Baking a 6-Layered Rainbow Cake in An Easy-Bake Oven

Jun 29, 2020
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  • I misclicked on this video but whats up with her face

    Blake's SketchesBlake's Sketches11 hours ago
  • How to get wasted in 10 minute: Watch this video and take every time Trixie says “GAY”. WASTED! Also I love how excited she is for this cake. She is elated! So cute! I love seeing people happy.

    Matthew McGovernMatthew McGovern18 hours ago
  • I love your dress!! Wish I could wear one and look as good as you

    ChimmyChimmyDay ago
  • She could definitely do a barbie cooking commercial XD It fits her so good!! XD

    Kimsegii XoXoKimsegii XoXoDay ago
  • Bruh y she need that much makeup

    Frosty_banditFrosty_banditDay ago
  • It’s indigo... u forgot indigo Roy-g-biv 👍

    G PG PDay ago
  • Jesus I love you

    Kiara ArdelliKiara ArdelliDay ago
  • Can’t even see his eyes 😂

    Fishst1ckBoiFishst1ckBoiDay ago
  • “The cake is kind of lopsided” yeah, it definitely isn’t straight

    infectedzombieguyinfectedzombieguyDay ago
  • Dat makeup doh

    Oreo Da beanOreo Da beanDay ago
  • That Pam Beesly line was Everything

    Jennifer ReyesJennifer ReyesDay ago
  • We really really realllly need to reopen asylums...this person is extremely mentally ill and people are enabling this mental illness instead of helping this person.

    Ballsack McgeeBallsack Mcgee2 days ago
  • What the fuk his face is a cake of its own

    You WishYou Wish2 days ago
  • Trixie Mattel: very feminine and girly *Takes sip of vodka*

    Eric MangumEric Mangum2 days ago
  • i always wanted an easy bake oven...but like who thought it would be a good idea to give OVENS TOO CHILDREN 🤣😥

    jay penjay pen2 days ago
  • Count how many times trixie says tiny gay

    KaiKai2 days ago
  • Wait why did the thumbnail look like a sims character? Thats how you know you are beautiful!

    enter_ sadface_ hereenter_ sadface_ here2 days ago
  • i hope trixie realizes that her logo is the pan flag

    pouty babiepouty babie2 days ago
  • What happen to your side kick chic

    jeff edwardsjeff edwards3 days ago
  • Epic cooking session

    Ava RogersAva Rogers3 days ago
  • Trixie can you please try Popin’ Cookin’ by Kracie. They’re miniature candy/food sets that are popular in Japan and they’re really fun to make!!

    rosey poseyrosey posey3 days ago
  • I woke my husband up laughing so hard at this... I’m dead 😵

    Gayboy2098Gayboy20983 days ago
  • Ew

    Christopher MartinezChristopher Martinez3 days ago
  • Grrl you just refuse to draw that nose on straight, eh?

    Brian RobertsonBrian Robertson3 days ago
  • I don't understand the putting oil in cakes thing. I'm a chef and I cant remember the last time I did that........if ever......

    Painter's brush 16Painter's brush 163 days ago
  • You’re a man 👨

    MarcusMarcus3 days ago
  • If anyone wants to know what mental illness looks like. Watch this channel

    MarcusMarcus3 days ago
  • I have easy bake ovens but sadly, they stopped being used because the mix is gone and the wires are like broken because of my 8 cats chewing on my stuff for some random reasons, they were lucky to not get zapped to death because those easy bake ovens were not plugged in at the time when they bit the wires. The outer wire is only damaged but I kept them to have my memories of using them before they were put into a state of brokenness and such more things. That board you have is actually called a Clapper Board. I know many directors use it in editing of films and so that the cast know what scene and act they're in for the story of the film.

    Catie BowmanCatie Bowman3 days ago
  • Can we talk about how beautiful/stunning the wig of Trixie Mattel

    Lovely petalsLovely petals4 days ago
  • The gayest way lmaoooo love you trixie

    Olivia LashayOlivia Lashay4 days ago
  • This video gave me lifeeeee

    emilia teranemilia teran4 days ago

    George AndersonGeorge Anderson4 days ago
    • I hate USkeys recommendations

      George AndersonGeorge Anderson4 days ago
    • Mad

      Lance mince BoyLance mince Boy4 days ago
  • Excuse me excuse me 😍

    Tiny TantrumsTiny Tantrums5 days ago
  • Trixie forgetting that the colour pink exists doesn't make sense in my fantasy

    CharlieFryerCharlieFryer5 days ago
  • This is so wholesome and giving me LYFE

    Christa KimbroughChrista Kimbrough5 days ago
  • Is no one going to talk about the fact that Trixie casually said she was making eggs in her easy bake oven in the mornings? Lol what

    ariana mooreariana moore5 days ago
  • It was literally so satisfying seeing her cut into it omg 😱 I cant believe I’m addicted to easy bake oven trixie videos

    Mike DMike D5 days ago
  • If we’d ever get a Trixie collab with Ro I’d cry

    Raven’s Art WorldRaven’s Art World5 days ago
  • My god this had me in hysterics

    StefaroohStefarooh5 days ago
  • LIVING for her look omg the dress looks like you're from a little doll house making a cake

    Sailor TwinkleSailor Twinkle5 days ago
  • The post shot noises are far too relatable

    Jenna KeiserJenna Keiser5 days ago
  • Whenever it's safe again to have collaborations , I see a great future for Trixie and Joshua John Russell / Youvebeendesserted ahead.

    OecotrophologeOecotrophologe6 days ago
  • This was SO CUTE! I loved it! 🤗😁🤣😂

    Queens Up PokerQueens Up Poker6 days ago
  • I've never seen that type of easy bake oven beforeeeeee ( nvm it's from 2006 I was 1 back then

    Foreverinyourmind LoverForeverinyourmind Lover6 days ago
  • Trixie is so real I love her

    Emily T ReedEmily T Reed6 days ago
  • Ah...I see Katya's coaching on how to say 'Goodbye' more warmly fell on its arse. Sinister 😂

    Cathryn BruceCathryn Bruce6 days ago
  • This is probably the best thing I’ve ever watched. I just feel so delighted.

    Tiffany PaliottaTiffany Paliotta6 days ago
  • It’d be great if trixie would try playing the edible miniature Japanese cooking toys like kracie poppin ❤️❤️❤️

    Kirsteen ChuaKirsteen Chua6 days ago
  • Trixie! I love that she seems genuine in that everything always ties into her roots shes so cute and it hard sometimes to find a drag queen that isn't an old biotch

    Beatriz lopezBeatriz lopez7 days ago
  • I'm starting to think Trixie is turning straight

    SynsSyns7 days ago
  • I was today years old when i found out the movie thingie is called a slate and not a tak board

    ale_cruz 06ale_cruz 067 days ago
  • This is why you don't let your child around pedophiles.

    AlbinoRhino65AlbinoRhino657 days ago
    • Is there any proof or just accusing her

      Lance mince BoyLance mince Boy4 days ago
  • do a face reveal

    Salt PepperSalt Pepper7 days ago
  • akakakak this video brings me joy

    Thainara AvilaThainara Avila7 days ago
  • It's undeniable that you're one of the top ludicrous looking idiots we have ever seen. Can only feel sorry for you and the other deplorable idiots who have your heads shoved so far up your rear end that you have no idea up from down anymore having the ability to see the light of day

    Journey4Sure Knowledge-N-WisdomJourney4Sure Knowledge-N-Wisdom7 days ago
    • At least give reasoning why

      Lance mince BoyLance mince Boy4 days ago
  • Omg you’re only 30?

    Joey NJoey N7 days ago
  • I had one of those. I think it only lasted through whatever cake mix I had with the oven and then ....

    N McBN McB7 days ago
  • Bro, I really do be feeling god in this chili’s tonight

    Saturn AlchemystSaturn Alchemyst7 days ago
  • Where can I get this yellow dress?!

    Kristi KKristi K7 days ago
  • Eeew. What a disgusting world we live in.

    Sydow93Sydow938 days ago