Dax - Thought Those Were My Last Words (Official Music Video)

Jul 30, 2020
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[LYRICS BELOW] "Thought Those Were My Last Words" is an important song to me. It's all about taking our lives back! SHARE this with everyone and anyone and go leave it on repeat. Love y'all.
Prod. by @ lexnourbeats
Shot by: @ edgarsteeves
@ thatsdax
#thoughtthoseweremylastwords #mylastwords #dax

What would you do if you had a second chance at life
Would you take advantage of it or let it slip through your fingers
You know they say the biggest pain in life is regret
Today we change that
Thought they those My last words
This time yeah it’s gon be different
No more hatred self inflicted
No more wasting time on women
No more building others visions
This time ya it’s gon be different
No more dying only living
Yeah oh
Thought those were my last words
My my
Thought those were my last words
I’m taking my fucking life back
No more regretting the shit that I’ve done and I cannot control from the past
Fuck if I fail I don’t care if you judge me I swear that I’m taking a chance
You only live once and I swear on my momma that I’m gonna Fuck up a bag
No dear naw I eint holding back
Done with the lies
Swear that I’ve heard all multiple times
You cannot win without multiple tries
Niggas be fake I see it in there eyes
Go chase your dreams son
Go live your dreams son
Go chase your dreams hun
I’m done the fear ya done being lazy swear in done with the indecision I Eint letting opinions from people deter me or paint me a picture I don’t envision, if I say ima do it ima do it regardless of how I’m feeling, ima do it regardless how they feeling, ima do it regardless of what you you expect, end of the day I’m the one holding the feeling and weight and this pain of regret, get out my face if you’re not talking bout positive change that’s involving success, fuck the fake, I’m thanking god im seeing different I busy dying now I’m busy living
Thought they those My last words
This time yeah it’s gon be different
No more hatred self inflicted
No more wasting time on women
No more building others visions
This time ya it’s gon be different
No more dying only living
Yeah oh
Thought those were my last words
My my
Thought those were my last words
2020 is the year and the vision because all my goals are in sight
I’m failing repeatedly fuck if they hate you must fail before you get it right
Don’t give a fuck what you say I’m climbing new heights
Fuck a hater they can watch while I live
Yeah they watching everywhere we go
Cuz they know
Yeah they watching everywhere we go
Cuz they know
Know that I’m coming up next
Know that I’m coming for necks
Know that I’m fucking up bags, making a difference, and letting this positive energy stretch
Life is test
And I’m thanking god im seeing different o busy dying now I’m busy living

Thought they those My last words
This time yeah it’s gon be different
No more hatred self inflicted
No more wasting time on women
No more building others visions
This time ya it’s gon be different
No more dying only living
Yeah oh
Thought those were my last words
My my
Thought those were my last words

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    • Daniel Watrous 😂

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    • 😂

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    • @Dax hey dax you really should make a diss ksi I think it would stump him keep up the good work

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    • @Blackbelt9 so this random rapper i never knew about just showed up on my youtube. guess you trending now

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  • hi DAX.... please like and comment on my video....i know u are a busy mann....but pleaseee for a FANNN............................BTW ,...--- LOVE FROM INDIA.. pleasee see my work..

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  • This song is the most uplifting song I’ve listened to in a while, Dax is not only one of the greatest rappers, he’s also a great singer. His vocals are a breeze from the rapping and it fits with the instrumental. He is one of the greats.

    Samuel JonesSamuel JonesHour ago
  • Dax is so underrated

    TyTy4 hours ago
  • Anybody know what kind of jacket that is? It's pretty fresh.

    KaizaKaiza5 hours ago
  • Haven't found a Dax song I don't like. Also, 1 million views in a weeks says something.

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  • This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  • Oh geez I meant to say Me: best song ever KSI: let's check his monthly listeners KSI: dies inside a little bit

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  • That's why JJ don't check Dax's monthly listeners LoL na man no hate on JJ but good is good

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  • Me : best song ever KSI: let's see his monthly listeners Me: jealous

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  • Dax 1 of the best

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  • Dax your a real motivation man Am literally in tears right now 🔥🎼❤️

    Flairuh MusicFlairuh Music7 hours ago
  • "No more wasting time on women" that's legendary right there because many people let relationships distract them from reaching their fullest potential Dax a goat for sho

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  • Bro why dont you get attention!! I dont know why a such talented Person isnt more popular than those untalented Instagrammer?? I cant understand it. Dont give up you got us the one who always listen to you!❤

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  • Really touching and motivating bro🔥

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  • That was epic Dax is one of the best artists I’ve been ever seen in my life❤️ be safe my legend🔥⚡️

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  • Amazing music

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  • I’m a ksi but I got to be honest Dax’s music is impressive

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  • It's Dax🤫

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  • This shi is literally 🔥 some of these other rappers I can't understand, but dax, he is the one rapper that makes sense and is literally 🔥 at the same time 💯

    Maddox HayMaddox Hay11 hours ago
  • im a huge ksi fan. but dax is so underrated because of the hate he gets. he gets made fun of because he used to be a janitor. Are you fucking serious? he chased his dream and did it. never be jealous of another mans sucsess. love u dax dont listen to the haters

    GhalebGhaleb12 hours ago
  • I snap and rain comes bc I can enjoy the thunder now hahaha 😂

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  • I’m broke but happy I have messed up teeth and back and knee and ankle but I can win

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  • Lyrical to another level! Fucking lit 🔥

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  • Man playing NES with a SNES controller

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  • I like your songs on questioning god But I got some answers from those questions in bagvathgita I am not here to spread religion belief's but I like the way god tell the purpose of human life. Once you try to read it bro you may get ideas on songs if you don't have time to read whole book then just Search kirshna enlighting Arjuna Mahabharat

    Weird Mysteries YTWeird Mysteries YT16 hours ago
  • Was the girl in this video was the girl on king Vons video (take her to the o) Btw very 🔥 music (dax getting up there)

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  • I’m pretty worry for him the past songs was him talking about this girl and his depression. We aready lost a lot of legends in the past years we cant lose dax hopefully he ok . Rip X WRLD and hopefully not dax god bless ya brother .

    9TIME X9TIME X17 hours ago
  • Again I say you ,I wanna see you on billboard..it's "DAX"

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  • You should sell autographed albums...I’d buy one and I’m sure everybody else would too. I used to have Hopsins autographed album but I lost it in a fire which burned down my apartments😞 ......true story

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  • One of his best songs no cap

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  • They all can watch you live your life dax....I know your tired of being a drug for demons and angels...God likes to get high so just be a man and yourself my friend...

    Matthew LaMacchiaMatthew LaMacchia23 hours ago
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  • If u find a job u love u will never work a day in ur life

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  • Destroy ur own song.

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  • Dax, I am a fairly new fan... Yo I are the Baddest Man on the planet currently. Like a late 80's Mike Tyson.... They Fear You...

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  • best song, ksi is kinda trash

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  • When this man does a song with Eminem it has to be a surprise feature where Dax is rapping on the dirt road and when it’s ems verse the camera man (em) hands the camera to Dax and starts goin in.

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  • This song reminds me Of My heart hurts for some reason. Must be the melodies

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  • I’m a huge fan favourite song is joker

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  • Dax I’m gonna watch all your videos 5,000 times each. I just realized I wasn’t subscribed. Will you forgive me?

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  • You are so underrated This is the best song I've heard in a while and it only have 1 million views

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  • Dax is a G.O.A.T

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  • My real name is jon boulis my dad passed away recently and this song has been keeping me rollin thanks man keep exposing the fakes and the bs ur slaying it

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