The ANGRIEST Owner Of All Time? | Kitchen Nightmares

May 5, 2018
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She fires customers!
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  • I don’t understand why she would call him if she thinks everything is a-ok.

    The BoogeymanThe BoogeymanHour ago
  • I bet Gordon's wife never nag on him... He gets nagged on by many little stuck up bitches

    MotasalibMotasalib2 hours ago
  • You need N I N O O

    John CorlukaJohn Corluka4 hours ago
  • "YOUR SO IN DENIAL YOU NEED NINO!" My god. What a quote.

    QuietuxQuietux7 hours ago
  • " 👁️👄👁️...☝️ YOU PRECIOUS☝️ STUCK UP☝️ LITTLE BITCH" 🤣🤣 That line never gets old, die everytime

    Tuncs Alive369Tuncs Alive3699 hours ago
  • Fun fact: she said "wow" 27 times.

    goodqualitywoodgoodqualitywood9 hours ago
  • It’s like a pint size pocket Karen

  • I love how only the manager that gets embarassed and the waiters just laughing

    Lucky SevenLucky Seven17 hours ago
  • The waiter is just laughing

    Pfsim FnPfsim Fn18 hours ago
  • You are so in denial you need NINO!

    StephenFiorentiniStephenFiorentini19 hours ago
  • Why would you call the man if you think your food is great and your restaurant is doing great?! Just why the unnecessary defensiveness

    Narymi AbdoNarymi Abdo19 hours ago
  • “You’re so in denial you need ... Nino!!!”

    Zane StathakisZane Stathakis19 hours ago
  • she looks like Stephen Hawking

    XandreXandre20 hours ago
  • Bruh Gordon Always walks Into the baddest restaurant's🤦Oop that meet looked dry af

    AlphaWolfy XxxAlphaWolfy XxxDay ago
  • This is like the complete package of what a toxic relationship looks like😂😶....

    Gunnpreet kaurGunnpreet kaurDay ago
  • Karen opened her own restaurant.

    mcaddictsmcaddictsDay ago
  • It wasn’t a party it was a funeral in my mouth 🙂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Faaiz yaldaFaaiz yaldaDay ago
  • i came because of the thumbnail

    Time PandaTime PandaDay ago
  • They fight like they're married

    Anes AmmardjiaAnes AmmardjiaDay ago
  • Gordon: "You're in denial" Owner: "I'm not in denial."

    Frank RaultFrank RaultDay ago
  • Angriest owner or angriest Gordon, he opened his mouth first full of filth. If he is trying to help, he could do it without this dirty drama

    Alia TabassumAlia TabassumDay ago
  • She was in denial of being in denial... *Think about that for a moment*

    Harry RobinsonHarry RobinsonDay ago
  • The bulb and a switch and the audacity of this bitch

    ririDay ago
  • i watched this in VR and i pissed myself

    slytherinbvbyslytherinbvbyDay ago
  • It's like PlayStation vs Xbox war😅😅

    SaltySaltyDay ago
  • My tooth came out while watching this.

    JinNeedsMoreAttentionJinNeedsMoreAttentionDay ago
  • *The waiters are the people you can mostly likely trust at a restaurant.*

    end my fucking life plzend my fucking life plzDay ago
  • Tell me anybody know how much WOW already said in this video?

    MeiMei2 days ago
  • imagine work for a karen

    HOb3 ProdHOb3 Prod2 days ago
  • which episode?

    Tailgunner0101Tailgunner01012 days ago
  • IS disappointing

    Nazmul HassanNazmul Hassan2 days ago
  • Imagine how Gordon screams at his children.

    Archo 69Archo 693 days ago
  • Fired 👎

    Kian McGovernKian McGovern3 days ago
  • Why is no one talking about the waiter's???? They were so nice and humorous!!!!!!!

    John CorlukaJohn Corluka3 days ago
  • Thats the saiyan version of karens

    Shaggy HotdogsShaggy Hotdogs3 days ago
  • Party pooper in my mouth.

    xamurai00xamurai003 days ago
  • Shes such a karen she asks for her customers manager just to get them fired from her restaurant.

    xamurai00xamurai003 days ago
  • Wtf 😂

    Amanda De SantaAmanda De Santa3 days ago
  • Tell me someone that's scripted.

    Rafath AuveeRafath Auvee3 days ago
  • Anyone else teacher look like this

    Jahare ChungJahare Chung3 days ago
  • Karen

    KillionaireKillionaire3 days ago
  • He should have just shut down the place

    ᴊʙ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴘᴏᴘᴊʙ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ ᴘᴏᴘ3 days ago
  • The Queen of Karen's ladies and gentlemen

  • This restaurant is gross, get out of the lady, you suck.

    Pranav NaidooPranav Naidoo3 days ago
  • Her: Gordon you asshole Gordon: you calling me an asshole, you stuck up precious little gorgeous bitch. Me: Damn

    Chad AgustinChad Agustin3 days ago
  • When Karen becomes the manager

    I want Namjoon to adopt me asapI want Namjoon to adopt me asap3 days ago
  • “ ur so in denial u..” *wierd shriek noise saying neou*

    Kannan JeyarajanKannan Jeyarajan3 days ago
  • My hand has a strong urge to make contact with her face

    Kevin McallisterKevin Mcallister4 days ago
  • I love this

    Ygnacia FrancoYgnacia Franco4 days ago

    GhostyGhosty4 days ago
  • This wasnt the worst one.

    Nem EsisNem Esis4 days ago
  • Ur so denial u r so nino😂?

    black master TVblack master TV4 days ago
  • "you fire customers"

    Andrew AdamAndrew Adam4 days ago
  • "You are so on denial, you need therapy " What my girlfriend told me

    abdullah awadabdullah awad4 days ago
  • So what happened? What is the aftermath of the resturant?

    MBL 7au41MBL 7au414 days ago
  • That Waiter was obviously loving Ramsay telling her of 🙂

    Sophie NewberrySophie Newberry4 days ago
  • what episode is this 😭

    uwuuwu4 days ago
  • *She. Is. Full. Of. Bullshit*

    TheOneWithTheETheOneWithTheE4 days ago
  • you precious little bitch!

    Zxrif ChowZxrif Chow4 days ago
  • i feel like finding this restaurant on the map and make fkin 100+ accounts just to rate it 0 i swear..

    Mushfiq HossainMushfiq Hossain4 days ago
  • Pathetic to think these restaurants even fucking exists and have a fucking space in the world

    Criss Jr.Criss Jr.4 days ago
  • Lol im so funny of the waiter cause everytime gordon says like his laughing, and agreeing to gordon. thats kinda wierdoo

    Pørò PòrøPørò Pòrø4 days ago
  • at 5:01 and 5:03 what did Ramsay say?

    Rayhan KamilRayhan Kamil4 days ago
  • I'm always amazed by one thing, in the mind of chef/menager/owner or whoever is running the place, food is ALWAYS at least 9/10, which is the most delusional, face it if your restaurant is not doing good it is probably the food, like near my home is pizzeria with shitty local design, average service but their and is a little more expensive than other pizza places nearby, but their pizza is just fuckin' good (I would say 7/10) and that is probably the only thing that carries this place

    Paweł KołodziejczykPaweł Kołodziejczyk5 days ago
  • 1:18 woah I thought she was sitting She's just so shortttt Man if the restaurants that bad I quit

    Clustered PeanutsClustered Peanuts5 days ago
  • “Our food is great” -says every owner ever with no cooking experience

    Liên GosbeeLiên Gosbee5 days ago
  • Gordon: your in denial stuck up princess bitch: I'm not in denial anyone else see the irony in that

    Eli PennerEli Penner5 days ago
  • lol awkward

    VeeVee5 days ago
  • Another Abby that pissed everyone

    余博元余博元5 days ago
  • Karen Owner

    ZelesZeles5 days ago
  • the kitchen karen

    Manolakis The DoggoManolakis The Doggo5 days ago
  • Waitress hahaha laughing

    RoseRose5 days ago
  • fly minding there business resting on my lamp shade peacefully Me: tries to kill it Fly: 7:33

    It’s MeIt’s Me5 days ago
  • "I'm not in denial" is such a great paradox

    HariccaricHariccaric5 days ago
  • Narcissistic personality

    ilbgbgilbgbg5 days ago
  • her: **sits down** Gordon: "If you gonna sit there-" her: **stands up** "im not sitting im standinng

    Reese JohnsonReese Johnson5 days ago
  • I like the waiters though, they really tried to talk it out and try to figure out what is wrong without leaving anything behind.

    Shsjs hsshShsjs hssh5 days ago
  • Rare chance of a karen instead of "where is you manager!?!" Shes the manager and can force to "fires" a customer but he cannot fires gordon ramsay (Goron ratsey from a game)

    Bruh ManBruh Man5 days ago
  • Karen Pro X-Max😂

    Black MBlack M5 days ago
  • Award winning meatloaf? Probably won the award for the best funeral food

    Ayushman SarkarAyushman Sarkar6 days ago
  • does he pay for the food? or on the house?

    derek khorderek khor6 days ago
  • he finally met his match. he's an abusive and insulting little bitch, isn't he?!

    Fonz augoustakisFonz augoustakis6 days ago
    • @Zero ???

      Fonz augoustakisFonz augoustakis5 days ago
    • ?

      ZeroZero5 days ago
  • Karen Prime

    LoneWolfLoneWolf6 days ago
  • „You‘re in denial“ „no i‘m not“ lmaooo

    HypezHypez6 days ago
  • There goes my child hood

    EG FAMILYEG FAMILY6 days ago
  • You are in denial! NO I AM NOT IN DENIAL!!! Ironic...

    Malte S225Malte S2256 days ago
  • Now thats a karen

    Obama AdelineObama Adeline6 days ago
  • King Karen.

    YS EntertainmentYS Entertainment6 days ago
  • I bet she called him to her restaurant, thinking that she would get compliments from Gordon and she would just be praised 😂😂

    ElThePug LoverElThePug Lover6 days ago
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    Shiv kumar Shiv kumarShiv kumar Shiv kumar6 days ago
  • 8:52 You're so much in denial you need.... Nino

    Kanishq QuotesKanishq Quotes7 days ago
  • 4:58 I like the way he says "OHH SHIT" 🤣🤣🤣

    LordMisty_23LordMisty_237 days ago
  • Firing customers🤣🤣🤣😂

    Ram SathasivamRam Sathasivam7 days ago
  • Never argue with woman

    Muhammad ShahidMuhammad Shahid7 days ago
  • Karen to Gordon : so, f***ing chef, you're ready to approaching me?

    Ikbale Mahfud MD KabanIkbale Mahfud MD Kaban7 days ago
  • Even gordon ramsay can't defeat her in her kitchen

    Ikbale Mahfud MD KabanIkbale Mahfud MD Kaban7 days ago
  • I fucking luv her

    gab bikgab bik7 days ago
  • What is wrong with people like her. Oh okay, nope - you're right, your food is 10/10, that's why you're failing and asked him there? Why are they so deluded. Why wouldn't you be relieved to hear from an expert, knowing he is going to then give you insight, instead of this. What an idiot.

    NickNick7 days ago
  • WOW 😮

    Nancy JoramNancy Joram7 days ago