National Debate Over Defunding The Police | The View

Jun 9, 2020
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As thousands turned out for George Floyd’s memorial and protests continue, calls to defund the police have taken center stage - the co-hosts weigh in on the meaning behind the term.
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  • Its incredible that people actually listen to these people that have nothing really to say.Its incredible how they have managed to talk for decades without having literally anything to say,no expertize,no knowledge of any serious kind.I mean they have to talk with outrage and emotion and gargabe tantrums because they just have to say something for x amount of minutes and all the "talking" they do has to be in form and content about how they are actually saying something when they are not,hence the braindead like talking they perform.And not just these non existences,but also literally all,all of discusions on tv,including political debates.Lincoln and his contemporaries had 6 hour long debates in a single city,people used to go home for a break,eat,and then come back.Now its just 2 min soundbites and 2 min is actually a lot,its more like 10 second slogans.How can you have a serious discusion among tampon commercials and car adverts?"Whats your opinion on nuclear disarmamanet?You have 2 min by the way".What can you say during that time?Why do we allow ourselves to give creedence to this kind of disease?

    Danica DanielDanica Daniel23 hours ago

    Charles KernerCharles Kerner4 days ago
  • """"WHY would I do that man? Come on, man.""""

    Old Fool-proofOld Fool-proof5 days ago
  • Years that really suxed... 1989 1996 2009 2016 2020 Geez, HELP HELP ME RHONDA!!

    Old Fool-proofOld Fool-proof5 days ago
  • Is it anything near truth that HE attended his own funeral?

    Old Fool-proofOld Fool-proof5 days ago
  • Isn't reallocation of funding away, key word AWAY, from police resources into community services effectively just stating the same thing as defunding the police? Isn't any retraction of funding for use in other alternative programs just defunding of the original program? BLM have stated outright their intentions are to defund the police.

    Justin batchelarJustin batchelar5 days ago
  • Joy...this 1 house in a poor black community is on fire, while the others aren't...yet someone in one of those houses not on fire set the single house on fire? Best explanation I heard of BLM was from a black guy, who said they don't care about all black lives, just the OCBLM, Only Certain Black Lives Matter, the ones they can use for their agenda, unlike Joy's analogy which has nothing to do with defunding the police, imagine a hospital run by BLM, your a black guy you get in a car wreck, you split your head open, you break a couple ribs and you stub your pinky toe, BLM shows up and puts ice on your pinky toe and leaves you with your possible concussion and several cracked ribs You could die from the head wound, or a rib puncturing your lung...but they can use pinky toe as a talking point to loot and then burn down other "nicer" hospitals.

    Jim myzJim myz6 days ago
  • "Donald Trump: Minorities Suffer the Most from Weaker Policing" 15 Sept 2020 President Donald Trump argued Tuesday that minority Americans suffer the most from reduced policing. “They want more police, they want protection, they suffer more than anybody else by bad police protection,” Trump said. The president discussed issues of race during an ABC News town hall on Tuesday 15 Sept 2020 with moderator George Stephanopolous. Trump cited a poll showing that 81% of black Americans wanted the same level or more police in their communities. “All minorities, Hispanic or Black or Asian, they suffer more than anybody else, George,” Trump said. “We have to give the police back the authority to stop crime.” The president disputed the idea that there was systemic racism in the United States. “I think there’s problems, but I think there’s some very big problems where if you don’t believe police and back their authority,” he said. One voter told Trump that America had never been great for African-Americans who were still stuck in the ghettos and suffered from racism. “I hope there’s not a race problem,” Trump replied. “I can tell you, there’s none with me, because I have great respect for all races, for everybody. this country is great because of it.”

    Walter DurantyWalter Duranty7 days ago
  • When are they gonna get an intelligent republican back on the show? They should replace meg with Ana for real

    Mike HMike H7 days ago
  • Fake News

    Erhan BilgeErhan Bilge7 days ago
  • At present America got more than 1 million prisoners. Would you agree that 1/3 of the inmates were imprison because their brain is prone to crime? If you agree then we need policemen to protect us from criminal minded people. In 7 counties of California, Elizabeth Macdonald reports that 25 thousand criminal illegl aliens are being located in those counties. Scary, what if they rape or kill any member of your family.

    Fernacio DavidFernacio David9 days ago
  • George Floyd family should be awarded 20 million dollars for wrongful death of George Floyd on the hands of the police. In California, black Jamal due wrong conviction under Kamala Harris, was awarded 13.1 million dollars for 6 1/2 years in jail. Congress should enact and fund such a program to alleviate the stigma of those problem. The cost to government in terms of revenue due to burning and looting justifies such awards to be given to families of victims.

    Fernacio DavidFernacio David9 days ago
  • If I am the judge on George Floyd case, these are my sentences - death penalty for the police who pinned his knee on the neck of George; life sentence, no parole for the two stepping on the back of George; 25 years on the guy standing and watching, no parole.

    Fernacio DavidFernacio David9 days ago
  • Dont dupe the American people. What BLM likes is to physically remove manpower of the police department. And one thing this VIEW does not know is that the Communist Revolution if Bernie Sanders is on mainstrean. One of the protesters said thru microphone, "this is revolution".

    Fernacio DavidFernacio David9 days ago
  • Anybody who wants to defund the police must be crazy. What these Communist Mob like is to physically abolish the policemen. Whatever substitute you will do wont work if you physically remove the manpower.

    Fernacio DavidFernacio David9 days ago
  • I don't the police funds to go to dumb communities such as child support or welfare because people abused it so many ways. Abortion access is also shouldn't be funded because the people need to take responsibility of their actions.

    Doge HackerDoge Hacker10 days ago

    Frank MFrank M11 days ago
  • Defund NO. REALLOCATE. ABSOLUTELY. That’s what the USA needs. Hope to be restored in these neighborhoods Why would anyone commit crime if they had a decent job. A little money in the bank etc... a safe neighborhood and dignity Joy Total Bull about pro life. That’s just something a loud mouth would say

    Frank MFrank M11 days ago
  • Defund means prevent from continuing to receive funds. So let me get this straight, these idiots on the View say it does not mean disband the police but if defund means to prevent funds from paying you think they will work for free?? Prevent from continuing to receive funds um that means no police. What stupid people would buy into this

    Karen BowyerKaren Bowyer11 days ago
  • Defunding the police and some departments can't afford body cameras. Mental health professionals? I guarantee every one will want police backups. Sounds like more $$ not less

    Buddy RoweBuddy Rowe12 days ago
  • The G0Pers are the main ones making "defunding" a dirty word. 🙄 Maybe they should have stayed in those "liberal" schools to learn something. Such uneducated Crybabies most of them are! I read this online, and it pretty much sums it up, but they won't even understand this: "Defund the police” means reallocating or redirecting funding away from the police department to other government agencies funded by the local municipality. That’s it. It’s that simple. Defund does not mean abolish "

    Ebony_Love_R_007Ebony_Love_R_00712 days ago
  • It's all because different racial and intelligence segments within the US cant understand the concept of being responsible for your actions. This could all be solved by: Dont break the law Dont have warrants Dont resist arrest. Its so much easier to just blame someone... in this case, the police. and shove your statistical anomalies.

    r mr m15 days ago
  • How about defund welfare

    Michael DeMariaMichael DeMaria15 days ago
  • This is one way to make the USA more like Mexico and by Mexico I mean sineloa also democrats and protestors want the police gone so it isn’t a lie

    Brad CzajkowskiBrad Czajkowski15 days ago
  • Defund the police no Defund the police union yes...just my opinion

    Nonya LuvLyfeNonya LuvLyfe16 days ago
  • Lies. Lies. Lies. Defund means removing the funds from the police - ie abolishing the police. Don't pretend that BLM and many others are calling for the removal of police forces.

    Eric MEric M17 days ago
  • "Defund the police" is as radical as it sounds. And Kamala Harris will pander to leftist to accomplish this goal. The proponents of it (BLM/Antifa) are simply soft-selling their ultimate goal, which is really to abolish the police. And, they are lying about their true hatred of police officers. We know that they hate police officers and want to kill them, because it's constantly repeated in their marches. They can lie all they want, but the reality is that they are full of hate concerning law enforcement officers who stand between the innocent American public and criminals who want to terrorize them, as BLM has done. One example is reflected in "ACAB" which means All Cops are B*stards. And, there are other similar phrases they shout. It is apparent that they want a state of anarchy so they can control the thoughts and words of others through their "cancel culture" of shaming, violence and even death if necessary. We are not fooled. And, the vast majority of Americans totally disagree and hate the violence that BLM/Antifa is causing in our country. This violence is facilitated by the Democratic party and the leftist media. No Christian should ever be involved with BLM, Antifa, Democratic Party, or "woke church". The disregard for God-given authority expressed by these movements is Satanic in origin. Here's a good song regarding this:

    Undiluted and UncensoredUndiluted and Uncensored18 days ago
  • Meghan thinks she knows everything about politics because of her father!! He's the real politician here not her !! Its kinda annoying

    Jazmin RuizJazmin Ruiz18 days ago
  • How about shooting someone in the leg or arm not in the chest back. How about they get to know people in there community. I know there’s a lot of good cops out there.

    Michelle D WilliamsMichelle D Williams20 days ago
  • Not all police are bad but action does need to happen the question is what kind

    Elisabeth FanfanElisabeth Fanfan22 days ago
  • What about the elderly, the disabled...the widow, the orphan. And for those who want to defund, What about your mother, your Sister, your Aunt... it’s survival of the fittest. No police, then it leaves the elderly and weak to fend for themselves. #BlueStateProblems

    Joshua JohnJoshua John23 days ago
  • Sunny broke it down for a kindergartner to understand and as usual someone is going to come along and act as though it means something else. Defunding the police means what she said it means why should they change the term because someone is to lazy to get the understanding. If that was the case we would be changing dictionary terms all the time. Nothing would ever hold its meaning.

    Dwayne MorganDwayne MorganMonth ago
  • The Democrats are scared, they're promising everything and anything. They're willing to defund the police, but they're not going to"defund" their salaries". Sign a petition to tax the Senators at 85% of their salary. " EACH senator" makes $174,000 per year X 40 years of service equals = $6,960.000.00" Defunder the senators- make them work as a public servant!

    Truth UsaTruth UsaMonth ago
  • Megan it is a privilege because I can’t do that if something were to happen to me because I’m a black woman

    Djc101 _Djc101 _Month ago

    Alberto MilanAlberto MilanMonth ago
  • Gobby Goldberg pushy that's how she comes across.

    amarilla griffinamarilla griffinMonth ago
  • Whoopi is making a case for union reform. The police unions are why most of these awful officers are still on the force.

    The WardenThe WardenMonth ago
  • It started with Whoopi, and although I’d like to think that this show is pretty far from favoring one particular ideological leaning...... but them I remember I live in reality. Although they’d like to pretend, this really is sad that they try to cover up and run interference for the radicals that have confirmed that they wanted to “Defund” the Police.

    The WardenThe WardenMonth ago
  • To an increasing segment of society defunding the police is utopia and their greatest dream come true. They will be able to deal in drugs ; murder ; rape ; rob ; drive around in stolen cars from richer more affluent neighborhoods. Their only worry is getting back across State lines without getting apprehended. UTOPIA. But the Lord Of Karma is watching. Another name for the Lord is the "JOT" ; Not without good reason.

    madelaine smithemadelaine smitheMonth ago
  • Defund the police is one of the dumbest movements out there. There are a lot in contention but this is pure stupidity. Those people have no clue what they are getting into.

    J HJ HMonth ago
  • only 3rd world countries defund police

    DaveDaveMonth ago
  • Welp, crime is about to skyrocket if this goes through

    bull smoothbull smoothMonth ago
  • Gotta Agree With Defunding Police.At Local And Federal Levels...I Mean In The Middle Of A Pandemic When Millions Are On Unemployment And Stimulus Packages .How The F#ck Can Anyone Justify Paying Huge 100k Plus Police Salaries And Bilions Into Police Pension Funds.The General Public Has Had Enough. I'm Guessing Some Cops Are Gonna Have To Be Paul Blart Mall Cops. They Lost The Public Trust.And Now We Want Em All Gone..🖕🏻👏🤘

    Rob LordRob LordMonth ago
  • I've never seen someone so stupid MM ,go see what defund means ,you don't know MM

    Prignano DianePrignano DianeMonth ago
  • Lmao I like how Megan seems to only go for anything that Joy says but stays silent when Sunny says anything lol

    Mr. Mr.Mr. Mr.Month ago

    Sue WaterhouseSue WaterhouseMonth ago
  • ABOLISH all Police.

    Shade BleuShade BleuMonth ago
  • Wow. Great point on pro life Joy.

    TCTCMonth ago
  • Perhaps the left needs to study English and learn the definition of words. Defund, doesn't mean reorganize.

    Dynise McDynise McMonth ago
  • B.L.M protests have been happening during an historic period of lock-down, America is on a precipice of financial ruin as a result, millions of Americans of all colour will be disenfranchised as a result, we will witness unprecedented poverty, homelessness, lawlessness etc...and you think now is a good time to defund the police?

    Siobhan MurphySiobhan MurphyMonth ago
  • Whoopi is exactly right. Why can't the police accept their failings and open a dialogue to figure out how to better protect every American? Why does it have to be an Us vs Them battle every time they are criticized for doing something wrong? If there weren't bad police officers doing wrong then we wouldn't even need to have this conversation, but they try to convince us that people are too sensitive or people are just trying to get attention or money. I call BS. The police need to get with the program and stop covering for each other when they do bad things. That's the behavior of a gang of criminals rather than the role models and heroes I was always taught to see them as.

    kineticpsikineticpsiMonth ago
  • Defund means take some of the money they have and use it for something else that’s helpful.

    Shaquena HoraceShaquena HoraceMonth ago
  • If people didn’t want the police gone, they wouldn’t be removing cop shows from television.

    Bethany Rentfro-HeydeBethany Rentfro-HeydeMonth ago

    Bethany Rentfro-HeydeBethany Rentfro-HeydeMonth ago

    peggy okellypeggy okellyMonth ago

    peggy okellypeggy okellyMonth ago
  • Who would protect us when the departments are reforming

    Modesto Abandoned 1997Modesto Abandoned 1997Month ago
  • #joycommonsense

    Belinda JonesBelinda JonesMonth ago
  • #sunnystrongforthepeople

    Belinda JonesBelinda JonesMonth ago
  • When has Meghan ever quoted Al Sharpton??

    Linda WilliamsLinda WilliamsMonth ago
  • You think Defund the police sounds bad? How do you think "Let the police go on without accountability, with internal investigations only, with unions that try to keep the bad ones, let them turn off their cameras if they want to, and let the courts uphold that the police can lie and not only let police into court rooms but take their word for ANYTHING." just to name a few sounds? Whatever your definition of defund is, it has it's merit.

    Phil ShockleyPhil Shockley2 months ago
  • Pro life is a statement of people who failed biology classes in school , life is not guaranteed , you can carry one for nine months and the end result is not the outcome you get.

    Sophie HayesSophie Hayes2 months ago
  • Get out from behind ur gated community and defund the police in just ur neighborhood and see how that works for you

    chvytomchvytom2 months ago
  • “If you’re explaining, you’re losing” Nah babe, you don’t want to listen and be proven wrong. What a silly quote?! 😫

    P BP B2 months ago
  • Lots of talking but ain't saying s@#t. As for Joy there's no help for her. Whoopie u say (can't breathe). What about the little baby and poor little kids that's are being killed b/c of BLM. What about there parents huh what about them.

    free 23free 232 months ago
  • The hypocrisy is insnae.....more whites are killed by police...this show has become a political tool for the retard left

    omnipotent tissueomnipotent tissue2 months ago
  • talking about making good cops better and bad cops about making the good criminals better and the bad criminals dead?..the moment a BLM activist tryes to break into my the moment i defend my family at any cost!!

    Victor HuertasVictor Huertas2 months ago
  • Joy, you didn't have a problem with the FBI STORMED the Florida home of Roger Stone. In fact, you celebrated the action. You're a real hipocrite!

    4at15354at15352 months ago
  • Sunny, really, reimagined- defunded- saving lives. You're ridiculous to your core! Start with Chicago and see how it goes!

    4at15354at15352 months ago
  • I like the way she explained the police issues without implying her own bias about it. It was informative.

    Right RightRight Right2 months ago
  • that's why we don't want to get rid of the police department we just want to stop there batalla tea act like this is something New he has been happening since time old people this chokehold ain't nothing new

    April MoateApril Moate2 months ago
  • cuz this is stuff that's been happening way before the b c d c long time ago this is not new it's just that people start resting their laurels and like you said all the money left it cities and people had nothing to do and this is there a way that they were going to build a jail houses to make money and also create crime amongst each otherthat's why we're here it all makes sense to me now because I was always sitting back wondering I'm not too much of anybody according to the world but I'm great in my own heart and God loves me meaning I'm not a millionaire I'm not even a person to have a job at this time but I'm not mad but I just see the world going around. I was 16 years old and now I am now I am 60 and proud of it in strong 60 year old

    April MoateApril Moate2 months ago
  • Love you to Joy deform is correct thank you Joy as well all for being there on The viewguys are my only hope that I hear integrity's being spoken on the delhi-based where I live in a room there are times that I've become so involved in my own brain by all the things that I hear on the outside of me which I know that I can't stop you in but at the same time I thank you guys for being there just to clear the mind it's good that you were there all of you thank you for you the show view future will be made

    April MoateApril Moate2 months ago
  • You never put it so well and thank you for being there on The view appreciate you sunny

    April MoateApril Moate2 months ago
  • though I walk and get food that is said by my mere to come on and get it but yet I have to worry about being arrested buy a cop the food distributioncuz I asked a question but I'm married East Orange put out early this morning about come down and get food plus you could have shot right card I get there ask a question I guess I'm asking too muchare there workers and says if you don't be quiet or you can just go or we'll call the cops on you really never been arrested in my lifeI'm down for this to inboard the mirror out of there without giving out that food with the people let someone else deal with it is too much what you call the cops oncuz I'm asked questions I'm going to keep asking questions I guess I'll get arrested eventually here in East Orange New Jersey

    April MoateApril Moate2 months ago
  • just like for instance today arm are green Ave East Orange New Jersey says come on everybody that we're having arts for all people today but less than a half an hour before I get there I asked a question I was told that if I don't be quiet they're going to call the cops on me yeah I'm done with defunding too and I hope to somebody else deal with our food distribution here in East Orange New J New JerseyMary greaves people ain't doing nothing but stressing us out as if they're giving us something they open up the boxes when the boxes are securityindividual families here they are opening the boxes up there getting everything for as he must got about fifty volunteers volunteers are getting before we even get a chance as two people to get

    April MoateApril Moate2 months ago
  • yeah I was always wondering right here in East Orange New Jersey whatever happened to the funding's and why are children had no type of programs anymore for instance at East Orange Police department least have a program called the power programmer always wondering what happened to these programs now I know what happened to these programs

    April MoateApril Moate2 months ago
  • I'm pretty sure they know about the definition of defending the police after all this and that part of the English dictionary come on now it's never been a time that they have not used the great Bible against us and use it for their literacythey know what they doing everybody know what it means this is what I'm saying about words it's a ball of confusion temptation said it best in their song ball of confusion that's what the world is today hey

    April MoateApril Moate2 months ago
  • It's ok guys, Meghan's got this. She _knows_ politics lol

    Jonelle85Jonelle852 months ago
  • And if that house is still on fire everything that's nearby burns down with it

    Bea WardBea Ward2 months ago
  • Love sunny's lucidity

    SAM SOUMSAM SOUM2 months ago
  • mst3k

    Jace MarfutJace Marfut2 months ago
  • Can't take Meygan Mc Cain,...she just a "closet-racist". ....sits ther EVRY day with stink attitude, ef her!

    Vincent StrotherVincent Strother2 months ago
  • Democratic candidate Joe Biden, actually said to the African American community , that if we don't vote for them, then we ain't black. That's the party that has taken us for granted, as if we are somehow beholding to them, for our own lives. This is a party with a slavery past. Check it out for yourselves and you will see the roots of this political party. They're not for us, they simply need our vote. That's where their solidarity ends. The Democratic Party has even put illegal aliens rights and concerns, before African American citizens born in this country. Their party has moved so far to the left, there's no more place to go, but socialism. To the Democratic Party, no lives matter, more than their own selfish ambitions. I'm tired of the leftist propaganda that they disguised as news.

    YONATAN CYONATAN C2 months ago
  • I saw the Trump commercial that made it look as if all policing will be shut down, i guess from defunding threats, instead if addressing a refirm needed to be addressed, as at least an option for police departments. Its like, we will not work to defend yiu, if you expect us to adjust to your wants. Did i miss something, ir are they not a public service arm of government, and serve in our interest, not tgeir own. Its like they are willing to hold our safety hostage, unless we capitulate to even their abuses under protection of that badge. Who are the people in charge, citizens who grant them power, or does the power stem from them, and we serve in their will, and not them to ours.

    bduhe219bduhe2192 months ago
  • Look how the media can e make a radical opinion look CUTE !!

    BUZZnationBUZZnation2 months ago
  • Meghan is KAREN of the The View! Seriously in the near future we will witness Meghan her self calling the cops on someone for simply walking 🤔

    Mln MZ87Mln MZ872 months ago
  • The reason that they didn’t include Sunny in the SNL was because she’s too smart, no one can play her because it’ll be an insult. #goals

    NaidaNaida2 months ago
  • Whoopie big fat caw slot

  • 4:10 exactly! - nicely explained. Lets give attention to what needs immediate attention now, it is not about those that do not need attention. (rolling eyes)

    Yasmin SanchezYasmin Sanchez2 months ago
  • I think “Defund the police” originated from the justifiable emotional outrage people felt in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. It is meant to word our opposition to police overall & disproportionate unequal mistreatment, beatings, and especially KILLINGS of black people (often brown people, too).Calls for action when a situation results in nation or worldwide protests are by definition provocative (e.g., “Burn your bra.”) I would begin my explanation there. “Reform the police” is weak and easily manipulated. “Demilitarize the police” doesn’t address the outrage over racism. It just takes their torture toys away. I don’t have a good substitute that isn’t a sentence for defund the police. “Reconstitute the police” (?) BLM is really, “BLM, too!” It seems so darn obvious that nobody would even say BLM if they had previously mattered as much as white lives. Changing BLM to cater to stupid racist people is not worth it. They don’t get nuance. If someone retorts with “All lives matter,” I’d respond, “Yes, exactly, that is our point, ours too.”

    E DVGE DVG2 months ago
  • There are many people wanting to close Police 👮 departments.

    SkyHookSkyHook2 months ago
  • I love Sunny!

    Jay GreenJay Green2 months ago
  • Money. Overtime is one answer.

    Elizabeth AnneElizabeth Anne2 months ago
  • Love what she said about pro-lifers lol. So True!!!

    Marie G.Marie G.2 months ago
  • Not long enough.

    John PaulJohn Paul2 months ago
  • get it SUNNY! literally can make anyone understand this!!!!

    Jill DewitJill Dewit2 months ago
  • Defund the police in sunny hostin's Neighbourhood. Sunny Hostin went to The Hamptons for vacation where she claims people were calling her the n-word. What did Sunny Hostin do? She called the police. Hey Sonny next time that happens to you if it were true in the first place handle it on your own!

    Joe NesserJoe Nesser2 months ago
  • Democrats will definitely get trump elected again! Lmao it’s actually getting sad to watch!...... entertaining but sad.

    andrew dutchersonandrew dutcherson2 months ago

    Corr HonCorr Hon2 months ago