Border Wall: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Mar 20, 2016
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Donald Trump wants to build a wall on the U.S-Mexico border. Is his plan feasible?
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  • 20200706 ***** Grand Total 233+ miles ***** (CBP: 229+ miles as of 20200706 ; Private: 4 miles). This is > 51% of 450 mile goal, > 45% of 509 mile goal, >35% of previous 654 mile preexisting, ≥ 23% of 1,000 miles, & >11% of entire southern border. 20200622 226+ miles. 20200622 220+ miles. 20200615 214+ miles. 20200522 198+ miles. 20200515 191+ miles. 20200508 185+ miles. 20200501 179+ miles. 20200424 174+ miles. 20200417 166+ miles. 20200410 162+ miles. 20200403 155+ miles. 20200327 151+ miles. 20200320 146+ miles. 20200313 143+ miles. 20200306 135+ miles. 20200228 131+ miles. 20200221 126+ miles. 20200214 121+ miles. 20200207 119+ miles. 20200131 115+ miles. 20200124 110+ miles. 20200110 100+ miles. 20191220 96+ miles. 20191213 93+ miles. Report Illegal Aliens @ 866-DHS-2ICE (1 866-347-2423)

    Rob NoweRob Nowe3 hours ago
  • Back when we could just laugh at Trump...

    Donald PierceDonald Pierce10 hours ago
  • 2016 was a simpler time

    3point141563point14156Day ago
  • I can confirm he did not build a wall

    Siphoned LuckSiphoned LuckDay ago
  • I googled what a dental Dam was and now I’m scared

    Callum BennettCallum Bennett2 days ago
  • 2:50 the look on Trump's face when he realizes that it's a child 😂

    Jackie JohnsonJackie Johnson2 days ago
  • 10:23 Well, we've found our new name for Washington's pro football team! :)

    Straight from Cloud CityStraight from Cloud City2 days ago
  • Watching this now that Mexico and Canada have closed their borders to the U.S.

    StarburstExpressStarburstExpress2 days ago
  • Well at least trump was holding the child by the arms

    Luke WhiteLuke White3 days ago
  • 9:19 😂😂😂😂😂

    Joseph FunkJoseph Funk4 days ago
  • The tiny hands jokes did not age well.

    No LabelsNo Labels5 days ago
  • The wall wasn't even his idea. It was an idea from his campaign that he ran with.

    Nicole MurphyNicole Murphy5 days ago
  • Ummm guys! Why is Michael Chertoff's head a HEXAGON?! 😳Just why? 🤨 Why can't we have decision makers that either look like cartoon characters or a terminator robot/cyborg?🥺 Everyday it gets harder to convince myself that I'm not living in the twilight zone.😰

    Nahyan SulemanNahyan Suleman6 days ago
  • Sure the wall is stupid, but 26B isn't really a lot of money, the US spends that on 26 Stealth jets alone. Defund the military and we'll have a ton of capital to invest in America!!

    XVeganDaveGodFreeXXVeganDaveGodFreeX7 days ago
    • @silfumus True, Republicans are the biggest cowards in the planet since spending on our defense budget is five times bigger than the next five biggest countries defense budgets COMBINED yet somehow they still are SCARED. Just consider for a moment that we in the US have enough firepower to wipe out all life on Earth 10 times over yet it's somehow not enough for them to stop being afraid of everything.

      Alexis RiveraAlexis Rivera6 days ago
    • That's not going to work with republicans. The only funding they approve of is security.

      silfumussilfumus6 days ago
  • 11:11 is that Max headroom

    slayer 1slayer 17 days ago
  • Look who’s laughing now 👌🏼

    Shawn GollatzShawn Gollatz7 days ago
  • hola

    Carlos BugeiroCarlos Bugeiro7 days ago
  • A solution that sounds like breakfast - well I know Trump didn't invent the idea. But if it works, he'll say it was his idea. Have we seen the slimiest man alive yet? At what point does the slime suffocate them?

    Green NightsGreen Nights8 days ago
  • "Fixed fortifications are monuments to mans stupidity, if mountains and oceans can be overcome, than anything built by man can be overcome..." -General: George S. Patton during WW II. That phrase was used to describe the Maginot line, of fortifications, obstacles and weapons to protect France from the Germans... It is still there, doing nothing.

    J.C. KincaidJ.C. Kincaid8 days ago
  • How much did it cost for the 3 miles (5 km) of wall made in 2019?

    Phyro StyxxPhyro Styxx9 days ago
  • 9:33 a border wall, fence, or dome, around the entire country and it's 'owned properties' if properly secured, allowing people in and out at checkpoints only where they are vetted properly, would keep out every one except who should be allowed in, regardless of the existence or presence of money or not...if...properly executed/dealt with/handled/processed/maintained, right? the thing is though, making it happen, and also, how to properly vet? who should get to come and go as they please post vetting each time they come and or go, and who shouldn't? most terrorist acts committed on American soil against American people were committed by American citizens, by far. threats are both 'foreign and domestic', after all. Terrorism goes where people go, irrespective of walls, same as heroism accompanies people wherever they go irrespective of walls, doctors without borders, the UN, and so on. still, another question is even if the wall and attempting to properly vet won't ensure every one's safe from being harmed by other humans guaranteed, shouldn't we do our best to secure all American borders, and to properly vet any person coming or going, same with people flying in or out of America, and if not, how is no wall more likely to keep Americans safe from other people, and or is the safety of people not the only thing to factor and stuff like how it's convenient for businesses and travelers seeking to vacation in a neighboring nation, how many places will be 'vandalized' to allow for the wall, how animals will be stuck apart who want to be on the other side of the wall, how it will cost so much to maintain with cameras and or guards and or whatever it would take to constantly control border securely 'properly'/'effectively', the statue of liberty calls for immigrants to just up and come on in and make yourself welcome in the melting pot of America, she who lifts her lamp beside the golden door, which looks suspiciously like a wall, instead of an open archway, or simply open access to purple mountain majesty upon fruited plains, opportunity, beauty, friendship, progress, hope and like, what next then?

    XylokXylok9 days ago
  • Hey look he still failed at this and everything ... no surprises there

    azae00 Vidsazae00 Vids10 days ago
  • In 2016, critics laughed and said the Wall won't work, that president Trump is an idiot. Now in 2020, with the Wall in place, the US is the only country in the world with no illegal immigration and no coronavirus infections. Now who's laughing? #Americaisno1

    normie xnormie x10 days ago
    • If this is satirical: A*

      FeeFee10 days ago
  • i keep coming back to John and Trevor’s videos to get a good laugh!

    Claudia MunozClaudia Munoz11 days ago
  • What a simpler time

    Stoodmuffin PersonalStoodmuffin Personal11 days ago
  • lmfao

    Beep 68Beep 6811 days ago
  • MORE LIES from Cheeto Now many miles have been built?

    William H. BairdWilliam H. Baird11 days ago
  • But Trump wants to keep monuments… From traitors instead.

    Richard MacLeanRichard MacLean12 days ago
  • I'd rather have the money. I don't like waffles

    Daniel LawsonDaniel Lawson14 days ago
  • I think that's the first time Drumpf ever held a child 😂

    Daniel LawsonDaniel Lawson14 days ago
  • I'm surprised Drumpf didn't just hire a bunch of 'illegal immigrants' and then just not pay, and have them deported when they got mad. Just like he did his other properties.

    Daniel LawsonDaniel Lawson14 days ago
  • And he’s building the wall dummy!

    Lex MounceLex Mounce15 days ago
  • Still waiting on that check from Mexico....

    Kevin StromKevin Strom15 days ago
  • Waffles made in America are a Disgrace

    Cas MeganckCas Meganck15 days ago
  • Since when was this video bleaped

    Stikman CPStikman CP16 days ago
  • You: "I voted for Trump!" Everyone else: "How do you cope with the SHAME and EMBARASSMENT? For God's sake, stop ADMITTING it!"

    Jeff WhiteJeff White17 days ago
  • They were still laughing in 2016... not so funny anymore.

    George OrwellGeorge Orwell17 days ago
  • Was someone please tell me why he did not send those kids back home with theirI hope nobody in the United States believe what he did to those kids it hurts my heart to think

    Veola PittVeola Pitt20 days ago
  • If you want to know the *REAL* problems *plaguing* the *black community* today & how to address them *I dare you* to watch this video. 🤟🤘🤞🤞✔️💖💝 *Making Sense with Sam Harris #207 - Can We Pull Back From The Brink?* (June 12, 2020) Sean Gordon Murphy Bends the Knee... Again Every one kneads to watch these videos *Teaching Black Kids by Christopher Jackson* Social Justice Warrior's Freak out on White People Compilation Video

    Jon dowJon dow20 days ago
  • 🎙🔐

    Lilah KatharineLilah Katharine20 days ago
  • Stupid ass johie olive the queen lands reject I wish we had a wall to keep this pos out ,,, illegal immigrant,,, non American citizen,,, no green card,,,

    allen kuesterallen kuester22 days ago
    • Ohhh honey are so wrong.

      gaby e.gaby e.20 days ago
    • He is a legal US citizen :)

      Sarvesh GovinderSarvesh Govinder20 days ago
  • Awe the wall. When times were simpler.

    Georgia CliffordGeorgia Clifford22 days ago
  • 11:34 sounds different in 2020 lmaoooo

    Lizzie BasuLizzie Basu24 days ago
  • J

    John GraceJohn Grace24 days ago
  • I tried tying a response that was deleted (while inputting), I know I'll sound like your after virtue signaler, but as an American Mexican living in China ",Yo walls work homie"

    SoupSoup24 days ago
  • 4 years later, Trump built the wall... around the White House.

    Senseitional VideosSenseitional Videos24 days ago
  • We used to go under and use remote control toys. AND they seem to love Navajo jewelry too.

    Fertile DirtFertile Dirt25 days ago
  • Repeal the law requiring presidential candidates to be born in the United States & elect this gentleman scholar immediately. 🇺🇸

    MY XMY X25 days ago
  • John Oliver moves to America and immediately loses the ability to say “Jaguar” properly.

    Tim Loves BaconTim Loves Bacon26 days ago
  • I come from the future... The wall fell over, because wind.

    SolocordSolocord26 days ago
  • ...and how stilly do they look now.

    Monkey Puzzle ViewMonkey Puzzle View26 days ago
  • "...'That wall maintenance cost would exceed initial construction costs within seven years.' So it's a big, dumb thing that only gets more expensive over time." Exactly as it is intended to.

    John MothersheadJohn Mothershead28 days ago
  • Although this is old and I’m well versed in the fear mongering our president uses to influence this country, I still find it rather interesting what some people (primarily extreme trump supporters) think occurs at the border. I recall the daily show once released a video where they interviewed people at a rally close to a border town and a woman claimed she witnessed a 100 Islamic Terrorist ninjas crossing the border in the dead of night. Now although I know border security isn’t perfect but if I could believe (which I don’t) an entire army of terrorists managed to slip past border security, how couldn’t they slip past a single person who probably shouldn’t be in the outskirts of the border?

    RMSRMS29 days ago
  • I'm really slow on this, really, really slow. But China already built the greatest wall we've ever seen. We call it; The Great Wall Of China. Drumpf only helped make the most underwhelming iron fence.

    Josny13Josny1329 days ago
  • HMM

    K a y d e nK a y d e nMonth ago
  • Dental dams lol. Instead of a border wall Trump should consider a dental dam along the Rio Grande. On account of it's repulsiveness it would probably work better than a wall.

    very drollvery drollMonth ago
  • By “if you know what you’re doing” he means illegal immigrants

    TheNinthGenerationTheNinthGenerationMonth ago
  • It's 2020 and there's currently a wall around the white house. Mindfuckery at its finest!

    Wonpil’s PianoWonpil’s PianoMonth ago
  • 6:31 Ironically, he's playing Trump on SNL.

    Patar PhokarPatar PhokarMonth ago
  • Tunnels and planes people Tunnels and planes

    VolcanoHeroGCVolcanoHeroGCMonth ago
  • I think Mexico might build a wall to keep the Americans out , thank god here in Australia we have the Pacific Ocean in the way .

    Mathew KellyMathew KellyMonth ago
    • 😂😂

      gaby e.gaby e.20 days ago
  • Ooo its finally all make sense now. He is not stupid he caused coronavirus crissis to make Mexico pay for the wall to protect itself. And if its not enough civil war will definitely convince them to pay :D

    Martin KonrátMartin KonrátMonth ago
  • You’re ugly asf son.

    King_DazedKing_DazedMonth ago
    • Your mirror said WHAT??😂😂😂

      gaby e.gaby e.20 days ago
  • God, I can't wait for J. Oliver to have a live audience again

    Jason GrimesJason GrimesMonth ago
  • *Trump is the all-time record-holder of the Dunning-Kruger effect, the phenomenon in which the incompetent person is too incompetent to understand his own incompetence. We now have this perverse situation in which the vast analytic powers of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar.*

    Jon dowJon dowMonth ago
    • So... he's the best at it? FINALLY something he can actually claims it's true!

      gaby e.gaby e.20 days ago
  • Crack me up!!!

    Timothy DavisTimothy DavisMonth ago
  • imagine how much of this money can go to the us healthcare system

    trevo1987trevo1987Month ago
    • @Jacob Sprinkle well if you want to start diversifying the list is significantly longer than that, but starting with education americans would realize how necessary the rest is and it'd be easier following up with em

      DschoDscho20 days ago
    • @Dscho why not both?

      Jacob SprinkleJacob Sprinkle20 days ago
    • You really should invest in education instead

      DschoDscho22 days ago
  • and we still have no wall

    The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver MoonThe Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver MoonMonth ago
  • Trade deficit w Mexico up 60.8% 2016-2019. Trump sucks balls.

    CptlsthipiCptlsthipiMonth ago
  • 30 ft wall= 32 ft ladder store franchise in Mexico

    CptlsthipiCptlsthipiMonth ago
  • It's 2020 and those waffles are smelling great.

    RJ TavaresRJ TavaresMonth ago
  • #StillNoWall

    Infinite SheldonInfinite SheldonMonth ago
  • They're too stupid to maintain American/Communist paperwork. They'll be used and stripped by American idealists for scrap gold. They're in the way and I'm forced into Communist psychiatry as an information patient. I'm getting really sick of their American peasant scrapyard when I could be moving up. I'll tell you why you're free. You gather and search for gold and they take it. L O L, neo-conquistadors.

    Abel Syltz the Flask DaggerAbel Syltz the Flask DaggerMonth ago
    • @Rell Dark psychology and sadist legions should stick to trolls and Lecter.

      Abel Syltz the Flask DaggerAbel Syltz the Flask Dagger27 days ago
    • Don't do drugs kids!

      RellRell28 days ago
  • Landlines are actually useful

    David ShillakerDavid ShillakerMonth ago
  • We want a border wall and John Oliver says borders wall are only for non-majority white countries.

    Roman DariusRoman DariusMonth ago
    • "IF YOU HATE AMERICA SO MUCH, LEAVE!" that's immigration hun

      ereseres5 days ago
    • Oh-oh! Grampa forgot to take his meds again.

      RellRell28 days ago
    • @Roman Darius Going by his you didn't answer my question, you were probably talking out of your ass again. As I said before, nobody cares about how "black" or "white" America is except bigots like you, and your hypersensitivity to the amount of melanin in people's skin is not my concern. You first.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462Month ago
    • @Stephen2462 There are over a billion Chinese in China, and we don't see those people saying it is too Asian Here, now for whites that feel America is too white for them, why not leave??? We will even pay you to live in a non-white country, but you won't do it. You believe that by bringing in these 3rd world immigrants, you can uses them as votes against the conservatives, well once again: IF YOU HATE AMERICA SO MUCH, LEAVE! WE HAVE A MILLION PEOPLE THAT WOULD BE GLAD TO TAKE YOUR PLACE

      Roman DariusRoman DariusMonth ago
    • Only if by "we" you mean "a small minority of Trump-supporting assholes." And where exactly did JO say that?

      Stephen2462Stephen2462Month ago
  • Your big mouth grates on my nerves!

    Judy EveristJudy EveristMonth ago
    • Sorry your mirror said that to you ,honey!😂

      gaby e.gaby e.20 days ago
  • why is John so upset about protecting the borders of a country? Try crossing North Korea illegally, and you will receive 12 years of hard labor with very little food.

    Roman DariusRoman DariusMonth ago
    • @Roman Darius did you forgot your meds again?

      RellRell28 days ago
    • @Roman DariusAn immigration policy called "Black liberal"? Sounds like something that only exists in your head. Nobody cares about how "black" or "white" America is except bigots like you, and your hypersensitivity to the amount of melanin in people's skin is not my concern.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462Month ago
    • @Stephen2462 Black Liberal has a black only immigration policy, I whish that people who feel that America is too white for them would just leave?? Why not go live in Zimbabwe? Nigeria? Haiti?? By the way, what happened to the whites in Haiti?

      Roman DariusRoman DariusMonth ago
    • @Roman Darius I certainly wouldn't mind if you did, but you seem to be all talk. Edit: Oooh, you said "White" America. So your sick dream of an ethnostate? I don't see why anyone should go out of their way for a biggoted lying moron like yourself.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462Month ago
    • @Stephen2462 All whites who hate White America should move to a non-white country

      Roman DariusRoman DariusMonth ago
  • John Oliver says America and Britain is too White and Christina for him, and I say than why doesn't he just go move to a non-white country?

    Roman DariusRoman DariusMonth ago
    • Since when is the U.S. a white country?

      RellRell28 days ago
    • You're the only one saying that, why don't you?

      Stephen2462Stephen2462Month ago
  • "I'm going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate Groups (Which the media like idiot here is doing). We'll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people (We will never talk about black on white hate crimes) The Black Community is the easiest to manipulate." GEORGE SOROS

    Roman DariusRoman DariusMonth ago
    • @Roman Darius the biggest turkish city is Istambul and it's also the most important , it was the capital and the richest city , where is Istambul ? In Europe

      ereseres5 days ago
    • Did you escape from an asylum?

      RellRell28 days ago
    • @Roman Darius Yes, yes, you're an idiot spouting obvious lies.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462Month ago
    • ​@Stephen2462 NO, you just don't want to hear the truth!!!! Just look at the "Young Turks?" Ana is Armenian. Her grandparents fled Armenia because of the Turkish Muslim Genocide of the Armenian People, those invaders were called the Young Turks. Yet, does she ever mention that? NOoooooo only white people are called racist, and you are being tricked into a One World Communist Government.

      Roman DariusRoman DariusMonth ago
    • Yes, yes, you're an idiot spouting obvious lies.

      Stephen2462Stephen2462Month ago

    E. Sabbath aka The BatE. Sabbath aka The BatMonth ago