wtf did Lowry think was gonna happen there

    ChoccyMilkChoccyMilk6 days ago
  • 1:53 damn😂

    Justine T.Justine T.6 days ago
  • 2:05 I dont really know all basketball rules but what happened here ?

    Evil EyeEvil Eye6 days ago
  • Did Westbrook ever hit a 3?

    Adler VianaAdler Viana7 days ago
  • lonzo overrated af hahaha

    Mjg94Mjg947 days ago
  • Lebron is also the worst player in my 2k carrer 🤦🏻

    Mjg94Mjg947 days ago
  • Lonzo getting his Javale on i see.

    Corey A.C.I.ECorey A.C.I.E7 days ago
  • Fuck Morris lmao

    Ian LuIan Lu7 days ago
  • Lonzo Ball is bad

    Celvindicator Jr.Celvindicator Jr.7 days ago
  • JR Smith is not the sharpest crayon in the box

    Jordan BuisJordan Buis7 days ago
  • 8:26 What the 'F"!

    Imperial FratImperial Frat8 days ago
  • 7:25 .... too cute

    Lim CX FelixLim CX Felix8 days ago
  • Alternate Title: Lonzo Ball Career Highlights

    Stavros PsiakisStavros Psiakis8 days ago
  • 3:19 Lebron's controller died

    Graham LaitinenGraham Laitinen8 days ago
  • at 8:10 at I was at that game and the whole arena booed Dragan Bender after he gave up the layup

    WhaleroastWhaleroast8 days ago
  • At this moment they knew they f**k up

    Lockdown DFLockdown DF9 days ago
  • nothing was going right for the Lakers last year.

    Genxtasy 99Genxtasy 999 days ago
  • Lonzo Trash

    Husky ThorHusky Thor9 days ago
  • These are either the lakes or the warriors all the time. Hate both the teams so we chillin

    PeaksPeaks9 days ago
  • Like 90% of these are lonzo lol

    PeaksPeaks9 days ago
  • 5:01 look at that woman in red making fun of it

    Victor Saúl Zegarra ChoqueVictor Saúl Zegarra Choque10 days ago
  • 5:24 I bet JR Smith would knoe

    AJPlayzAJPlayz10 days ago
    • I spelt that bad on purpose btw

      AJPlayzAJPlayz10 days ago
  • So many Lonzo plays hahahah

    The SheepThe Sheep11 days ago
  • miss a shot is not a low iq play, if is an important play, and you attemp somthing that you dont have dominated, is a low iq play, like curry´s dunk

    samuel ramírezsamuel ramírez11 days ago
  • Last clip kinda sus

    I am A PotatoI am A Potato11 days ago
  • Can anyone explain wtf PJ Tucker was doing? There's no way anyone could've thought that was an inbound violation

    TheSuperGuitarGuyTheSuperGuitarGuy12 days ago
  • Imagine if official nba channel posted this

    Pimple FacePimple Face12 days ago
  • Thats why lonzo got traded wkwkw

    Muhamad RafliMuhamad Rafli12 days ago
  • 0:01 Ingram looks so dumb

    Jordan MichaelJordan Michael12 days ago
  • Lonzo Air ball

    Kael LeandroKael Leandro12 days ago
  • Morris twin is a horrible human being. They are trash!

    oldnew newoldoldnew newold12 days ago
  • Shit if they make mistakes that bad in nba, I can go pro! Might not have kobe stats but I promise I will never pass to the wrong person,inbound my own ball, go for a drink over layup, and never pass to the enemy team!! Sign me now😂 And I promise I will never ever grab another man's nuts for a foul!

    Jerad HilderbrandJerad Hilderbrand12 days ago
  • Jr smith, best troll in the nba

    Your SisterYour Sister13 days ago
  • The Knicks are on here a lot.

    Jackson SavageJackson Savage13 days ago
  • 8:07 when he starts tying his shoe to play it off

    Julio SaenzJulio Saenz13 days ago
  • Dude went after the wrong balls 😂the last one 😂

    nycthroifynycthroify13 days ago
  • Love the Morris bopping clip 😂😂

    Ryan Martin MusicRyan Martin Music14 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lakers definitely smoking that Bronny pack before the games 🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • Man Lonzo has evolved now that I look back at this

    Russell WestbrickRussell Westbrick15 days ago
  • 1:00 the moment lonzo ball new he was finna get traded

    Yoyo godYoyo god15 days ago
  • 7:52 he accidentally click the past button instead of shot 2k player knows 🤣

    Mac McdonaldMac Mcdonald15 days ago
  • *Insert Morris pass to no one*

    SlycxSlycx16 days ago
  • I don’t feel bad that Lonzo got traded.

    BrezzyBrezzy16 days ago
  • NBA "Lowest IQ" Moments. More like Lonzo Ball highlights

    Amrit GillAmrit Gill16 days ago
  • Wtf are the later doing

    frodyfrody16 days ago
  • who's here after 2020 finals game 5 :/

    KK10KK1016 days ago
  • Yeah yeah but marcus moris still the most stupidest thing i ever see in nba, he smack with elbow, hit with a ball and then he the one who angry😂 nice one clown

    Billy RizaldyBilly Rizaldy16 days ago
  • Wow Lonzo really just a LA Fitness player in the NBA 🤦‍♂️

    frank beansfrank beans16 days ago
  • 72 percent Lonzo

    MYSTERYBOA GamingMYSTERYBOA Gaming17 days ago
  • Hahaha he tried to get the ball between his legs

    David SuarezDavid Suarez17 days ago
  • Brandon Ingram looking baked as fuck in the first clip

    I SchultzayyyI Schultzayyy17 days ago
  • 7:42 dude youre fucking 2 feet from the rim are you serious?

    LoganLogan17 days ago
  • 50% clips of lonzo being a bum

    Jayden-Lee MynhardtJayden-Lee Mynhardt17 days ago
  • Who else here cuz of Morris

    Miguel SanchezMiguel Sanchez18 days ago
  • There’s some other teams in this Lonzo Ball compilation

    OneWeirdWordOneWeirdWord18 days ago
  • Now we know why Steph Curry doesn't dunk

    Robert ErlandsonRobert Erlandson18 days ago
  • Lowest iq moments? You wanna talk about low iq? Who let Miami go against the lakers

    DavonloDavonlo18 days ago
  • Brandon Ingram saying pure facts

    Lebron JamesLebron James18 days ago
  • What was Tucker actually trying to do with that inbound pass?

    Sam ChiangSam Chiang18 days ago
  • Notice how most dumb plays here are from Lakers? 😂🤣

    The True_TeamThe True_Team18 days ago
  • Matane

    massaldoomassaldoo18 days ago
  • I would tackled buddy if I was demarcus😂😂

    Mason DonawayMason Donaway19 days ago
  • I love how all these clips are newer. 2000+

    FluffyPancakes 0323FluffyPancakes 032319 days ago
  • 0:49 And that’s how Anthony Davis got to LA, the end.

    Bird_Gang_AzBird_Gang_Az19 days ago
  • Would be the WNBA’s best moments

    Jordan TheogeneJordan Theogene19 days ago
  • It ain't "Lowest IQ" moments. You're roastin' Lonzo Ball for the half of the video. Currys missed dunk? Thats not a low iq as is Ball's bad pass. Low iq is when JR thought they were winning.

    sokal 01sokal 0119 days ago
  • I don't see Spurs on here because they always play smart basketball

    Michael YoungMichael Young19 days ago
  • These players should be put all in the same team 😂

    Diego BecerraDiego Becerra19 days ago
  • Mcgee is such clown

    Slim ReaperSlim Reaper20 days ago
  • Idiot Morris. Wants to fight everyone to show how tough he is.

    pi cruisepi cruise20 days ago
  • 0:19 “Oh he actually dribbled and then bounced” -NBA 2020

    KdosKdos21 day ago
    • Dribbled it in bounds

      Cuzziy R6Cuzziy R618 days ago
    • Oh he actually dribbled it inbounds

      FizzoFizzo20 days ago
  • 10:44 is kinda sus

    BlaqxisBlaqxis21 day ago
  • 5:02 Curry evil laugh

    Petar BlagojevicPetar Blagojevic21 day ago
  • don’t watch this and pretend u never had a brain fart

    smoky_burritosmoky_burrito21 day ago
  • Lonzo starring

    Nazzy SosaNazzy Sosa22 days ago
  • 5:05 reminds me so much of Calebcity

    Xavy_KeoniXavy_Keoni22 days ago
  • Lonzo ball 😂😂😂nub

    J DcJ Dc22 days ago
  • a missed layup isn't a sign of low basketball IQ 😂

    mackenzie kmackenzie k23 days ago