Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Justin Bieber

Feb 20, 2020
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James and Justin Bieber take turns asking personal questions and are given a choice: answer truthfully or eat whatever food is in front of them, including bird saliva, ant yogurt, and beetle jello shots.
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  • It's better to shave uh

    Tsemire Z GedeonTsemire Z Gedeon2 hours ago
  • Check Out My Podcast! I upload every other day guys! New track 14th August!

    DJ Will WDJ Will W3 hours ago
  • okay so hailey ate bc she couldnt rank justins worst HAIR STYLES but he told the whole world who his least favourite friend of his WIFE is. i am officially convinced that he treats her bad

    not todaynot today3 hours ago
  • The fact that it’s all common food in east Asian countries

    sunflower sanctuarysunflower sanctuary7 hours ago
  • DISGUSTANG 😂😂😂😂😂😂love this show

    Kanasha KKanasha K7 hours ago
  • Wait, these foods are delicious! I eat some of them for snack!

    Debbie ChanDebbie Chan10 hours ago
  • My dude looks high af

    ja vinja vin13 hours ago
  • Justin is the CEO of Ok😂

    Regan KnightRegan Knight15 hours ago
  • Hey Justin the 90s called they want their fashion trends back

    Abygale GonzalezAbygale Gonzalez19 hours ago
  • Please do this with Billie eilish

    Tina HendersonTina Henderson19 hours ago
  • They said they didn’t read the questions but James was holding a shaver in his hand already 😂

    Elyse VictoriaElyse Victoria19 hours ago
  • I need one with Louis Tomlinson 🤷🏼‍♀️😍😍😍💙

    Arene .rArene .r20 hours ago
  • You know James thought Harry Styles easily that’s why he didn’t wanna say💀

    Brinna MellingBrinna Melling20 hours ago
  • we all know who the more talented one is 🍉

    Nicky RNicky R20 hours ago
  • This dude on the left did my drywall!

    ahti29ahti2921 hour ago
  • Tom Holland will die if he does this

    BooBoo21 hour ago
  • One and only Man will be winner of this round is Bear Grills.......

    syed masthanvalisyed masthanvaliDay ago
  • Binod

    Harini BHarini BDay ago
  • With ariana grande it will be fun and more fun and more fun and awesome

    Tisha FarmaTisha FarmaDay ago
  • As if. Just get rid of that moustache. He didnt swallow. Betraz

    Christian SonnChristian SonnDay ago
  • 10:53 Becuase its special I guess

    Christian SonnChristian SonnDay ago
  • Why does he do that voluntarily all the time

    Christian SonnChristian SonnDay ago
  • Shrimp and chili pepper is nice

    Christian SonnChristian SonnDay ago
  • Harry is

    Christian SonnChristian SonnDay ago
  • You could give that bird saliva to anyone . it looks like a nice drink haga

    Christian SonnChristian SonnDay ago
  • Justin looks like he was dragged here while he was having a peaceful night with a blanket and netflix

    Lihini VitharanaLihini VitharanaDay ago
  • what's that ugly hairy thing on his face?

    BSBSDay ago
  • I wish they could do this with Billie Eilish buuuuttt frickin CORONA happened 😒

    Rose RobertsonRose RobertsonDay ago
  • I love how he pet justin like a daddy 😂😂 jv promised to swallow his food but he didn't, what a shame. Pet pet pet from me too...

    Pārshat SpārtePārshat SpārteDay ago
  • Justin Bieber looks like a major drug addict

    Evan BakerianEvan BakerianDay ago
  • When they said Cod i thought Call of duty??

    LilLitDog RBX❶LilLitDog RBX❶Day ago
  • Who wants Billie Eilish to do this? That would be hilarious!

    Cynvia JacksonCynvia JacksonDay ago
  • I love animal tongue

    Ali AdemAli AdemDay ago
  • That face he made when he took the hot drink no one is gonna say anything about that 🌝

    Hayden FreemanHayden FreemanDay ago
  • The answer was Harry but we all knew that

    Hayden FreemanHayden FreemanDay ago
  • 69 next he telling everything he gonna make sure he spill his guts 4real

    Tylan DouglasTylan DouglasDay ago
  • Teacher: "Is that funny to you?!" Me: 6:25

    Oikantika Nath [35]Oikantika Nath [35]Day ago
  • justin's just like a little child, its so cute

    Chidera AgubuzoChidera AgubuzoDay ago
  • He reaches a new level of disgustment everytime James introduces a new dish spinning the table-

    Oikantika Nath [35]Oikantika Nath [35]Day ago
  • Yummy yummy

    kontol kudakontol kuda2 days ago
  • 10:30

    judy.ahmedezatjudy.ahmedezat2 days ago
  • You deserve that justin

    Biniam GedayBiniam Geday2 days ago
  • first the drum man,then justin both showing poor james middle finger :(

    Car TeensCar Teens2 days ago
  • Is it just me or does the bull penis look kind of like brown pickles?

    Pickle RickPickle Rick2 days ago
  • JB is so extra😅

    twinkle notnanitwinkle notnani2 days ago
  • 4:06 !! justin is just adorable

    ruelsemoruelsemo2 days ago
  • JB do be lookin like an old homeless man doe

    Hallie ShumwayHallie Shumway2 days ago
  • Add ya love yal

    Lalthazuala KhawlhringLalthazuala Khawlhring2 days ago
  • I'm surprised how he hated those foods but put disgusting foods on his mv

    N VN V2 days ago
  • If there is ever a Corona 2.0 outbreak, it would originate from Spill Your Guts.

    Humayun KhawarHumayun Khawar2 days ago
  • Why do I even watch this. He should of gotten the stache shaved off

    De FowlDe Fowl2 days ago
  • No one : James : 𝗮𝗻 𝗔𝗻𝗩𝗮𝗟𝗢𝘂𝗣

    MonaMona2 days ago
  • you need to do billie eilish

    its your moodits your mood2 days ago
  • Justin is feeling exactly what we felt when we watched the food on the "yummy " mv

    V for VendettaV for Vendetta2 days ago
  • Invite any Chinese celebrity they will enjoy this game as treat

    steve Robbinssteve Robbins2 days ago
  • Justin Bieber be looking like some random dude they got from the street

    Alagad ni CONG TV PAWEER!Alagad ni CONG TV PAWEER!2 days ago
  • Justin is really into nodding,some weirdddd kinkkk

    Iva Marija ErakovicIva Marija Erakovic3 days ago
  • Justin is a little weird nowadays. he looks so much older than 25 and acts like he’s trying too hard to be ‘young and relevant’, even though he IS young and relevant... it makes no sense

    tabbycattabbycat3 days ago
    • He is suffering from an illness

      Amber BAmber BDay ago
  • When James sang yummy😂😂😂😂😂

    Wildflower27Wildflower273 days ago
  • No one: Literally no one: Not even James: Justin: alrIGhT

    Mallu ZetteMallu Zette3 days ago
  • Jimmy Corden Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fallon

    Michiel KorteMichiel Korte3 days ago
  • Disgusting 😂😂😵🤢

    Bindia JainBindia Jain3 days ago
  • James should play this game with Bear Grylls😂

  • Love for justin from pakistan

    Muhammad SabirMuhammad Sabir3 days ago
  • Why all blames go to the drummers in every show 🤣🤣

    Beauty BegumBeauty Begum3 days ago
  • This was on my bday

    Bella GIRARDBella GIRARD3 days ago
  • Justin’s face when he heard bull penis

    T’s ChannelT’s Channel3 days ago
  • Justin: says a single word Crowd: starts laughing and clapping

    Ethan’s GamingEthan’s Gaming3 days ago
  • Do this with Ricky Gervais. 😂

    Tal BrowTal Brow3 days ago
  • Who else wants Louis Tomlinson to do this?? Like I wanna see how sassy he can get during this

    America Morales-DominguezAmerica Morales-Dominguez3 days ago
    • Ikr

      Smita ParikhSmita Parikh3 days ago
  • Poor Justin at the end his hand was shaking because of the pudding 🥺

    Emma WorkmanEmma Workman3 days ago
  • Please do bts with this game

    Jasmine CaswellJasmine Caswell3 days ago
  • It is just regular food guys. Are you really thinking they will it this ?

    Music Progress - Alexandr KomarovMusic Progress - Alexandr Komarov3 days ago

    xx롤라xx롤라3 days ago
  • Compliments to chef Bear Grylls !!

    Kevin NashKevin Nash3 days ago
  • At this point I think Justin was kinda overreacting🤔🤔

    Marium KhanMarium Khan4 days ago
    • Are you kidding me.......the attention is the reason he and other celebs take a hiatus then come back after a while.......he is Justin Beiber How much more attention does he need?

      BRAD'LiiBRAD'Lii2 days ago
    • He is a person who always looks for attention soooo

      Aaa IvaAaa Iva2 days ago
  • Justin thinks he's cool

    Galax7Galax74 days ago
    • He is

      Amber BAmber BDay ago
  • 2:51 that laugh dafuq😮

    ButBabyRUNNINGafterUisLIKEchasing THEcloudsButBabyRUNNINGafterUisLIKEchasing THEclouds4 days ago
  • Bird saliva is not a thing. It's cum.

    zhawinzhawin4 days ago
  • I thought that they brought a homeless person at first

    Orthography Protector Mr Joe MamaOrthography Protector Mr Joe Mama4 days ago
  • James(to bear grylls):-daddy?

    Aeva RoseAeva Rose4 days ago
  • It's so appreciative that JB can't tell which country had the worst fans....tho his behaviour is not that good towards his fans....I thought he would tell the answer

    Aeva RoseAeva Rose4 days ago
  • Justin was SHOOK by him eating that tongue

    Me meMe me4 days ago
  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Hamza ShalabiHamza Shalabi4 days ago
  • Its looks like the whole time justin really hates james

    Joel GonzalezJoel Gonzalez4 days ago
  • Justin stache. Or justin shave

    Cassie lilzCassie lilz4 days ago
  • girls when they see cods sperm: yum yum

    stinky noobstinky noob4 days ago
  • Justin: *Flips James off* James: Oh! You wish you could buddy.... Justin: :*Flips James off* James: Everyone knows you spit and dont swallow Justin: *Looks at James, suddenly pukes in the can again, and flips him off one last time* James: Good night everybody!!! 🖐

    KaelMurdoc95KaelMurdoc954 days ago
  • Is it just me or does Justin kinda look like a blonde James Franco

    Dimyana BottrosDimyana Bottros4 days ago
  • Why do i feel like Jimmy Fallon and James could be best friends

    Ebbalouable please subscribeEbbalouable please subscribe4 days ago
    • @whats up they both sing so like yyyeeeaaahhh

      Ebbalouable please subscribeEbbalouable please subscribe2 days ago
    • This is why: uskeys.net/watch/B2uPecUpwCw-video.html

      whats upwhats up2 days ago
  • Justin should have swallowed the yogurt 😂

    Roya TajamolianRoya Tajamolian4 days ago
  • 😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃

    Hamza ShalabiHamza Shalabi4 days ago
  • hahhaha

    Hamza ShalabiHamza Shalabi4 days ago
  • no hate to justin i just love harry;)))) he’s so talented and such a great person! 🥰

    Jenna CostelloJenna Costello4 days ago
  • imagine they had to finish the food

    Angel AmankwanorAngel Amankwanor4 days ago
  • i wont even swallow my own saliva once its out of my mouth how much more a bird

    Angel AmankwanorAngel Amankwanor4 days ago
  • i was gone at bull penis where do yall get this food

    Angel AmankwanorAngel Amankwanor4 days ago
  • you need to do this with Ariana grande.

    RoqiaRoqia4 days ago
  • 8:29 Vegetarians when they saw that:👁️👄👁️🌿

    Natalia lopezNatalia lopez4 days ago
  • Please don't do it with Justin

    Um E Habiba KhalidUm E Habiba Khalid4 days ago