A CURSE Upon You | Ep. 17 | Minecraft X Life SMP

Oct 24, 2020
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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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  • i'm an amazing, evil witch muhahah!! - lizzie literally 2 seconds later: flies into a tree and realizes she's going to die in a couple days- 🖤

    seohyun wangseohyun wangMonth ago
    • 💜💜

      Chloe WestwoodChloe WestwoodDay ago
    • @•That_Gurl_Harmony • IK THABK YOU

      seohyun wangseohyun wang2 days ago

      •That_Gurl_Harmony ••That_Gurl_Harmony •2 days ago
    • Yep

      Tegan GroppTegan Gropp4 days ago
    • Lol

      Kathy GarlandKathy Garland5 days ago
  • can moon paw die? and you can coler your broom

    Janine MalkoJanine Malko4 minutes ago
  • Lizzy do you know you can coler your broom and happy christmas in america

    Janine MalkoJanine Malko6 minutes ago

    Saige YoungSaige Young8 minutes ago
  • Shadow.. I just wanted to say... Never quit. your dream's. I love your video's

    Daz GamesDaz Games14 minutes ago
  • Is Lizzie dead? She hasn’t posted in like a month

    Rylan WestfallRylan Westfall16 minutes ago
  • Ldshadowlady did you get bulled

    Selene RuizSelene Ruiz24 minutes ago
  • can you please make more videos I’m sad because you didn’t make any for 1 month but it feels like 1,000 years! 🥺

    Marilyn KiserMarilyn Kiser40 minutes ago
  • We miss you come back!!

    SuperTasticGamingSuperTasticGaming42 minutes ago
  • Where is ldshowdladdy

    Cathy CoulterCathy Coulter52 minutes ago
  • Why does it take you so long to make a video like take forever

    Kelsey KristaKelsey KristaHour ago
  • bro is she dead shes not posting

    Jordan FreiburgerJordan FreiburgerHour ago
  • Is Lizzie ok she hasn’t posted in a month

    K - ani xoxoK - ani xoxoHour ago
  • I hope you are safe and okay off camera too :) and hope I return safely with us!🎀✨💖

    Valerie CovarrrubiasValerie CovarrrubiasHour ago
  • THE WITCH LAUGH!!! So spooky!!!

    PartySuviusPartySuvius2 hours ago
  • Hi

    Eulalie Joyce SilvaEulalie Joyce Silva2 hours ago
  • Hola como estas? Feliz tarde. Juegas Cod Mobile?

    William MendezWilliam Mendez2 hours ago

    Amanda CoweyAmanda Cowey2 hours ago
  • it has been two months!

    Annie ZhangAnnie Zhang2 hours ago
  • The first comment on your USkeys channel was Iamtheburtob and he said “ridiculous kill feed” Incase you were wondering lol 😂

    Ava pets and editsAva pets and edits2 hours ago
  • post faster!

    Annie ZhangAnnie Zhang2 hours ago
  • when is she going to uplode he next epesode

    JJ GJJ G2 hours ago
  • Is LIZZY OK?!

    Olga AOlga A3 hours ago
  • Seriously where is Lizzie is is she ok it’s been a month now a whole MONTH ok thank you bye

    Amelie HomeAmelie Home3 hours ago
  • I think it’s so funny ldshadowlady hasn’t uploaded in a month. Olie: Welcome to the club Lizzie

    Edward StruweEdward Struwe3 hours ago
  • guys just remember she said that she wouldn't be uploading as or as much because shes doing some uni course :) p.s this isn't me having a go btw xx :)

    EMMI JOHNEMMI JOHN4 hours ago
  • Ommmmm lizzy are you dead? You have not posted in 1 month

    jaianni Funjaianni Fun4 hours ago

    C00chie MuncherC00chie Muncher4 hours ago
  • Why’d u stop uploading videos??

    Jackson GilesJackson Giles6 hours ago
  • Please post again😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Hannah YontHannah Yont6 hours ago
  • is it just me, or does anyone else miss her old intro?

    I LIKE YO CUT GI LIKE YO CUT G7 hours ago
  • Lizzie it’s been over a month are you dead

    Catherine Sjogren (Catherine - 2027)Catherine Sjogren (Catherine - 2027)7 hours ago
  • You didnt post yet?!

    Andi,Rosie,Claire,Faye Tüłïpś,Røšęś,Dâįšïēš,ØrćhïdšAndi,Rosie,Claire,Faye Tüłïpś,Røšęś,Dâįšïēš,Ørćhïdš9 hours ago
  • Is Lizzie dead she will not make another video😭

    Envy NightEnvy Night9 hours ago
    • IKR?!

      Macie Richard-PatelMacie Richard-Patel8 hours ago
  • lizzie is so entertaining! But when is she going to upload again..... ;--;

    Lillie FlemingLillie Fleming9 hours ago
  • hey Lizzie i have some video ideas for you! (lol) 1. prank your friends 2. among us! (maybe) (You can do Hide and Seek, normal aka just play it normaly, and many more. you can also do challanges!) 3, build a tree house in your backyard or anywhere else 4. collab with Katherin (make builds together, go on advanture, collect animals, collect disney wish blocks and open it together) 5. try to tame animals (as much as you can) 6. make a place for your animals (nyeh maybe) 7. collect stuff 8. reacting to fan art or video/ edits 9. trying out minecraft hacks from tiktok or any 10. do a challange in minecraft 11. make/do hunt thingy honestly post whatever you want, i just miss you posting random stuff. lol, anyways i hope your ok!

    Aurelya PutriAurelya Putri10 hours ago
  • Lizzie isnt posting :(

    Glitchy PixelGlitchy Pixel10 hours ago
  • Why hasn't lizzie posted 😭

    grumpy cat gachagrumpy cat gacha10 hours ago
  • I 💜 Lizzie and stich!

    StitchLover 3StitchLover 310 hours ago
  • Gurl please post more I’m bored

    Molly JohnsonMolly Johnson11 hours ago
  • are you going to post more x life

    THEO LimTHEO Lim11 hours ago
  • I think she gonna decorations

    onn keo ratanaonn keo ratana11 hours ago
    • 1like for Lizzie upload videos

      onn keo ratanaonn keo ratana11 hours ago
  • LDShadowLady when are you going to post videos?

    XxAurora animationXxAurora animation11 hours ago
    • @XxAurora animation She wouldnt quit, Shes a very successful youtuber and on Joels channel shes in his videos, So maybe shes coming out with a really long video or just a normal video. Dont worry

      FlintFlint10 hours ago
    • Have you quit USkeysr something

      XxAurora animationXxAurora animation11 hours ago
  • 💖TO ALL MY CO-SHADOWCADETS✨ Is Lizzie tired of uploading and hate us? No,because do you remember on the funcraft smp that she said that she'll make videos if she's motivated or she have an idea todo on a video, because she's not just a USkeysr who make a daily uploads and the titles are; "making the roof of my house, having a pet dog, i found a village, pillager attacks!, Minecraft house tour (not finished)" just like those, she wanted to make a video that contains a lot more topics not just one and she make sure that we "Shadow Cadets" that we will love the video and read her about she said that "I don't have upload schedule" so dont judge lizzie that she's tired to upload videos because of us remember; "LIZZIE LOVE SHADOWCADETS" xoxo,✨ Yancy🖤

    BananamilkBananamilk12 hours ago
  • Hello?

    BRAZABRAZA14 hours ago
    • Hi

      Ranjana SamantaRanjana Samanta13 hours ago
  • I will be there December✔️ January February

    MeowMeow15 hours ago
  • Lizzie I just realised that you should put your buttercups at your wastone so if your close to dyeing you can use your warp scrolls and go to your wastone

    Alicia McKennaAlicia McKenna15 hours ago
  • Lizzie, why are you not posting so often?

    Koun Chan EmmaKoun Chan Emma16 hours ago
  • i wish lizzie would upload more :(

    BocchanBocchan16 hours ago
  • Make a vid plAz of x life

    Advaith the best kingAdvaith the best king17 hours ago
  • Where has Lizzy gone? She has famished

    NeNe GarciaNeNe Garcia17 hours ago
  • Lizzie were are you pls post

    refugio vacarefugio vaca17 hours ago
  • PLSSSSSSSSSSSSS MAKE A EP 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Emma Sewell--Emma Sewell-17 hours ago
  • It’s been a months since Lizzy posted!?!?!?!? Is she dead?

    mattie mika-tamihanamattie mika-tamihana17 hours ago
  • Its been a Month

    itz AnnieMacoroniUwU Robloxitz AnnieMacoroniUwU Roblox18 hours ago
  • When you are waiting for Lizzie to post~ TwT We miss Lizzie

    Cloudy_GamerCloudy_Gamer18 hours ago
    • ya I agree. a month is a long time.

      Fat ChickenFat Chicken8 hours ago
  • Can someone tell me why lizzie isnt posting it's been a month like I really want more videos

    Allison ArnoldAllison Arnold19 hours ago
  • Lizzie likes making texture packs and mods

    KingKing19 hours ago
  • Where u go-

    Eggnog YTEggnog YT20 hours ago
  • People stop bothering her to post we all have no idea what happened so don't make it wores

    Stalei BaltichStalei Baltich20 hours ago
  • Lizzie fans:OMG ITS BEEN A MONTH oli fans: its been like 32 years but k

    Mady zeleskieMady zeleskie20 hours ago
    • XD-!! True

      Anna B. DorschAnna B. Dorsch18 hours ago
  • pls do more mincraft vidieo pls im u biggest fan

    Skyelyn-Mathew KramerSkyelyn-Mathew Kramer20 hours ago
  • :< I'm worried- you haven't posted in a month- Are you still there or are you ok ? I feel really bored without new videos

    Willow WilsonWillow Wilson20 hours ago
  • Why dont you post more i love your videos!

    Erica KendrickErica Kendrick20 hours ago
  • Ldshadowlady I love your videos but you need to post more

    Rylee PlayzRylee Playz20 hours ago
  • Hi um I have been waiting for another post for a long time and I miss your vids so can you tell me when you are gonna post again

    Girl with a YouTube channel LolGirl with a YouTube channel Lol21 hour ago
  • Can you post it’s been 2 mouths

    Jane ChungJane Chung21 hour ago
    • I know

      Jane ChungJane Chung21 hour ago

    Khloe PopeKhloe Pope22 hours ago
  • Yea me too i hope she is ok

    matt amatt a22 hours ago
  • when is there going to be ep 18

    Kelsie AlbrightKelsie Albright22 hours ago
  • My favorite part is (we have customers lining up for a restock however I have a lot of diamonds) never gets old when I watch it

    Nature GirlNature Girl23 hours ago
  • L~ Loving 🥰 D~Daring ÙwÚ S~soooo cuteee H~hopeful A~AMAZING D~Divine 😊 O~Observant👀 W~Wild 🤪 L~Lazy lizzie 😙 A~ Adorable D~ Dreamerrr Y~ Young USkeysr :)

    Softserve 09Softserve 0923 hours ago
  • Plz up loud

    Jaycee ElizabethJaycee ElizabethDay ago
  • When are you going to post again!? I have been waiting for more then a month! 😂💔

    Shadow HeartShadow HeartDay ago
  • LIZZIE PLEASE POST i mean u don't have to i just miss u :(

    HappyGacha LadyHappyGacha LadyDay ago
  • She post a video like everyone month

    Monkey64Monkey64Day ago
  • Where did all her videos go

    Monkey64Monkey64Day ago
  • Why have you not uploaded in a while?

    Brandi PittsBrandi PittsDay ago
  • Can you please upload more??? 😢

    Nate McGoldrickNate McGoldrickDay ago
  • Make a video ahhhhhhh

    debra shippdebra shippDay ago
  • I love you Lizzie but where did you go it’s ok If you’re taking a break but know we miss u

    Josie HJosie HDay ago
    • @Josie H but my other sister says that she makes videos but she doesn't post them because she think it's not good enough so she makes an other video and another she posts it when she thinks it's good

      hellohello2 hours ago
    • @hello I think she would’ve said something and not just disappear why would she hide it I hope she comes back maybe 2020 was also too much for her

      Josie HJosie H3 hours ago
    • My sister Said that she is maybe pregnant that's why she doesn't post videos but I don't think that ldshadowlady is pregnant only my sister does

      hellohello3 hours ago
  • Hey

    Gabriel ThompsonGabriel ThompsonDay ago
  • I do wish Lizzie would post more but I am a USkeys and we just starting the channel but on the other hand I really want to see more of Lizzie! She is just perfect and if you are reading this you are so kind and absolutely amazing!

    Super Silly Sisters !Super Silly Sisters !Day ago
  • It’s been so long!!!! I haven’t watched u in 1 year or 2 I don’t know but I missed ur videos!!

    PinkcatsPinkcatsDay ago
  • POST

    Muffi GuibertMuffi GuibertDay ago
  • What mods do you use? I love watching these, and I think it would be really cool to play in a world with some of these. EEEEEE LOVE YOU LIZZIE!!!! 😊😅

    B BearB BearDay ago
  • U gonna pos? I miss ur vid!

    Simply AmiiSimply AmiiDay ago
  • Plz upload I miss you

    Rebecca PatersonRebecca PatersonDay ago
  • Why aren't you posting? Hello are you alive? Lizzie!? Legend says she never posted again😓 Edit: wait I just realized that she never went to check on that one fox that she captured

    Alixe MayyAlixe MayyDay ago
  • Ldshadowlady my friend can you please post more

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon JohnsonDay ago
  • Douse anyone know why Lizzy is not post bad much bc I miss her vids

    Fruit PlaysFruit PlaysDay ago
  • Lizzie are you ok you have not posted on instagram or youtube in a while

    mygorillagrip pussymygorillagrip pussyDay ago
  • When are you going to upload again

  • POST

    jlforbessjlforbessDay ago
  • Pov: Your waiting for her to post .,.

    Sadie NuggetSadie NuggetDay ago
  • When are you posting a new video

    Vanja SandvenVanja SandvenDay ago
  • Lizzie you have not posted I am scared you have crona

    Anna CorbinAnna CorbinDay ago

    Moo MooMoo MooDay ago
  • Can you make a new video son?

    Tobias RosselandTobias RosselandDay ago
  • LIZZIE, please, please, please make more videos, it’s been a month

    SydneyCorn 11SydneyCorn 11Day ago