Trae Young: NBA All-Star, Team USA snub, Luka Doncic comparisons & favorite PG matchups | First Take

Feb 13, 2020
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Trae Young's Diary on ESPN:
Atlanta Hawks PG Trae Young joins First Take ahead of All-Star Weekend in Chicago to discuss how excited he is to be an All-Star, comparisons to Dallas Mavericks star Luka Donic and talks about some of his favorite players to match up against.
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  • Trae should get a taper and he'd be fine

    Quavez LesterQuavez Lester2 days ago
  • New CP3

    Hari KrishnanHari Krishnan4 months ago
  • Traes voice is hella annoying and he is just hype

    jelle frikkeejelle frikkee4 months ago
  • That boi lisp got me lispn now.

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson5 months ago
  • Why compare him to luka 🤦🏽‍♂️💯

    Devine kempDevine kemp8 months ago
  • *His haircut looks like my left nut after I trim it*

    NickOnPCNickOnPC8 months ago
  • *When he goes to the barber shop does he say “give me the Jimmy Neutron”..? Does he say that word for word?* 🤦‍♂️👀

    NickOnPCNickOnPC8 months ago
  • I’ve never seen so many haircuts on one person

    Jose EnzoJose Enzo8 months ago
  • Derrick White made it!!!?????

    Samuel GilleySamuel Gilley8 months ago
  • Who did that to this man's hair?

    TheHawkdaddyTheHawkdaddy8 months ago
  • I feel like they were disrespectful to young in this interviewer? 1) calling him small 2) trying to get him to say something he doesn’t want to say It was clear he was a little nervous. He stutter quite often

    IntellectualIntellectual8 months ago
  • why does the chick hold a pen for? lmao

    Subliminal Goyim ZombificationSubliminal Goyim Zombification8 months ago
  • All those 2 people all the time made comparison between Trae and Luka and now they ask Trae if that affect him what show how primitive they are.

    Stane HeringStane Hering8 months ago
  • Great attitude

    Titus PTitus P8 months ago
  • He shouldn’t have been an all star

    Connor DankanConnor Dankan8 months ago
  • ill be honest i need to watch the luka interviews is luka asked about trae young everytime also?? or is it just him.

    andrew reiersonandrew reierson8 months ago
  • Are you timid? Come on

    Tori TempleTori Temple8 months ago
  • Carmello Anthony was a notable snub? Do better than that producers. They didn't bring any of the young talent who would LOVE to the on the team. They got guys that won't play as a team and Spain is gonna make them pay for their dumb decisions.

    Tori TempleTori Temple8 months ago
  • he looks like a police sketch

    Axel HolyAxel Holy8 months ago
  • Steph - baby face assassin Trae - baby hair assassin

    kaybrerakaybrera8 months ago
  • His stats are identical to Damian Lillard. He even has more assists. This dude is wild.

    TheHellogooTheHellogoo8 months ago
  • I'm a Trae Young fan being that he is from Oklahoma but why hasn't anyone challenged him on why he hasn't gotten better on defense.

    Selby AllenSelby Allen8 months ago
  • Stephen A. still naming Luka "Donchick"?? Are you kidding?

    Aleksij SobanAleksij Soban8 months ago
  • 30 + 9 omits his fg %

    project10bballproject10bball8 months ago
  • Molly always comes through with the worthless questions and comments 💪🏽

    Joshua BlackJoshua Black8 months ago
  • I love this kid 💯🔥🔥

    Joshua BlackJoshua Black8 months ago
  • This is such BS! Why would they put Melo's name up there as a snub, when they didn't even want him the in the league? These media clowns be starving for WORTHLESS talking points. Most of these media personnel never amounted to anything other than desk-clerk paper-pushers, yet, they talk about the athletes as if their equal to them or own them.

    redskngod ELredskngod EL8 months ago
  • He talks like the Cable Guy. But dude can hoop.

    PhillipPhillip8 months ago
    • Well he's mixed and he's not fake?

      Sega GenesisSega Genesis8 months ago
  • Still think he is overrated. When you pump stats that don't turn into wins you're bound to get questioned.

    Mark GarciaMark Garcia8 months ago
  • man this dude remind me of delonte west. watch out after your mom lebron!

    PETER OEUNPETER OEUN8 months ago
  • The voice gets me every time😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Daws10 1Daws10 18 months ago

    Jeff HansonJeff Hanson8 months ago
  • Stop bringing up Luka😑 Trae averages more points and more assists than Luka

  • As a mavs fan, I can’t wait to see how great traes career will be!

    J SJ S8 months ago
  • Bruh Stephen a trippin bruh

    CP ProductionsCP Productions8 months ago
  • Get this guy a haircut sheeesh

    RAMPAGERAMPAGE8 months ago
  • This dude needs to shave his head lol

    Lechusmi ElotesLechusmi Elotes8 months ago
  • USA should have taken Ja and left Trae

    Reba MoimaneReba Moimane8 months ago
  • Favorite basketball player at the moment.

    VictorVictor8 months ago
  • It’s sad how the media will always bring up the Luka-Trae trade. Let him do his own, he’s a GREAT young PG himself and as soon as he’ll be surrounded with good defenders, they’ll be straight

    Sub Me In CoachSub Me In Coach8 months ago
  • Love this guys game. Dude need to talk to Lebrons hair guy tho

    Bittu LundBittu Lund8 months ago
  • Only reason Trea Young is an all star is because John Wall, Irvin and Kevin Durant.... he will be an All star but he’s not ready yet!

    Yanno 225Yanno 2258 months ago
  • Max gassing him up. He didn’t get selected because he doesn’t play defense and turns the ball over too much. His play at this point in his career is conducive to losing. Team USA ain’t about that life.

    cyberftcyberft8 months ago
    • Its not that. Young probably would have made last year's world cup team after Lowry pulled out after his thumb surgery didnt heal in time. But Young snubbed the team so Pop is snubbing him back.

      bongo155bongo1558 months ago
  • Get this man a better barber

    Greg TziatziasGreg Tziatzias8 months ago
  • Luka and Trae are completely different. Different positions and all .

    I See You Looking At My CommentI See You Looking At My Comment8 months ago
  • Go Hawks

    Nate LoweNate Lowe8 months ago
  • How can u even hate this guy

    borna.borna.8 months ago
  • If the Hawks young core get another year under their belt they are going to start winning

    The Modern Day GamerThe Modern Day Gamer8 months ago
  • All star deserving Trey Young 🤩🔥

    Ford ConelleFord Conelle8 months ago
  • Still can't wait for a true shootout when he and Curry play against each other.

    DreamsDreams8 months ago
  • Why TF you ask him personally about a comparison, the media gotta be toxic asl

    SlimeTyme Ent.SlimeTyme Ent.8 months ago
  • Thats bonkers

    Latavius Carter-JonesLatavius Carter-Jones8 months ago
  • Trae sounds like the rapper kyle

    Frederick AnnanFrederick Annan8 months ago
  • Yes, he is 30 and 9... In a loosing team, that he is not helping to develop, and still have worst record than the last year (when he was a rook) Playing 35 min, and averaging 4'9 turnovers, yeah 4'9 turnovers a game. Not being able to defend anybody in the league, and with a "supect" lack of effort And now invited in an All Star without deserving it, over player s way better and with at the least better team record (well thats easy because Trae Young team its the worst in the East)

    Roberto NuncaJamásRoberto NuncaJamás8 months ago
  • Jus letting y’all know he’s not finn be the best player on the hawks and I love trae but it’s all about stats to him cam ceiling higher then trae they needa start building around cam not trae for the future y’all probably finn laugh at this but I’m serious

    Spivey’s ChannelSpivey’s Channel8 months ago
  • Racist

    yan oglyyan ogly8 months ago
  • The got curry

    Eleleon WilliamsEleleon Williams8 months ago
  • Stephen A stay disrespecting people right to there face. Calling this man "miniature"

    mixsignal91mixsignal918 months ago
  • Atlanta got their dude. They got a PG who is averaging 29 plus and 9 assists in his second year. They got a few extra moves on paper, and picks. Dallas got the dude they wanted. Neither team lost. 10 years from now both will be happy with the dude they got.

    Complete ControllComplete Controll8 months ago
    • bongo155 if that’s what makes you feel better about you.

      Complete ControllComplete Controll8 months ago
    • Except Mavs are going to playoffs and Atlanta is going back to the lottery ... AGAIN.

      bongo155bongo1558 months ago
  • He has a lisp 😂😂

    Hunter McSwainHunter McSwain8 months ago
  • Max makes me sick

    Yeezy DoesitYeezy Doesit8 months ago
  • Im the only one who couldn't stop watching trae's horrible hairline??

    Iker Martinez RuizIker Martinez Ruiz8 months ago
  • Trae should not shake his head extremely low or he might stab his breast with his lower jaw...

    Learn Tagalog, Cebuano, HiligaynonLearn Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon8 months ago
  • Both Luka Doncic and Trae Young will have HOF careers.

    sports789 ECsports789 EC8 months ago
  • There’s like 10 names that he could definately replace on the prelim list. Derrick White, Harrison Barnes, Lamarcus Aldridge just to name a few...

    Nick DiCerboNick DiCerbo8 months ago
  • Can Stephen A. stop saying Dončić wrong? Like he hears everyone pronounce it Donchich as it should be but still says it Donchick. It pisses me off

    Bobby BobBobby Bob8 months ago
  • Maybe because your in the allstar game

    Malik Thomas MusicMalik Thomas Music8 months ago
  • That lisp 😂

    Mr NickMr Nick8 months ago
  • Dude is desperate to be curry🤔🤣🤣

    Ryan lexRyan lex8 months ago
  • Hi my name is Tre

    Damari MolandDamari Moland8 months ago
  • No one: Stephan A. Smith 2020: Luka Donchik

    Ivan-Hrvoje JurkinIvan-Hrvoje Jurkin8 months ago
  • trey young is like im stil a tuff guy lolol

    luxan kandiahluxan kandiah8 months ago
  • Honestly, tho... Neither teams lost that trade. Great talents.

    Tivo KenevilTivo Kenevil8 months ago
  • Oh lawwwwwddd, Somebody get this man a barber and a speech therapist....

    Tivo KenevilTivo Kenevil8 months ago
  • Tray is to Rich to have his hair cut that bad. Come see me shorty- have my barber get you right🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    SSS ChicagoSSS Chicago8 months ago
  • He can play no doubt but he’s all about making himself look good over winning

    Bondzo 718Bondzo 7188 months ago
  • Lil mamba Bryant loved herself some Trae . rih.princess

    Justin DavisJustin Davis8 months ago
  • This just shows how dominant AD is. He was on Team USA at 19 on one of the best rosters for it to this date

    Bumster DumsterBumster Dumster8 months ago
  • Stephen A continues asking his stupid questions

    Alu AljowderAlu Aljowder8 months ago
  • Trae and luka the best gaurds in the luka

    CCCC8 months ago
  • Put Trae Young on the Mavericks & they become a perennial championship contender.

    Tarrence ConyersTarrence Conyers8 months ago
  • This dudes barber gotta chill

    BERTRAND850BERTRAND8508 months ago
  • A young Steve Nash would murder every night in the 2020 NBA.

  • You dont deserve to be in the All Star Game

    Raffy JavierRaffy Javier8 months ago
  • They're really pushing the luka trae "beef"... even though it doesn't exist

    Hieuby_DoobyHieuby_Dooby8 months ago
  • Dude Jack up anything that touches his hands but Max wonders why he was left off? He's a ball hog 😂

    Gran MarquisGran Marquis8 months ago
  • He plays ABSOLUTELY 0 defence and they have steph to pull up from 40 they don’t need him

    Drank SinatraDrank Sinatra8 months ago
  • I hope the Hawks front office build a team around Trae Young that can compete for a championship!

    Chester Wilson Jr.Chester Wilson Jr.8 months ago
  • Atlanta not even winning 29 game's this year

    P HP H8 months ago
  • Why the camera man keep showing Chris Broussard's brother in the audience behind Ice Trae?

    Geronimo PrattGeronimo Pratt8 months ago
  • Trae young averaging 29 on the worst or 2nd worst team in the league. Points empty garbage time minutes stats and points Hawks degression

    P HP H8 months ago
  • Allstar a popularity of not about best players best player at their position or best players in the league

    P HP H8 months ago
  • Dang let the man talk!

    I Am ChristianI Am Christian8 months ago
  • Weren’t they hating on him a year a go

    Andy Dorant IIAndy Dorant II8 months ago
  • The dude looks like a scribble.

    D LD L8 months ago
  • Pretty clear he should have been in the 44 man squad

    Jack DanielsJack Daniels8 months ago
  • Salute u trae godbless 👊👊🤙🤙

    Rodolfo Caroc jrRodolfo Caroc jr8 months ago
  • why matt from wii sports in the background 3:07

    colin yucolin yu8 months ago
  • His voice makes me cringe lol sounds like a lil kid

    LifxzvbLifxzvb8 months ago

    Isabel WeissIsabel Weiss8 months ago