Apr 15, 2020
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  • Lmaooo I can’t with y’all 😂😂😂

    Mercedes GarzaMercedes Garza9 days ago
  • Can someone explain 12:26 “is that why your number didn’t work”. What was the joke?

    Rosie MitchelRosie Mitchel16 days ago
  • I can tell Benny was lying in most of them but no hate cause they cute together :)

    Sarai ValadezSarai Valadez17 days ago
  • Don’t think they were completely honest for all of them but I think it’s hard to when it’s a game that’s supposed to be all fun

    Daisy MariscalDaisy Mariscal19 days ago
  • Am I the only one that finds Alondra’s laugh so adorable 🥺💗

    Zaury MagañaZaury Magaña20 days ago
  • nobody : alondra when she laughs : 😆

    anai morenoanai moreno23 days ago
  • the best couple everrrrrrrr

    Katie TaylorKatie Taylor23 days ago
  • Waiting for the story times still

    Alexis HernandezAlexis Hernandez25 days ago
  • damn it's crazy, I was getting a weird vibe from them but I was like mm maybe I don't know. then I read the comments and everyone is saying exactly what I was feeling. all his answers seem like lies. he lyin because she seems like thee most judgemental (like all her comments were like ewww or making him sound nasty or like something derogatory *whoreish for body shots*) and he's scared to like offend her 😷 thas tough

    Kailan RigbyKailan Rigby25 days ago
  • love yall

    Hector LopezHector Lopez25 days ago
  • Aww alondra is real af , Benny you need to be real to her

    Abigail MarquezAbigail Marquez29 days ago
  • Why do I have a feeling alo said in Benny's ear "expect Tre" at 9:17 when she said "that bitch"🤣🤣🤣

    Shayna RossShayna RossMonth ago
  • I will never hate Benny 😉

    daphne fernandezdaphne fernandezMonth ago
  • “your shit is dirty as hell” 😂😂😂 i’m laughing sooo hardddd

    Camille AlvarezCamille AlvarezMonth ago
  • 9:34 why is Benny so funny by the faces he makes 😂😂

    Rosa GuerreroRosa GuerreroMonth ago
  • Funny how Benny asked the questions n low key be checking what paper she left down n happen to get her same answer... Cheater.... liar liar pants on 🔥.... I'm telling... Aaaaalllllooooonnnnnddddrrrrraaaaaaaaa🗣

    Laura IsidoroLaura IsidoroMonth ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Brittney SimpsonBrittney SimpsonMonth ago
  • all yall saying how alondra was judging him, yall too damn pressed for no reason. she playful as fuck, thats how she is😂. yall SENSITIVE LMFAOO.

    rosarosaMonth ago
    • I can tell, yall not in a relationship lmfao.

      rosarosaMonth ago
  • I love use two ❤️ just her laugh just shows she’s so happy with you ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰😊

    The life of G&S KumarThe life of G&S KumarMonth ago
  • wait sooo y’all TRIED to hook up in a fitting room buuut it obviously had to be before Cancun cause when y’all came back everything was on lockdown and y’all started dating at Cancun so y’all have BEEN hooking up since the beginning before y’all started dating hahaha YO IM GOOD it’s okay.. I’ll keep y’all’s secret 😭😛

    only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
  • Favorite video!! ❤️

    Paola GordilloPaola GordilloMonth ago
  • Is it just me or does anyone else not feel the chemistry between these two?

    Sabrina OSabrina OMonth ago
    • Marissa Barragan I guess

      Sabrina OSabrina OMonth ago
    • just you

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
  • Alondra got cheated on before, trust issues. She’ll get over them though. It’s not her being judgmental.

    Dejah RodriguezDejah RodriguezMonth ago
  • Damn yall horny(hml)

    Jocelyn 2nd chanelJocelyn 2nd chanelMonth ago
  • i was dead when he said her cheeks seperated hahhahhhaahha

    Akol AkolAkol AkolMonth ago
  • 5:16 😭😭

    flaKo lowKssflaKo lowKssMonth ago
  • i havent been subscribed n ive been watching forever whaaa😭🤦🏽‍♀️

    AlizaeeAlizaeeMonth ago
  • 16:25 did she say he has a baby dick?

    Daddy JoseDaddy JoseMonth ago
    • no lmao she said neck 😭

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
  • Bro after watching this I feel like I was wayyyy too open and honest with my ex 😳 lmaoooo

    Grace CannonGrace CannonMonth ago
  • Man y'all just a bunch if haters. Let them live their life. They've both gone through things off canera that y'all dont know about-.- cut them some slack and just leave then alone

    Lucero PerezLucero PerezMonth ago
  • Dude why TF she always hitting him???

    Dee SandovalDee SandovalMonth ago
    • girl it’s female instincts lmao and guys like it. maybe you just haven’t been in a healthy relationship

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
  • yooooo the song is fire🤝 drop itttttt

    Joe WashingtonJoe WashingtonMonth ago
  • my brain cells died after watching... idk why I'm still here. lol came up as suggested. I don't suggest watching

    Val babyVal babyMonth ago
  • Benny is hilarious 😂

    Elizabeth AlfaroElizabeth AlfaroMonth ago
  • Thas rightt the song firee🥵🔥🔥🔥

    Doreen GalanDoreen GalanMonth ago
  • When he said “ you are soo horny” lmao

    Celeste AnnmarieeCeleste AnnmarieeMonth ago
  • They cuteee . They’ll make it work threw anything

    Celeste AnnmarieeCeleste AnnmarieeMonth ago
  • That bang tho😬

    jazmine corinajazmine corinaMonth ago
  • Yall do know shes not really tripping on his answers she just fucking around with him.. Its not that serious Im sure she knows all the answers 😉

    Michelle VasquezMichelle VasquezMonth ago
  • I’m so glad you guys found each other ♥️

    Christina VegaChristina VegaMonth ago
  • Alo Cappin Ohde... she put “never” for mostly everything 😂 she def gets wilddd

    • alo freakyyyyy

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
  • Why they skipped the plastic surgery one lol 😂

    Icedout MUAIcedout MUAMonth ago
  • Cute favorite couple 💞😍😂

    Jessica MezaJessica MezaMonth ago
  • Was y’all even being 100 ? This video felt fake

    Jasmin PichardoJasmin PichardoMonth ago
  • Stop defending Alo.. she’s talked about getting her boobs but never her ass.. the problem is she tries to make us believe it is real like come on girl lol

    Carlos LemusCarlos LemusMonth ago
    • Cindy VG girl no ones defending you just suck at comebacks lol now stop digging your nose into unbothered people’s ass’s 🤷‍♀️

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
    • Marissa Barragan girl stop being a damn hero defending someone who doesn’t give a fuck about your existence 😂 and yeah yeah sure ok you keep thinking that sweetie 🙂

      Cindy VGCindy VGMonth ago
    • Cindy VG girl she’s HAD an ass (go look from years ago) and she literally never needed a bbl, now move on and stop trying to put someone who doesn’t give a fuck about your opinion down.

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
    • Carlos Lemus she didn’t do it on USkeys she did it on snapchat last year in january.. y’all need to move on and take your insecurities w you

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
    • At 6:40 you can see the scars on her back (when she’s shaking her butt) from surgeon getting the fat from there to transfer into her ass.

      Cindy VGCindy VGMonth ago
  • I feel like he just kept looking at her answer and coping it. We wanted the honest answer come on it's just the past!

    ESCAPEyourxFATExESCAPEyourxFATExMonth ago
  • Benny's "huh" when she asked "who's booty" 😂😂😂

    Gail LutherGail LutherMonth ago
  • “i know you’re a thief since you stole my heart” 😭

    Arath SalgadoArath SalgadoMonth ago
  • Why tf y’all hating on alondra ? Just stfuuu like let them be happy 😂 y’all really have the time of the day to hate on someone who u can never be better than them 😂

    Madicela GutierrezMadicela GutierrezMonth ago
  • Benny’s beanie said ⌛️ lmfao 😂 love you guys 💖🥰

    The one an only JennyThe one an only JennyMonth ago
  • I don’t know why Alondra seemed kinda controlling to me in this video 😂 like he’s supposed to answer honestly without you getting mad lmao he hella lieeeed in these bet 😆🤭

    Paz RobledoPaz Robledo2 months ago
    • she’s just ducking around with him damn y’all some hella haters 😭😂

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
  • We need to know what happened in Vegas!!! Look at how red Benny got when she brought up Vegas we need the tea 🍵☺️❤️

    Nancy VegaNancy Vega2 months ago
  • naaaaa she's moving stooosssshhh, comeeee onn people just live life n that.. she ain't an angel el pasado es el pasado ya zimmmee yaya

    Lauren DiazLauren Diaz2 months ago
  • I’ve never wanted merch BUT I need that broke bitch shirt lmao shits dope 👌🏼

    Adrianna RodriguezAdrianna Rodriguez2 months ago
  • 6:50 wrong bitch😭

    Yasmin MorelosYasmin Morelos2 months ago
  • He said let me seee get up ; she put her drink down reallllll mf quick ... 🍑 !! 😛😛😛

    Vic ArellanoVic Arellano2 months ago
  • Benny wasn’t himself in this video I felt like he was afraid to answer

    Rhenita AmedeeRhenita Amedee2 months ago
  • I love alo and Benny so much ❤️😘👨🏻‍🦱👧🏻

    Maria SulcaMaria Sulca2 months ago
  • I live watching y'all you guys brighten my freaking day like i love your relationship its so beautiful!!!! LOve you GUYS!!!

  • Her ass is so nasty it don’t even look right with her body hella discombobulated 😂 also alo laugh is annoying idk how you stand her

    Juliana GarciaJuliana Garcia2 months ago
    • Yvette Monique bro you’re under everyone’s comments on every single one of videos that she’s in 😭💀 if you hate her so much why you watch her videos and why is she your main topic? and yes you’re jealous 😂 damnnn some bitches reallly be having the TIMEEEE!! Instead of talking shit go clean your room, wash your car, brush your teeth, wipe your ass, DO SOMETHINGGG!! 😩

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
    • Marissa Barragan girl ur always poppin up on my comments everyone else says the same things about her I’m not the only one who says it’s fake n that her bbl is ugly everyone says it all the time I see comments everywhere !!so everyone else is jealous?? Okay I guess Lol it’s all facts bye 👋

      Monique MontoyaMonique MontoyaMonth ago
    • Yvette Monique you jealous of her and it shows 😂 y’all really have the timeeeee and her bbl looks good idk why saying it looks bad 😭 “her laugh is fake” nah you only think it’s fake cause it’s real and you ain’t ever heard her real laugh 💀

      only fuentezzyonly fuentezzyMonth ago
    • And her laugh is fake

      Monique MontoyaMonique MontoyaMonth ago
    • The funny thing is she thinks her butt is nice always showing it off in the camera when it’s a ugly bbl lol poor thing

      Monique MontoyaMonique MontoyaMonth ago
  • You guys have to think too Alo is from LA and Benny is from Berkeley (if I’m not mistaken) Really different atmospheres. LA people are more “judgmental” and it’s all about image. Berkeley on the other hand is way laid back. It’s popular to drink & party. (& They go hard) lol If it doesn’t bother Benny then let’s not let it bother us.

    Ariel NagelAriel Nagel2 months ago
  • When Benny asked Alondra if she wanted to link anything and he said your eye lashes, gots to say that’s the cutest ever ❤️❤️ I love Alondra and Benny 🤞💪🏽🤘

    Valencia GarciaValencia Garcia2 months ago
  • It’s amazing how a girl can glow when she gets out of a toxic relationship and gets with someone who truly wants nothing but happiness for them...❣️ y’all are honestly made for each other🥰

    Anyssa RaeAnyssa Rae2 months ago
  • Omg people, it’s not your fucking relationship. Let them be. Si actúa raro Benny o Alo wtf let them be. Los miro a ellos and guess what i don’t see anything wrong with them and if there is then it’s there relationship.

    Miriam MuñozMiriam Muñoz2 months ago
  • yall are telling me u never went to a party and kissed a stranger?

    CACTUSJACK StudioCACTUSJACK Studio2 months ago
  • Benny wasn’t himself ... I’m sorry 🥺🥺but I feel like he is scared or he if feels like he is going to get judge ...

    Vivi CanizalezVivi Canizalez2 months ago
  • Why did Alo skip to answer the plastic surgery question? 14:09

    Mercedes CanelaMercedes Canela2 months ago
    • Mercedes Canela because she don’t want to admit it

      Monique MontoyaMonique MontoyaMonth ago
  • Dude Benny’s hella funny wtf 😂😂😂 “CRIMINALS” 💀

    Mercedes CanelaMercedes Canela2 months ago
  • Alo your so beautiful! Awe she is all rapping at the end to Benny song!! Such a cute couple!! 💕

    C&H FAMC&H FAM2 months ago
  • Why you lying bennyyyy 😂😂

    Rosa CalderonRosa Calderon2 months ago
  • I love alo but why she lowkey hating 🤨

    Rosa CalderonRosa Calderon2 months ago
  • Aww i love you guys so happy for you guys 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Thaidelyn SamuelThaidelyn Samuel2 months ago
  • Fake 🎤👎 I supported

    WorsXt ENEmigo!WorsXt ENEmigo!2 months ago
  • Benny I am so glad you saved alo from that douchebag. We feel the love you have for her through the camera. You have set the standards so high🤍

    e.m.e13G 11111e.m.e13G 111112 months ago
  • lmao Alo didnt bother to answer when Benny read "never have I ever gotten plastic surgery"😂

    jennifer solorzanojennifer solorzano2 months ago
  • Dude I forgot why I stopped watching his videos . her laugh and accent omg 😖😖

    Alexandria GalvanAlexandria Galvan2 months ago
  • Love you both 💗

    Sandy GonzalezSandy Gonzalez2 months ago
  • 😭❤️🙏🙏🙏

    Yali VlogsYali Vlogs2 months ago
  • Story time 💕

    Joselyn MaldonadoJoselyn Maldonado2 months ago
  • Yall taking 3some applications 😂😂 jk

    irene banuelosirene banuelos2 months ago