Matt Damon: "This is the Most Fun I've Ever Had on a Talk Show"

Aug 25, 2017
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Some of our favourite Matt Damon moments on the big red sofa.
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  • Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne

    Hubert SemenianoHubert Semeniano9 hours ago
  • That's Jason Bourne!! Get Langley on the line!

    Nope NottaNope NottaDay ago
  • i can't believe that Jimmy kimmel created 2 k account just to dislike this video, :(

    Mahdi HosseiniMahdi HosseiniDay ago
  • I can never get enough of this show. The absolute BEST !

    Pete PanPete Pan3 days ago
  • we love you graham

    seqingnicoleseqingnicole3 days ago
  • Sometimes I forget how handsome Matt Damon is. No, I never forget.

    Xomarah DickisonXomarah Dickison3 days ago
  • The fundamental difference between chat shows in Britain and the US is that chat shows in Britain are shows of entertainment and chat shows in the US are now political impositions of the Show's host upon the guest, yawn, yawn - humorless and scary.

    Thelma and LouiseThelma and Louise5 days ago
  • Who is this norton guy His channel is full of hilarious videos Even audience is laughing a lot

    GandhiwadiGandhiwadi5 days ago
  • Graham is the best

    Ashley McQueenAshley McQueen6 days ago
  • 5:10 -- say what you will about his other roles, Matt Damon plays a very aggressive molar :)

    Cocktails & ConsolesCocktails & Consoles7 days ago
  • 6:40 Matt Damon: "This is the Most Fun I've Ever Had on a Talk Show"

    Iz NhIz Nh11 days ago
    • Listen carefully. He actually says _"By the way this is the best time I've ever had on a talk show."_

      Tony EnglandTony England2 days ago
  • 3:27 Hahahaha~

    Iz NhIz Nh11 days ago
  • 5:49 you can't tell Jessica is so wet and just waiting to jump on Matt.

    Damian PDamian P14 days ago
  • What make Graham so much better than all the Jimmys and Conans of the world is he seems like he enjoys talking to the guests not only that it’s done in a more casual way he never drives the conversation into politics he mainly talks about things such as if it’s an American guest how they are enjoying the UK or he enjoys bringing up awkward funny moments from the past but not in a way to make jokes at the guest but he just lets the guest talk about the moment and he jokes about the situation. The main thing though is completely his personality you can give Jimmy the format but the way Graham banters with the guests makes them feel at ease and the guests usually leave with a big smile

    Guy ShepshepGuy Shepshep17 days ago
  • "James Bourne". Now there's a freudian slip if ever I heard one!

    Phillipe CookPhillipe Cook17 days ago
  • Matt Damon is soooo fine

    Princess Ding81Princess Ding8117 days ago
  • I wasn’t a fan of the pony tail/manbun on Matt Damon. Then again I dont find him that attractive but defo better without it, so.. I would call it a thing too. Regardless if it was an extension.

    Miral AbualjadailMiral Abualjadail18 days ago
  • The quote in the video title is wrong tho.

    LuqmanLSGLuqmanLSG19 days ago
    • lol well said, I've told them that six time and they still haven't corrected it.

      Tony EnglandTony England15 days ago
  • Ah, so good!

    paxamericanafilmspaxamericanafilms24 days ago
  • Matt Damon is a great actor, and a very intelligent one, an IQ of 160.

    Richard BurkeRichard Burke24 days ago
  • Lol whos here in 2020 when Matt Damon is in Ireland and we have claimed him as our own

    Aoife FitzgeraldAoife Fitzgerald24 days ago
    • @Beelzebub ???

      Aoife FitzgeraldAoife Fitzgerald20 days ago
    • You're not Irish yourself.

      BeelzebubBeelzebub20 days ago
  • Anyone else notice that when they all down their drinks, Hugh and Matt struggled and made faces afterward while Bill Murray sat there calmly as if he had done this before...he probably did it earlier that day🤣

    Morgan NunleyMorgan Nunley25 days ago
  • Matt Damon saying *"oH gOd"* after downing his drink gave me flashbacks to the boat scene, ngl

    Lover not a haterLover not a hater26 days ago
  • no wonder its the most fun hes had, Graham doesnt interupt him everytime

    Andrew WhiteAndrew White26 days ago
  • I’ve always thought Matt Damon was attractive but ... not in these clips?

    Alexa RAlexa R26 days ago
  • Graham is such an endearing host. Everyone feels so comfortable and are their true selves.

    Opheliac _Opheliac _27 days ago
  • 4:44 just throwing it out there.. A Jason Bourne and James bond cross over could be epic 🙉

    Michael JaggerMichael Jagger29 days ago
  • Jimmy Kimmel has 2K accounts. Wow

    Shiv PratapShiv Pratap29 days ago
  • Jason Bourne 6

    Julian PenaJulian PenaMonth ago
  • Terminator

    Julian PenaJulian PenaMonth ago
  • Doctor sleep 2

    Julian PenaJulian PenaMonth ago
  • John wick 4

    Julian PenaJulian PenaMonth ago
  • Fast and furious

    Julian PenaJulian PenaMonth ago
  • Jedi

    Julian PenaJulian PenaMonth ago
  • Graham definitely has one of the best talk shows out there. Celebrities are actually entertaining on this show.

    Aliana WoodAliana WoodMonth ago
  • Host is a Leftie IDIOT . Don’t watch him anymore especially when nasty old Mariam Margolis is on . Birds of a feather flock together

    Eileen eileenEileen eileenMonth ago
    • you can watch Ellen.

      Febry RiskiantoFebry Riskianto25 days ago
  • yep. the Graham Norton show is the best. And the guests are usually drunk as hell, so that helps….

    norma desmondnorma desmondMonth ago
  • He says 'best time' not most fun.

    Vader 22Vader 22Month ago
  • 2000 dislikes from the extended Fallen family.

    TheFantasyReviewTheFantasyReviewMonth ago
  • Matt Damon is so charming.

    Donna TunneyDonna TunneyMonth ago
  • those jimmys could never, periodt.

    Devi DestianiDevi DestianiMonth ago
  • 2k dislikes are probably Jimmys family

    Mark JacksonMark JacksonMonth ago
  • Graham has a gift of putting anyone at ease and bringing everyone into the conversation - no matter who they are. Unlike most other talk-shows, you can actually see the guests enjoying themselves and it makes for a great show every time. Also, who decides on the guest mix, deserves great credit too.

    AdamAdamMonth ago
  • Who is the lady at 0.50 ?

    SumitSumitMonth ago
    • Jessica Chastain.

      Axiom Steel26Axiom Steel26Month ago
  • J

    Mark SlovenskyMark SlovenskyMonth ago
  • Wait who's the redhead?

    Eliseo Brito Del CampoEliseo Brito Del CampoMonth ago
    • Jessica Chastain

      Gareth HGareth HMonth ago
  • Can't even get the quote correct !!

    the8ballsurgeonthe8ballsurgeonMonth ago
  • Matt be burnin jimmy kimmel by saying he had the best fun here on norton show lol

    Mahad AliMahad AliMonth ago
  • Bill Murray was present.

    eikoniseeikoniseMonth ago
  • Thank you Matt! Womens bits exploding all around the world just looking at you!!!

    Michele JohnsonMichele JohnsonMonth ago
  • God dammit still make me laugh like a 5 year old...nicely done

    Jedi OutcastJedi OutcastMonth ago
  • I want jimmy kümmel to show up in the chair while Damon was there. I think that would be hilarious. Damon would see him, prob be startled for a minute, then flip him before he could ever start to tell his story.

    mimiandcheesemimiandcheeseMonth ago
  • Besides the wit and fun, the show is refreshingly free of toxic's not preachy or lecturing. There's no virtue signaling...

    Hal09iHal09iMonth ago
  • The Only Proper Talk Show

    ViharViharMonth ago
  • When he just nonchalantly pulls the lever lmaoooo

    ๏ςՇ๏г๏к รยรђเ๏ςՇ๏г๏к รยรђเMonth ago
  • Matt Damon’s smile is so genuine and sincere. I love that guy.

    Av KAv KMonth ago
  • matt really look fit man

    ErrorErrorMonth ago
  • He is the best on god , Graham , corden and fallon

    Christopher NoelChristopher NoelMonth ago
  • Did Matt check if anyone dies before he bottoms upped 😉

    Arnab ChatterjeeArnab ChatterjeeMonth ago
  • I just went through the comments and not one comment about how the lady with the blue dress is totally into Matt !

    mohammad alimohammad aliMonth ago
  • What... Matt Damon is 2 years older than Ben Affleck? Wow but he's still look younger than Affleck.

    Johnnie NiunimaeJohnnie NiunimaeMonth ago
  • "This is the Most Fun I've Ever Had on a Talk Show" Matt Damon is always committed to that feud gag he has with Jimmy. Respect ✊

  • This is the best talk show right now. Reasons for those: 1. Liquor 2. Guests interact 3. No censorship 4. Host is actually witty and funny.

    vikesh upadhyayvikesh upadhyayMonth ago
  • I like graham because he lets the stars speak and express themselves , unlike the American tv hosts who always interrupt

    Redster2000 smithRedster2000 smithMonth ago
  • Here I am trying to watch a talk show but this is more like a celebrity party...and everyone is invited !!! 😂

    Elvar MassonElvar MassonMonth ago
  • This is arguably the finest ever edition of The Graham Norton Show; (The one with Matt Damon, Hugh-Bon and Bill Murray. That’s why it’s the most fun Matt had ever had on a talk show.

    Mongo BoogieMongo BoogieMonth ago
  • Graham is the talk show host equivalent of a virtuoso. So brilliant how he bobs and weaves effortlessly to include every guest and set them up time after time to tell us a good story or just be spontaneously silly.

    Wahn YoonWahn YoonMonth ago
  • Jessica Chastain made the man bun even more adorable...

    Sasank MallickSasank Mallick2 months ago
  • "Clean-up in aisle seven" 😝😝😝

    David AndersonDavid Anderson2 months ago
  • When can Craig Ferguson appear on the this couch?

    PaulPaul2 months ago
  • Closest thing to Craig Ferguson we gonna get

    DADDYDADDY2 months ago
  • I guess now He has the time to watch the Show.

    Humberto ZavalaHumberto Zavala2 months ago
  • Oh Matt is so dreamy isn't he?

    shaz raffshaz raff2 months ago
  • His show and Ellen’s are the best

    S SS S2 months ago
  • Chastain is an insanely sexy woman. Everything about her is very sexy.

    k tomk tom2 months ago
  • Matt is totally an introvert!😍😍😍

    Qina ChanQina Chan2 months ago
  • I wish they sneaked one clip with mark wahlberg instead as a joke

    OcoldcoreOOcoldcoreO2 months ago
  • Jessica loving some Matt

    MM MMMM MM2 months ago
  • Can you imagine Matt Damon Tom Cruise on a couch

    MM MMMM MM2 months ago
  • Gregarious and witty Irishman emigrates to England..To make a living he starts a pub and talks all night to his customers. Soooo stereotypical and hackneyed! But this one also decides to invite a viewing audience, TV cameras and the nation to the goings on in his pub. How subtle, but genius!

    tiqvahonetiqvahone2 months ago