Every Way to Make Pizza (32 Methods) | Bon Appétit

Mar 28, 2020
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Is there any other way to make pizza other than boiling it? Wait, there is? Ok, so apparently there's also oven-baked, cast-iron and microwaved pizza. In fact, Amiel Stanek is here to show us almost every way to make a pizza. We're betting the waffle iron pizza may be a method to avoid.
Filmed on 2/11-2/12/20

Check out each method here:
Baked Pizza 1:42
Pre-Heated Sheet Pan Pizza 2:30
Twice Baked Pizza 3:13
Pizza Stone Pizza 4:00
Ceramic Tile Pizza 4:38
Baking Steel Pizza 5:21
Crisper Pan Pizza 6:09
Frozen Pizza 6:52
Rack Baked Pizza 7:40
Oven Floor Pizza 8:24
Grilled Pizza 9:02
Baking Steel Grilled Pizza 9:42
Flip Grilled Pizza 10:24
Kettle Grilled Pizza 11:10
Ooni Oven Pizza 11:57
Grandma Style Pizza 12:40
Deep Dish 13:58
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Oven Pizza 15:13
Waffle Iron Pizza 15:53
Pizzazz Plus Pizza 16:55
Breville Oven Pizza 17:44
Stovetop to Oven Pizza 18:31
Stovetop Pizza 19:32
Boiled Pizza 20:33
Deep Fried Pizza 21:30
Steamed Pizza 22:20
Stovetop Oven Pizza 23:08
Pizza Stone Firepit Pizza 23:59
Wood Grilled Pizza 24:36
Camping Pot Pizza 25:17
Easy Bake Oven Pizza 25:55
Microwaved Pizza 26:37
Pizza Cone Pizza 27:23
Dehydrated Pizza 28:19
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Every Way to Make Pizza (32 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • He should've put some dough on top of the waffle iron pizza

    Cameron MillerCameron Miller12 hours ago
  • i am concerned because he is moving his hands like a video game NPC so he might be a bot.

    Tron RobloxianTron Robloxian23 hours ago
  • *Cries in Italian

    xXClutchXxxXClutchXxDay ago
    • So you're italian? Name every noodle

      Random dog with internet accessRandom dog with internet access16 hours ago
  • i'm not an italian but this is torturing me

    Rebel GreninjaRebel GreninjaDay ago
  • Next time do how to cook a baby

    IvánIván3 days ago
  • So the opening pizzas in my opinion based on looks Neapolitan: 10/10 looks yum yum gimme som of that Roman: 3/10 uuuuuhhh I think the pizza machine broke Deep dish: 7/10 loooooking ggooood my man, haven’t eaten you or one of your brethren yet , but man do I want to New York: 1/10 the sauce, baked into the cheese, dry, dry as the Sahara desert, I would need a gallon of water, just to eat one slice without doing of dehydration. the cheese , chewy, does not melt in the mouth like a good pizza’s cheese should. Crust looks good though

    WugWug3 days ago
  • I will kill my Italian friend by sending this to him

    Susan ChuaSusan Chua3 days ago
  • as an italian, i hate this man now

    emo ratemo rat3 days ago
  • Pizza ice cream when?

    Wolfette PlaysWolfette Plays3 days ago
  • Stove to broiler pizza works great if you do it properly. Not too sure about Amiel's method. Use a flat dry pan. Pre heat it pretty hot. Put your dough on it and top your pizza then slide it off your pan pizza peel style (hence the flat pan with no edges) onto a preheated baking tray under. the broiler on max. I tend to use just above the middle shelf. Takes about 2 minutes...

    Alex MathesonAlex Matheson3 days ago
  • I wonder what gordan Ramsey would think about this?

    GACHA XGACHA X3 days ago
  • You just killed the whole population of italy when you boiled the pizza

    Špigla McPlafonjeraŠpigla McPlafonjera4 days ago
  • io italiano medio triggerato

    antonioantonio4 days ago
  • You should've done a lunch able way

    Dragon's RhythmDragon's Rhythm5 days ago
  • "Alright, its been 8 minutes-" me: *8 MINUTES??*

    Myx xMyx x5 days ago
  • You've lost your Italy privileges

    Yellow ImpostorYellow Impostor5 days ago
    • Hey bro just here to tell you that Pink is kinda sus

      Random dog with internet accessRandom dog with internet access16 hours ago
  • Fr🏧 sto soffrendo

    - Oscardust -- Oscardust -5 days ago
  • Every problem with the pizzas was his fault as the dough was absolute garbage and it looks like he left them out on the counter for an hour so it was warm and the cheese cooled pizza

    Nateking909Nateking9095 days ago
  • I always liked the pizza go round always made good pizza to me great for frozen pizza

    FadoribleFadorible6 days ago
  • Missing these videos

    KatKat6 days ago
  • [○]

    Its JustMeIts JustMe7 days ago
  • When he said grandma style my grandma was just left to visit my cosine and now already miss her

    Greasy the greatGreasy the great8 days ago
  • This guy doesn't get the point of cooking things different ways. It's not to find the best way it's to find ways that taste different and break up the monotony of doing the same way every time. And for creativity.

    camaro1jcamaro1j8 days ago
  • You ever notice that some of these are literally just the same thing

    Mr MidiasMr Midias9 days ago
  • he compliments the crust, proceeds to take a bite out of the tip and continues onto another method

    57579 days ago
  • Why not cook it longer if it isnt you know cooked lmao

    Jordan SpencerJordan Spencer10 days ago
  • Ok can we stop talking about the questionable methods for a moment and talk about the fact they got custom pizza boxes just for the bit at the start?

    TimewardTimeward10 days ago
  • That’s not deep dish pizza Needs more cheese

    lily barkerlily barker11 days ago
  • OMG! I'm sorry but thought pizzas look tasteless.

    Lohara PodzabornaiLohara Podzabornai11 days ago
    • I know! There boring they need something like sausage or pepperoni at the bare minimum

      BrockBrock7 days ago
  • What are you gonna do with all that pizza

    Barbarul De VarzaBarbarul De Varza11 days ago
  • What did he do wrong,the bottom of his pizza is so white

    Naveen 15Naveen 1511 days ago
  • That pizza is so uncooked Spider Man can't deliver it. And all the styles Amiel likes are so obviously soupy I can't even

    KingThrillgoreKingThrillgore12 days ago
    • Nobody cares about soupy center

      whytheonlyonewhytheonlyone12 days ago
  • "Pizza Dumpling" That's called a calzone my dude

    StealthydragonStealthydragon12 days ago
  • I can't stop thinking about how he moves hes hand without talking

    Yair GorenYair Goren12 days ago
  • I got an unjustifiable amount of mirth out of the demonic "molten dangerous slurry"

    Alice WalkerAlice Walker13 days ago
  • Wood fired pizza? How's pizza supposed get a job now?

    The Universal MudkipThe Universal Mudkip13 days ago
  • bro you’re not good at making pizza

    isabelleisabelle14 days ago
    • never show ur face in the state of new jersey you’d get jumped by the italians

      isabelleisabelle14 days ago
  • This man just boiled pizza

    Stefanos rStefanos r14 days ago
  • I never thought about boiled pizza before..

    geomeun goyangi nero nero nerogeomeun goyangi nero nero nero15 days ago
  • Not enough cheese sir.

    The FoxholeThe Foxhole15 days ago
  • RIP Bon Appetit

    StaplesofDoomStaplesofDoom15 days ago
  • Could someone specify a little more of what kind of tile to get for the tile oven trick. Is it safe? I know he did it it just sketches me out

    Earthman JeremiahEarthman Jeremiah15 days ago
  • give me the ding noise sir you didn't ruin pizzas, that's not what makes me mad where's. the. *ding.*

    mushroomfrogemushroomfroge15 days ago
  • you are the weirdest guy. you like burned things, you like raw steak, its just so confusing and it makes me feel wierd

    Czech GopnikCzech Gopnik15 days ago
  • Is this guy delusional? Why tf does he undercook every thing? Remove him.

    Danyal IjazDanyal Ijaz15 days ago
  • Where's the pizza smoothie?

    wow kakigoriwow kakigori16 days ago
  • I think I'm dying

    Inari But Actually SatanInari But Actually Satan16 days ago
  • "Pizza Dumpling" **Ben Wyatt indignation intensifies**

    Handsome SquidwardHandsome Squidward16 days ago
  • “Boiled Pizza” I’m not even Italian and I’m offended by this

    Jada CrawfishJada Crawfish17 days ago
  • i dont like cheese pizza i fined it boaring

    jaetendo gamingjaetendo gaming17 days ago
  • "pizza is good. Don't mess with pizza!" ... "DEHYDRATOR PIZZA"

    utopian Linkutopian Link17 days ago
  • But can we agree that the toppings go under the cheese?

    D3thain Forti5D3thain Forti517 days ago
  • That waffle iron pizza... 😭😭😭

    geomeun goyangi nero nero nerogeomeun goyangi nero nero nero17 days ago
  • Pizza dumplings are basically calzones, I wish they tried a calzone on the waffle iron

    BioChemoPhysio ScienceBioChemoPhysio Science18 days ago
  • "pizza is good, don't mess with pizza!" ... ... ... ... ... "DEHYDRATED PIZZA"

    AntivirusAntivirus18 days ago
  • Yum!🤣

    Man Down SquadMan Down Squad18 days ago
  • Why does amiel cook literally everything underdone

    DoomsdayDoomsday19 days ago
  • *Amiel puts a pizza in at 700 degrees Fahrenheit* Me: *thinks that it's celcius* OH MY GOD PLEASE NO!! *the pizza doesn't burn* Me: OH Fahrenheit! *slaps my face until I have no discernable face*

    Shooting StarShooting Star19 days ago
  • Why are the pizzas so wet.

    Max GoldMax Gold20 days ago
  • So sad that they stopped

    The ChallengegamingdudeThe Challengegamingdude20 days ago
  • Frozens take longer granted, but I'd still expect 10~15 minutes for a freshly made pizza depending on style; surprised how well the frying methods worked though, might have to try it myself lol.

    XperimentorEESXperimentorEES21 day ago
  • the microwave method was just a deluxe lunchables pizza

    heinrich himmlerheinrich himmler21 day ago
  • There's something wrong with the pizza if you can milk it

    jiggleBear 'jiggleBear '21 day ago
  • Flip Grilled Pizza Aka Tire Track Pizza

    A Corner of The InternetA Corner of The Internet21 day ago

    Eric DevioEric Devio21 day ago
  • 4:13 i like this face

    Eli ChocapicnananoEli Chocapicnanano23 days ago
  • The pizzaz plus and pizza stone are the only 2 ways to cook pizza in my family

    erinmarrenerinmarren24 days ago
  • As an italian, im triggered

    GabrielX24 _GabrielX24 _24 days ago
  • "Boiled pizza" That's a boiled calzone, heathens. Same with "Fried pizza"

    papiyankee11papiyankee1124 days ago
  • Pizzazz plus + gril for best Result

    Yassou BouajilaYassou Bouajila24 days ago
  • Why is the pizza have flour at the bottom every pizza I make don't have flour at the bottom?

    Daren LeonardyDaren Leonardy24 days ago
  • am i the only one concerned by the fact that he WANTS crunchy pizza?

    samirah guzmansamirah guzman25 days ago
  • The boiled and fried were just calzones

    ReactiveRStar GamingReactiveRStar Gaming25 days ago
  • Wow I can’t believe he didn’t see the grey rings

    pancho torrespancho torres26 days ago
  • The pizza stove is broken it’s meant to heat the bottom so it should have been good also it’s meant for store bought pizzas

    stevendoty1986stevendoty198626 days ago
  • Love how he always complains because obviously he could never do anything wrong

    Willbob22Willbob2226 days ago
  • Lets just stop and think how many pizzas he have to eat to make this video.

    joao pedro geib da silvajoao pedro geib da silva26 days ago
  • 14:34 Why is the towel on the actual pizza, it on the sauce

    Ahmad Nur BarambanganAhmad Nur Barambangan26 days ago
  • My mans shoulda do a fastforward to see the pizza cook for every method

    Kenjong KilawoggKenjong Kilawogg27 days ago

    Emiliano Rodriguez LopezEmiliano Rodriguez Lopez28 days ago
  • this guy out pizzad the hut

    Joseph Vissarionovich StalinJoseph Vissarionovich Stalin28 days ago
  • 21:44 questo è un calzone.Cosi si chiama in italia

    Francesco ZambonFrancesco Zambon28 days ago
  • literally just put it back in the oven if its "wet and doughy"

    MarioProzMarioProz28 days ago
  • need more of this

    suresure29 days ago
  • How to make Italians and Asians mad : STEAMED PIZZA

    Garren HigginbothamGarren Higginbotham29 days ago
  • I don’t like crispy pizza so some of the “bad” methods I would probably like

    Shaka BrahShaka Brah29 days ago
  • "oh god it's leaking" yeah that's because you flipped it! I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that?

    sadmac356sadmac35629 days ago
  • 28:15 Amiel: "Pizza is good, don't mess with pizza" Also Amiel: We're now gonna dehydrate a pizza.

    BIGgouramiBIGgourami29 days ago
  • 0:00 pizza time

    jessica wrotenjessica wroten29 days ago
  • I hate how he compared the ceramic tiles to the pizza stone its basically the same if he put another pizza on top it would give the same effect

    Just Built DifferentJust Built Different29 days ago
  • I almost puked when he folded his pizza

    PruCoPruCoMonth ago
  • I almost vomited when he said "New York"

    PruCoPruCoMonth ago
  • Yeah cool but the tons of pizza you don't eat .... Where they go?

    PiZeTaaPiZeTaaMonth ago
  • Why does the video has lower volume than normal

    Suck My Ebollic BallsSuck My Ebollic BallsMonth ago
  • does this man know how to cook😂

    CybzCybzMonth ago
  • 32 pizzas with one bite taken out of them. After that the result is unknown. When I see these kind of experiments done, I wonder if food is actually consumed and not put to waste.

    Mark HollasMark HollasMonth ago
  • pizza is nOT PIE

    Maya SeligmanMaya SeligmanMonth ago
  • In the past we made a pizza in the oven and its super stretchy and cheesy its so good

    MintyMintyMonth ago
  • Is it me or everything he cook I raw or “ medium RaRE”

    King CarneyKing CarneyMonth ago
  • Editing in fake crunch noises is really lame.

    buzzeredebuzzeredeMonth ago