Ultimate MRE Taste Test

Sep 26, 2018
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They say MREs are meals ready to eat. We you know you can, but... should you? We're here to test them out and see how they taste so you don't have to. GMM #1387
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  • As a vegetarian in the army, only having like 4 options out of 24 on two boxes - Chad always does take the vegetarian taco pasta

    Noah PerkinsNoah Perkins2 years ago
    • @Luca Gambino it's a dietry choice. Join the army then if he's so weak

      super adan plushsuper adan plushDay ago
    • @Tom_Friendly you are the weakest I've seen

      super adan plushsuper adan plushDay ago
    • @Zleek if you're in the army then you are mature enough to not make fun of other people's diets like a 7 year old

      super adan plushsuper adan plushDay ago
    • @SpikenMike join the army then coward

      super adan plushsuper adan plushDay ago
    • The chilimac and ground beef in spicy or BBQ sauce.. first responder training.. We used Mighty rectal explosion or may require rectal exam...

      Xeveniah DarkwindXeveniah Darkwind2 days ago
  • Agruttin potato mix is cheaper easy to mix with dehydrated ground beef

    Joe PriceJoe Price3 days ago
  • When cooking you gotta lay them down to activate the heat along the whole package. Also it isn't a real taste test until you eat them cold, which we had to 75% of the time!

    A Flipped ForkA Flipped Fork4 days ago
  • For anyone who stumbles across this and doesn't know, Au Gratin means with cheese

    Isabella WilkieIsabella Wilkie5 days ago
  • Lay it down at like a 25-30 degree angle. Not straight up

    HelloTardisHelloTardis6 days ago
  • No cheese spread for the taco?

    Grand King KoopaGrand King Koopa6 days ago
  • What I always do is I take the spaghetti one and put salt and pepper then crumble up the crackers to put in it 👍

    Noah MalpassNoah Malpass8 days ago
  • Invite emmy :3

    Joshua PedersenJoshua Pedersen9 days ago
  • robgavagan

    joe sandersjoe sanders9 days ago
  • Chili mac

    Smol_GalaxySmol_Galaxy11 days ago
  • Im pretty sure the last thing you want in an mre is beans. Wtf your gonna give away your position with your flatulence.

    Smol_GalaxySmol_Galaxy11 days ago
  • Needs accessories packets

    mikemike11 days ago
  • "Steve has joined the chat"

    XilousuchusXilousuchus11 days ago
  • We just went through Hurricane Laura here in Louisiana, I got an MRE pack from the local base with vegetable taco pasta. It has beans in it I think. I've also eaten the tortillas but ours were chipotle flavored.

    TamraTamra11 days ago
  • Why are you eating in a combat situation, you eat after the combat situation

    Dark HorseDark Horse14 days ago
  • my husband liked about two MREs when he was in the army:)

    Isabella McFallIsabella McFall14 days ago
  • That spaghetti was scary because you didn’t know what was in it

    Young_ BoobehYoung_ Boobeh15 days ago
  • I miss the let's put this on a tray nice . .

    Matthew ArmstrongMatthew Armstrong16 days ago
  • “My rectums inflamed” is MRI. Come on Rhett

    Ariel MonroyAriel Monroy17 days ago
  • Ok y’all didn’t mix properly

    Mike DarcangeloMike Darcangelo18 days ago

    Unofficial M. JayUnofficial M. Jay18 days ago
  • The tortillas are actually Chipotle tortillas

    callsign_rocko 177callsign_rocko 17719 days ago
  • Not even getting the jalapeno cheese spread....completely makes any mre

    90justinl90justinl20 days ago
  • Yeah I tried the brisket one. Disgusting

    The Muffin Man 69The Muffin Man 6920 days ago
  • THE most warming and delicious Thanksgiving Dinner I ever ate was in the sleeting freezing day at Ft Drum.

    Mark OlsenMark Olsen20 days ago
  • G

    Gil JrGil Jr22 days ago
  • Shouldve gone with “mediocre really, ennit?”

    Dixie RektDixie Rekt22 days ago
  • My dad had an MRE in our emergency food storage that was just 'apple cinnamon flavored nutrition bar' and it was literally a brick with slight indents to separate into smaller bricks. We eventually had to eat them before it went bad and it was like if you turned instant oatmeal into a flour but made it harder to bite than literal brick

    Cici WoodsCici Woods23 days ago
  • I’ve been hearing stuff that from jails/prison and Military/public service and campers/hikers/hunters/survivalist that like or prefer Taco MRE over anything! Now I know why Mexicans perfected the taco

    pablo caballeropablo caballero23 days ago
  • They are much better at putting these together than Danny and Arin

    Stephen CaroeStephen Caroe23 days ago
  • Steve1989mre info is better just saying

    MrHITTMAN8888MrHITTMAN888823 days ago
  • As someone who grew up on MREs, I approve every single one of these reactions. Also.. the beef taco brought on plenty of injured cousins. Nobody touches my taco

    Vann HolmesVann Holmes24 days ago
  • Actually chef boyardee made the mre’s for the american army in the second world war

    Ismail Van der meerIsmail Van der meer24 days ago
  • *3

    Ben JungblutBen Jungblut24 days ago
  • Let’s get those onto a tray... nice

    MrNewbsMrNewbs25 days ago
  • MREs are also people base, like me and my friends would eat an MRE then a “home cooked” meal

    Tom RobTom Rob27 days ago
  • My grandpa tough me how to eat my first mre it was pretty good not going to lie

  • Chilli Mac was the best I would get if I was able to

    Cory RorexCory Rorex27 days ago
  • Link keeps staring at the teleprompter

    DanielDaniel27 days ago
  • My brother entered the military recently and with COVID, they can only eat MRE’s. The drill sergeant told them they are lucky to not have to eat the usual food.

    Macinda LouMacinda Lou27 days ago
  • MRE = Most Rejected Entree

    Joe BlowJoe Blow28 days ago
  • MRE could also stand for My Runny Excrement

    Joe BlowJoe Blow28 days ago
  • MRE stands for My Rectum Erupted or Makes Rectum's Explode

    Joe BlowJoe Blow28 days ago
  • How to get constipated

    Slicer 0202Slicer 020228 days ago
  • Anazed how you both always take full bites of food yall ain never eat before

    Josh The BucketJosh The Bucket29 days ago
  • The only thing I can say I miss from those are the patriotic sugar cookies you’d get every once and a while.

    I’m that guy you know what I meanI’m that guy you know what I meanMonth ago
  • Canadian MREs are amazingly good, do an international taste test episode

    Zach SavardZach SavardMonth ago
  • Hope they chewed the gum after

    Joyous955 RobertsJoyous955 RobertsMonth ago
  • Any one else watch Steve1989mreinfo

    TombsTombsMonth ago
  • They like them because this is their first time eating them. Trust me, try living on MRES for a few months and it’ll get old really quick

    J DeVinnyJ DeVinnyMonth ago
  • one time when i was super young, i ate two packages of MREs that my dad had for some reason and projectile vomited so this episode gives me ptsd

    morgmorgmorgmorgMonth ago
  • (watching this after seeing GameGrumps trying MREs) Link: You get your rock... Me: Or something 🤣

    Panda PixiePanda PixieMonth ago
  • Taras Kul would love each one.

    Ranjan BiswasRanjan BiswasMonth ago
  • For the chicken and noodle, your suppose to put water in it or mix it with water

    B TICB TICMonth ago
  • you shoulda ate them cold for the real taste lol

    collin williamscollin williamsMonth ago
  • For anyone at home wanting to try these (because some are actually pretty decent) don't do the rock thing Link attempted. Just lay it flat with the heater underneath so the water can soak flat on the ration heater. I've had so many half-cooked meals by attempting this and exactly what happened to Rhett will happen: half the heater won't activate and your meal is either cold or lukewarm.

    levijonathansixlevijonathansixMonth ago
  • When I was in, I cobbled together a BBQ bacon cheeseburger from the BBQ beef patty, the "crackers", and the bacon cheese spread.

    Scott ZalduondoScott ZalduondoMonth ago
  • my stepdad is in the army, and he’s brought home mre’s many times. i’ve grown up eating them for fun! 😂

    Curve DCurve DMonth ago
  • Binge watched some gmm. Than mresteve1989. Than got recommended this...that algorithm is gaining consciousness

    SwagnonSwagnonMonth ago
  • Wow

  • they went with a bunch of MREs that are practically the same thing..you haven't had the true MRE experience until you've had the breakfast omelet, hamburg, or pesto chicken

    Freakquency000Freakquency000Month ago
    • @Theodore O lol the ones I listed were my least favorite. The omelet though..that's practically a right of passage. Never met someone who could stomach more than a few bites.

      Freakquency000Freakquency000Month ago
    • I thought the pesto chicken was pretty good, desserts are generally good(any of the cobblers/poundcakes especially), and the jalapeno cheese spread could make a tire taste good.

      Theodore OTheodore OMonth ago
  • Au Gratin means: Sprinkled with breadcrumbs or grated cheese, or both, and browned.

    rhonda90402rhonda90402Month ago
  • Mres taste really good especially the chili

    AnonymousAnonymousMonth ago
  • Getting these as the quarantine meal on base. It's..... Mediocre at best 😂

    Samantha HeimbergSamantha HeimbergMonth ago
  • The beef taco MRE also comes with the best desert, powdered pudding and it is absolutely delicious!

    Brenna BBrenna BMonth ago
  • 13:05, AHHH.

    Tianjun XuTianjun XuMonth ago
  • 0:30 he was prepared a year before he even knew he would be in a global pandemic

    Nightshift _gamerNightshift _gamerMonth ago
  • Spaghetti at olive garden: 😑 Chef boyardee spaghetti: 😐 Middle school cafeteria spaghetti: 😊

    Mc SteamMc SteamMonth ago
  • My dad would take me and my brother on float trips and we would eat mre’s. I remember them being really good

    Kyle KelloggKyle KelloggMonth ago
  • Just eat them cold. We don't have enough time to heat those. 😅

    kidforeverplzkidforeverplzMonth ago
  • I grew to love them...bit certain ones ...and I liked them cold....but stay away from that vegetarian omelette!

    Charles BidlingmaierCharles BidlingmaierMonth ago
  • The chicken pesto pasta MRE was my only comfort food in Afghanistan, but when you get to the bottom of the box it gets rough.

    Dante X13Dante X13Month ago
  • In the army I would trade the hooah bars and peanut butter for the chili or Mac n cheese and mix them together. Don't eat the fish tacos by the way

    Dizzy DeleyendaDizzy DeleyendaMonth ago
  • For the military people here you know just as well as me that the heater never works and you can't throw it away because it'll explode 😂

    Jordan ClarkJordan ClarkMonth ago
  • They can't just put Chef Boyardee in there because it has to last in the pouches for up to 3 years.

    Jake FetherJake FetherMonth ago
  • The spaghetti with beef and sauce is my favorite mre

    Carson VogelCarson VogelMonth ago
  • You can screw up Chili with beans because Chili does not have beans.

    Kim ChiKim ChiMonth ago
  • How it feels eating during 2020.

    PUtbonePUtboneMonth ago
  • Please do this again and have Steve1989MREInfo on, he can answer allllll your questions

    Courtney ReedCourtney ReedMonth ago
  • "It would be better if it was *devoid* of flavor" Hahaha

    Xavier PaquinXavier Paquin2 months ago
  • 2:30 Love how Rhett sides that one in because they forgot to account for displacement when they measured the water. I think.

    JaySay63JaySay632 months ago
  • They can’t even say they’ve had them unless they’ve had the tortellini😂😂

    Malibu _ RoxanneMalibu _ Roxanne2 months ago
  • they didn't try the vomlet

    Alex WolfeAlex Wolfe2 months ago
  • I love your guys intro it is the most relaxing intro

    youngnrichkyoungnrichk2 months ago
  • Please do a segment with Emmymadeinjapan.

    butyoucancallmesambutyoucancallmesam2 months ago
  • Beef taco is one of the best watching this from Iraq

    Cameron DobsonCameron Dobson2 months ago
  • I want to know what Steve1989 thinks of this

    Cram SwansonCram Swanson2 months ago
  • Chili in a pouch you say? Yo I'd like to catch you on to a revolution in chili and products. I'm gon tell you bout Chili Busters! Just go ahead, look em up, go on, do it.

    notyuunotyuu2 months ago
  • nothing like a good rock or something.

    Jason WedeJason Wede2 months ago
  • Chili Mac all day.

    Nicholas AllenNicholas Allen2 months ago
  • potatoes o rotten man ugh.

    carbonitedreamercarbonitedreamer2 months ago
  • my cousins bought some mre’s and i tried one and i thought for what it was specially it was not that bad

    lexi whitelexi white2 months ago
  • And then you have the weirdos like me who willingly eat these and enjoy them 😂😂😂

    Leeann SpencerLeeann Spencer2 months ago
  • They are not good..... had these all throughout my career..... it gets old.... eating them all the time

    Sarah CandelariaSarah Candelaria2 months ago
  • You don’t eat the packet meals you eat the snacks that come with it. Like the skittles from the 1990s

    Miranda SternerMiranda Sterner2 months ago
  • Fukn!

    David PeltonDavid Pelton2 months ago
  • International MRE taste test please!

    Sarah CanfieldSarah Canfield2 months ago
  • Chili mac and hasbrowns are the best 2 and that’s just a fact

    Matthew Krupa-GregoryMatthew Krupa-Gregory2 months ago
  • Can you please make another mre video

    Benjamin VlasakBenjamin Vlasak2 months ago
  • a rock or something

    Donald CheongDonald Cheong2 months ago