Introducing Killjoy // New Agent Reveal Trailer - VALORANT

Jul 29, 2020
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KILLJOY /// Germany
“Relax, I've already thought of everything.”
Killjoy arrives in VALORANT Act II. The latest Agent is a genius inventor that brings the chill of the Berlin nightlife and deploys her killer tech for some potent defensive impact. Outsmart your opponents or lock down an area for a stress-free Spike plant.
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  • Track is Du Bleibst - SAM

    • @Dakota Colley its fucking cosmetics, its not pay2win

      JeloJelo18 hours ago
    • soooooooooooooooooo mies - da gäbe es so viel geileren soundtrack - agent : cool............soundtrack - bad af

      Pai_ Mei_1933Pai_ Mei_193318 hours ago
    • thanks dad

      FlowerbudFlowerbudDay ago
    • i wanted this more than the agent thx

      Matter HornMatter HornDay ago
    • I can not play

      Ziyad KhaledZiyad KhaledDay ago
  • Better reduce weekly challenge xp to a quarter so people will get frustrated and spend money on our game instead of having to play 20 hours :^)

    EpiclyFruitbarEpiclyFruitbar55 minutes ago
  • Name a more iconic trio: Engineer Torbjorn Killjoy

    slinkynoaslinkynoa3 hours ago
  • God bless German engineering

    HarveerPlayzHarveerPlayz4 hours ago

    Leon BennettLeon Bennett5 hours ago
  • Finally someone I can play- a TF2 engie main

    Expresso DepressoExpresso Depresso7 hours ago
  • Please, don't turn this into overwatch... This is Mei, Torbjorn & Sombra built in one. The most cancerous heroes ever.

    svakkaNsvakkaN8 hours ago
  • souzones acabo com o hype :(

    GostavaGostava8 hours ago
  • Engineer from tf2 if he was a girl

    BorisBoris10 hours ago
  • Дайте нам дм

    Петька мотоцыклПетька мотоцыкл10 hours ago
  • Why is Mei named Killjoy in Valorant?

    Enrico CapobiancoEnrico Capobianco11 hours ago

    RigelozRigeloz12 hours ago
  • "Sentry down!" moment

    m. hakan yazganm. hakan yazgan12 hours ago
  • No thanks, I'd prefer to view Germans as mad scientists and doctors who experiment people (Not being racist just referencing Dr Richtofen and Medic).

    santhosh sridharsanthosh sridhar12 hours ago
  • nice dass es ein deutscher song ist

    N1KL8S KRN1KL8S KR12 hours ago
  • She isn't op at all, this is why you don't judge before release.

    Igor NetoIgor Neto13 hours ago
    • She will need a nerf every of her abilyties can get shot so easily cause everything is glowing red it should be invisible as it said

      NoOneNoOne9 hours ago
    • She is actually really bad

      NoOneNoOne9 hours ago
  • Killjoy is really giving me some Wattson vibes

    s o u p t i m es o u p t i m e14 hours ago
  • I lost my pass because I was not warned when the first season ended, very angry money thrown in the trash up this comment who went through it too

    Braga /Braga /14 hours ago
  • Attackers: lets rush b fast! see killjoy on b Attackers: fast rotate a! see cypher on a Attackers: w&iej/$uej&kwkk@jkhy

    dcoog anmldcoog anml14 hours ago
  • şarkının ismi ne

    Ömer AltunbayÖmer Altunbay14 hours ago
    • i think they inspired to dokkaebi

      dcoog anmldcoog anml14 hours ago
  • It's just me or it looks a lot like dokkaebi from rainbow six ?

    frostgamer 34frostgamer 3415 hours ago
  • Thats sick!!

    SadieeSadiee15 hours ago
  • COPYING characters design from siege lmao !! Dokkaebi

    RyZeRyZe15 hours ago
  • She basically Mey !

    Phat DoPhat Do16 hours ago
  • Like jett wind power make a agent of water and electric element also psycic element

    X NM 26 Tejas MoreX NM 26 Tejas More16 hours ago
  • personal opinion: she sorta looks like dokkaebi from rainbow six siege

    RequimicsRequimics16 hours ago
  • Alle deutschen hier so : Warum dieser Track ??? XDD

    LxxLxx16 hours ago
  • ale gówno jak firma która to tworzy

    bobtherobert #loveHLbobtherobert #loveHL16 hours ago
  • Tf are those eyebrows

    RoniinRoniin17 hours ago
  • they had to add the fucking Hillary voter ok Riot

    HDMI 延HDMI 延17 hours ago
  • This is probably stronheim’s little sister

    noriaki kakyoinnoriaki kakyoin18 hours ago
  • riot can you change the rotation looks exactly like sage?

    League of MomentsLeague of Moments19 hours ago
  • So engineer from tf2 and Dokkaebi from r6 have a child...

    MeiMoZuMeiMoZu19 hours ago
  • Wtf she looks like Dokkaebi from siege wither her galsses and the laptop coman guys

    KhaffitKhaffit19 hours ago
  • Dokkaebi get back to rainbow 6!

    dǝǝd ɯopuɐɹdǝǝd ɯopuɐɹ19 hours ago
  • i think they inspired to dokkaebi

    Gofret UwUGofret UwU20 hours ago
    • yup I think so

      TheDarkV-CreationTheDarkV-Creation20 hours ago
  • Как получить данного героя?

    Аккордеон GamesАккордеон Games20 hours ago
  • Bu ajanin rehberini kanalimda bulabilirsiniz

    Ben ZaPPNBen ZaPPN20 hours ago
  • wow new HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tim DoggTim Dogg21 hour ago

    Saumya DeshmukhSaumya Deshmukh21 hour ago
  • She looks like the love child of dokkaebi and torbjorn

    prateek mohantyprateek mohanty21 hour ago
  • ??? : 100% german *Beer*

    M3dkit_JakeM3dkit_Jake21 hour ago
  • mia khalifa?

    ZerKerZerKer21 hour ago
  • was für ein trash song

    TheGodlike300TheGodlike30022 hours ago

    Yawa б.Yawa б.22 hours ago
  • Do not kill the game with these shit agents pls

    Zakor DánielZakor Dániel22 hours ago
  • Valorant clips look so slow paced , I didn't hate, not being able to sprint in csgo but this is such slow movement dude how do u guys like this game so much

    mehmeh22 hours ago
  • I'm ready for the new update! but the valorant is still loading :

  • Yep, In fact Kingdom Inc. might be evil cuz you know Viper and Brimstone, and the some other maps has those things in the bomb sites

    GlowZIGlowZI23 hours ago
  • please nerf killjoy

    adla muhammadadla muhammad23 hours ago
  • Have as much fun as you can guys. She's gonna be nerfed in a few days

    Suhaib knxSuhaib knxDay ago
  • i hope someday u guys making indonesian agent 😂

    Ray緒Ray緒Day ago
  • Broken 😔

    Aditya ParekhAditya ParekhDay ago
  • its just tf2 engineer but a girl

    JerryJerryDay ago
  • openis

    jxcejxceDay ago
  • Overall you guys really did great with this character and im using her right now shes not to underpowered or overpowered but perfect 🤤

    gaassed outgaassed outDay ago
  • Nerf her Nerf her Nerf her

  • ich glaube ich habe mich verliebt

    Kuzey OdinsonKuzey OdinsonDay ago
  • she looks fire, but it's gonna be a pain in the ass to get killed by the toys trust me :v

    Charitha Lakruwan VlogsCharitha Lakruwan VlogsDay ago
  • act 2 is here

    dev gamingdev gamingDay ago