Second Stimulus Check Update: New $2000/Mo Passed?

May 15, 2020
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The upcoming Second Stimulus Check payment details are discussed in this video. This 2nd stimulus bill is a bill currently in the Senate and has the highest possibility of any proposed bill so far to be passed. This is an update for stimulus check update May 15th on Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act and Emergency Money for the People Act. Ask any questions you have below in the comments!
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  • On SS I have received my 1200 dollars check

    martha pricemartha price7 days ago
  • I’m waiting for my second check. Need my money really bad. I sure could use A 2000.00. Check every month

    Barbara SaundersBarbara Saunders8 days ago
  • I have not received the second one I have received the first one but I just want to know if people in Monterey County going to get the second stimulus payment

    smoked out razzle dazzlesmoked out razzle dazzle12 days ago
  • My adult son who lives with now, has not received his 2st stimulus check, but I received my 1st check.

    MsSprintersMsSprinters20 days ago
  • Yes i have recieved mines

    Judy GriffusJudy Griffus20 days ago
  • Yes got my 1st

    Suzy StaffSuzy Staff20 days ago
  • So is this passed jimmy or. In the process

    Derek RDerek R21 day ago
  • Yes we need this money I only gets sis every month not a lots

    Annie FrazierAnnie Frazier29 days ago
  • In addition to he current situation, America work landscape will be radically changing. Therefore many Americans will not be simply going back to their same old, same old jobs. Some of the stimulus money will be spent on educating people to become proficient in handling new job skills. I perceive that these skills will not be something that requires 2 to 4 years of education, and more companies will be training their workers. Also we are moving into an age where technology and technological skills will be vital. So when you talk about this money as being a bit over the top, I really don’t agree with that. This is an opportunity for many Americans to advance their work skills and create a much more appropriate work force that can handle the changes that this world is initiating within a ever advancing global economy.

    Angharad LlewellynAngharad Llewellyn29 days ago
  • When are we suppossed to get the second stillma check im on soscialsecurity

    Chris BookoutChris Bookout29 days ago
  • No check

    Craig FullerCraig FullerMonth ago
  • Hope to god

    Tammy FuentesTammy FuentesMonth ago
  • Right the 500 for children makes more sense

    Tammy FuentesTammy FuentesMonth ago
  • I ope to god

    Tammy FuentesTammy FuentesMonth ago
  • I hope we get the 2000 and get reactive

    Tammy FuentesTammy FuentesMonth ago
  • Yes I have

    Tammy FuentesTammy FuentesMonth ago
  • Received mine.

    Rachel kimberlyRachel kimberlyMonth ago
  • I did get my first one looking forward to my second one

    Shannon JarnaginShannon JarnaginMonth ago
  • So the companies have to pay a living wage, otherwise workers should not go back to working 70 hour weeks just to survive.

    Noreen HappelNoreen HappelMonth ago
  • I got mine in may early

    wacky681wacky681Month ago
  • Got mine

    Harold GilchristHarold GilchristMonth ago
  • No haven't received the first one ??????

    Shannon CollinsShannon CollinsMonth ago
  • Have not received my check

    Dora SlackDora SlackMonth ago
  • Money to the people is money to businesses. Money to businesses will not trickle down to the people. People will not spend money they don't have just because businesses have survived a while longer. Money to the people will prevent much death and despair. Money to the people will recirculate. Money to businesses will make a few people richer. No money to the people will bury them under the inflation that will soon come and already here from all this money creation with no offset in the form of a lump sum. Many will die.

    Mike BrelerMike BrelerMonth ago
  • PLease check to see if your info is the most current on stimulus update.

  • My significant other didnt receive his and he was told it was being mailed out on may 4th.

    Connie EubanksConnie EubanksMonth ago
  • I got mine on April 29. Glad of it.

    Michael RogersMichael RogersMonth ago
  • I got my 1st check will i get 2nd check i get ssi

    Denise OrdunoDenise OrdunoMonth ago
  • How could find out get mine im ssi

    Denise OrdunoDenise OrdunoMonth ago
  • I have.

    Pamala HulsePamala HulseMonth ago
  • I've received my first stimulus check I'm on SSI

    Robert SotoRobert SotoMonth ago
  • No Jimmy, I am on Disability and I live in a apartment building with Disabilities and Senior Citizens and about 1/2 of us haven't recieved our check. So I have had to pay my rent, insurance, personal items, gas on $774.00 since the May..It's unfair and sad that we are suffering . Love the's a great help. Jade Tabor

    Jade TaborJade TaborMonth ago
  • Hello my name is Mike Greta, can you please tell about the SSI CHECK CONCERNING the second Stimualis check. Thank you so much.

    Greta FeaginGreta FeaginMonth ago
  • Received 1st stimulus about the 2nd of April

    Linda LongowaLinda LongowaMonth ago
  • I’m still waiting

    Carla DCarla DMonth ago
  • I have

    Vanessa Burton-MillerVanessa Burton-MillerMonth ago
  • I have received it

    Joann PiotrowskiJoann PiotrowskiMonth ago
  • Received ours in April

    Ashlyn byrdAshlyn byrdMonth ago
  • Have not receive my check yet

    Hermam GreenHermam GreenMonth ago
  • Yes I’m on do disability and got mine

    Kim CoxKim CoxMonth ago
  • Yes, I have received my check.

    Nancy MartinNancy MartinMonth ago
  • Yes I have

    Willodeen JacksonWillodeen JacksonMonth ago
  • Yes I did

    Teresa BradenTeresa BradenMonth ago
  • Got it 👍

    Margarita TorresMargarita TorresMonth ago
  • I have not received anything yet!!!!!!

    Maria LiranzoMaria LiranzoMonth ago
  • Haven't received mine yet

    Drive it StolenDrive it StolenMonth ago
  • Received direct deposit last week

    Marlena GozariuMarlena GozariuMonth ago
  • No I have not yet received my stimulus check yet

    Lisa Murphy SwanbergLisa Murphy SwanbergMonth ago
  • I received my 1st stimulus check within a week.It was deposited right away!

    Sandra KogutSandra KogutMonth ago
  • Yes l have

    Vita SimmonsVita SimmonsMonth ago
  • I received mine the first week/ direct deposit

    Eunice RoweEunice RoweMonth ago
  • I received mine by direct deposit and I am on disability but we owed taxes last year and just did this years taxes so my husband hasn’t received the other half

    Don StogsdillDon StogsdillMonth ago
  • I received mineApril 30

    Jennifer PontonJennifer PontonMonth ago
  • I got mine but my adult children haven’t got there’s and there essential workers

    Jacque ClevengerJacque ClevengerMonth ago
  • Will this money be counted as income for people on section 8 housing

    Jacque ClevengerJacque ClevengerMonth ago
  • Have received check

    Dot KushDot KushMonth ago
  • I got my stimulus check back in April.....,

    Beyond BeautifulBeyond BeautifulMonth ago
  • Yes I have received my stimulus payment

    Cynthia ChristiansenCynthia ChristiansenMonth ago
  • No second check yet

    SelenaSelenaMonth ago
  • I have

    Tara WoodsTara WoodsMonth ago
  • I still not received 😩

    shiara figueroashiara figueroaMonth ago
    • Me too

      shiara figueroashiara figueroaMonth ago
  • Got my first stimulus check

    cgotcha 88cgotcha 88Month ago
  • Yes I have gotten my first check.

  • I received my check in April

    Paul CaplanPaul CaplanMonth ago
  • No I have not

    Deloris DidleyDeloris DidleyMonth ago
  • I received my stimulus package but they did not give me the $500 for my son. I have looked up everything on there page and can’t get answers.

    Jillian CondillJillian CondillMonth ago
  • I’m on ssid I have a payee I have direct express no pending nothing

    Carla DCarla DMonth ago
    • Make sure you watch my new video on why your stimulus check may be delayed. Here is the link -

      Jimmy MichalekJimmy MichalekMonth ago
  • I’ll believe it when it hits my bank account!

    glen castleberryglen castleberryMonth ago
  • I would still go to work, even while receiving stimulus and unemployment, as that’s just more money to sock away. Because even though I still technically have my Job, my INCOME has still been greatly affected! I need to supplement my Income!

    Elizabeth CombsElizabeth CombsMonth ago
  • I got mine right away! Thank god! Other ppl got there’s faster, but mine was within 2 weeks of it being passed

    Elizabeth CombsElizabeth CombsMonth ago
  • I've got mine mine but my sister and her husband hasn't. My sister is having it hard I been helping her. It's so hard... But God is Good all the time so I can't complain one single bit. Thank You Jesus

    Jessica WeathersJessica WeathersMonth ago
  • We have received ours. There are 3 adults in my household that received checks on same day.

    Marilyn SemerMarilyn SemerMonth ago
  • But I don't understand why a second 1 has been sent

    Abdulwali ChestnutAbdulwali ChestnutMonth ago
  • I recieved mines

    Abdulwali ChestnutAbdulwali ChestnutMonth ago
  • I received mine about 2 weeks ago . This is for Americans not illegals !!! 👍🏻

    Debbie LtDebbie LtMonth ago
  • Stop saying it passed when it has not even went to Senate yet. It will not happen first go around. Money going to illegals and many other issues.

    Justin StephensJustin StephensMonth ago
  • I got mine, but my daughter has not gotten hers. she receives SSDI and SSI and has a payee the money has not deposited into the account as of 05/18/20. my spouse whom is a veteran, who receives SSDI has received his. However, I am owed back child support yet I did not get that extra 1200. So that was a lie when they said if you owe child support that you weren't going to get the 1200.

    RD BryantRD BryantMonth ago
  • I have

    Tammy PahelTammy PahelMonth ago
  • Yes.I have received mine on the 29th.And I am on disability.

    Lynn WintertonLynn WintertonMonth ago
  • I haven't received my first stimulus check. Why? William Sanders.

    William SandersWilliam SandersMonth ago