Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"

Jul 31, 2020
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EDITED BY Nova Rockafeller
SHOT by Logan Fulton
FX by Dave McDonald
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

  • ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🕊🕊🕊

    JenJenJenJenHour ago
  • 2nd verse goes in

    Vicente QuinonezVicente QuinonezHour ago
  • You've been rapping the same message for years. You need new fuel.

  • The ski mask he wears in this video does anyone know where you can buy one?

    Deleted AccountDeleted Account3 hours ago

    C- ZA.CC- ZA.C3 hours ago
  • I just watched The Fall of Cabal today on USkeys. I was already in my feelings and this popped up. I listened to it when it first came out but man this hit me even harder this time. Always love you. Praying we get to see you and Nova, in Nashville, in October. (Any way you and Church gonna link up when you are here?) *Fingers crossed* much ❤️ as always

    Heather ScottHeather Scott3 hours ago
  • #NolifeShaq

    Chichi IbegbuChichi Ibegbu4 hours ago
  • #JKBros

    Chichi IbegbuChichi Ibegbu4 hours ago
  • Ilv you brw🇲🇿

    Sadao GundanaSadao Gundana4 hours ago
  • After Tom worked with Madchild he started to sound like him in his latest tracks afterwards

    Podtrash RadioPodtrash Radio4 hours ago
  • Fire

    Daniel HipsmanDaniel Hipsman4 hours ago
  • Wow so this dude who clames to be a clone who woke up one day at a cloning facility has a playlist of songs from the illuminati and this is on the list. TOM IS FAR FROM ILLUMINATI YOU GUYS. THIS DUDE HAS STOLE MY INNER MUSIC SELF AND MADE ME A FIEND TO HIS REALNESS

    Megyn PhillipsMegyn Phillips5 hours ago
  • I love this guy amazing song

    Timm FevrierTimm Fevrier5 hours ago
  • He contradicts himself too much

    Anthony BlackburnAnthony Blackburn5 hours ago
  • 2:37 goes SO HARD. Wish there was more of that in the song too 🔥

    Justin BowmanJustin Bowman6 hours ago
  • 00:40

    xXLEGEND420XxxXLEGEND420Xx6 hours ago
  • Crying because what he’s saying is true 🤯

    Khyra LeeKhyra Lee7 hours ago
  • How do you even dislike this dude real self made.

    Gee NastyGee Nasty7 hours ago
  • Algorithms triggered by exploiting your weakness. :) I see you my bro..

    Kim FlemmingKim Flemming7 hours ago
  • "While you steal from my fans." Taking his money is the money his fans devoted to him, which technically is taking from his fans. So far, with this topic he's the only rapper I've seen see it that way. Your a real ass dude Tom MacDonald, keep doing you man. Keep fucking going

    Kaemin HunterKaemin Hunter8 hours ago
  • Trash compared to Wayne,x,juice,Kanye

    Jackson OrsbonJackson Orsbon8 hours ago
    • Cool?

      E norma StitzE norma Stitz3 hours ago
  • 2.6k ppl working for the labels.

    Mike SeamanMike Seaman8 hours ago
  • Sick ✌

    Josh FieldsJosh Fields8 hours ago
  • I love you for this your the realist

    StoneVMan700StoneVMan7008 hours ago
  • Bruh what I’m seeing in your videos comparatively to others rap videos and hip hop music videos you’re so are way more humble,. That’s what’s up,. Bruh you doing it,. Mad love bro,. Get it bro

    Ronald PuleoRonald Puleo9 hours ago
  • "They're the devil, ain't no angels in the outfield." Damn 10sec in only. That was hard.

    Excluusiive YTExcluusiive YT10 hours ago
  • He kinda sounded like he copied the flow of kid cudi

    Matthew StoneMatthew Stone10 hours ago
  • Fire

    Pacific_RootsPacific_Roots11 hours ago
  • Always nothing but fire,and cold facts,what about a colab with Tech?

    Robert SkeldingRobert Skelding11 hours ago
  • A dope concept. If you and tech N9ne did a controversial ass track on the riots and stuff happening together.

    ThatLightNinja 1997ThatLightNinja 199712 hours ago
  • Congrats Tom on 1 mill love the song hog for life

    Cohen ForbesCohen Forbes12 hours ago
  • Disgusting

    Niño OkNiño Ok13 hours ago
  • Please Do Save the Children . Child sex trafficking is world wide

    Debra SmithDebra Smith13 hours ago
  • This is fire af. ThANKS tom :D

    Luke HumphreyLuke Humphrey13 hours ago
  • This songs deeper than Hillary Clinton's emails... Tom u went in on this one homie

    jay Ljay L13 hours ago
  • I am that broke

    Kevin GrantKevin Grant13 hours ago
  • OK who dresses you????? your style rocks!!! LOL

    liz smithliz smith13 hours ago
  • this man has balls of steel for exposing the elites. i got nothing but respect for you

    C0PzC0Pz13 hours ago
  • If I had that kind of cash, I'd probably buy that car with the graffiti on it. Nice work!

    Giggle fartGiggle fart13 hours ago
  • Whats that Tom? You want to give your newest fan that Gucci vest?! Fuck yeah you are the BEST !!!!!

    Billy MOABilly MOA13 hours ago
  • #savethechildren

    Shley KingShley King14 hours ago
  • This video and the message of it is fire!!!! Thanks for being originally and not giving into the industry! You will be greatly blessed for that.

    Christina MChristina M15 hours ago
  • Im glad this guy exist !!

    syk257syk25715 hours ago
  • I been spreading the word on TM like it was covid-19 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

    C.R. QuinnC.R. Quinn16 hours ago
  • Bro the flow sick and 💯 truth.

    C.R. QuinnC.R. Quinn16 hours ago
  • Awesome video and song! As always!

    Laurie SmithLaurie Smith16 hours ago
  • Wish I had money to buy merch :( but I'm living in a fixed income in government aprts

    jessica jessicajessica jessica16 hours ago
  • NOW WE’RE RACIST BECAUSE WE LIKE TOM Ima just do me! Music

    J. Reign Ties and BarsJ. Reign Ties and Bars17 hours ago
    • ?

      Oink!Oink!13 hours ago
  • Another masterpiece from a mastermind. Always waiting to hear your new stuff. Keep Being you! We love it!!!

    Heather DoddsHeather Dodds17 hours ago
  • The ppl that disliked are just ppl that were vibin to much and were jumping up and down while listen to it they got dizzy and pressed the wrong button

    D.O.C GUAVAD.O.C GUAVA17 hours ago
  • Spoke facts.

    ciggybebsciggybebs18 hours ago
  • Great Job.... Keep killing Em tom and nova

    @IAmGoudaMan@IAmGoudaMan19 hours ago
  • Damn this song goes hard. This is what the world needs- exposure.

    Jessica uJessica u19 hours ago
  • I love your Music I blast it and tell everybody that I can about you

    Billy JenkinsBilly Jenkins19 hours ago
  • Tom bib you work Flowback in west Texas??

    Billy JenkinsBilly Jenkins20 hours ago
  • A legend

    Layla ILayla I20 hours ago
  • Wednesday Evenin At 9Pm... Get In A Car Hit 90 On Sunset... You Gotta Be Goin 90 As You Go Thru The Intersection At The Whisky... Just Do It... Dont Question It... ✌...

    Devil Breathes EasyDevil Breathes EasyDay ago
  • Tom Can You Do A Live Version Of HANGMAN... ...

    Devil Breathes EasyDevil Breathes EasyDay ago
  • Stay the same Tom

    Excision MOBExcision MOBDay ago
  • I love this dude... I'm glad he has our back. Not many people that have power has our back. Jesus is coming!!

    Elite PandaElite PandaDay ago
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    KS BeatsKS BeatsDay ago
  • The realist in the music industry. Im a fan Tom 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌Amen

    Serah FeuuSerah FeuuDay ago
  • Putting pedophile sex cults on infinite blast. #savethechildren

    larry fernandezlarry fernandezDay ago
  • Tom Macdonald is ''The Predator'' he is here for the better good ... somehow. Most haters won't realise it. The saddest part is he is feeling threatened. Truth speaker. Im more likely to support him than any other artist right now because I realize not only does the music industry need him but the fans and all other people too. If you think of it in a selfish way he is giving people tools to better get along and understand what's goin on... PROTECT TOM MACDONALD AT ALL COSTS!!! peace from Vermont!

    MartSim1095MartSim1095Day ago
    • The REAL illuminati has his back bro :)

      Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler41 minute ago
  • Drop a nother song tom please

    Robert AlsipRobert AlsipDay ago
  • Tom Macdonald is ''The Predator'' he is here for the better good ... somehow. Most haters won't realise it. The saddest part is he is feeling threatened. Truth speaker. Im more likely to support him than any other artist right now because I realize not only does the music industry need him but the fans and all other people too. If you think of it in a selfish way he is giving people tools to better get along and understand what's goin on... PROTECT TOM MACDONALD AT ALL COSTS!!! peace from Vermont!

    Martin SimardMartin SimardDay ago
    • Second time in my life i ever like one of my own comment... For tom! Keep breaking your opponents backs Brother

      Martin SimardMartin SimardDay ago
  • Ouestion, dose Tom actually believe in the whole Iluminati and selling your soul stuff, or dose he just use it as metaphors for corrupt people in positions of power and people who sell their creative liberty for money? Cuz I still can't seem tell. lol It's fine either way, I'm just curious.

    Red Shuriken RLSHRed Shuriken RLSHDay ago
    • I wondered too. To be fair whether true or not you can watch videos of artists over and over using illuminati symbols. They could be doing it for fun but who knows.

      Bryan BartonBryan Barton14 hours ago
  • It’s been hard 7 of my 40 family have died by corona,head pressure,heart attacks and comas but Tom takes my mind off of that and I love u Tom u are the most underrated rapper and thank you 😭😭😭😁😋🤝🤜🏻🤛🏻🤚🏻🤚🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🗣🗣🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵👍

    Teamflashy. LucixvTeamflashy. LucixvDay ago
  • You and dad should make another sony

    Pineapple_ plutoPineapple_ plutoDay ago
  • Gg

    masked wolfmasked wolfDay ago
  • Love this guy. His girlfriend also.

    Dorothy ScadutoDorothy ScadutoDay ago
  • I like how he says illuminate uses labels as its symbols...fckn facts...bring shit to light another good song similar is called "fly" by hopsin. Real shit...

    supermanNT8supermanNT8Day ago
  • Fa real can someone please get this dude on joe rogan experience!!!!!!!!!!!?????!!!

    Dan HesselDan HesselDay ago
  • Son of a gun! A rapper I actually respect! Not just rap industry...rock's been doing the same for many years even before The Prodigal Band Trilogy, and free pdf ebook as well. God bless this rapper for telling the truth.

    Deborah LagardeDeborah LagardeDay ago
  • Quick question What religion does the illuminati worship

    NightMusicHDNightMusicHDDay ago
  • How far can you go? You scratched the surface with the cabal. Keeping in mind you're a target. Can you go further? It's your life but if you comply they comply., Us. Masks? No mas bro. Drop that. The sheep are going along and you damn sure ain't a lamb. And most of all you know what's happening. Rap about 5gee. Research it first. It's the real virus.

    They want you deadThey want you deadDay ago
  • I love your realism & not selling out. You're a real 1. You have success without sellin yourself to the devil like these fake street rap hoes.

    Averiel DeathRiderAveriel DeathRiderDay ago
  • Woah this was too good!!! 🙌🙌

    Joshua_tree97Joshua_tree97Day ago
  • that ending lol

    Cregar BackCregar BackDay ago
  • So glad I got a real artist to listen to. Not a fake sold out one. Keep doin you! Much love! 💙💙💙💙💙

    Angel EyezAngel EyezDay ago
  • Do u guys realize he has Illuminati family bloodline and he sold out as well and these rappers are are mostly hybrid reptiles (demons) but y’all mostly be really blind he throws up devil horns etc and y’all don’t even know what it means

    Yoshy's ChannelYoshy's ChannelDay ago
  • Thank you for calling out #PizzaGate #SaveTheChildren #GoodWinsOverEvil

    Kimberly AllenKimberly AllenDay ago
  • you speak the True True!

    Rocky RooRocky RooDay ago
  • Fucking eh tom thank you for your music you've helped me outta many dark spots your one of my run to's your music saves lives that's no joke .you make me feel not so crazy

    Pam WyonchPam WyonchDay ago
  • powerful.

    Jana LeaJana LeaDay ago
  • Whoah WTF.... Did you just gain Like an Approximate 200,000 - 250k Freaking Subscribers?? ....... Since You Uploaded this End Of July to VERY Early august? I Hope my Eyes are seeing this right because you didn't have 1 million Subscribers yet that's for sure, You fucking deserve it Look atchur ass How much your HARD ASF WORK IS PAYING OFF MAN!!

    SpexMusicSpexMusicDay ago
  • Dope! wow

    Bioson tvBioson tvDay ago
  • hahaha nah i think slug smashed youvout here tom so overated when slugs still one the top 5 undergrwound mcees if not one the best

    Jesse GarrettJesse GarrettDay ago
  • Man is this as a response to his producer? Did they ever let him publish the 12 songs and video he wanted this is some bullshit from and underground producer to pull

    Scott MeckleyScott MeckleyDay ago
  • Saw this on tiktok and had to come on here to like this.

    Julia SkilesJulia SkilesDay ago
  • You inspiration to me

    Alex calderonAlex calderonDay ago
  • Has this dude ever made a song that wasn't just him complaining lmfao

    RoberturtRoberturtDay ago
  • this is the type of guy to make a song about how he didn't want lettuce on his burger

    wido 301wido 301Day ago
  • I think this is hands down my favorite of yours so far tom. Keep pushing out songs like this exposing everything, let's get people to think and do some research. I'll always be by your side

    Casey ShawCasey ShawDay ago
  • Hero

    Celo ManoCelo ManoDay ago
  • H.O.G for life ;)

    Jennie HughesJennie HughesDay ago
  • Love you bro, please stay alive and God bless you and yours .

    RIZNRIZNDay ago
  • Commercial plays right after video with straight up up ghetto gang rap 🤣😂

    Proud AmericanProud AmericanDay ago
  • This is the man i knew i could be in 6th grade when everyone told me that "thats the way it is" and i said "that makes no fucking sense"

    CoGo EntertainmentCoGo EntertainmentDay ago
  • Throwing dollars on the ground while people are suffering worldwide. That's what I call class.

    Funk illaFunk illaDay ago