White People Unnecessarily Calling the Cops on Black People | The Daily Show

Jun 29, 2020
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From Starbucks to the golf course to dollar stores, White people are unnecessarily calling the cops on Black people. Here’s a look back at our coverage. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DulceSloan
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  • Next up we have Black People hating on cops trying to help them

    ADAD10 hours ago
  • Us vs them, right Trevor?

    AlienAlien10 hours ago
  • The Barbie is white that’s why they showed up like hitmen 😂😂😂

    Andres SanchezAndres Sanchez10 hours ago
  • Not gonna lie Jurassic park is one hella of a extinction movie tho

    ITS MR. CHUNGS buNNYITS MR. CHUNGS buNNY10 hours ago
  • Is it just me or does the woman in the middle look like Amy Schumer? She wouldn't call the cops though she would just call cousin Chucky. 🤔

    Adam slempAdam slemp10 hours ago
  • ok the groundhog was just funny just imagine his psyche when he shot it 😂

    SprinklesCakebottomSprinklesCakebottom10 hours ago
  • Hate blacks

    Dave DPLDave DPL10 hours ago
  • Don’t care

    Boogaloo WeedBoogaloo Weed10 hours ago
  • I like how racist these white people are in the video I dont know what's worse the white people here or the people who arent white and think this is all white people all races are dumb and if you have to put any word in front of "lives matter" then you are the racist

    Ava ShaverAva Shaver11 hours ago
  • That poor girl is gonna be so tramitized

    Mary SMary S11 hours ago
  • Weird title but ok

    Tyler AndrewsTyler Andrews11 hours ago
  • U

    Omar GarciaOmar Garcia11 hours ago
  • This guy is not American, hates us and you all laugh and agree with him.

    Matt MMatt M11 hours ago
  • The joke is this is actually reality.

    ibushidobrownTTVibushidobrownTTV11 hours ago
  • They have to advertise this shite because nobody watches it 😂 😂 😂

    ÓakÁtháin NérinÓakÁtháin Nérin11 hours ago
  • Booooooooooooooo... waste of time

    ian pittmanian pittman11 hours ago
  • Hey I've been chased by a rabid gopher in a backyard doing pest control. I had to pick up the shovel that was against the wall, and knock him over the head with it. Sorry.

    Adam CruzAdam Cruz11 hours ago
  • I really love Trevor Noah, but these individuals are calling the cops on those innocent black people, NOT the general white population. This does not help the cause of humanity. Trevor is the man, not digging at Trevor Noah, he’s my favorite comedian, just wish there was a Martin Luther king somewhere that used shame tactic so well instead. We could use MLK right now. God rest his soul

    Scott McFarlandScott McFarland11 hours ago
  • She's the barbecue Becky of Starbucks

    chad porterchad porter12 hours ago
  • This is a severely racist video. Assuming a race is all the same based off of a couple is quite terrible isn’t it?

    Knowledge EverythingKnowledge Everything12 hours ago
    • Thats a little ironic dont you think?

      Jerimiah McnuggetsJerimiah Mcnuggets11 hours ago
  • $10,000,000 law suit for that damn that must be very nice sense I got got my a$$ beat by 5 black cops and what did I do nothing I guess I should have sued for $40,000,000 cause my case was far more worse.

    Matthew VarnamMatthew Varnam12 hours ago
    • What happened?

      Jerimiah McnuggetsJerimiah Mcnuggets11 hours ago
  • When a Karen figures out there is a black cop on the scene

    Cameron CampbellCameron Campbell12 hours ago
  • This is why everyone hates EVERY white person even if they arnt racist.

    Josh MintonJosh Minton12 hours ago
  • “White People” wow, isn’t that racist by generalizing and assuming that only white people unnecessarily calling the cops. Isn’t that kinda racist I’m itself? By you’re trying to stand up to “racism” you are becoming the racist.

    Knowledge EverythingKnowledge Everything12 hours ago
  • I don’t have an issue if this guy want to put under light racial injustices. But claiming that only one race can have racial bias that’s wrong and using race for their own agenda. Why only whites can have racial prejudices? Any human can love, hate, discriminate, be nasty, nice and anything else. You call it. You can make jokes about whites. Do you think what it would happen if that jokes were addressed to another race? No one would tolerate. Whole cities under flames. So whites can take any joke and other can’t? Targeting only a race and bashing them based on skin color that’s the very definition of racism. This guy and most of the media are vile racist selling it as virtue!

    Grigor KostaGrigor Kosta12 hours ago
  • Go to Europe. Colored people can do anything there and white people just have to take it or be called racists if they don't.

    Mynameis PrivateMynameis Private12 hours ago
  • The new call of booty is 🔥

    2kHaze2kHaze12 hours ago
  • Has Trevor admitted that his parents are "Trump -rich" yet? His mothers regarded as a slumlord in South Africa.

    steve billssteve bills12 hours ago
  • This is not a good look for our race damn...

    The Meme GodThe Meme God12 hours ago
    • Shut up. You're perpetuating this "white guilt". Keep listening to a South African tell Americans how to live.

      Zack BonillaZack Bonilla10 hours ago
  • I honestly find this more then funny but it's not all white people... my mom.. maybe 😂😂 but like actually, it's not white people, we just excluded these Karen's from the race

    Drake SinisterDrake Sinister12 hours ago
  • Could u imagine if this skit was reversed... omg the outrage

    Chad WigginsChad Wiggins12 hours ago
  • Okay well, how many videos are on you tube of black people calling police over fast food orders? Or because a clothing store won’t give them a refund or something ridiculous? This was funny, but for real, white people don’t have a monopoly on frivolous police calls for service.

    The LowmeinThe Lowmein12 hours ago
  • That’s called trespass but okay

    ninjacat5050ninjacat505012 hours ago
  • As a white person, we do not claim them

    ꧁τρώω παιδιά꧂꧁τρώω παιδιά꧂12 hours ago
  • Man your show is so terrible. How are you still on the air? Oh I know you got some big donors. Can’t be making money from viewers that’s for sure.

    joe hendrixjoe hendrix13 hours ago
  • Imagine having notoriety and a platform you could use to bring people together but instead you use it to further the divide by showing an ignorant few.

    tiffany bartolottatiffany bartolotta13 hours ago
  • The daily show. What a joke. Just pushing hate on everyone. Host is a clown.

    Cwick Yo mommaCwick Yo momma13 hours ago
    • Ah yes the show making jokes is pushing hate not the police force threatening every living things with guns is....makes sense to me man.

      Hogie BonesHogie Bones13 hours ago

    Crushing StuffCrushing Stuff13 hours ago

    Crushing StuffCrushing Stuff13 hours ago
  • WOW!!! FUNNY!!!!

    BB SARABB SARA13 hours ago
  • Always crying

    cyril ironcyril iron13 hours ago
  • Left out the part where they were asked to buy something and refused. They were loitering. Color means nothing here. Can we stop perpetuating this garbage?

    Jimmy ZJimmy Z13 hours ago
  • Did s*** for real

    Kornbread JonesKornbread Jones13 hours ago
  • Permit Patty needs to eat some of her own doggy edibles and move along.

    Jennifer WooJennifer Woo14 hours ago
  • This is a black guy making a joke about white people. And yet white people are immature.... okay.

    Brandon RogersBrandon Rogers14 hours ago
    • Since when are jokes immature?

      xjohnx567xjohnx56713 hours ago
  • How about you leave upon request and file a grievance with corporate

    Christopher CatalanoChristopher Catalano14 hours ago
  • Best tv show host ever

    •《VI77A》••《VI77A》•14 hours ago
  • This guy is an idiot. Just acting like a fool and doing nothing productive except whining about white people and "racism". Not a fan. Grow up.

    Chris S.Chris S.14 hours ago
  • Wait do this isn’t racist?

    Brooklyn PierceBrooklyn Pierce14 hours ago
  • #blacklivesmatter

    Daniel LarsonDaniel Larson14 hours ago
  • This needs to end

    Daniel LarsonDaniel Larson14 hours ago
  • 😳

    Daniel LarsonDaniel Larson14 hours ago
  • Racist clown

    FishinNewEnglandFishinNewEngland14 hours ago
  • Nobody hates black people more than black people

    Josh BovaJosh Bova14 hours ago
  • People need to learn there's good and bad people out there, regardless of race smh

    willybdtdwillybdtd14 hours ago
  • Those cops were sooooo wrong with that women and her 2 kids!!! They need to be fired and so glad this family is suing. They were sooo awful in how they treated this poor women! So thankful no one got shot, that’s sooo horrible to even have to say 💔praying for this family 🙏 and that poor ground hog 😰😭🤬 that was ridiculous and uncalled for! The officer could of ran 😤

    Misty Elkins aka HuntMisty Elkins aka Hunt14 hours ago
  • All who have disliked this video SHALL LEARN PAIN FOR ETERNITY!!!!!!

    heather riderheather rider14 hours ago
  • The police of America are corrupt and are abusing they’re position because they are the “law”

    James LegaultJames Legault14 hours ago
  • Trevor Noah still has a show?! He is such a race baiting fraud how funny

    Chuck DieboldChuck Diebold15 hours ago
  • This is racist to me

    Marcus ZunigaMarcus Zuniga15 hours ago