The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary

Sep 13, 2020
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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on USkeys or sign up for USkeys Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: Check out USkeys Premium at: See if Premium is available in your country at:

  • Speaking from personal experience, It’s tough going through life with a narcissistic parent/parents. Especially when they blame you for your emotional and mental issues, while being aware that they are responsible for that outcome.

    Indigo_ ButterflyIndigo_ ButterflyMinute ago
  • I'm a millennial. It really made miss my teenage time when I'm watching her. Literally, I just saw Kylie everywhere 🙄. I love her too but I'm grew up with Paris Hilton vibes😍

    Wan Humiوان حوميWan Humiوان حوميMinute ago
  • i love you so much paris but wtf is this???? please

    IsaacIsaac2 minutes ago
  • I feel for her. She almost seems like she had developed multiple personality from trama its crazy seeing something that like you had no idea it was the way it really is. I really feel for her.

    Sadie PetersonSadie Peterson2 minutes ago
  • I’ve always liked Paris and I truly hope someday she finds peace from her unfortunate past growing up. These places like Provo need to be shut down and people that harm children be accountable for their actions... P.S. Paris you’re and amazing DJ and when’s your new CD coming out?❤️

    Maria AndreaMaria Andrea3 minutes ago
  • I have so much admiration for you speaking your truth ❤️ I hope you can now find a path to peace and happiness and know that this truth is going to mean so much to so many people. Hopefully seeing your courage it will give others courage to speak there truth. Thankyou for sharing your story with us x

    Keira TuckerKeira Tucker3 minutes ago
  • ❤️

    Kate LipanovicKate Lipanovic5 minutes ago
  • This was amazing! She's super strong to have overcome what she went through during her childhood and be who she is today xx

    Life With KoKoLife With KoKo6 minutes ago
  • paris hilton is the og and kim kardashian stole her idea

    ari space time and universeari space time and universe6 minutes ago
  • Too much drama. Cut the crap Paris. You don't know what is a real problem in real life outside your life. Go and see.

    srinath ksrinath k6 minutes ago
  • She look like transgender girl!!!!!

    Karole RavinKarole Ravin7 minutes ago
  • It's unfortunate that our past directs our future, but had you not experienced Provo, you may not have the recognition & wealth you do today. I wish you genuine inner happiness & healing.. It starts with you ❤️

    Amelia RawiriAmelia Rawiri7 minutes ago
  • I havnt seen Paris since watching my burned copy of One Night in Paris

    PlumberGasfitterPlumberGasfitter8 minutes ago
  • She’s a SAINT for forgiving her parents! They’d be out of my life with no questions asked! So TOXIC!!!!!

    Danielle D. MinervaDanielle D. Minerva8 minutes ago
  • I’m guilty of judging but now I have new found respect for her

    Ryan OngRyan Ong9 minutes ago
  • 💙💙💙💙💙

    MsDKingMsDKing9 minutes ago
  • Her sister is so boring .. and I thinks she's jealous off Paris that she's not

    Kerem MenachemKerem Menachem10 minutes ago
  • How Kim got shoved outta the way so the girl could get her photo with Paris 😂

    Leah BarrettLeah Barrett10 minutes ago
  • Paris you need to live just like you want, but please be yourself. You don't need to play a character. I swear, you're a beauty in the heart and soul. Never try to hide it because it's the most beautiful part of you. Don't be afraid, I swear that this world can be pretty if you look for pure hearts and souls. Ps : It's never a problem to ask for help, we are all sensitive at moment, this is normal and human. Love, A person, who speak with her emotions, heart and soul.

    Clara BRITTONClara BRITTON10 minutes ago
  • It's now clear Paris doesn't like the way she has become. She has very unhappy eyes. I knew she was hiding herself having the need of wearing sunglasses, like most of the time. Her story is for us to be reminded that anything in excess can be excruciatingly suffocating. Now, she's lived a life where she's trapped and got no way out. Those nonstop events, rebelling and fakeries were all evil pleasures-- happy at the outside, yet, a helpless and screaming-at-the-top-her-lungs inside. At times, we think that parenting the way her parents did- like having your kids enrolled at a Personality Development class, learning the Etiquette to becoming a debutante, to be very proper and very prim was admirable and undeniably every parents' dream for their kids, too. Little didn't we realize the repercussions your kids can be caged into. Nothing can be happier than living a life of free. No social pressure, peer pressure, and parental pressure, like let it work just naturally freeway. Today is a more unmasked Paris -- matured and learned. Kudos to the makers of this documentary!

    Seffy SabanaSeffy Sabana10 minutes ago
  • It’s so hard to find someone who genuinely loves you when you are so rich and powerful. The glamour nightmare that we don’t see. Wish I can give you a hug. If you ever need a family that’ll make you forget about everything. Your always welcome at my home. That’s sounds weird but you got a friend in me.

    Baby MaxisBaby Maxis11 minutes ago
  • She looks so sad :(

    iamofftoneverlandiamofftoneverland11 minutes ago
  • That was actually amazing 😭

    cassidy jensencassidy jensen12 minutes ago
  • This is awesome!

    Jay Chadwick RugbyJay Chadwick Rugby12 minutes ago
  • i always thought she was playing a persona, also i never understood the hate towards her. i’m glad she decided to tell her story, hope she becomes the best version of herself.

    El. C.El. C.13 minutes ago
  • To the guy who said nothing happened to her its just dreams, wtf is wrong with you ?? How traumatic would it be to be asleep in your bed & be taken out of your home by some strange men, to such a shitty,abusive place. No wonder she doesn't sleep.. Paris if you ever read this your a absolute beautiful person on the inside & out . I'm a pinch older than you .& when I first started noticing you in 2000 whatever it was lol I judged you. Im woman enough to say that. But I'm sorry for that 😔 truly. I see your a survivor just like me. Your an amazing person. Lots of love 💘 stay safe

    Amanda westAmanda west13 minutes ago
  • I’ve been saying for YEARS that Paris is smarter than people know. The fact that she hid this pain for many years, makes me sad. Especially since I was born and raised in Utah. Thank you Paris for being strong and I hope no child ever has to go through what you did.

    mizzbutterfly81mizzbutterfly8113 minutes ago
  • I wish I could take you away from all your pain.

    J JJ J15 minutes ago
  • Paris, tu devrais simplement donner tout ce truc dans ton placard et dans ta chambre. L'altruisme est très sous-estimé et cela vous aidera à vous sentir mieux. meilleurs voeux :)

    ChadChad16 minutes ago

    worldwideuglyworldwideugly17 minutes ago
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate that even though Paris has NEVER been shown true, I'm here for you always, caring, now & always pure LOVE..she gives it out to her friend's, family & fans without a second thought! ❤️❤️ A true sweetheart who DID NOT deserve what happened to her. #BreakCodeSilence

    Leanne RobertsonLeanne Robertson18 minutes ago

    Ding whiteDing white18 minutes ago
  • omg I hope Paris heals from the mind control asap!!! x ♥

    luukasslluukassl22 minutes ago
  • Nicki is condescending af...

    The Classic BeautyThe Classic Beauty22 minutes ago
  • Paris is such a worthy person. I'm incredibly proud of how brave she is through all these experiences. She is someone I truly look up to.

    iceederpiceederp23 minutes ago
  • Stay strong Paris, you got this!! 🥰

    Rae KosterRae Koster24 minutes ago
  • The saddest girl in the world. She is me, I am her, she is us.

    the dog chickthe dog chick24 minutes ago
  • The mother was the problem, that’s usually how it is for how most of these famous people who become fame whores who do stupid things. Seeking attention in another way since their parents didn’t give them it and rebelling. Always comes down to the parents/guardians.

    TaylorTaylor25 minutes ago
  • that laugh and smile tho. Call me Ms.Hilton I will gladly treat you the way a woman is suppose to be treated and just a little bit more.

    JJ SanchezJJ Sanchez25 minutes ago
  • Insane, happy ending, congrats

    J AleJ Ale26 minutes ago
  • I think it's sad that even though Paris talks about getting beat by her teachers her mother didn't say anything about that. All she kept doing was shaking her head and talking about Paris's running away from the camp. I have two children and if anyone of them went through that I would feel so bad. I would be sobbing while talking about that.

    Ari GreeneAri Greene27 minutes ago
  • Don't envy the rich.. not all that glitters is gold.

    April SkyApril Sky27 minutes ago
  • Thank you for showing us your true self. I pray that you will be able to make peace with your past and live the life free from all these anxiety and nightmares. It will take times but you’ll be there. Trust the process, believe in Him.

    thearmyofskankthearmyofskank28 minutes ago
  • Wow .... this was great 👏🏻👏🏻

    Elaine SmithElaine Smith28 minutes ago
  • Her mother is a disgusting human.

    Maria PiaMaria Pia30 minutes ago
  • We love you even more now Queen.

    Ashbash214Ashbash21430 minutes ago
  • i’m so sorry but is this supposed to be a joke???? honestly this entire story plus the “acting” from everyone “in a documentary” was the least bit convincing.. fr wtf is this??? this is so disgusting

    IsaacIsaac30 minutes ago
  • Totally NOT what was I expecting... Perspectives have definitely changed... my heart just goes out for her.

    rtjeff83rtjeff8331 minute ago
  • You are gorgeous Paris. A beautiful person inside and out 💙

    Ricky-lee CookeRicky-lee Cooke32 minutes ago
  • Respect Paris! I like the real you.

    Amanda GrahamAmanda Graham33 minutes ago
  • 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

    Kim KiraKim Kira34 minutes ago
  • That cover of girls just want to have fun 👌 prefection. It fits the meaning so so well. Can't even put it into words.

    arielkmusicarielkmusic34 minutes ago
  • Paris is a genius, a warrior, and very much normal. ♥️🙏🏼

    Pa Yeng YangPa Yeng Yang37 minutes ago
  • I have never been a Paris Hilton fan but now I just want to protect her and give her a hug. Just know that silence about trama only fosters more of it. Now your not so that will help make you free like your friend was saying.

    Bobbi Lace BeautyBobbi Lace Beauty38 minutes ago
  • The school probably changed her life😢😢

    Zero AkshiZero Akshi38 minutes ago
  • So much mannerism.

    NastyTeensNastyTeens39 minutes ago
  • 1:07:35 does she say "i love you Poland" when she's actually in Belgium for tomorrowland?

    Frederico MartinsFrederico Martins40 minutes ago
  • Still no idea why she is famous!

    srinath ksrinath k40 minutes ago
    • She’s famous for being famous

      TaylorTaylor33 minutes ago
  • Pretty kool doco! I knew she was kinda cool, different to your average typical blonde but now she's genuine and kool nice kind normal average person thank you for sharing Paris Hilton. 😊🙌🙏💖💖

    Empress ChariotEmpress Chariot41 minute ago
  • She is one strong woman!!

    Camilla SaietzCamilla Saietz41 minute ago
  • you should do a part 2 it would be amazing love you paris i hope you get better

    alexa galeanaalexa galeana42 minutes ago
  • I was born to a "Narccist" and the relationships that followed were not much better. About 4 years ago, I finally stopped "the cycle" and worked on myself. I get it, Paris. I get it...

    S DawkinsS Dawkins42 minutes ago
  • ✨✨✨❤️I’s amazing how relatable this is. Thanks Paris. I hope you truly find happiness love . To be free and at peace you deserve it.

    Grace BasseyGrace Bassey43 minutes ago
  • I don't like Alex 😂. He needs to get on somewhere

    Koda MaddoxKoda Maddox43 minutes ago
  • Such a crazy story, the end part was so sad 😭😭 what a genuine nice girl Paris is x

    Jasvinder GillJasvinder Gill43 minutes ago
  • The way Alex was treating her what a f***wit

    Waiza khanWaiza khan44 minutes ago
  • So when were her and Nicole Richie friends? She doesn't mention her at all

    Way2RealWay2Real44 minutes ago
  • I’ve never been a fan of Paris.... until now :)

    Abbie RobertsAbbie Roberts45 minutes ago
  • My favourite part is when that girl didn’t want a photo with kim kardashian

    Nana TrollfaceNana Trollface46 minutes ago
  • I hope your heart heals and you begin to experience life exactly as you envisioned as a little girl, free. I am saddened by the fact that the media was so cruel to you, without anyone ever asking you anything about your heart.

    atopali10atopali1047 minutes ago
  • As a survivor of abuse i could relate to this in so many ways, i was abused by a babysitter, I never. Talked about it, I only talked to my mum once, and i think my parents were as tramatised us in a way, they didnt want to believe that that had happened through a situation they kind of put me in, dont be to hard on Paris’s mum she didnt know, she thought like lots of parents seemingly did that she was doing the best for her wild child, and she needs to process it too, it will have been a shock to her too.

    Betty BordelloBetty Bordello48 minutes ago
  • Paris Hilton I Hope To Meet You Someday Then I Will Sit Down To Chat With You...As I See That You Are A Beautiful Soul & Person...Stay Blessed,Happy,Strong,Healthy & Beautiful.

    Queen Marilyn E A V BQueen Marilyn E A V B49 minutes ago
  • This is such a strong and powerful movement! I am truly inspired by your braveness to overcome this. Thank you

    Luke EllisLuke Ellis49 minutes ago

    danizulmondanizulmon49 minutes ago
  • It’s the era of abuse stories.

    NastyTeensNastyTeens50 minutes ago
    • That’s not a bad thing

      TaylorTaylor31 minute ago
  • This was incredibly brave. Your parents and unfortunate excuse of a spineless sister owe you many apologies. Your heart is pure, you are deserving of happiness and safe love. Stay strong, the best is yet to come ❤️❤️❤️

    Maaria SMaaria S50 minutes ago
  • this is heartbreaking to watch, she needs to do mushroom therapy asap.

    Marty JudgeMarty Judge51 minute ago

    Nimbey KipaNimbey Kipa51 minute ago

    ilovementholilovementhol51 minute ago
  • She’s such a spoiled and infantile brat. Embodiment of narcissist.

    Yoma NgoYoma Ngo52 minutes ago
    • You probably didn’t even watch it and hear her real story so clearly the only narcissist here is you.

      TaylorTaylor30 minutes ago
    • Shut up

      Lele YangLele Yang50 minutes ago
  • 30 minutes in, I just want to give her a hug and make her feel like she has a friend. I already liked her, but now I love her to be honest.

    Yoongi 1004Yoongi 100452 minutes ago
  • you can kinda tell her mom felt bad about putting her in provo at the end, but her pride got in the way of her saying sorry.

    Sami RodallegasSami Rodallegas53 minutes ago
  • WOW

    ChubbachuubsChubbachuubs54 minutes ago
  • Gosh her mum finding out her child was mistreated, abused, punished.... zero emotion! No apology... just no ownership... Paris will get more support and acceptance from her fellow class mates

    Adele DelerocheAdele Deleroche54 minutes ago
  • I weren’t expecting to cry so early in the morning. I have so much new found respect for Paris. She’s a rock star.

    Shanae OneikaShanae Oneika55 minutes ago
  • Paris is so inspiring as a women. I've followed her on USkeys since ''cooking with Paris'' came out. I haven't slept this night. I felt so sad because of questioning my life and doubting myself. I've failed an exam again. I've really tried to ignore my sadness. Snoozing the pain with music. But my anxiety got me again. When I'm feeling like this my whole body hurts. Then I couldn't sleep so I watched the documentary. I cried a lot because of her pain. I've also grew up in a toxic and abusive family environment. Even though my biggest emotional abuser (father) isn't home anymore and seems to never come back, the trauma and the pains stay. But I'm visiting a therapist now and do as much as I can to heel. I'm still not able to talk about my pain and to trust people. But I try. It's my first time sharing my feelings in the comment section. Thank you for sharing Paris.

    Yana MeoYana Meo55 minutes ago
  • This was beautiful, thank you for doing this. I hope it helps you and all of the rest of the survivors.

    Natalie F BNatalie F B55 minutes ago
  • I hate how ppl are like “oh poor little rich girl and her problems” money doesn’t equal happiness and her trauma is valid. She’s still a person. But what she’s created for herself has been incredible. Her life though looks exhausting..

    Gal0123Gal012356 minutes ago
  • Iam glad she is being herself,you cant give ur kids away no mather how rich u are spend the time talk to them

    Audrey DempseyAudrey Dempsey56 minutes ago
  • "My last vacation was when I was 15..." says this spoiled brat who enjoyed life like crazy

    Frederico MartinsFrederico Martins57 minutes ago
  • so proud she finally got her own freedom and proven she's strong and independant. they tortured her body but couldn't her soul

    Simple LifeSimple Life57 minutes ago
  • Her mom is emotionless 🙄

    Rana A. AbdallaRana A. Abdalla57 minutes ago
  • I just want to hug her and tell her she's worthy and deserves to be happy

    Maťka MatulákováMaťka Matuláková57 minutes ago
  • *hugs*

    MarqusMarqus58 minutes ago
  • THAT'S HOT 🤑

    Billie EyelashBillie Eyelash58 minutes ago
  • 24:30 it's so strange to see Kim Kardashian being excluded in the background of the photo

    Okuhle ZoteOkuhle Zote58 minutes ago
  • Her sister is the worse sister on this planet,she wanted to go get her sunglasses wtf why make it a big deal omg,that kinda makes me think she been jealous of her sister's beauty(Paris)

    Eureka NdavaniEureka Ndavani59 minutes ago
    • Just her success in general because her sister is just as beautiful

      Ari GreeneAri Greene43 minutes ago
  • Did she just drop her rabbit at (8:36)????

    Tim VisserTim VisserHour ago
  • seriously i havent even ade it halfway thru this and i love it im glad you finally opened up to show who you really are and not just that but everything you have gone thru and continue to go thru from the trauma to your career. stay strong and keep pushin paris.

  • 1:17:25 So it worked !!

    NastyTeensNastyTeensHour ago