JR Smith IS BACK! BEST Highlights & CLUTCH Shots! Welcome to Los Angeles Lakers!

Jun 29, 2020
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Check out the best highlights, plays & moments by JR Smith from the last 5 seasons!
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  • the clutch shot anginst the bulls the cavs lost that game to a d rose buzzer beater

    Arya4KArya4K5 days ago
  • Is it just me or did that man just say if it ain’t rough I aint right

    Darrick McGheeDarrick McGhee7 days ago
  • 4:13 #24 bout to lose his head off .. LMFAOO

  • This is a dream come true....now lets get swaggy p on a team ppl sleep on how much he helped the warriors that one season

    Dragon FatherDragon Father9 days ago
  • Man I love the 2014-2016 cavs team. So dominate

    Bigchungus ABigchungus A10 days ago
  • The henny god

    Jose RiosJose Rios11 days ago
  • Who here after Jr just went TF off on the wizards lol

    Reido SReido S12 days ago
  • If jr was playing he was on the knicks and nuggets cleveland wouldve fucking won

    SHDW _ cAmOSHDW _ cAmO16 days ago
  • best way to guard him is leave him wide open

    slamandjam2slamandjam218 days ago
  • How much help does Lebron need? 🤔😅

    PanchitoKush ReyesPanchitoKush Reyes18 days ago
  • I miss the 1990-2016 Knicks 🤧

    Anthony JimenezAnthony Jimenez18 days ago
  • Timeout 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Michigan Wolverine in DallasMichigan Wolverine in Dallas18 days ago
  • Kyle Kuzma hates the SPOT-UP SHOOTER ROLE. Lebron James wanted former teammate for more offensive firepower. 😀😀😀 Fans only want to talk about the defensive side of the ball when it comes to the Bench Unit.

    DeAndre PageDeAndre Page18 days ago
  • Despite all the slander this man one of the greatest playoffs performers ever 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Benelius Paige IIBenelius Paige II19 days ago
  • JR “ I blow cocaine up my nose then bang hookers, then I smoke weed allday “ Smith

    One TimeOne Time19 days ago
  • Light one up for this 🤣🤣

    O KO K20 days ago
  • He could've been like T Mac.

    tayluc 777tayluc 77721 day ago
  • JR almost took out Hollis-Jefferson and Varejao with his hype @ 4:15 lol

    Graham TurnerGraham Turner22 days ago
  • One of the greatest 3 pt shooters in NBA history. Google it.

    info 111info 11122 days ago
  • I ain’t gone cap JR one of my favorite players to come through the league he was always talented never scared of the big moments & has always been a better defender than he got credit for happy he’s getting another shot!

    Leonard JacksonLeonard Jackson22 days ago
  • 5:06

    Rama DasRama Das23 days ago

    Lebron AnthonyLebron Anthony24 days ago
  • 0:29 tf

    SyxnqSyxnq26 days ago
  • He be hoopin doe 👀

    Señor ShaZamySeñor ShaZamy26 days ago
  • JR got that crazy bounce 🐰

    Marcus RussellMarcus Russell28 days ago
  • LOFL!!!

    Hernad4Hernad428 days ago
  • Henny JR in the house🥃🥃🤣🤣

    nas boinas boi28 days ago
  • When the season over waive Dudley and keep jr

    Stefan McCulloughStefan McCullough29 days ago
  • Jr smith is going to be the Kobe of the lakers and number one ☝🏽 championship

    Sterling Barksdale Jr Boss King Ceo Tyme OneSterling Barksdale Jr Boss King Ceo Tyme OneMonth ago
  • '3:31' When anyone wishes for some Gift Cards only make a search: ⇒ *eGiftaholic* So nice it exists in 2020!! είναι ένα εργαλείο εργασίας για όλους

    Stefen AmesStefen AmesMonth ago
  • Mans been nice

    Big Uzi VertBig Uzi VertMonth ago
  • Im just so scared for LeBron. We all know JR is trying to end his career smh

    creemcreemMonth ago
  • JR still can ball esp. in clutch time. Big pick up for Lakers.

    Alika MuneliAlika MuneliMonth ago
  • Ordre here www.teechip.com/lebronjames22

    Aymn LbaaliAymn LbaaliMonth ago
  • Smitty!! His shooting form is a thing of beauty 🔥🔥

    Mikelle NarcieseMikelle NarcieseMonth ago
  • And we shall get that...I still would of picked Jamal Crawford tho..no shade thrown at jr but we all know Jamal can light dat bitch up

    definition of highdefinition of highMonth ago
  • 4:14 JR nearly knocks #24 out with a HUGE right hook.

    Benjamin HollowayBenjamin HollowayMonth ago
  • No one cares that the LA thugs signed another gangster

    Jake CahillJake CahillMonth ago
  • Hi everyone, I play NBA LIVE Mobile too! Go watch my newest video: @

    Epic NathanEpic NathanMonth ago
  • Jr almost slept his teammate at 4:15 lmfao

    AlwaysGodleeAlwaysGodleeMonth ago
  • JR. for the win!!!!!!

    Jezreel CanizaresJezreel CanizaresMonth ago
  • No not this guy

    Ty LawsonTy LawsonMonth ago
  • Everybody: "Oh god! REALLY?! Alrighty then."

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnonMonth ago
  • He’s definitely a great player , only flaw I see is he is sometimes sloppy 💯

    SiightsIQSiightsIQMonth ago
  • Some of the best highlights in NBA HISTORY were made by: JR SMITH💯

    ZLOW The GamerZLOW The GamerMonth ago
    • Hays why smith again

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnonMonth ago
  • Where was all that in the finals 😭

    Smd CaroSmd CaroMonth ago
  • 4:13 he almost smack the life out of hollis-jefferson.

    TunyingTunyingMonth ago
  • Nooooooo he already sold 🤦🏾‍♂️with Lebron we don’t need him

    OFFx WHxTEOFFx WHxTEMonth ago
  • This is what he can do...it dont mean he hon do it !!!💯

    PL LyonsPL LyonsMonth ago

    Tim DTim DMonth ago
  • Cant wait to see playoff JR... sometimes he'll go off and hit 4 3's in a row in the 4th quarter

    notsure ifsrsnotsure ifsrsMonth ago
  • Song at 5:50?

    Purple mambaPurple mambaMonth ago
  • No “We just saw a man fly”? One of his best

    bouytt guytbouytt guytMonth ago
  • The saviour is here ,we deff winning that chip now!bahhhhhh

    Jax MunroeJax MunroeMonth ago
  • lebron is probably worried

    noodlesNricenoodlesNriceMonth ago
    • Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

      bouytt guytbouytt guytMonth ago
  • JR Smith shows up at the Miami Heat camp and says he's real happy to have been signed and is ready to play again with LeBron James. They tell him LeBron is now with the Lakers and that's where he should go. A confused JR Smith says he knows that Lebron left Cleveland but adds, "I thought he returned to Miami."

    Ed VegaEd VegaMonth ago
  • ポイントガードのダンクじゃねーな笑笑

    いもじゃがいもじゃがMonth ago
  • اشتركو دينيه اسلامية

    مقاطع إسلاميةمقاطع إسلاميةMonth ago
  • People one Twitter and Instagram think he’s bad just cuz of one play smh 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Travis HoytTravis HoytMonth ago
  • A now the Lakers can miss the finals in style

    Leonardo RibeiroLeonardo RibeiroMonth ago
  • Hays why smith again

    Andy TulauanAndy TulauanMonth ago
  • 4:14 ???

    Vic CVic CMonth ago
  • I always think jr is an all star level player , he should have 85+ overall rating in 2k lol he’s skill level and athletism just too good

    Lin CharlieLin CharlieMonth ago
    • This ain’t no video game nerd

      John GJohn GMonth ago
  • jr.smith is old. I think he can't fly now

    no thingno thingMonth ago
  • I seen this coming

    Rell CaponeRell CaponeMonth ago
  • i miss u jr smith🥺

    Rodzs AceRodzs AceMonth ago
  • 🥺

    Rodzs AceRodzs AceMonth ago
  • JR不神经,天天全明星

    还好心啊还好心啊Month ago
  • JR dont shoot open shots.....

    Daachiobi DimoriakuDaachiobi DimoriakuMonth ago
  • No “We just saw a man fly”? One of his best

    ceerw butyceerw butyMonth ago
  • People sleep on jr cuz what happened in the playoffs ya gotta remember he on of the reason LeBron even got there

    H20_ hirochiH20_ hirochiMonth ago
    • You clearly don’t know basketball smh

      John GJohn GMonth ago
  • 1 millon para Jr swish 🔥👌🏼

    Ffcs BsbzvFfcs BsbzvMonth ago
    • I'm a warriors can but I might took in to some Lakers action to see jr

      ceerw butyceerw butyMonth ago
  • Don't you guys remember that this is Rhianna's boy

  • Clutch shooter HOF

    That_nigga _MJThat_nigga _MJMonth ago
  • People joking around bout what he did on the final seconds with the cavs but these mfs dont know that this dude is a sharp shooter on 3

    Rambo34Rambo34Month ago
  • now akumpo has no chance

    directedbyjacobdirectedbyjacobMonth ago
  • Stop the nonsense JR cannot save the Lakers. The Clippers are too good! 😂😂😂 the Kawhi Leonard laugh

    Goat KD7Goat KD7Month ago
  • So after the rest of the league turn the overrated leech LeBron James down he had to turn back to the one man in the league that'll be willing to bend over and take it up the tailpipe for LeBron every time he need somebody to hang blame on cuz Lord knows nothing could be LeBrons fault at least LeBron James is doing a good job on destroying Anthony Davis's career I'm sorry this has to happen to you Laker Nation

    Brian HultsBrian HultsMonth ago
  • Personally, I like JR more compare to Bradley. With right mentally going to the game, JR is more explosive, bigger, and is a NBA champ.

    Christian Joseph DiñoChristian Joseph DiñoMonth ago
  • Stop shitting on a man playing a role in a scripted business . Jr 1v1 would smoke 95% of players . U don't know how good this man really is.

    Roman CaesarRoman CaesarMonth ago
  • Cadê os brasileirooooossss??

    Clash CoelhoClash CoelhoMonth ago
  • Please no tell me this isn’t true

    Joseph SantiagoJoseph SantiagoMonth ago
  • I think his best of his career is the super rebound

    KinMan ChoiKinMan ChoiMonth ago
  • NBA-MVP ::::: After King KOBE Bryant uskeys.net/watch/z-IJ729m4BU-video.html

    Oscar TVOscar TVMonth ago
  • Traded to whom?

    Michael Glenn Anthony TorrefrancaMichael Glenn Anthony TorrefrancaMonth ago
  • Memetastic

    el060248el060248Month ago
  • JR Smith: wassup LeBron LeBron: yo wtf is this a dream? Coach can you trade me?😂😂😂

    Kristian GartnerKristian GartnerMonth ago
    • Kristian Gartner leGM would never asked to be traded he will just trade himself

      Kappen590 GamesKappen590 GamesMonth ago
  • I'm a warriors can but I might took in to some Lakers action to see jr

    Blanca JohnBlanca JohnMonth ago

    Tony NgoTony NgoMonth ago
  • None of those highlights beat this one lol uskeys.net/watch/aeO0XZUsIOE-video.html

    Got GameGot GameMonth ago
  • Just dont do the game 1 2018 finals mistake again!

    Jeff The RipperJeff The RipperMonth ago
  • Bad move, bad influence

    Ralph UgayRalph UgayMonth ago
  • Now let’s hope j.r goes where up by 1

    johnathan Heronjohnathan HeronMonth ago
  • Avery Bradley>>>>>>>

    Mattstack 911Mattstack 911Month ago
  • I don't understand what people are claiming and what LeBron s Smith is claiming, that time from that rebound against GSW. What should I do ?, He could not make the shot or pass, he did it well, he calmed the ball.

    Carlos emilio SosaCarlos emilio SosaMonth ago
  • These highlights are all pretty amazing.

    TwinGunsLLPTwinGunsLLPMonth ago
  • Jr Smith is your favorite player’s favorite player, real hoopers know this

    asioe kiouasioe kiouMonth ago
  • Yeah the Lakers ain't winning

    76 Blazer fan 202076 Blazer fan 2020Month ago
  • You guys forget jr smith his a dunker compet dunk contest and he won sixth man of the year

    Zack AndersonZack AndersonMonth ago
  • I’ve wanted JR to come back all year long and finally it happened 🙂

    Philip OcchiutoPhilip OcchiutoMonth ago
    • i thought we were up

      asioe kiouasioe kiouMonth ago