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Oct 18, 2019
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The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare series is one of the most popular sets of Call of Duty games to ever come out, and with season 2 of Modern Warfare coming so soon we thought we would recap the original Modern Warfare Trilogy timeline.
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The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare series is one of the most popular Call of Duty games that the Cod series has. The Modern Warfare series has some of the most popular characters like Captain Price, Soap McTavish, and Makarov. Now with Season 2 of Modern Warfare starting and bringing back Ghost to the Modern Warfare series, we thought we recap the complete story of the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2, and Modern Warfare 3, in the complete COD Modern Warfare Timeline.
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  • Cpt MacMellon If you dont know what that is then you havent played any of the call of duty mw games Also in the ice mountain in mw2 i kept on falling down from the first part, Call me an idiot

    XxEiZzYpIeZzYxXXxEiZzYpIeZzYxX16 hours ago
  • Just letting you know "leftenant" is just the British version of "lieutenant" For cod 4 "day 1" is meant to be 1st may 2011 (according to fandom)

    ASAS23 hours ago
  • Oh god not the....not the airport

    Heather CourtneyHeather CourtneyDay ago
  • Wish ghost didn’t die

    Goku BlackGoku BlackDay ago
  • Let's not forget saop he was a good man

    Leilani TurnerLeilani TurnerDay ago
  • This is so messed up and I can't wait for the next game my dad got all the games and I finished them

    Leilani TurnerLeilani TurnerDay ago
  • The Modern Warfare Trilogy was the best series.

    Express SquidExpress Squid3 days ago
  • I know the storyline they just busted up so that he didn’t think we could crack it it’s modern war fare then modern warfare four then modern warfare two and finally modern warfare three. There’s an entire storyline

    S BerrS Berr3 days ago
    • Wrong you idiot 😂 😂 There is no mw4 And the new game isnt connected

      Leon ReidenbachLeon Reidenbach3 days ago
  • In space : Peace In Earth : Peace Year later In space: Peace in Earth : WAR Month later in space : SPACE DECLARES WAR!

    ZakOperativeZakOperative4 days ago
  • rip gaz

    skrra hansskrra hans4 days ago
  • The trilogy still goes on!

    LSTgamingJyeLSTgamingJye5 days ago
  • I’d like to know how the Russians managed to reach the east coast

    Kilmtor the RetardKilmtor the Retard6 days ago
    • @Leon Reidenbach oh ok

      Kilmtor the RetardKilmtor the Retard4 days ago
    • 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Cuse Sheperd gave the ACS intel to Major Petrov, so the Ultranationalist Troops could reach the US without attention

      Leon ReidenbachLeon Reidenbach4 days ago
  • For some reason 2 missiles could kill 4 million but a huge missile could kill like 4 thousand like what-

    Hmm DesHmm Des7 days ago
  • Very nice👌🏻👍🏻♥️

    parsian game. پارسیان گیمparsian game. پارسیان گیم7 days ago
  • Wasn’t it an emp that blew up the nuke tho cause the red dots were out and all other electrical items

    Ricky AinsworthRicky Ainsworth7 days ago
  • Sandman, truck, and grinch died in order for USA and Russia to cease fire and declare peace. True heroes

    Aldo 18Aldo 188 days ago
  • I always loved massacring hundreds of people at age 5

    F2LMikeyF2LMikey8 days ago
  • It is like price only cares about soap

    Quentin JenkinsQuentin Jenkins10 days ago
  • Remember: Fifty thousand people used To live here........ Now it's a ghost town

    Vincentius marcelinoVincentius marcelino10 days ago
  • What is the difference between the Ultranationalists and The Inner Circle? > If the loyalists were defeated after MW1 by the Ultranationalists, that's Makarov's ally right?

    CommanderCodyHDCommanderCodyHD10 days ago
    • No The Ultranationalists are the russian goverment and faction of russian President Vorshevsky and enemy russian troops in mw1-3 The inner circle are Makarovs Terrorists

      Leon ReidenbachLeon Reidenbach4 days ago
  • study music

    Kostia FilippovichKostia Filippovich11 days ago
  • Rojas does not me the red it’s just his last name

    GØĐ DeadpoolGØĐ Deadpool12 days ago
  • MW2

    ANDREA 57ITAANDREA 57ITA13 days ago
  • Now pls do of codm

    Arnesh PalArnesh Pal13 days ago
  • 19:21 I feel like this was a reference from the miraculous tv show

    craig lamottecraig lamotte13 days ago
  • Is it possible to request a storyline? Like Deus Ex?

    Tony IbrahamTony Ibraham13 days ago
  • 19:20 Did I hear a Miraculous Ladybug reference?!?!

    isaac kingisaac king14 days ago
  • No one's gonna talk about Griggs? That boi hella badass

    Lorenzo CausapinLorenzo Causapin14 days ago
  • 8:30 I can just hear it. "Get up pvt Allen! Rangers lead the way."

    Luken SuntayLuken Suntay14 days ago
  • 17:58 Leaderboard: Soap, Prince And Yuri... Me: No True CoD Fan Would Mess That Up

    Deegan HopkinsDeegan Hopkins15 days ago
  • Wait so, the time that price saved Farah is the same time he blew off Zakhaev's arm?

    Viko ManglonaViko Manglona15 days ago
    • No

      Leon ReidenbachLeon Reidenbach15 days ago

    SamSam16 days ago
  • eifell falls ladybug: crying

    Evan RoldanEvan Roldan16 days ago
  • I’m not ready for how they’re going to kill off the characters again in the reboot especially ghost

    GhostGhost17 days ago
  • 20:03 NIckOlai

    Dummy ButtDummy Butt17 days ago
  • I just wasted 23 minutes of my life and did not get anything

    TheWarGod12TheWarGod1217 days ago
  • Its gonna take something miraculous to fix that. I see some miraculous ladybug referrence

    11 ARTS A - RUIZ11 ARTS A - RUIZ18 days ago
  • Makarov: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” Price in mw3: *literally hangs him*

    Rylan BunkerRylan Bunker18 days ago
  • Black ops series is better story wise except bo3 and bo4

    Manolo El PlugManolo El Plug18 days ago
  • 18:00 “now in africa soap, PRINCE, and yuri”

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker19 days ago
  • They should make a movie of this🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Imran AliImran Ali19 days ago
  • 18:01 Prince? Nah I’m playing ik what you meant

    Al CaponeAl Capone19 days ago
  • Best franchise eveeer in fps history❤

    Ali4LifeAli4Life21 day ago
  • I did not know the storyline as I was about 7 when I played this

    MSTI TYJTMSTI TYJT23 days ago
  • Man Sat1 Never deserved to die.

    EP4K GMREP4K GMR23 days ago
  • Anyone who don't know, the first modern warfare was the fourth call of duty, so it is Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare.

    ONI Section ZeroONI Section Zero24 days ago
  • 19:22 was that a miraculous lady bug reference?

    Jayden JacoJayden Jaco24 days ago
  • I absolutely love how Price took out a cigar in the end of MW3 just like in the beginning to signify the end of the trilogy

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheJust Some Guy without a Mustache25 days ago
    • Same

      Leilani TurnerLeilani TurnerDay ago
  • 4:33

    crippling monster addictioncrippling monster addiction26 days ago
  • RAMIREZ!!!!!

    BreadGuy 211BreadGuy 21126 days ago
  • ghoooooost huhu

    Laurence GementizaLaurence Gementiza26 days ago
  • remember, it's nerf or nothing

    MrRakvalenMrRakvalen27 days ago
  • Wait so it started with cod 4, then mw2, then mw3, then modern warfare? And where does the mw2 remastered take place

    Jennifer AzurinJennifer Azurin29 days ago
  • Captain price is the only npc in cod who actually helped with the fighting

    Arif Ramen noodlesArif Ramen noodles29 days ago
  • 👌

    Isaac AdamsIsaac AdamsMonth ago
  • Frost was injured in rescuing mission of the unsuccessful Russian President's daughter

    Kunal KishoreKunal KishoreMonth ago
  • Ghost, Sandman, Gaz, Yuri and Kamarov. True chads that will never be forgotten

    AquaPlaysAquaPlaysMonth ago
  • Is advanced warfare and infinite warfare part of this timeline?

    Tristan ValenciaTristan ValenciaMonth ago
  • R.I.P Griggs, my favorite character in the whole franchise

    A.A.I GamingA.A.I GamingMonth ago
  • f1

    XxTony GamesxXXxTony GamesxXMonth ago
  • Frost was in the last mission, just in special ops

    KingLobsterKingLobsterMonth ago
  • I wanna know what timeline the new modern warfare is in. Because at the end of the campaign becuase Shepherd, soap and ghost is alive. And Price only knew Sergeant Garrick is called Gaz.

    Titus EclipseTitus EclipseMonth ago
    • @Titus Eclipse I already told you ITS NOT IN IT

      Leon ReidenbachLeon ReidenbachMonth ago
    • That's why I want to know

      Titus EclipseTitus EclipseMonth ago
    • Its not in it

      Leon ReidenbachLeon ReidenbachMonth ago
  • Great video I subbed.

    Kingle BerryKingle BerryMonth ago
  • Rip ghost 😢

    Kurt CobainKurt CobainMonth ago
  • When you're hanging around Pripyat but the grass starts speaking scottish

    Adhrit ShrivastavaAdhrit ShrivastavaMonth ago
  • Zombies storyline isn't confusing.

    Stalin's MoustacheStalin's MoustacheMonth ago
  • classic rock playlist

    viktoria gilmoreviktoria gilmoreMonth ago
  • Remember, no Russian.

  • So When he Said "It's Going to take something Miraculous to put that thing back together" at 19:18 Was that a Joke or just a Coincidence. cuz you know... That one French Cartoon... Miraculous...

    Doctor JuiceDoctor JuiceMonth ago
  • I feel like the new game takes place before the rest

    Patrick LoneyPatrick LoneyMonth ago
    • Idiot

      Leon ReidenbachLeon ReidenbachMonth ago
  • Who likes the original MWs?

    Be3st BoxingBe3st BoxingMonth ago
  • The plot and storyline in MW series is a master piece with those emotional moment and sacrifices damn!!😭😭

    I was forced toI was forced toMonth ago
  • So those who survived are only Captain Price, Nikolai and Frost ☹️

    I was forced toI was forced toMonth ago
  • [Shepard] Five years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye. And the world just fuckin watched. Tomorrow… there will be no shortage of volunteers. No shortage of patriots. reloads revolver slowly Flips the canister in the gun Shepard points the gun at Soap I know you understand. Captain Price grunts as he shoves Shepard from Soap, throwing off his aim. The gun fires, missing both Price and Soap Both Shepard and Price fight, as the gun is kicked out of Shepard’s hand As Soap crawls to get the gun, Price is knocked down, Having Shepard notice Soap going for the gun Shepard kicks the gun away from Soap, then stomps on his face, knocking him out When Soap wakes up, he finds Shepard beating Price to death Soap pulls the knife out of his chest After pulling it out, Soap turns the knife into a throwing position, aiming for Shepard As Soap throws the knife, Shepard looks at Soap’s way, having the knife hit him in the eye, killing him Soap lays down, dying Before his vision goes out, it comes back as Price gets up [Price] Soap… Soap! A helicopter hovers down, revealing Nikolai as the pilot It’ll hold for now. Come on! Nikolai comes out of the helicopter I thought i told you this was a one-way trip! [Nikolai] Looks like it still is...they’ll be looking for us, you know… Soap nearly falls down from the wounds he sustained [Price] Nikolai… we gotta get Soap outta here. [Nikolai] Da. I know a place. [roll credits]

    Joe SwansonJoe SwansonMonth ago
  • yuri was my fav character

    T&T epic gamingT&T epic gamingMonth ago
  • You forgot Cod 1 and 2

    • Shows the Captain Price Grandfather in the WW2

      BONZO BRBONZO BRMonth ago
  • imagine trying to connect all cod games together in one timeline like putting MW, zombies and black ops with world at war

    the green balloonthe green balloonMonth ago
  • U are gonna be a captain In war if u completed any cod game on veteran diffucilty

  • Cod is all of war

    christian caleb saludeschristian caleb saludesMonth ago
  • Thank you so much! I just started the cod series with warzone, and am looking forward to buying Cold War, so this helped me out! Much love.

    CeeeForeCeeeForeMonth ago
  • Y’all remember having to use that ice pick in MW2?? 😭😭

    Samuel Arredondo IIISamuel Arredondo IIIMonth ago
  • Roses are red Voilets are blue Soap trusted you i thought i could too So why in bloody hell, Does Makarov know you

    CT- 1409CT- 1409Month ago
  • 18:00 What the hell kind of name is Prince eh? How'd a muppet like you pass selection?

    SpherixclsYTSpherixclsYTMonth ago
  • Yeah you need to put something "Miraculous" in there. I hope she witnessed the destruction of Paris

    Evan RoldanEvan RoldanMonth ago
  • Don’t you mean captain fisher price

    EEMonth ago
  • When are we going to get a remaster of the third one we have the other 2 they really should do it since it is still COD just black ops and I think a trilogy like this one would work with inifante warfare’s storyline we lot LT Nick but LT salt is still with us and I know that they have a backup of Eithan and maybe a robot from the SDF will have some of Eithan’s programming imprinted on them or come to realize how much of slave drivers the red masters are that would be a cool plot for the second game of that storyline can’t wait to play the newest COD

    BJI82aBJI82aMonth ago
  • Rip Paul Jackson. Edit : rip Gaz and sgt griggs (yes I spelled it wrong English teacher I gotta go)

    Eren JagerEren JagerMonth ago
  • in the ending of call of duty modern warfare it says task force 1-4-1 that was in the ship operation in cod mw4... so is the cod mw 3/4 are the continue of call of duty modern warfare of these days?

    ShturmanGuyShturmanGuyMonth ago
  • With the newer modern warfare game. It confuses the heck out of me because its suppose to be a prequel to the first mw game which takes place in 2011. but during the 2019 mw game The beginning to the missions says it takes place in 2019 but it is suppose to happen before a game that takes place in 2011. Can someone explain

    Dominic 2326Dominic 2326Month ago
    • @Leon Reidenbach no, because in the story mode it has characters who died in the first game. Like griggs, or gaz, and the final cutscene it shows price looking at files of characters in the other mw games like ghost, soap. And he's talking about recruiting them

      Dominic 2326Dominic 2326Month ago
    • Its not a prequel idiot End of the story

      Leon ReidenbachLeon ReidenbachMonth ago
  • Why is the caption is so badly out of synced?

    General DieterGeneral DieterMonth ago
  • Mia?????

    The Uncalled 5The Uncalled 5Month ago
  • Still confused on what happened to the Rangers in MW2

    iDrxp BodiesiDrxp Bodies2 months ago
  • Its weird knowing that in MW2 while all this was going on people were just meming and bottle flipping and had a rational fear of clowns all whilst pretending to be mannequins

    grassfed fetusgrassfed fetus2 months ago
  • Ok

    Samuel LingSamuel Ling2 months ago
  • At 18:01 he said prince that was a mistake I used to do

    dark203 doordark203 door2 months ago
  • Indian cod fans🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Designated Christmas Hater "Grinch"

    Otto ReitmaierOtto Reitmaier2 months ago
  • Hey this disgraced general didn't spot a prerecording, didn't find the main target, and lost a bunch of troops..... Let's give him command of an international task force and his own shadow company. Surely nothing bad will happen

    A RA R2 months ago
  • According to the official, internationally recognised death toll, just 31 people died as an immediate result of Chernobyl while the UN estimates that only 50 deaths can be directly attributed to the disaster. In 2005, it predicted a further 4,000 might eventually die as a result of the radiation exposure-BBC

    Big BossBig Boss2 months ago
  • I'm pretty sure that the newest MW is a prequel to the original as GAZ is gerrick and zhakev is teased at the end of the game

    Big BossBig Boss2 months ago