Crazy True Stories from Casino Security

Jun 25, 2020
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Working as a security guard in a Las Vegas casino is practically asking for trouble, but people need to work, and being a security guard does pay well, because you are expected to deal with all kinds of crazy. In today's sometimes funny, sometimes sad new video we are taking you to the heart of Sin City, where we have animated the craziest stories of a real Las Vegas casino security guard! You won't believe what these guys have to put up with!
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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

  • You should make a video of your biography

    Noah CabrestanteNoah Cabrestante4 days ago
  • Las vegas (Shows Eiffel tower)

    YukonRBXYukonRBX9 days ago
  • I laughed too loud at "Devil's Dandruff". And, being environmentally sound can be dangerous for your health once in awhile.

    Tammi HartungTammi Hartung14 days ago
  • Cause of death JACKPOT

    padma vijaypadma vijay22 days ago
  • My dad knew a couple that won $500,000 in Las Vegas and had to hire private security to get them on a plane safely. Also the IRS took their "fair share"

    Michael GaudreauMichael Gaudreau28 days ago
  • I know security guards that sells drugs.

    Eric LiEric LiMonth ago
  • I was vibeing to that background music NGL

    Xlard /Xlard /Month ago
  • Actually it's not just casino procedure to keep doing cpr until paramedics arrive, that's what you're taught in first aid courses, because even if the person is technically dead continuing CPR has a possibility to bring them back

    Sam HoganSam HoganMonth ago
  • Infographics dude.. I caught your song quote. Nice.

    Jon DyckJon DyckMonth ago
  • My dad was a Casino security guard and he saw ncis New Orleans while filming

    William MorseWilliam MorseMonth ago
  • A security guard just about fell over laughing when I thought I broke the one-armed bandit. Bells, whistles, and all manner of noises and my first thought and words were, "Oh, s**t!!! I broke it!!!" A security guy walked over and I immediately apologized to him for breaking it. After he stood straight enough from laughing he informed me that I had won the jackpot. Yeah... A hard-nosed gambler, I am not.

    jaspr1999jaspr1999Month ago
  • devils dandruff

    king agking agMonth ago
  • Oh you worked for luxor. I used to host for the old club LAX. Jumping in that hotel was the weirdest thing. Happened way too often.

    Karisma KingKarisma KingMonth ago
  • Thanks for the video,Here I come Vegas November 2020--- I can't wait!!!! 😈

    luvmibrattluvmibrattMonth ago
  • I knew that the Cult of Rakdos ran Vegas!

    The Simic CombineThe Simic CombineMonth ago
  • I know someone who lost all his money in Las Vegas. When I was 10, my family, my friend “Jane’s” family and my parents friend David all decided on a one week trip to Vegas, Laughlin and the Grand Canyon. David is a card counter. Once a year he goes to Vegas and wins about $30,000. To reduce suspicion as soon as he wins $2000 he leaves for another casino. His day job is a biology professor. That trip David gave each of our parents $2000 because he felt bad they were spending money on the kids and not themselves. Everyone except Jane’s dad lost all the money. Once the money was gone they stopped playing. Jane’s dad, “Mr. M” won $1000 and couldn’t stop playing. My dad and David literally had to pull him away from the machine to tell him we’re going home. They kept reminding him that the house always wins. The next weekend Mr. M drove back to Vegas, we live in California. He gambled away the $3000. Cleaned out all his bank accounts then maxed out all his credit cards. When his credit cards were maxed out was when he finally stopped. He gambled away $100,000. (At this time you could buy a 4bdrm 3000sqft house for that much) He had just enough gas to get home. He woke us up at midnight because rent was due tomorrow and he had no money. We told him his wife could have a loan, not him. That Vegas trip not only destroyed our friendship with Jane’s family but destroyed a few other friendships. Jane’s mom worked as a waitress at a restaurant we frequented. We stopped going because it was awkward. We were also friends with the owner. Sorry for the novel but I like to tell this story to remind people of the dangers of gambling addiction.

    Christine ShiffermillerChristine ShiffermillerMonth ago
  • How about stories about Whales?

    JacAttackJacAttackMonth ago
  • GTA casino heist ??

    Nicholas MaNicholas MaMonth ago
  • Woman😒😞

    Harry TagaraHarry TagaraMonth ago
    • Everything I will never understand them 😤

      Harry TagaraHarry TagaraMonth ago
  • Sounds fun and sad to work as casino security

    Gaming SaviorGaming SaviorMonth ago
  • Me, ummm I live in south Las Vegas Me no go to casino

  • I may be American and you're originally from the UK but I'm still gonna thank an ally for their service so thank you sir

    Nicholas AdamsNicholas AdamsMonth ago
  • I live in vegas....

    cravcavecravcaveMonth ago
  • I hate how he says Vegas

    chelseachelsea2 months ago
  • When the Luxury Mall Cops are better at stopping terrorist attacks than School Staff

    AtlasAtlas2 months ago
  • Casino security are the best thot destroyers ever

    Dolfan 2Dolfan 22 months ago
  • The lads a purple I'm red

    SOUL5 The FurrySOUL5 The Furry2 months ago
  • Some chick came to my dog after he won and said a cheap price but he knew right away she was trying to rob him

    theforcebewithutheforcebewithu2 months ago
  • one time these guys pretended to be delivering chips, then escaped by dressing up as swat!

    KookeePenguinsKookeePenguins2 months ago
  • "Grey and depressing" that's quite offensive as I'm British

    George TownsendGeorge Townsend2 months ago
  • This is fitting because a month ago I became a security guard at a casino. 🤣

    TheToasterinYourBathtubTheToasterinYourBathtub2 months ago
  • The Golden Grin Casino and Diamond Casino And Resort are still more crazy than this they get robbed at least 10 times a day

    CatCat2 months ago
  • I wonder why people comment random stuff on videos. Oh wait

    Atl 5Atl 52 months ago
  • Such ego

    Will MacWill Mac2 months ago
  • One time Chris Angel was in town, dude basically lives there. It's probably rarer for him to be out of town.

    Special EdSpecial Ed2 months ago
  • Thank you so much for your service! I love your videos and listen to them while I do my school ( home schooled ) or paint or draw .You guys are amazing !

    Ali KAli K2 months ago
  • I would bet any amount of cash, this is the challenge guy writing this one

    Anythingf0rsubsAnythingf0rsubs2 months ago
  • The Thumbnail of the Security Guards Nose is hilariously bad.

    Carl SollCarl Soll2 months ago
  • Narrator: Las Vegas can become chaotic! Me: *Bug swarm flashbacks*

    The dabbing GamerThe dabbing Gamer2 months ago
  • Yo what were the thermal charges doing in a coffe cup?

    SmashmateoSmashmateo2 months ago
  • This HAS to be from the perspective of the challenge guy...

    Ryan BayukRyan Bayuk2 months ago
  • Quick question is this you or not

    R6 playsR6 plays2 months ago
  • Keep up the awesome work guys 👍

    THE E MAN 4000THE E MAN 40002 months ago
  • Im confused. Youre british military, turned vegas security guard, and now you narrate youtube videos with an american accent?

    w herew here2 months ago
  • Why'd you use black people for the "rough and tumble kind of place"?

    Whaddup Wit RellWhaddup Wit Rell3 months ago
  • When somebody plays GTA V on the Area 51 computer

    Riley WilliamsRiley Williams3 months ago
  • chicken costume??? seriously ??? 😁😁😁😁

    BassAnup xStringerBassAnup xStringer3 months ago
  • Time to gamble

    HyperSecure’sHyperSecure’s3 months ago
  • By

    Lisa VigueLisa Vigue3 months ago
  • You got a 👍👍 experience

    Fahadullah BajwaFahadullah Bajwa3 months ago
  • Is this the writers story because he was in the army but I don't know

    David OrtizDavid Ortiz3 months ago
  • Security isn't allowed to touch surveillance equipment. This person is exaggerating completely.

    WinterStarWinterStar3 months ago
  • The duggans

    HunterHunter3 months ago
  • Very American British accent

    Oisin BradleyOisin Bradley3 months ago
  • I thought he was American but I am more happy that he is British.

    Ocean liner HistoryOcean liner History3 months ago
  • Face revel

    Austin HarbinAustin Harbin3 months ago
  • These stories are neat but imagine what the gta nightclub bouncer sees

    Max RouletMax Roulet3 months ago
  • From the uk 🇬🇧 what town u from ??

    Myles ChernackMyles Chernack3 months ago
  • Security at a casino: you’re a cop without a badge and a gun

    Anti Stock18Anti Stock183 months ago
  • Where’s his British accent?

    Abdoulaye CamaraAbdoulaye Camara3 months ago
  • Almost like those signs in the Tokyo trains that say "Human related delay" when a person commits suicide and the trains are delayed.

    smlbstcbrsmlbstcbr3 months ago
  • Definitely Skelmersdale 😂😂😂

    James MoreJames More3 months ago
  • It’s always who is the infographics show, but never how is the infographics show...

    Kenrick WKenrick W3 months ago
  • Wait, is this story actually about the guy who owns infographics show?

    Grant BlingGrant Bling3 months ago
  • is this story true?

    Calvin NorrisCalvin Norris3 months ago
  • I assume that city was Birmingham

    Jake TylerJake Tyler3 months ago
  • Laughs in Lester crest

    Eazy Breezy105Eazy Breezy1053 months ago
  • *gta diamond casino heist intensifies*

    me Lonme Lon3 months ago
  • So did they do CPR on the girl who jump?

    jose rojasjose rojas3 months ago
  • Industrial town in the north of England, sounds nowt like a northerner

    G HG H3 months ago
  • I’m pretty sure this is challenge guy

  • Can we get more stories from the narrator

    A Friendly Bajur :3A Friendly Bajur :33 months ago
  • You made a video about Las Vegas without a single New Vegas reference?

    - Innutendo -- Innutendo -3 months ago
  • K

    Harley TurnbullHarley Turnbull3 months ago
  • So if you die of a heart attack while celebrating, who is entitled to the winnings? No one at that point?.Or does it go to an heir?

    veespaveespa3 months ago
  • The casino is fun but once you start going alone you have a problem

    Sauce PapiSauce Papi3 months ago
  • I was a security supervisor at one of the largest casinos in the world for 5 years. I wish you asked me

    AesirmetricalAesirmetrical3 months ago
  • next thing you know The infographics show: how we got swated by the fbi,the army,and the government Everyone in the comments: and there ya go you learned a lesson to never somehow hack into almost everything

    yeeter skeeteryeeter skeeter3 months ago
  • Worked with a former casino security manager dude told me some crazy stories.

    Antonio ArredondoAntonio Arredondo3 months ago
  • Why you say Vegas like that?

    Willy FisterbutWilly Fisterbut3 months ago
  • The only reason why casino security exists is to stop people who are winning

    FinnoFinno3 months ago
  • I wanna go to Las Vegas now

    Jack StanleyJack Stanley3 months ago
  • Oh so your the guy from the war video

    Fresh BoyFresh Boy3 months ago
  • Someone from Vegas Please confirm or deny this

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ3 months ago
  • That woman's life is NOT worth 20 bucks!!

    DarkGhost_ GamerDarkGhost_ Gamer3 months ago
  • Any one down for b2b casino heist?

    Danny’s food review !Danny’s food review !3 months ago
  • Cause of death : *jackpot*

    GrimdhraaGrimdhraa3 months ago
  • This is alot like a bragging vid lol

    Yeet FeetYeet Feet3 months ago
  • The Chicken🤣😂

    Ninto 1Ninto 13 months ago
  • Hey I live there

    Eli SmithEli Smith3 months ago
  • Lets poll for a face reveal.

    fynn ratcliffefynn ratcliffe3 months ago
  • Is this the experience of the lab rat

    Junie ChuaJunie Chua3 months ago
  • I worked security in Glasgow night clubs and almost got glassed off a woman breaking up a fight in the woman’s toilets...

    James aJames a3 months ago
  • You kinda changed a lot of detailed I worked security at this casino property when this happened.

    Invasive CoyoteInvasive Coyote3 months ago
  • the club music in the background while he’s explaining his life story lol

    sunchild -sunchild -3 months ago
  • The devil's dandruff! LOL!!!!

    Fuqu PalFuqu Pal3 months ago
  • Fly me to Las Vegas! I’m sold!

    Military ProductionsMilitary Productions3 months ago
  • The video title could’ve been “bankrupt war-zone”

    Military ProductionsMilitary Productions3 months ago
  • The explanation could’ve just been “GTA in real life”.. Simple!

    Military ProductionsMilitary Productions3 months ago
  • Only in Las Vegas, will you ever see the life as a giant video game. One that will cause you to go bankrupt!

    Military ProductionsMilitary Productions3 months ago