D&D Story: Ep 16- The Aftermath

Sep 14, 2020
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Yes we play 3.5 D&D :D
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Yeah....we're just getting starting honey.

  • If there was one quote Abby needs to hear about the world. It's this one. "Stannis is a killer. The Lannisters are killers. Your father was a killer. Your brother is a killer. Your sons will be killers someday. The world is built by killers. So you'd better get used to looking at them."-The Hound.

    Marcus PriceMarcus Price8 minutes ago
  • Are we not gonna talk about the fanominal voice acting because I was given CHILLS on MULTIPLE occasions.

    Kawaii Lover101Kawaii Lover10115 minutes ago
  • dingo: this video is sponsored by - me: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm f-*quack*

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  • Oh I just watch the last three videos in one sitting and boy the next episode of this will be ..... fun?

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  • me: didn’t realize this episode came out me when i saw it came out: oh👁👄👁

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    • bitch i really said ouch during that scene

      DompyDompy27 minutes ago
  • I just realized she voiced this whole thing so her neighbors must be worried

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  • Never split the party!

    Phil MorrisPhil MorrisHour ago
  • Beez

    bluebeebluebee2 hours ago
  • okeeeeeeee, soon that's aaaa, um deep, I can't imagine how strange it must have been on the table

    Dr. EvilDr. Evil2 hours ago
  • More more more more more more

    The cat Gose moew moewThe cat Gose moew moew2 hours ago
    • Dude. Yes. Please more. Also, I for some reason always pictured Sips as a silver haired monkey? So seeing him with gold threw me for a minute, but I actually like that better

      opzz xsinopzz xsinHour ago
  • Damnit dingo you sure now how to play with my heartstrings

    jayisactuallysatanjayisactuallysatan2 hours ago
  • Hi I love your channel. I'm so excited for the next episode. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE ANIMATOR!!!! I'm 10 and you are the BEST!!!!!

    Zoe BroadbentZoe Broadbent2 hours ago
  • You know hearing the song from the Lazarus in the arcana just hit me hard. (I think it was in other scenes but that's what i recognize it from)

    Quinlan PorterQuinlan Porter3 hours ago
  • I love how your voice acting has improved through these videos. People can really see the emotion you're putting into a scene now!

    Ltd DockstaderLtd Dockstader3 hours ago
  • me:its alyaws late. sips: yah aaaaaaammmmmmmhhhhh

    alif gaffaralif gaffar3 hours ago
  • Wow...... this needs to be made into a TV series

    Sophia GriffithSophia Griffith3 hours ago

    Robert GriffinRobert Griffin3 hours ago
  • "Come back to me when you've sorted yourself out." Erina: Excuse you, I have not lost myself in the violence. I know exactly where I am in the violence: the post-victory celebration where you throw bodies.

    Dragonlover553Dragonlover5533 hours ago
  • This needs to be an anime

    Skully StudiosSkully Studios3 hours ago
  • Bold of of you to assume I have subbed.

    Andre LopezAndre Lopez4 hours ago
  • That’s some pretty good acting. Poor them...

    Red Arts49Red Arts494 hours ago
  • "they were dating?" = me so... bestiality?

    QodeshKathav CreationsQodeshKathav Creations4 hours ago
  • I love Sips.

    Jaime LopezJaime Lopez4 hours ago
  • Dude. Yes. Please more. Also, I for some reason always pictured Sips as a silver haired monkey? So seeing him with gold threw me for a minute, but I actually like that better lol

    Nerd King9876Nerd King98764 hours ago
  • "your sanity is Questionable-" How has Dingo put my entire life's story in less than one sentence-

    • Convenient Lamp •• Convenient Lamp •4 hours ago
  • The emotion in Sip's voice when he was yelling... *I cried*

    • Convenient Lamp •• Convenient Lamp •4 hours ago
  • I wanna know what happens next!!! you need to turn this into a book!!!!!

    Dragon MasterDragon Master4 hours ago
  • She just whipped out that master voice acting

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  • Me prayng for more

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  • I wanna punt the fox

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  • When will you do a new video

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  • Crystal guy: you will call me zonu (idk how to spell) Me in my head: f*!k that your name is seth now

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  • I am so lost. I should watch the first 15 episodes first

    billy bananasbilly bananas5 hours ago
  • Oooooohhhhh shiiiiit ooooooohhhhhh shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt

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  • Plz just keep repeatedly punching me in the stomach with this story I love the pain

    Zaron CraaybeekZaron Craaybeek5 hours ago

    pink_Lionesspink_Lioness5 hours ago
  • Does anyone in the group like Erina? However you spell her name?

    Ruby RoseRuby Rose5 hours ago
  • * cant speak after this video after waiting so long for it XD*

    pink_Lionesspink_Lioness6 hours ago
  • Oh god, I completely broke into tears on that speech and couldn't stop until the end of the video. That was amazing and it really got to me since I sometimes feel worthless and feel that I haven't done anything with myself. Again that was amazing and thanks for making such great quality content. Can't wait for the next episode! (but don't rush yourself, we need the amazing quality)

    Zach VlcekZach Vlcek6 hours ago
  • Me after this vid aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

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  • It’s official Sips has a stand now named xanu

    Joandy GonzalezJoandy Gonzalez6 hours ago
  • i thought it was spelled irina

    Agents of CATSAgents of CATS6 hours ago
  • Good god I can’t imagine getting this emotional with the game The whole time I’ll be messing around

    Gavin HartmanGavin Hartman6 hours ago
  • me: sips is a very powerful and complex character, and we should respect that also me: hehe monky boi is angery

    illegally blindillegally blind6 hours ago
  • As someone who plays For honor I can say that the name cought me off guard.

    Sam FishSam Fish6 hours ago
  • Woah guys Sips got a stand

    Reu MilsonReu Milson6 hours ago
  • Now that i think about it the Crystal must be the magic source

    Zay kitsu artistZay kitsu artist6 hours ago
  • Great job on the video! With a little tweaking I could see that Hecna adventure totally going well with a Ravenloft campaign.

    josephskilesjosephskiles6 hours ago
  • A proud dm is a dm that makes the party suffer with them 5:55

    Zay kitsu artistZay kitsu artist6 hours ago
  • Welcome to the real world kid. Societies need terrible people to do terrible things in defense of those societies. Modern Wilsonian liberals call them monsters and baby killers. Jacksonian "conservatives" call them heroes. Most people just don't want to think about them.

    Gaijin SenpaiGaijin Senpai7 hours ago
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  • Pls dont tell me this is the end of d and d if it is you will kill me so play dont do it

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  • Anyone else cry...no just me

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  • How I’m doing? Well I’m doing well and I haven’t seen you since 2020

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  • Zanu is kinda hot ngl

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  • This whole campaign is a jojo reference

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  • the voice acting was 11/10 amazing wow

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  • I cant believe this has been going on for 2 years.

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  • Its been *FOUR* days and I just got the notification, I already watched it when I saw it in my recommend the day it was posted

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  • Greater restoration would fix those scars.....

    ALurkingGrueALurkingGrue8 hours ago
  • WHY so many Cliffhangers!?!?!?!

    Alyssa VasquezAlyssa Vasquez8 hours ago
  • Sips amputate your arm.

    limedo lemonjetlimedo lemonjet8 hours ago
  • How dare you make me feel these feelings. Holy crap you made me cry D:

    Purplenem 15Purplenem 158 hours ago
  • Come to think of it. Based on dialoge, it was probably the voodoo witch (whose name I can’t spell) that put the crystal in Sips’ forehead. - Going into theory mode! - What if the curse and the awakening had nothing to do with each other? What if it wasn’t the crocodile arm that awakened Sips? What if it was that crystal? Zanu might’ve started ”acting up” when Jack began his research on the portals. We know he wanted to go through the portals, to get to someone there, to ”not let them get away”. Him ”acting up” might’ve lead to voodoo witch finding the big *quack* crystal. And we know she was a mad genious (of some kind) based on how she managed to create an entire town of people who forgot their pasts, while still acting incoherently. She could have easily cracked Sips’ head open and put the crystal there on a whim, just to see what would happen. I wonder if everyone in the party has a connection to one another. Gothi is from the time period, Sips has the head crystal of the thing Gothi had been running from and Erina has a shard from Zanu’s forehead in her ring. I wish we knew more about Julian and Gorthan’s backstories as well. Maybe we’d been able to peice more things together. We knew Julian had a knack for foreclaimer tech, and Gorthan is, idk, made of crystals? Felix is definetly the kind of DM who would be able to string all these guys’ (at first seemingly unrelated) backstories into a cohesive tale. And I am *dying* to find out how it all plays out!

    JP.CalamityJP.Calamity8 hours ago
  • Not only are your animation skill incredible, your acting... WOW I felt that emotion

    Kale CassidyKale Cassidy9 hours ago
  • MOAR! I recently moved and then acquired a tiny human and I miss D&D. This fills that hole in my soul. Please, please continue.

    Mike FakenameMike Fakename9 hours ago
  • xanu: do not question the elevated one

    Baky AkeebBaky Akeeb9 hours ago
  • Annnnnd now I'm all sad..... And I couldnt be happier about it. I love this story. You are doing an awesome job and cant wait for the next episode.😊

    Tim LienauTim Lienau9 hours ago
  • Thank you Dingo!

    Jacoo SacoonJacoo Sacoon9 hours ago
  • You are really cool & you have a great sense of humor. I also like the way you draw stuff. Uhm, if you aren't married I wouldn't mind holding hands with you.

    Goofy GooberGoofy Goober9 hours ago
  • Been enjoying these (or been getting horrified). Became a subscriber after I saw you on puffin Forest. Keep up the good work!

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  • Oof. That was heavy. Really well handled and done! Also kudos for your dm to let this all play out and keep it rolling!!

    3dTales3dTales9 hours ago

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  • This series started off so lighthearted, by RELEASING A TERRASQUE. Then it went DOWNHILL from there.

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  • I'm a dm. Who the hell would you be able to deal with this

    DragonMaster StudiosDragonMaster Studios10 hours ago
  • Woah I didn’t think Sips was gonna get a Stand, that took a real left turn

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  • Me watching episode 1: wow this is funny! I hope dingo makes more! Me watching episode 16: what.

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  • I know Rebecca watches these videos and hopes she's okay.

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  • NEVER have I EVER been so invested in a story until this one... and I've NEVER been so invested in all of the characters until this... I'm so excited to see where the campaign leads, and what happens next!

    Prototype BunnyPrototype Bunny10 hours ago
  • 7:15 you accidentally said Eyeses earring not Earses earring

    Trash AnimationsTrash Animations10 hours ago
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  • 1:28 Well I'm not sleeping tonight

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  • The amount of emotion in her voice when Simps is leaving is unbelievable! It takes a crazy amount of character to get that tone in your voice.

    SnowflakeDay AudraSnowflakeDay Audra11 hours ago
  • Wait did arinia actually leave?

    Connor Van WinkleConnor Van Winkle11 hours ago

    Mystery MMystery M11 hours ago
  • Shame your 4e game with Puffin was sabotaged by the guy who admits he hates the game and doesn't know how to play it.

    tyrongkojytyrongkojy11 hours ago

    Connor Van WinkleConnor Van Winkle11 hours ago
  • After i watch this i cant possibly imagine how the session was(probably fire)

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  • is there MORE?

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  • Not gonna lie; I always give up expecting a next video of this Story and when I dont expect it then whabam, next video. Wish they would be more frequent but its worth the wait.

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  • holy crap, 8:25 to 10:50 was intense!!

    Joel ThurstonJoel Thurston12 hours ago
  • I now regret the face reveal

    Swag MasterSwag Master12 hours ago
  • It's so irritating to hear a male mobkey with a female voice

    the guythe guy12 hours ago
  • Dingo Doodles needs to do voice acting gigs for her incredible emotion portrayal.

    Griffin GamerGriffin Gamer12 hours ago
  • To be honest this is my favorite channel ever

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