Mamba Forever | Nike

Feb 24, 2020
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Inspiration is forever.
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  • Dam r.i.p kb

    London McGrewLondon McGrew22 hours ago
  • Love this video

    Alfredo MoonAlfredo Moon9 days ago
  • I’m not the biggest Kobe fan out there But this hits hard

    Vardaan Kumar BadenVardaan Kumar Baden9 days ago
  • ❤️🙏🏿😔

    Marcia TMarcia T9 days ago
  • No man deserves that and I just got to say I wake up every day wishing I could change day. We miss you Legend

    Andrews AwesomenessAndrews Awesomeness14 days ago
  • Fu(k Kobe

    Filipino RepublicanFilipino Republican16 days ago
    • really dude?

      ZedoumousZedoumous10 days ago
  • You forgot 2008. MVP FOREVER.

    Firat AbuleylaFirat Abuleyla19 days ago
  • Even though he's not from Philly

    MiMM PROMiMM PRO20 days ago
  • Miss u kb

    London McGrewLondon McGrew20 days ago
  • I miss you 😢❤

    gary dourdangary dourdan25 days ago
  • Pain. Still much pain. Time doesn`t heal this pain. We miss you, Kobe.

    Andy LAndy L25 days ago
  • wow

    Ishaan SethiIshaan Sethi25 days ago
  • 6 months later, I forget sometimes that he is gone, i still think he is alive and well.

    Please boiPlease boi26 days ago
  • Anyone who disliked this video has no heart. Y'all disgust me.

    Big ManBig Man26 days ago
  • Happy Mamba Day. Mamba Forever

    Daniel PinchDaniel Pinch27 days ago
  • Mark my words this kid is going to be unbelievable he wasn't wrong at all

    abner bautistaabner bautista27 days ago
  • Goosebumps #mamba

    J PlagaJ Plaga27 days ago
  • Compa Forever 😭😭😭😭

    HollowGod 16HollowGod 1627 days ago
  • Who the hell disliked this?

    altadena bugclubaltadena bugclub27 days ago
  • mamba forever.

    worldstarworldstar27 days ago
  • NOBODY makes Real, In-depth commercials Better then Nike...they make us see it. Feel it. And in brace it...#Mamba4EVA💯❤️🤘🏾

    Tyrone PerryTyrone Perry27 days ago
  • Hardest video to ever watch and it was pretty much words and audio. He left his impression here, Gigi was gonna leave an impression... it wasn't forced, she wanted to carry on the Mamba legacy. I'm sad but thanks for this, Nike.

    Chick N CoopChick N Coop27 days ago
  • it’s been months and this video still makes me cry

    Jack MathiesonJack Mathieson27 days ago
  • Who all misses him? HBD Mamba, Rest In Peace♥🏀😔💔

    sosina mezemirsosina mezemir27 days ago
  • RIP THE ONE AND ONLY MAMBA. I promise one day I wil say and do what kobe did and I will always say FOR KOBE!!!!! RIP.

    Ducky LeeDucky Lee27 days ago
  • Love You Kobe Bean Miss You

    l TheGr81 ll TheGr81 l27 days ago
  • *It just really makes you wonder where is he now, is there life after death*

    Mark WalliceMark Wallice27 days ago
  • Mamba Forever

    Labronski MilanLabronski Milan27 days ago
  • R.I.P. Kobe & daughter thanks for the great memories. Go Lakers !!

    William CapWilliam Cap27 days ago
  • Mamba forever 💜 💜 💛

    Hyper HQHyper HQ27 days ago
  • Thing is i never cared for basketball or the lakers or even followed him on social media or anything like that but for some reason it still hurt

    GodGod27 days ago
  • I cried when my mom told me he died

    silly goose Martinez esaisilly goose Martinez esai27 days ago
  • Compa Forever ♾ 🇲🇽 24

    Ralph MontanoRalph Montano27 days ago
  • Mamba Forever. Kobe will always live on within our hearts always.

    Marcella JacksonMarcella Jackson27 days ago
  • Almost cried watching this on his birthday

    Bob BobBob Bob27 days ago
  • He cheated on his wife with a underage girl and ended shaqs marriage. He paid the girl off.

    Chris MercerChris Mercer27 days ago
  • All of the dislike couldn’t see the like butting cause of all the tears R.I.P. Kobe and Gigi

    Gay BowserGay Bowser27 days ago
  • Nike supports slavery in China! Think about some slave kid's making your shoes.

    Chris MercerChris Mercer27 days ago
  • I'm boycotting nike and nba for life. Moreover the nfl for dividing America further 👎👎👎

    Humberto DiazHumberto Diaz27 days ago
  • So disappointed in whoever disliked this😢

    AnthonyAnthony27 days ago
  • Who is here on his birthday💕 #RIPKOBE

    Judith AnyanwuJudith Anyanwu27 days ago
  • May the great Mamba and cutest Gigi rest in peace

  • Who are the people in this world that press dislike, I mean . . What are you Not Liking ? Hater-ade ? ? ? Mental ? ? ? Jealous ? ? ? Kobe says it best . . . . Be Better . . . . Have a Better Life . . . . Be a Better Person . . . . Be a Better Human . . . . . . . . Be . . Better. Kobe B. 8 🏀 24 . . . . Forever ⭐

    Stephen WilliamsStephen Williams28 days ago
  • Happy Birthday Kobe

    Twizz The Whiz KidTwizz The Whiz Kid28 days ago
  • Not gonna lie I cried once it said daddy forever

    manuel garciamanuel garcia28 days ago
  • Happy Birthday Black Mamba in heaven.....take care of gigi... ❤❤❤❤

    Giuseppe SpinelloGiuseppe Spinello28 days ago
  • Happy Birthday Kobe!

    d mitchelld mitchell28 days ago
  • Life here is temporary I hope dude was right with the Universe

    Kenneth AllenKenneth Allen28 days ago
  • Still cant believe kobe Bryant was laid to rest. mamba forever.

    EaST CoAsT MaCHeteEaST CoAsT MaCHete28 days ago
  • Los cristianos estamos orgullosos de haber tenido una estrella en la tierra, pero Diós lo a llamado para estar a su lado: viva Cristo rey y su iglesia universal, forever.

    la Trinidad 1 jn 5:7la Trinidad 1 jn 5:728 days ago
  • Philly STAND UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Happy Birthday Mamba. I remember going taking the bus to from Roxborough hs to Lower Merion hs to watch Kobe. I remember the game at Drexel, Lower Merion vs Roman Catholic. You and Donnie Carr put on a show.

    GamingdocGamingdoc28 days ago
  • My lust for winning is MAMBA MENTALITY....thx you KOBE RIP...NEVER FORGOTTEN

    John DoeJohn Doe28 days ago
  • Happy birthday kobe💛💜💛 rip🕊

    ㄡStacksㄡStacks28 days ago
  • Happy birthday legend 😔

    thebackendchildthebackendchild28 days ago
  • I've never met kobe but being a LA native and growing up watching kobe , when he was 18 I was 13 and all I knew was that's my guy , , it's true what MJ said when kobe died a piece of me died a piece of LA died. But thank you for the memories kobe , no matter what your always gonna be our # 1 champion ,RIP kobe and Gigi .

    master chiefmaster chief28 days ago
  • Kobe an all-time great.

    Rob TermRob Term28 days ago
  • Happy Birthday to one of the greatest Lakers of all time Kobe Bryant, we miss you goat, #RIPKOBE #ThankYouKobe #ripgigi ✅ Subscribe to my channel ZSPN on USkeys ✅ Thank you all for watching ZSPN on USkeys Like my page on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: 💜GO LAKERS💛

    ZSPNZSPN28 days ago

    Brent DavisBrent Davis28 days ago
  • kobe, greatest of all time.

    TROLLTROLL29 days ago

    SneakerDreamsSneakerDreamsMonth ago
  • I miss you a ton, Kobe. RIP Legend. #MambaForever🐍

    Eric LEric LMonth ago
  • Full of goosebumps

    Rajdeep PoddarRajdeep PoddarMonth ago
  • Still watch this every now and again, just to have a few moments with Kobe.

    Alan EdwardsAlan EdwardsMonth ago
  • This is still eating away at my heart. I still can’t find words to describe how this makes me feel.

    Cerebral XLNSCerebral XLNSMonth ago
  • I'm so thankful I paid close attention to everything he did on the court and all memories he gave everyone. Glad I grew up in LA. He gave us some amazing times and something to be proud of. Rest easy Mamba

    Richard DiazRichard DiazMonth ago
  • Now, stop making your shoes in China.

    Bobbie Jo GregorBobbie Jo GregorMonth ago
  • q

    シ Ramen Noodleシ Ramen NoodleMonth ago
  • Such a simple ad, yet so powerful. Mamba Forever.

    Sarita EscobarSarita EscobarMonth ago
  • Every time I watch this ... I can't stop my tears for some reason

    Axcel BlazeAxcel BlazeMonth ago
  • Watching this months later. Everything’s been tough ever since you left us Kobe. Not only has the world been in shambles but personally I’ve been struggling on my own... anxiety got the best of me... I look to you to help keep me motivated... God bless you.

    Ice BirdIce BirdMonth ago
  • -Kobe

    AmannAmannMonth ago
  • Wow!, stumbled upon this today! August 1st😔never saw this... I'm 43yrs old, about a 22'sh yr fan. I cried🥺harder and😥harder, streaming!!😭down my face, as it went along with his life's moment's. The Ups, the Downs and the in between's of🏀life. What... Ah... Life well lived. What an example of true manhood he became. To be of that #mambamentality . What an amazing job #nike . This is a priceless, timeless video. #ripkobe #rip #blackmamba

    Daddy GooseDaddy GooseMonth ago
  • I got goosebumps

    Frisson xFrisson xMonth ago
  • We miss you...

    Kashedra LoganKashedra LoganMonth ago
  • I love this. It's sad, but ❤😔.

    Lovely AmourLovely AmourMonth ago
  • Not even 1 million views?🤔🤨😎😷

    Jace WoodsJace WoodsMonth ago
  • This is a beautiful tribute.

    JaimeheartbeatJaimeheartbeatMonth ago
  • Mamba Forever 🐍❤️💜💛

    PT 28PT 28Month ago
  • 🐍❤️💜💛 He’s still here, not physically but trust me he’s still with us.

    PT 28PT 28Month ago
  • i got chillss

    Chris WilliamsChris Williams2 months ago
  • #Legend 🙌🏽... Forever

    Olajide SehindeOlajide Sehinde2 months ago
  • For Kobe.

    Oliver PowerOliver Power2 months ago
  • Rest in peace Dear Kobe🖤 And THANK YOU🖤 Crying my eyes out really... Turned 30 this miserable year and decided to literally change my life after watching this. The road may be difficult but I better keep trying and not waste any day.

    Ewa DEwa D3 months ago

    Agent SmithAgent Smith3 months ago

    Matilda H. WellsMatilda H. Wells3 months ago
  • Meng this video 💔😪 I still can’t believe it

    Luis MarteLuis Marte3 months ago
  • U know what ?? I still think that is impossible that he’s gone.... for me is like he’s still here with us, he is still in this world with all of us ❤️

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne3 months ago
  • This video gave me many emotions man I wish Kobe was here with his family.may his memory live on forever!!!!! MAMBA 4 EVA

    Feel My FluFeel My Flu3 months ago
  • Song please guys. I want to be like him.

    Don johnDon john3 months ago
  • Nike releases commemorative shoe to honor looters...."The Nike Loot Force One comes packed with features the company says will help people loot safely and efficiently":

    acesmittyacesmitty3 months ago
  • Mamba forever

    Edward NkumehEdward Nkumeh3 months ago
  • I was good until Daddy forever got here. Now I'm not good.

    Paul ValladePaul Vallade3 months ago
  • Thank you kobe for showing us #mambamentality

    James AlbaJames Alba3 months ago
  • Air Ball Forever???

    Devin Jordan HallDevin Jordan Hall3 months ago
  • This is so in the UK and don't watch basketball but the 'father forever' line just got me. RIP Kobe and Gianna x

    muviga_mediamuviga_media3 months ago
  • Simply the Best Ever......😞when u passed I realized we are all mortal my son was born 2 days before u does the day I brought him home I got the news they say god takes one he gives one this one will hurt for a long time but I promise as my son grows up he will know the greatest basketball story there ever was rest easy 🐐

    Dustin KramlichDustin Kramlich3 months ago
  • Whoever thought of doing the tribute this way, give em a raise

    Edward YeungEdward Yeung3 months ago
  • god damn if this isn't the most tear jerking thing to watch ... miss him a lot

    TheGhostFloTheGhostFlo3 months ago
  • COMPA FOREVER. You're one of ours señor Kobe, te extrañamos.

    Arturo FernandezArturo Fernandez3 months ago
  • This is truly inspirational. Nike makes the best commercials/ Everyone needs to see this to be uplifted and motivated to go forward no matter how dark it seems right right now.

    Enne BondEnne Bond3 months ago