The Vet & The n00b - Modern Warfare 3 Live Action Trailer

Nov 5, 2011
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Sam Worthington is the vet, Jonah Hill portrays the noob, and Dwight Howard crashes the party in this hilarious live action trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!

  • Best so far 👌

    Tevita SekonaTevita Sekona2 days ago
  • *You Stepped on the Roach.* *You Killed the Ghost.* *You Dropped the Soap.* *Now you got to pay the Price.*

    Silent ImmortalSilent Immortal2 days ago
  • Haha look at New York City that looks awfully familiar! Haha! Haha. haha. ha...

    Jacob PriebeJacob Priebe2 days ago
  • Looks like USkeys brought us back together boys

    100 subs without A video100 subs without A video3 days ago
  • It’s funny cause the vet is the same dood that did the voice for mason in Black Ops 1

    VULTRXN LVULTRXN L4 days ago
  • 90% of the spoilers in this video.

    Naul FreakralerNaul Freakraler4 days ago
  • 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: 2015: 2016: 2017: 2018: 2019: 2020: “Ok let’s recommend this video”

    VoidVoid4 days ago
  • 8y later 💔

    Mugiwara2KMugiwara2K5 days ago
  • 2020 anyone???

    RavoxityRavoxity7 days ago
  • This ad taught a lesson Always teach the newcomers anywhere or else

    Snifey secret channelSnifey secret channel7 days ago
  • Hasta ahora este es uno de los mejores Live Action de Call Of Duty.

    The Golden RedThe Golden Red7 days ago
  • Alex Mason

    Jason Todd-WayneJason Todd-Wayne8 days ago
  • Dwight Howard be dunking nades

    DragoXDDragoXD8 days ago
  • Can’t wait

    The Meme BoiThe Meme Boi11 days ago
  • Lmao I remember seeing this 8 years ago haha. *Nostalgic*

    Qoaer AMVQoaer AMV13 days ago
  • Petition to make Jonah Hill the season 6 operator

  • Ironic that I get this trailer just after the new black ops is announced and mw and blackops are crossing over

    Billy YoungBilly Young19 days ago
  • Black ops Cold War 2020!

    Connor solidConnor solid19 days ago
  • Bring back sam worthington

    JMDGamerJMDGamer20 days ago
  • Fuck yea!!!

    Y_P_OneY_P_One21 day ago
  • 0:32 Me and the boys clearing out the skyscraper in Warzone

    Andre AnionAndre Anion23 days ago
  • Oh Sam, why would they replace you?

    Pan DzbanPan Dzban23 days ago
  • It did not come to my recommendation, I came for it .

    MegaZartyMegaZarty23 days ago
  • 21 jump street ova

    1 ZJMO1 ZJMO23 days ago
  • cant believe they put jonah hill in this

    ArtensArtens24 days ago
  • this is my fav now

    un used sosigun used sosig25 days ago
  • The cod live action trailers are just the best.

    JPwendigoJPwendigo27 days ago
  • Tbh I dint like your other videos which you told to watch at the end of this video

    ABHILASH SpartnaxABHILASH Spartnax28 days ago
  • If this was an advert for the army I'd have signed up straight away

    Joe HendersonJoe HendersonMonth ago
  • MASOOON!!!!

    Mr steal your viewsMr steal your viewsMonth ago
  • Let’s say the m for mw3 didn’t flip to the m

    SuperMarioTylerSuperMarioTylerMonth ago
  • It’s good to have Mason back!

    C.S.RC.S.RMonth ago
  • I like Jonah hill my fav actor

    sad_vibessad_vibesMonth ago
  • it is 2020 And I am here

    black gamerblack gamerMonth ago
  • 24 jump street

    Vehviläinen LundqvistVehviläinen LundqvistMonth ago
  • Didn't know Mason was in MW3

    ATocoATocoMonth ago
  • 0:36 Finding the Cure for Coronavirus only to realize that there is a lot more work and testing needed to be done.

    Diego DavilaDiego DavilaMonth ago
  • This trailer is true when you teach your friend everything you know and later they become a pro and later teach the next noob and the cycle continues

    darthlord117darthlord117Month ago
  • Mason what u doing in mw3? Arent u supposed to be in bo2 trailer?

    Hana zunickaHana zunickaMonth ago
  • Memories

    TheMustafaGoldenBoyTheMustafaGoldenBoyMonth ago
  • THE NUMBERS MASON, WHAT DO THEY MEAN? Mason: It means thats how many kills I have!

    Andrew MonckAndrew MonckMonth ago
  • I’m still waiting for this to become a movie or series

    Jeanpear ReyesJeanpear ReyesMonth ago
  • Commercials that are worth watching

    Seth HabermanSeth Haberman2 months ago
  • Never seen this ad before but I’m glad I have now

    Evan SmithEvan Smith2 months ago
  • I searched this

    Big Chunky ManBig Chunky Man2 months ago
  • Who’s here from tik tok

    Jake NicholsJake Nichols2 months ago

    Help MeHelp Me2 months ago
  • I wish they still had this level of marketing😥

    Rags BlueberryRags Blueberry2 months ago
  • Anyone else remember when this dropped and people gave infinity ward shit for copying 1:17 from Black Ops’ marketing?

    Nicky RamirezNicky Ramirez2 months ago
  • I miss trailers like this

    Sammy RiverSammy River2 months ago
  • Damn when is this game coming out

    Casey BarrettCasey Barrett2 months ago
  • Why am I seeing now?

    Matsram Peter Koksi SangmaMatsram Peter Koksi Sangma2 months ago
  • Never got this in my recco, I just come here time and time again to remember when the entire world was united and having fun together.

    ShapesShapes2 months ago
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    RemoRemo2 months ago
  • Protect Jonah at all costs

    StayGolden ruinsStayGolden ruins2 months ago
  • Still, out all these years of seeing various video game trailers, this one is still the best one. And I don’t even own the game or play multiplayer anymore.

    torquebluetorqueblue2 months ago
  • Still the best video game commercial.

    Jay W.Jay W.2 months ago
  • Still the best cod trailer imo. It’s just so accurate to how it feels watching a noob, can’t aim for shit, randomly fries of explosive shit at nothing etc one day my noob friend will learn how to play... but we’ve been playing since cod 4 and he still hasn’t so I’m not hopeful for the near future lmao

    123 456123 4562 months ago
  • rlm

    johnny franklinjohnny franklin2 months ago
  • I miss this😭

    Papa BearPapa Bear2 months ago
  • Why did the first noob look like Jimmy de santa

    Gabe CullerGabe Culler2 months ago
  • Jonah Hill Thats awesome

    Mason AllenMason Allen2 months ago
  • huh, neither of these guys are under 12 years of age. Totally unrealistic, even 8 years later.

    SaintチョウゲンボウSaintチョウゲンボウ2 months ago
  • I had to search for this lit thing

    Muhtasim ZarifMuhtasim Zarif2 months ago

    Dean SmithersDean Smithers2 months ago
  • I greet you from the future 2025. The Corono virus has killed many. Few of us are left. I am giving a vaccine recipe. Ohh no they came for me. Find a vaccine at all costs

    Azer NuriyevAzer Nuriyev3 months ago
  • This is sooo awesome! Lol they should’ve made it into an actual movie!!!

    Amanda R.Amanda R.3 months ago
  • Bro 2020 and I just heard and saw this for the first time lol

    B MoxyB Moxy3 months ago
  • Still the best trailer ever

    Dutch Van Der LindeDutch Van Der Linde3 months ago
  • Wait, Mason is in MW3? 😱

    Matt Porter theshadowgod2002Matt Porter theshadowgod20023 months ago
  • This didn't got recommend to me, I searched this cause I remembered it,where is my veteran discount.

    Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay3 months ago
  • America, basically.

    germain salaysaygermain salaysay3 months ago
  • 0:21 Heh, SAM, unit Get it Cuz it’s like Sam Worthington The veteran No K...

    _thatmaskedkid_YT_thatmaskedkid_YT3 months ago
  • This Trailer Inspires Me EveryDay Even When I’m Down

    Almighty loaf 54Almighty loaf 543 months ago
  • How come I'm only seeing this now? 9 years later....

    Alex JayAlex Jay3 months ago
  • Mason in MW3

    JediPrimeJediPrime3 months ago
  • They need to bring these back

    Tom CruiseTom Cruise4 months ago
  • LOL! Son's of liberty...

    hal mk-9OOlhal mk-9OOl4 months ago
  • Here me thinking a clip from this was a movie 😔

    Zion SkyZion Sky4 months ago
  • Back when Call of Duty was great

    MrxNiigglesMrxNiiggles4 months ago
  • I saw this as a kid lol

    Wyatt DuBoisWyatt DuBois4 months ago
  • The vet is mason from black ops one and 2 am I the only one that knows that

    CDM GALAXYCDM GALAXY4 months ago
  • Me and my friend in MW

    Straith ViperStraith Viper4 months ago
  • Quarantine anyone ? This shit was legendary.

    glleboyglleboy4 months ago
  • Should definitely make this into a movie just saying

    Cody WhittakerCody Whittaker4 months ago
  • fun fact the veteran in this trailer is the guy who voices mason in the black ops games

    VibezzzVibezzz4 months ago
  • One of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time

    John VasalosJohn Vasalos4 months ago
  • @0:50 When working at McDonald’s as the fryer gets easy

    CJ DestructionCJ Destruction4 months ago
  • I want the movie

    Alice CanterraAlice Canterra4 months ago
  • Quarantine messing with my recommended again

    Jonathan SanchezJonathan Sanchez4 months ago
  • Ah yes Alex Mason and Jonah Hill

    JagsJags4 months ago
  • Imagine if mw got trailers like this

    AezulAezul4 months ago
  • I've always likd how they got Mason (Sam Worthington) from Black Ops to be in this MW3 trailer

    OrangeEntityOrangeEntity4 months ago
  • who here from insta?

    V smokezzV smokezz4 months ago
  • Jonah Hill should’ve been a badass instead of an awkward teen in more movies tbh

    G0blinG0blin4 months ago
  • You didn’t search for this video, this video searched for you.

    ObasoObaso4 months ago
  • You shoud make a move

    Time TravelerTime Traveler4 months ago
  • I wish they would still do these

    JohnAlpaca69JohnAlpaca694 months ago
  • Insta Bois

    Anmol BhatnagarAnmol Bhatnagar4 months ago
  • Anyone here after this was trending on insta?

    K4M1ILZK4M1ILZ4 months ago