Borderlands 3 - The Looter Shooter We Needed

Nov 1, 2019
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  • You need a rap song of Clone zone. 👍🏻 you among your awesome friends on USkeys are epically amazing.

    Danny DowdDanny Dowd18 hours ago
  • Fl4k is my favorite one. ALL of his abilities are cool, but by far my favorite one is the one where he summons two PHOENIX that fly at the enemy. It does a decent amount of damage and has like a 5-10 second recharge time. On top of that, you can have 3 charges at once.

    NeatoNNeatoN22 hours ago
  • I finally got my first taste of bl3 and you know who i was playing

    Verkku SerkkuVerkku SerkkuDay ago
  • tis indeed a fun game

    Ion strikerIon striker8 days ago
  • Idk but i think borderlands 3 is on the xbox 360? Idk

    Check AnimsCheck Anims9 days ago
  • It’s a titan not a gundam

    Mozzie Chief-7274 PrimeMozzie Chief-7274 Prime10 days ago
  • I wasn’t a huge fan at the start, tbh I think the calypso twins are pretty weak as characters. But the side quests and loot hooked me, I got the unique weapon from mouth piece and did the virtual torture chamber quest and then I was like “Yep let’s do this”

    Declan HigginsDeclan Higgins10 days ago
  • Zane mains represent

    Gavin FlahertyGavin Flaherty10 days ago
  • Each time I watch this I always want to try and finally beat borderlands 3 but remember that I’m stuck on edens 6

    GubbyGammingGubbyGamming12 days ago
  • This game is like the best thing ever but it’s also 200 years long

    Charlie MillerCharlie Miller12 days ago
  • I have one problem with this game Nothing but bad vibes I was expecting strangely happy music over brutal murder I always loved the stupid vibes of borderlands even though there were such terrible things happening But the funny monkey made the game a lot more fun to me

    Aidan Makes ThingsAidan Makes Things15 days ago
  • Were you payed by Gearbox or something? The map was awful, the characters were all rubbish with no backstories and the gane long build up to the final boss led to a little tentacle monster. Absolutely rubbish!

    John LintornJohn Lintorn16 days ago
  • The only game series I will love no matter what

    Steam BunnySteam Bunny16 days ago
  • my fav of all playable is of course Krieg the Psycho, he's just perfect

    AdekAdek16 days ago
  • pfffft no its not

    Mr. JKMr. JK18 days ago
  • I have no friends

    Edem AyewubohEdem Ayewuboh18 days ago
  • Idc what anyone says i loved bl3

    penguinipenguini19 days ago
  • Bl3 has the best character then ever before, Zer0: am I a joke to you

    Memes are niceMemes are nice20 days ago
  • This video came out the day i got BL3, what a coincidence!

    FizzpigFizzpig21 day ago
  • If you find a legendary called unforgiven go for crits

    DaokiworDaokiwor21 day ago
  • I also picked Mordercai In 1 Zero in 2 And Zane in 3

    Gacha HarveyGacha Harvey22 days ago
  • Gonna be honest, this game runs like doodoo but I like it

    fokinate _fokinate _23 days ago
  • Ik you don’t do stuff like this but you should record yourself playing BL3 :)

    N1njaTwitchN1njaTwitch23 days ago

    Maica quynh NgoMaica quynh Ngo24 days ago
  • can we get a 10 hours of the song

    BaconMan-TheNoobBaconMan-TheNoob24 days ago
  • I played it a little bit. I prefer the pre sequel

    Sarah says helloSarah says hello24 days ago
  • I’m so happy I talked to this dude on the youtooz discord too funny birb youtooz sucks

    Nick-o- lasNick-o- las24 days ago
  • The best borderlands character: "Shoot me in the face" guy

    Peter's Game ClosetPeter's Game Closet26 days ago
  • I loved the sneky Boiz

    Left handed Finger boardersLeft handed Finger boarders26 days ago
  • Been waiting forever as well beat all of them and finally 3

    Left handed Finger boardersLeft handed Finger boarders26 days ago
  • It might just be me but besides tales I think borderlands 3 ended up being the worst

    Evan AboitesEvan Aboites27 days ago
  • “BL3 has the best characters” *Laughs in playable claptrap*

    Dan CapDan Cap27 days ago
  • We’re is the pre sequel

    Ree TurtleRee Turtle27 days ago
  • Borderlands 3 is pretty bad ngl especially because of the forced equality

    Father SimonFather Simon27 days ago
  • What about the pre sequel

    Joshua Kendy GomesJoshua Kendy Gomes27 days ago
  • Ava still sucks.

    Blanketcrab ProductionsBlanketcrab Productions27 days ago
  • This game sounds exactly like destiny

    Ethan RoseEthan Rose28 days ago
  • The story sucks but the gameplay is amazing

    emilia thorningemilia thorning28 days ago
  • I haven't played any of the franchises games and I only have one friend to play with ;-;

    svmoraissvmorais28 days ago
  • I did not want to play Zane. And then you whispered “he’s Irish”. I will play Zane.

    ScytheScythe28 days ago
  • I liked borderland 2, as you could get really powerful weapons at about level 14 so when you go to cautious cavern and farm volitiles it's an easy $10,000

    clockwork247 weebclockwork247 weeb28 days ago
  • Don't forget about the tedeore gun that makes meme references

    WolfYT 8199WolfYT 819929 days ago
  • Funny u don't mention the story at all

    Krazecourse GamesKrazecourse Games29 days ago
  • 3:21 first time?

    eugenio Zucchieugenio Zucchi29 days ago
  • I really don't care about this game, I just clicked on the video because I really enjoy your animations

    that rogue guythat rogue guyMonth ago
  • I played this game single player and it’s still my favourite game ever

    DuckoDuckoMonth ago
  • I've played this game with my sister, and it's the shit

    ya boii skellyya boii skellyMonth ago
  • Warframe.

    Frozen Doctor ProductionFrozen Doctor ProductionMonth ago
  • My playing order was: Borderlands 1: claptrap (didn't need oxygen) Borderlands 2: zero (due to it's great skill and sniper ability's) Borderlands 3(still playing): zain

    Luca KevenaarLuca KevenaarMonth ago
  • By far this dance is better fortnite

    President CatPresident CatMonth ago
  • Mordecai and Zer0? Yeah, I like snipers too.

    Month ago
  • , z, 's

    kroizy flamingo 2808kroizy flamingo 2808Month ago
  • Fl4k best character... you can fight me

    Thorn The Red DragonThorn The Red DragonMonth ago
  • And pre sequel ?

    Leonardo LunaLeonardo LunaMonth ago
  • He summed the new video game world today

    Guy that doesn’t Know anythingGuy that doesn’t Know anythingMonth ago
  • I like the art :) and song

    LightningwolfTYLightningwolfTYMonth ago
  • Lol noob, I played almost all the vault hunger for bl2 and ALL OF EM for 3

    SMGsus 2003SMGsus 2003Month ago
  • As a solo player who really enjoyed the first two games, I'm disappointed by 3. The villains suck, the story sucks, the gameplay is identical to 2 to the point that I was fully tempted to just go back if I hadn't beaten it into the ground, and there's just nothing... More for a solo player. I'll give you that the multiplayer experience is probably better, but that's never a factor for me. My opinion on the gameplay will likely change once I start reaching endgame, but right now it's disappointing.

    Atmas SylphenAtmas SylphenMonth ago
  • i played the entire game solo beat most of side quest and IT WAS STILL FUN

    kicktapkicktapMonth ago
  • Scooter will be remembered Sad

    supermanfred IDKsupermanfred IDKMonth ago
  • Shit can’t Evan compare to borderlands 2

  • Irish clones and drones what

    nathan Madgenathan MadgeMonth ago
  • Borderlands 3 is what destiny could've been

    Pivot picturesPivot picturesMonth ago
  • The story is pure shit you say that the story doesnt matter that much and sure yeah i agree but when its so atrocious that you mute the voice to not hear any of the NPC's talk then theres something really fuckign wrong with it.

    WillWhiskeyWillWhiskeyMonth ago
  • This feels like an ad

    Nomad2145Nomad2145Month ago
  • It's only level balanced if you play on cooperation

    くんスリンキーくんスリンキーMonth ago
  • Ava bad

    WalterWalterMonth ago
    • @Face McShooty yees

      WalterWalterMonth ago
    • Krieg good

      Face McShootyFace McShootyMonth ago
  • He’s sponsored by border lands 3 not skillshare

    TomTomMonth ago
  • Fl4k for life

    Bobby SebringstroutBobby SebringstroutMonth ago
  • The rap good tho

    Logan MajchrzakLogan MajchrzakMonth ago
  • BL2 Lvl 4: i wanna kill master gee! Lvl 50: no

    TetramonXVITetramonXVIMonth ago
  • And they are working on Godfall. A Slasher Looter game.

    VoidlordVoidlordMonth ago
  • Tomorow am gonna get borderlands

    Ekhi FraileEkhi FraileMonth ago
  • Bl2 is still the better loot shooter, farming in bl3 is horrible and that's the main point of the series

    FunkaholicFunkaholicMonth ago
  • People always made fun of me for playing as zane until now

    Swamp BurgerSwamp BurgerMonth ago
  • my pc sounds like a plane engine when i play the game '-'

    Lord TachankisLord TachankisMonth ago
  • Shit story and shit characters

    clout demonclout demonMonth ago
    • K

      IamStereotypeIamStereotypeMonth ago
  • Fla4k is kind of like Zero

    Angel MelchorAngel MelchorMonth ago
  • Let’s not talk about the story...

    Cringe NinjaCringe NinjaMonth ago
  • Are you sure your talking about bl3?

    RhythmNGluRhythmNGluMonth ago