Brandy - Borderline

Jul 30, 2020
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Brandy - Borderline [Official Video]
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What would you do if you’re alone?
Would you think about me?
I know there’s something wrong with you on my mind all the time
It is what it is
Feel it crazy
Wanna be with me deep down, deep down
You can feel it you can’t help it baby
I’ll give you this heart of mine

I’m on the borderline
Yeah, yeah
Don’t wanna be skitzo this time
Never ever cheat, never lie to me
I’m the most jealous girl in the whole wide world
Don’t you ever hurt me I’ll change on you
I will do, me and you, How

Cuz I’m fallin in love all alone
Oh I come on home
Never treat me the same
I ain’t the same I’m like nobody else

I’m on the borderline
Yeah yeah
Don’t wanna be skitzo this time
Never ever cheat, never lie to me
I’m the most jealous girl in the whole wide world
Don’t you ever hurt me I’ll change on you
I will do, me and you How

I’m so dangerously baby
I need you to see it
Believe what you see
Feel what I feel,
and my feelings don’t die
It’s why I cry, cry
need to heal

Got another lady
Having a baby
Goin crazy
But I’ll be your friend baby
Take what I can baby
Back then I couldn’t take no chances
Karma is a bitch, baby

I’m on the borderline
Yeah yeah
Don’t wanna be skitzo this time
Never ever cheat, never lie to me
I’m the most jealous girl in the whole wide world
Don’t you ever hurt me I’ll change on you
I will do, me and you, How

Heart drops to the floor
Cuz there’s no you & I
Maybe in another lifetime
Right place, caught me at the wrong time

In the end I’m the only one
Gon get torn apart
In the end I’m the only one
(That’s gon) Gon get torn apart

I’m on the borderline
Yeah, yeah
Don’t wanna be skitzo this time
Never ever cheat, never lie to me
I’m the most jealous girl in the whole wide world
Don’t you ever hurt me I’ll go crazy

We can’t cross the line
Skitzo this time (4x)

Director: Derek Blanks
DP: Alexander Nikishin
Editor: Derek Blanks
Producer: Blase Biello
Executive Producer: Megan Gomez & Jonathan Nellis
Production Company: Famous After Death

  • Black don't crack! She looks the same as 20 years ago

    Johnny UtahJohnny Utah45 minutes ago
  • Those ablibs are crazy

    Sweetest Simone BabySweetest Simone BabyHour ago
  • I do like the fact that she is being herself in this video, but I have to be honest. The song is all right but her voice isn’t touching my spirit at all🤷🏽‍♀️

    Idra LewisIdra Lewis3 hours ago
  • 🔥 😍

    Melon MoniqueMelon Monique3 hours ago

    One Of The Chosen 144,000 YahshiyahOne Of The Chosen 144,000 Yahshiyah4 hours ago
  • 💛💥💯

    Pamela JacksonPamela Jackson4 hours ago
  • This is so fire !!!!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Brandy is the BEST! :)

    PLR 88PLR 884 hours ago
  • lol

    Keyz LyonKeyz Lyon4 hours ago
    • nice voice brandy! sounds like Ray J

      Keyz LyonKeyz Lyon4 hours ago
  • Cool song....Visual (ok) Brandy...I'm a songwriter (from our era). IG: @kplumpoet.

    KPlum PoetryKPlum Poetry4 hours ago
  • I can't stop listening to this track. Loving every bit of it!!

    tankyh85tankyh854 hours ago
  • Wow so refreshing. I absolutely adore her!

    Nigerian UnnieNigerian Unnie4 hours ago
  • She is so beautiful

    Zenith RoseZenith Rose5 hours ago
  • Perfect

    MyNizzleTwizzleMyNizzleTwizzle5 hours ago
  • She better get a Oscar a Grammy a Emmy and whatever they win in football for these vocals!

    ReginaldReginald5 hours ago
  • This song /video is beautifully disturbing.

    Farrah ArrayFarrah Array5 hours ago
  • FOREVER WILL LOVE BRANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ShesusTheMessiahShesusTheMessiah5 hours ago
  • This video is a play off of Lady Sings the Blues! Love it!!

    D BaiD Bai5 hours ago
  • This woman has always done in 4 me.

    Jim WadeJim Wade5 hours ago
  • She has been through some challenging situations and she came to tell her story through her music, voice takes center stage. It's a beautiful story. I hope she puts the whole album into video. Glad you're back with us Brandy. ❤

    Lisa PattiLisa Patti5 hours ago
  • wow

    JESUN DELJESUN DEL5 hours ago
  • She’s back❤️❤️ and the hair is flawless

    Vanessa DavisVanessa Davis6 hours ago
  • Omg yess the real brandy is back this is flawless

    Adrian WitherspoonAdrian Witherspoon6 hours ago
  • This is beautiful music. But u know it won’t get much play because she ain’t popping her ass or showing off her body. Wish this was music the music our kids can grow up and listen to today. I definitely don’t want my 17 yr old daughter listening to WAP SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Renita JohnsonRenita Johnson6 hours ago
  • Now THIS is a unique concept...borderline personality disorder is different from those mentioned, but they ALL bring about a heaviness and sadness that takes a person away from joy and happiness and peace....and the choice Brandy made to EDUCATE, is not to be taken for the jacked up relationship part, perhaps it will help to teach people to completely let go of anybody/any fool who would cause them to compromise their mental health...they ain't worth yourself more than that....

    DR HDR H6 hours ago
  • Can we talk an out the fact that brandy stay the same and never even tried to get a nose job or other plastic surgery! She's fine as fuck! She has a very high self esteem and never let the industry changed her.

    Deadliest OneDeadliest One6 hours ago
  • Doucement, on'y va madame! That French lady lol😁

    Deadliest OneDeadliest One6 hours ago
  • I Fuck With This 🔥

    Lexx LexxLexx Lexx7 hours ago
  • This song makes 2020 look better. Brandy is back, at the same time as Moesha on Netflix!

    Ziela PaintingsZiela Paintings7 hours ago
  • I just needed to explain how excited I was to see her pop up in my feed!! Made a bad day end up being a good day!!

    Jennifer ThomasJennifer Thomas7 hours ago
  • My girl. ❤️❤️❤️

    Jennifer ThomasJennifer Thomas7 hours ago

    Ashanti HikelAshanti Hikel7 hours ago
  • 4:19 is everything! Damn!!

    SOLLO7SOLLO77 hours ago
  • Up up up up up

    Oneil WilsonOneil Wilson7 hours ago
  • Whitney gave her the game and she soaked it. 🤔😀

    David BDavid B7 hours ago
  • I just love everything Brandy does. This voice is so beautiful! iconic, gorgeous!

    Ms. VoicerMs. Voicer7 hours ago
  • P.S. this song is me!!

    Queen MommyQueen Mommy7 hours ago
  • Sooooo Brandy really doesn't age huh?

    Cherahyl BrownCherahyl Brown7 hours ago
  • 😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜Sis, we've MISSED YOU!!! The industry NEEDED you. 🦄🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Queen MommyQueen Mommy7 hours ago

    spam accountspam account7 hours ago
  • One of the most unique voices of my time. Vocals are perfection in her own way

    LaShawnda WilsonLaShawnda Wilson7 hours ago
  • Margin and John legend I’m gonna love you Music

    george spencergeorge spencer8 hours ago
  • "cuz I'm falling in love all alone"

    Mark SmithMark Smith8 hours ago
  • Yes Brandy! I see you doing ya thang!!

    defeilia livesdefeilia lives8 hours ago
  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😎✌️

    Lucas CostaLucas Costa8 hours ago
  • Yass the other queen b! Queen of soul

    piper wilsonpiper wilson8 hours ago
  • brandy®️

    Brutus B. MartinsBrutus B. Martins8 hours ago
  • ❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍🤎💚💙💖

    Jayla LawsJayla Laws8 hours ago
  • i dont know why people ignore nice music but this song is dope

    Melinda keziMelinda kezi9 hours ago
  • Well I’m diggin this!!! Eeeeeeek!!! She’s back!!!

    Ms DavisMs Davis9 hours ago

    Michelle DixonMichelle Dixon9 hours ago
  • Get it B!!

    Emm JEmm J9 hours ago
  • She's too good

    edward idokoedward idoko9 hours ago
  • I love everything about her... Brandy been with me since I was in my teens.

    natalieraye lovenatalieraye love10 hours ago
  • MUST SEE!!!!!!!!

    Christopher HobbsChristopher Hobbs10 hours ago
  • Can you retire? take Ray J with you please. and dont forget princess cheated on.

    Michael StarinaMichael Starina10 hours ago
  • We need Brandy to come back Love this .... Love love this song

    Talisha TahiruTalisha Tahiru10 hours ago
  • This is so milky. 🥛🥛🥛

    Lea J.Lea J.10 hours ago
  • I never felt a song like this before!!!!! I woke up singing it like a lullaby! my last relationship was shit and it it made me feel like shit and this is my my anthem!

    Kantrail ButlerKantrail Butler10 hours ago
  • Brandy is one of the best who's doing this right now cmon people lol maddddd fire

    Yaz FarahYaz Farah10 hours ago
  • Yes Brandy, Girl Yes... Voice FLAWLESS... skin FLAWLESS

  • 🖤🖤🖤

    willis abutowillis abuto11 hours ago
  • Buy B7!

    Wealllovemerylstreep !Wealllovemerylstreep !11 hours ago
  • Brandy you should play Tiana

    Diamond BoydDiamond Boyd11 hours ago
  • Wow, that’s a dope song. Brandy is so talented and so beautiful!

    Mings DynastyMings Dynasty12 hours ago
  • this song is everything so felt the lyrics.

    Tray&marley vlogsTray&marley vlogs12 hours ago
  • Wowwwwww! A beast !!!!! You can't find another Brandeeeeeeee

    iamDancelegziamDancelegz12 hours ago
  • Can we stop to appreciate clean music for a second. We don’t have to turn it off for our kids like WAP!

    Tanya ScottTanya Scott12 hours ago
  • Brandy will always be #1 in my R&B list. Honestly, I don't really listen to secular music anymore but I would take a listen to Brandy any day. No crass or filth. Straight class💯

    Breathe Life NHBreathe Life NH12 hours ago
  • I love this song brandy is killing it on this album

    Cash PRICECash PRICE13 hours ago
  • good music #Brandy

    LilytalksLilytalks13 hours ago
  • yes she never left forever Brandy

    Cassandra CarmonaCassandra Carmona13 hours ago
  • This video brought tears to my eyes. Depression is real as well as heartache. My favorite track

    Vidiva40Vidiva4013 hours ago
  • This song is the sh*t!!!!!!!

    Odie HopsonOdie Hopson13 hours ago
  • do y'all notice how interesting when a music video it is can even get the message without being disturb with the ass😒 pay attention to one of Brandy's recent released music videos i mean pay attention to BABY MAMA video its so interesting the is out there you dont have to look for it in between the asses

  • Am really jamming on this track, just can't stop listening to it.

    Jill SampaJill Sampa13 hours ago
  • Amazing I’m glad my girl back with that pressure 🙏🏾💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Marcus DennisonMarcus Dennison13 hours ago
  • When I heard the beat I knew it was a banger

    Kennedi KKennedi K13 hours ago
  • I was watching moesha the other night on Netflix, good to see she back at it . God bless 🙏🏿

    icantbelieveit igotflowsfordaysicantbelieveit igotflowsfordays13 hours ago
  • This is Grown Folks music! I love it growth maturity and wisdom!! Black Queen!!😍

    slashley22slashley2213 hours ago
  • Her new album goes hard!!!

    Kimberly RobertsKimberly Roberts14 hours ago
  • This is Dope

    FlossondatrackFlossondatrack14 hours ago
  • Stacking them vocals my hairs are standing up

    Natalie RossNatalie Ross14 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Toyia NitcheuToyia Nitcheu14 hours ago
  • This song 👏🙌

    Hawah NakanjakoHawah Nakanjako15 hours ago
  • Yess B.Rock is back!!!

    Lovcelia SlourLovcelia Slour15 hours ago
  • Song so pretty, Its on repeat

    Diana HuntDiana Hunt15 hours ago
  • BRANDY IS THE G.O.A.T.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jewlene BellamyJewlene Bellamy15 hours ago
  • Great art comes from great suffering. she is so good to remind us of that truth.

    Hardy har harHardy har har15 hours ago
  • Great music, fully dressed.

    Robbie MRobbie M15 hours ago
  • le son est posé!

    yann yaceyann yace16 hours ago
  • Could we talk about how absolutely flawless her skin looks? Brandy 👀 Drop that skin care routine! I love this. Her voice sounds ethereal and she’s being so open about mental issues. She is such an icon.

    Leslie E MartinezLeslie E Martinez16 hours ago
  • Let’s try our best to; Treat others as we’d like to be treated. Get in touch with how we’re feeling. Reach out when we need help. Check it on each other. Do things that make us happy. Invest in self. Surround ourselves with positivity. Love each other ♥️ Lean on the creator 🙏🏾 I hope you have a happy day ☀️😎

    Happy Music VibezHappy Music Vibez16 hours ago
  • 💃Auto REPLAY...BRAVO BRANDY! Something "EVERY1" can listen 2 and even relate 2 !!! 🔥🔥🔥

    Cindi RellaCindi Rella16 hours ago
  • Her music is so smooth. Love it. I love that Angel song.💯💕

    TluvTluv16 hours ago
  • Look I can't focus on the song cuz she looking crazy in this video like fr😭😭

    LOVELOVE16 hours ago
  • it is good to see her back. She looks good and still sounding great.

    Priscilla AlfredPriscilla Alfred17 hours ago
  • This shit gas!!!!!

    agape Luvagape Luv17 hours ago
  • Jail is not going to be this fun ladies. He is not worth it. Lol

    Lauriel CramerLauriel Cramer17 hours ago
    • Who the El said she was in jail?

      N.S.N.S.17 hours ago
  • One of the old voices I've missed. Every time Brandy comes back it's hard...🔥 Dope song

    Matthew ByrdMatthew Byrd17 hours ago
  • Finally so clean authentic R&B...

    BreionRene FowlerBreionRene Fowler17 hours ago