Ariela GOES OFF On Biniyam Over The State Of Their Apartment | 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

Oct 14, 2020
127 988 Views

Ariela has been feeling a bit weird ever since her mother left. When she talks to Bini about moving to a better apartment and he refuses, she explodes.
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  • Bexam yehgarmal tigasthk yehgarmal ehsi

    Yeshii TarefeYeshii Tarefe6 hours ago
  • ashoka deraslhahwe ooooooo

    sentayehu cooksentayehu cook8 hours ago
  • Am Ethiopian also but I don’t like him look his skinny jeans 👖 and the style like a kid! All he is faking to be with her all I can see from him gain advantage from this poor girl.

    Lilly TesfayLilly Tesfay8 hours ago
  • Hummm, why did she go to Ethiopia? What’s she doing there in third world country when she know that it’s not like her spoiled American way. Why did he wants to be with this girl anyways? She has no respect for him and he’s begging this girl? This is absolutely not the Ethiopian way. We respect anyone as a human being but we’ve dignity. I’m even embarrassed to see this show.

    Falem AlemFalem Alem21 hour ago
  • 90 DF is one of the most sick, twisted and convoluted shows out there . . .And that's why we love it so much !!

    Savior FlairSavior FlairDay ago
  • Omg she is hard, she makes him depressed

    Sally HabeshaSally HabeshaDay ago
  • Stop acting like a Jewish princess!

    Scott GregoryScott GregoryDay ago
  • አምስት መቶ ዶላር ሰራለው አልክ ምን አላት ወንድሜ

    ናርዶስ አየለናርዶስ አየለDay ago
  • My poor compatriot😔what kan you do in this situation when you dont have enough that you want to give. ገንዘብ ገንዘብ ያለው ያው ያለው ያውጣ፡ ሑሉም እንዴልፉለት አንደኝው ለሌላው... Tilahon Gesese's song... muchs perfekt to this vido!

    Gee MayleGee Mayle2 days ago
  • I think this girl is a loving person❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

    Gee MayleGee Mayle2 days ago
  • All these beautiful women in Ethiopia and you letting this chick stress you out?

    Afia AfiaAfia Afia3 days ago
  • ልጁ በጣም አሳዘነኝ

    emu nebil nebilemu nebil nebil3 days ago
  • 1400 dollars for tht shit apartment u can get a villa in india

    aditya reddyaditya reddy3 days ago
  • Trashy

    De EeDe Ee3 days ago
  • 45, thousand for the apartment 🤔🤔🤔

    Tigist MeraTigist Mera4 days ago
  • He is every dad man

    Membi AdalMembi Adal4 days ago
  • Wow I admire this guys hustle

    Lara CahowLara Cahow4 days ago
  • Lol ,the taxi drivers face!😂

    Diie AnaDiie Ana5 days ago
  • እንዴት ነው ይሄልጅ የነጮች ቂጨ ይጣፍጣል እንዴት ነጭ አያሳደድክ የምታገባው ከዛን ማልቀስ ምናምን ቻለው አግዴ ።

    Raheel WORKURaheel WORKU5 days ago
    • ክክክክክክክክቅ

      Sisi sisioSisi sisio5 days ago
  • the whole world should have been born in America,,lmao we were born here and we have been around, stop misusing the guy to satisfy your ego

    monde libangamonde libanga5 days ago
  • ኡፍፍፍፍፍ ብኒየም የምር ሀንጀቴን ናው የበለኝ ከዚ በለይ ምን የርግሽ

    Aaliyah OsmanAaliyah Osman5 days ago
    • Aetafregebeta wude betashbechna tach mataha shlemawudeha new yemataleke 2 new yemazazanata

      ስለሁሉም ነገር እግዚእብሔር ይመስገን ስለሁሉምስለሁሉም ነገር እግዚእብሔር ይመስገን ስለሁሉም5 days ago
  • ወይ መሰኪን ተቃጠልክ ያለ ባህልህ አገብተህ ወይ ሰቃይ ነው አረ እንዲያው የኛን ውንዶቸ እማ ይበላቸሁ

    EilseEilse5 days ago
  • "I don't wanna stay here for no reason.." what? The father of your child & the relationship he has with his child isn't reason enough? If you didn't want to move to Ethiopia, maybe don't have a child with someone there. What a joke.

    B BaqB Baq5 days ago
  • Wow he said what OMG 😳 you need to live this guy right there. his so stupid un responsible person ! he has no respect at all my Dear tell him go to hell 😡

    Emu AddisEmu Addis6 days ago
  • He washes the clothes. I'm sorry. In my opinion, couples should have the same culture. You should have married an Ethiopian woman.

    Zizu TubeZizu Tube7 days ago
  • sheeeeeeeesh, she reminds me of my ex :s

    Bader Al-FailechawiBader Al-Failechawi7 days ago
  • She's manipulating this guy so he can come close to her. He's traumatized for what happened with his ex wife.

    Honey BunsHoney Buns7 days ago
  • She shouldve been slapped a long time ago.. like as a child 😂😂🤷‍♂️

    elchamaco15elchamaco157 days ago
  • Some wemen pretend just only to get Attention when there see it man care about them so know it in American you can not get aman like that. And in American there is no many Rich men. What is wrong with being alone it home? Why do you get pregnant why you didn't take birth control? Usey people get married first and fix house and everything befor haveing children. You can get pregnant only because you wonna hold aman to be with you.

    Pamela AlumPamela Alum7 days ago
  • She is too old for him but she act like 16 Send her us u gonna get Peace ✌️

    Mazer Love Mazer LifeMazer Love Mazer Life7 days ago
  • Biniyam gen batam lamanikati eko

    Bezi tube ቤዛዊት ድሪባBezi tube ቤዛዊት ድሪባ8 days ago
  • አተስ ምን ነጭ ላይ አጠለጠለክ. ወደህ ገብተሀል ቻለው. ምን አለበት የሀገርህን ልጅ ብታገባ. ለሀበሻ ሴቶችማ መች ክብር ታውቁና. ያም አለ ያ. ወደፊት. ሀበሻ ሴት እደምታገባ. እርግጠኛ ነኝ.

    ዬደብረታቦሯ ነኝዬደብረታቦሯ ነኝ8 days ago
  • It’s the taxi drivers facial expression for me 😅😭

    AnaMaria AlvaradoAnaMaria Alvarado8 days ago
  • Ari, welcome to third world Ethiopia! Have you tried cooking with fire wood yet?

    RKhealth BeautypalaceRKhealth Beautypalace8 days ago
  • Good for him if he was married ethiopan women it was the oppsite ethiopan man has no respect for a women

    Sushyy BabizSushyy Babiz9 days ago
  • The words I love you is used too loosely.

    Diesel World ReactionsDiesel World Reactions9 days ago
  • as my observation there is a language barrier; he said something because he has only that word to say and as a main point he is a gold digger she can check it by her self. i know this is my country definitely the is not in love. and his sisters oooooh God!!!!!!!!! i wish i could know Ari to support her like a sister. if i was Ari i will stop any communication with his sisters.

    Hilina SeifuHilina Seifu9 days ago
  • Does her face have any other facial expressions. She looks dead

    Royal TouchRoyal Touch10 days ago
  • አንተ የ አገርህን ልጅ አታገባም ዉይ በ ጌታ ልጅ አለማይት በጣም ያማል ካገር ልጂ በትውልድ ልጆች ከማይት አትከለከልም ብቻ ሶስተኛ ሀበሻ እደምታገባ ተሰፋ አለኝ አንቺ ግን ሚጥሚጣ ነሽ ዉድሚን አቃጠልሽዉ ዉይ ዉይ

    • እሱ ነው እንጂ የማይረባ አገራችንን በእንደዚህ በወረደ ነገር እያሳየ አሸማቀቀን ሌላው ቢቀር እኮ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ እሱን ብላ ስትኤድ ያሳያት ነገር ልክ አይደለም

      Tsion TureTsion Ture7 days ago
    • ወንዶች በሂወታቸው ሙሉ የሚጠሉት ነገር ቢኖር ጭቅጭቅ ነው ቻለው እንግዲህ እና ምንም ሊግባቡ እልቻሉም የሷንም ችግር በሚገባ እረዳለሁ እንደሴት ግን ደግሞ እሱ አቅሙን ግልፅ አድርጎ መንገር አለበት ለሷ

      Meaza GebrehiwotMeaza Gebrehiwot8 days ago
  • ወይኔ አቀጣለቺው

    souda yasinsouda yasin10 days ago
  • This is what happen when u date western woman who call themselves modern and civilized.! Thank God am Ethiopian

  • My drivers ,plesse , take care of your self from_ Ari. 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 !!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    ኣምላኬ ሆይ ማረኝ!!! ስለ ድንግል ብለህ ማረኝ!!!ኣምላኬ ሆይ ማረኝ!!! ስለ ድንግል ብለህ ማረኝ!!!10 days ago
  • She was so happy when she realized finally hot water!!! People r struggling for a drink water... Life is so unfair

    Eah EmbayeEah Embaye10 days ago
  • እረ የትርጉም ያለ

    Mazi & Bina vlogsMazi & Bina vlogs10 days ago
    • ክክክክክክ

      Lol HaioarLol Haioar5 days ago
  • Tell me this ain’t serious like she isn’t like this off camera

    Ermias tErmias t10 days ago
  • I really sorry for her, to be honest he does not deserve to be husband! I don't think so he is really man to .He treated her very bad !

    Helen AdonaiHelen Adonai10 days ago
  • ቀና በል ወንድሜ ለምን ታለቅሳለህ ለነጭ

    Sel 123Sel 12310 days ago
  • She is complain a lot, this is Africa before she start date with him she should think all this going to happen.

    A mA m10 days ago
  • the taxi driver tho

    tik tok specialtik tok special11 days ago
  • I really don't like this girl, that stupid smirk annoys me aswell

    Stephanie SimpkinsStephanie Simpkins11 days ago
  • She's way too unattractive to be this demanding

    No SignalNo Signal11 days ago
  • ቢኒ ሀበሻ ነህ እኮ ጠንከር በል እንዴ 😳

    HIWOTHIWOT11 days ago
    • 😄😄😄

      ኢክራም ጀማል ሀሰን ከአለሁበትኢክራም ጀማል ሀሰን ከአለሁበት9 days ago
  • If you don't like our country get out of there poor guy

    Dagmawit TeferaDagmawit Tefera13 days ago
  • Deavan is better than Ari ...

    Mrs YusufMrs Yusuf15 days ago
  • sounds like some people I personally know, super spoiled don't know how to be patient think that the world owes them everything. Any little bit of struggle is the end of the world for them. They make choices and can't handle the responsibility that goes along with it and then blames others. Even when everything is fine there is always a problem.Everything just has to be right and handed down to them on a silver platter. The efforts of others and emotion of others are meaningless. They can never see the good in the situation, they are never happy and can never be thankful.

    NaMiYummyNaMiYummy15 days ago
  • The taxi driver‘s face 😂😂😂😂😂 @6:57

    Destiny RodriguezDestiny Rodriguez15 days ago
  • I would tell her ; im not going to chase u. If u want to go bye

    Dia KeyDia Key17 days ago
  • Who gets pregnant before knowing all these things

    Rohit PaluruRohit Paluru17 days ago
  • She horrible person head wreaker that guy needs a break.. She loves him really!!!why go live there if not suitable she needs a slap into reality

    Catherine PowerCatherine Power17 days ago
  • Tell her you love her , and you can’t live with out her. This words women want here from her man.

    R TR T17 days ago
  • They want all these foreign men and start moaning

    LeWLeW18 days ago
  • run man. run. she is horrid.

    M SirM Sir18 days ago
  • And why is he washing the clothes

    Miss MoniqueMiss Monique18 days ago
  • He is one of my favorite men on this show he busts his ass for his family and is so patient with her. She is so frustrating and freaks out for no reason she seems emotionally immature.

    Amber NollAmber Noll19 days ago
  • im gonna cry he soo cute :(

    shentel pokuaahshentel pokuaah19 days ago
  • My God, this poor guy - he deserves so much better than this whiny, entitled, unlikeable brat. Daddy's spoiled little princess is apparently used to stomping her feet and having a tantrum if things don't go her way all the time. I really hope he can find someone who will be good to him, he deserves it. I bet he curses the day he met her.

    Jilly234Jilly23420 days ago
  • Her attempt at emotional manipulation is disgusting. She was completely gaslighting him in this conversation and she looked like she said it on purpose to upset him - the typical hallmark of a sociopath - or - at the very least a narcissist. To me, it looked like she had this smug smile on her face the whole time. She is so entitled, controlling and unlikeable!

    Jilly234Jilly23420 days ago
  • She doesn’t love him, home is where the person you love is! If said person is trying as hard as he is how could you not comprise to keep your family together smh

    She’s ViShe’s Vi20 days ago
  • "How would you feel if I leave?" "I mean I didn't say I was going to leave - I.. " Yeah she's one of those who needs to see the guy get upset to prove to herself that he loves her.

    sophie gracesophie grace20 days ago
  • The way the taxi driver head swiveled when she said she `i came here from the u.s.' 😂

    Sha WeSha We21 day ago
  • He deserves a better woman, a true partner, not that ungrateful 😔

    Wendy MaldonadoWendy Maldonado21 day ago
  • She loves the dude. Just a drama queen.

    chukwuemeka ezechukwuemeka eze21 day ago
  • Hats of too men who hold their homes together.

    chukwuemeka ezechukwuemeka eze21 day ago
  • Woman you are lucky to have a baby Ethiopian men you are complaining a lot if you don't like the culture of the country why you going far away

    Tringo GebeyehuTringo Gebeyehu22 days ago
  • Man I feel so bad for him

    Jully ChemJully Chem22 days ago
  • He’s crying and she’s smiling -.- come on

    Jully ChemJully Chem22 days ago
  • This is absurd,she should go back to America coz seriously she is just draining this guy right left and center.When will she learn she is in Africa,everything is different.Biniyam my brother you deserve better,forget the visa,if she were to take you to her country it would be worse!!!!!

    Mbugua ElizabethMbugua Elizabeth22 days ago
  • I'm overwhelmed by the fact that you did no OR apparently not enough research on his country. What an immature person she is! Send her home....keep the baby.

    Ms_Linda SueMs_Linda Sue22 days ago
  • Father doctor and why she cannot find the guy in USA ? This is like my parents money I don’t care

    Chhiring SherpaChhiring Sherpa22 days ago
  • Shes SOOOO ANNOYING, this how yall keep yall man now ?😂

    Tierae WoodwardTierae Woodward23 days ago
  • Ariela can easily break this man emotionally she's giving mental torture with her ever nitpicking complaints

    Josephine MpunduJosephine Mpundu24 days ago
  • She didn't now about family

    lily tilahunlily tilahun24 days ago
  • That face at 6:57....:) :) :)

    No good reasonNo good reason24 days ago
  • He's trying so hard to provide everything she needs. But she's in nesting mode and not having a safe comfortable place to bring up a baby, is causing her huge distress.

    Jenette MerliniJenette Merlini24 days ago
  • The solution is so simple 🙄 have the baby in America where there's proper hospitals, have your Mum there to help, and somewhere to live. Meanwhile, he fixes up the cousin's place so it's suitable for a new Mum and baby. When everything's settled and stable on both sides, go to Ethiopia and stay and make a home and family. Win win for everyone.

    Jenette MerliniJenette Merlini24 days ago
  • What a stuck up silver spoon fed pipi in her pampys as girl.

    Juliana DelaoJuliana Delao24 days ago
  • God she gets on my 1 nerve. Its all I I I I... selfish.

    Beverley FisherBeverley Fisher25 days ago
  • He makes 500 dollars a month in africa that s a fortune

    kofi henry joelkofi henry joel25 days ago
  • This lady is just annoying

    Owusu CeletialOwusu Celetial26 days ago
  • She’s torturing him on purpose.

    Summer NoelSummer Noel26 days ago
  • This girl she acting like kids uff idiot

    Lidu lidkaLidu lidka27 days ago
  • He said too many times I live you that makes women to spoil

    Tsenu AshnaTsenu Ashna27 days ago
  • This just goes to show you the huge cultural difference. The apartment cost is a lot there. In a country where an average salary can’t support that.

    Manaar BroxtonManaar Broxton28 days ago
  • This woman will be single for a long time

    Livin With The SimwatasLivin With The Simwatas28 days ago
  • Im sorry but when the camera turned to him with that pink shower cap probably washing her shit stained draws i died 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dude what did u get urself into???!! Shes playing mind games manipulating him oh well he chose her 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    Sophia MariaSophia Maria29 days ago
  • She's so selfish, I feel bad for him. She only cares about what she wants. Sad a kid was brought into this world in that type of situation. Definitely does not deserve that.

    Enrique ChavezEnrique ChavezMonth ago
  • That first apartment was more expensive then some nicer apartments in Santa Cruz

    Sara F.Sara F.Month ago
  • Her nose is weird...

    N KN KMonth ago
  • አረ አስረዱኝ እስቲ ኢሄ ነገር ቀልድ ነው አደል ወይኔ ተሰቃየብኝ ወንድሜ

    Atsede getuAtsede getuMonth ago
    • @saron addis 😂😂😂😂😂አዎ

      Atsede getuAtsede getu12 hours ago
    • ወደሽ ከተደፍሽ .....ሆኖበት ነው

      saron addissaron addis11 days ago
  • የምን መለማመጥ ነዉ!! ለምን አሜሪካ አትሄዱም? በጣም ነዉ የቀበጠችዉ!!

    EyobEyobMonth ago
    • እውነት ነው

      Masca LamMasca Lam3 days ago